PK the PK
Story Codes:  MF, Exhibitionist-Voyeur

PK the PK
by Randy Foster

It was six-thirty in the evening when Johnny Piedmont pulled his company's Ford Taurus
into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express in his hometown of Copper City. Johnny
recognized that it was located in the exact spot as the old Holiday Inn by the location of
the mountains in the back, but otherwise it looked totally different from the place where
so many of his friends had lost their virginity and where he tried.

He parked the Taurus and stepped out of car and walked back to the trunk of the car.
He was tired, lonely, and ready for a shower and some sleep. He paused; however, as
he was pulling his suitcase out of the trunk to watch the sun go down behind the
mountain. It reminded him of easier times, more innocent times---before his mind-
numbing work, before the death of his parents, and before his divorce.

When the spell was broken he reached in and wrestled his big suitcase with the wheels
on it out of the trunk and extended the handle. He slammed down the trunk lid and
started for the motel lobby. As usual he pulled his suitcase too fast, and it teetered off
its wheels. He stopped and righted it while spewing out a string of curses, but stopped
himself suddenly. " P.K. would've torn me a new one if she'd ever heard me talking like
that." He thought to himself and smiled.

Pamela Katherine Wilson had been his Copper City High School sweetheart. Everyone
used to call her "P.K. the P.K." for "Pamela Katherine the preacher's kid." She'd been
the sexiest girl in school, but part of that sexiness was her devotion to her religion and
virginity. Her lack of accessibility made her an object of desire. He respected her
beliefs, but it eventually created a wedge that couldn't be healed.

He'd made no arrangements to see her. Actually, he didn't even know if she still lived
there, but it had been constantly in the back of his mind. He dismissed the notion a
hundred times. It had been 10 years since he'd seen her last, and it ended badly. He
was pretty sure that there were no residual feelings she could be holding for him---bad
or good. Still, he really wanted to see her.

Johnny's divorce was final last week, but he and his wife had been separated over a
year. He was ready to date again, but the opportunity had not presented itself. He'd
never been much of an operator with women, and it hadn't gotten any easier now that
he was nearly thirty.

In his room, he'd showered and was lying on the bed in his briefs flipping the channels
on the television. The shower had refreshed him, and he found himself less fatigued
than he'd thought. However, he was totally bored out of his mind. On a whim, he
reached into the bedside table and pulled out the telephone book. He'd assumed that
Pamela Katherine had married and he hadn't a clue to her new name.s. Her brother
had become a writer or something back east and her parents had both died, so he
wasn't really surprised to see there weren't any Wilson's in the book.

However, there was a name he did recognize. "Pena, Guadalupe."

Lupe had been the quarterback of the Copper City High School football team. Johnny
had been the wide receiver. He smiled, and thought it would be good to see Lupe
again. He began dialing Lupe's phone number.

"Bueno. Quien es?" A young child's voice asked over the phone.

"May I speak to Lupe, please?"

"Quien es?" The child asked again.

"Tell your father that it's 'the constable.'"

Johnny heard the child drop the phone, and yell out. "Papa, ven aqui! Telefono!

Johnny laughed. He was surprised the child knew what a constable was, since there
had been no constables in Copper City that he'd ever heard of. He heard Lupe say, as
was walking to the phone. "Policia? Aye cabron! What have I done now?" He picked up
the phone and said very politely. "Yes, officer, what can I do for you?"

"Mr. Pena," Johnny said. "This is Detective Peabody of the Copper City Police
Department. We've been trying to clean up some of our case files and we came across
a file regarding an indecent exposure charge that was never completely closed. In fact
there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest."

"You're kidding?" He said. "That was a long time ago."

"Uh, exactly." Johnny said, trying not to laugh. "July 4, 1976. It appears that you ran the
Bicentennial parade route wearing nothing but boots and a sombrero."

"I was streaking, ese." He said. "Lots of people were doing it back then."

"Yes." Johnny said. "But it was still against the law, and since you were never actually
brought before the Judge, we will need to process you to close our files."

"What does that mean?" He said. "Am I going to jail?"

"No, nothing like that." Johnny said. "But you will probably have to register as a sex

"What?" He gasped, and let out a bunch of Spanish curse words Johnny had never
heard before.

"And you will have to buy the constable a beer."

"Why the hell should I buy the police a beer?"

"Not police." Johnny said, laughing. "The constable."

"Constable!" He yelled. "We don't have constables here---Wait a minute---Constable?
Johnny is that you?"

"For a minute I thought you'd forgot about me."

"How could I forget the pendejo that dropped that beautiful 50 yard pass I threw in our
last game against Socorro?"

Johnny winced, he hadn't forgotten about that, but he'd hoped Lupe had. "The one and
the same I'm ashamed to say."

"Johnny, you just scared the caca out of me. Where the hell are you?"

"I'm here in Copper City at the Holiday Inn Express."

"Really? In Copper City? Then I do have to buy you a beer, ese."

"Just one?" Johnny asked.

"I'll buy you as many as you want, but I can't have too many."

"Wife has you on a short leash, I guess."

"I'm the man, ese. I would drink as many as I wish, but I got to work tomorrow, and it's
not as easy as it used to be to get out of bed with a hang over as it used to be."

"Especially with Carlota as an esposa. Don't try to lie to me, pendejo."

"Got a great place to go, vato, but you can't tell Carlota."

"I wouldn't think of it."

"You know where the Penjamo used to be?"


"It's called Jaguar's now. Big surprise waiting for you. Meet you there in an hour."

There was no cover charge, but a two-drink minimum. Lupe directed Johnny to a booth
in the back. "If we sit up front, the girls expect us to tip." He said. "Also it's quieter back
here. We can talk."

The music was blaring out of a cheap boom box sitting on the stage. From the back
Johnny couldn't even distinguish a melody.

"Why don't they invest in a good sound system?" Johnny asked.

"No one comes here to listen to the music, carnal." Lupe said. "Besides, Copper City
has a noise ordinance for public places."

"Even in nightclubs?"

"Yeah. Even the live bands have to keep it down below 100 decibels."

Johnny shook his head. He'd forgotten about all the environmental Nazis that lived here.
Between the environmentalists and fundamentalists like Rev. Wilson. No one could
move without getting busted for something.

Johnny looked up at the stage where a topless blonde was swinging gracefully around a
pole. She was hard to see from their booth, but she was put together well with no signs
of plastic surgery. She didn't look all that young, though, which surprised Johnny some.
Actually, she looked about his age.

The waitress was wearing a skimpy see-through negligee, and she sat a bottle of
Michelob in front of Lupe then asked Johnny what he wanted. Johnny ordered a Corona
with a lime.

"That girl looked just like Sophia Lopez." Johnny said, as she walked away.

Lupe nodded. "That is Sophia." He said. "It's all local talent here. They don't bring in
any headliners. This is good, because I don't like all that silicone."

"Isn't Sophia your cousin?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Doesn't this make family get-togethers a little awkward?"

"Do you see what young girls wear these days?" Lupe asked. "Sophia's has been
flashing her boobs since she got them. We're just glad that she's found a place to make
a living at it."

Johnny laughed and shook his head.. "What about those grandkids?" He asked.

"Thought you'd never ask." Lupe said, and pulled out his thick wallet packed with
pictures. He showed Johnny pictures of his kids, and even some glamour shots of
Carlota had made in the mall in El Paso. Johnny noticed that Carlota had, indeed
maintained her stunning beauty.

"You're a lucky man." Johnny said, admiring the pictures. Johnny had removed the
picture of his ex-wife from his wallet, but he showed Lupe the one of his daughter.

They sipped their beer and replayed a few old football games. Lupe told Johnny what
everyone had done since high school, except Pamela Katherine. Johnny told Lupe
about his job and the seminar he was here in town to lead, but then said. "I don't really
want to talk about that. Tell me what happened to Pamela Katherine."

He smiled, and said. "Do you really want to know?"

"No, I don't---well, okay maybe I do. But I don't plan to get back together with her, or
anything. I just want to know about her. I want to see how she's doing."

"She got married in college. She married a preacher, just like her old man." Lupe said.
"But the dude ran off with his secretary and most of the church funds. He's in the state
pen now."

"That's awful." Johnny said, wincing. "How did Pam take it?"

"She took it pretty hard. Left her religion and everything. Refused to get married again.
Fortunately, they didn't have any kids."

"So where is she now?"

"You're not going to like it, man." He said, shaking his head.

"Just tell me."

"She's up there on the stage making love to that pole."

Johnny's head whipped around to the stage. Then he stood up and walked towards the
stage. He got to the edge and squinted at the topless lady's face, and sure enough it
was Pamela Katherine. She saw him and froze. His legs became weak, and he plopped
down in the closest chair.

"That's my seat, Pops!" A kid at a pool table shouted. Johnny waved him off, then stood
and walked shakily back to his booth.

"You okay, man?" Lupe asked, standing to help Johnny back to his seat. "You don't
look so good."

"Johnny!" A voice squealed behind him as he slid into the booth. He turned and saw
Pam standing there with nothing on but a g-string and glitter.

"H-hi, Pam." He managed to gasp. He'd felt like someone had punched him in the

"Are you okay?" She asked. "It's so good to see you. I'd give you a hug, but I'm not
allowed to touch the customers."

"That's okay. I understand." Johnny said, recovering slightly. "It's good to see you, too"
And without thinking he looked at her bare breasts. She suddenly covered them
modestly with her arms, which seemed to be such an absurd gesture at this point.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Do you mean here this place or Copper City?"

"Well both, actually." She said, laughing nervously. "We need to talk. I get off in an
hour. Can you wait around? We'll go get some coffee."

Johnny nodded. Then she turned and climbed back on stage and continued dancing as
nothing had happened.

"You look pale, bro." Lupe said. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm okay." Johnny said. "It was just such a shock."

"I can imagine. I'd don't know what I'd do if I walked in and saw Carlota up there like that.
She's threatened to do it though. I hear the money's really good, especially the tips. At
this point in our marriage, it wouldn't bother me if she wanted to show her tetas to other
men, but I'd never let her know that. I told her, 'you'd look good, baby, but I'd be so
jealous.' But as far as I'm concerned they are her boobs, and if she wants to flash them
for some extra cash, I'd be all for it."

"That's a pretty liberated attitude." Johnny said.

Lupe shrugged. "The world changes as you get older, vato. A guy can change with it, or
just be a grouchy old fart. I prefer to do the changing."

"That's pretty deep thinking, Lupe." Johnny said. "Maybe you can explain to me how an
uptight Baptist preacher's kid who used to be so shy to see hadn't seen her self naked
becomes a topless dancer?"

Lupe shrugged. "You'll need to ask her, I guess."

Lupe and Johnny sat and talked about old times for the next hour, and Johnny never
glanced in Pam's direction except when the music stopped and she walked off the
stage. A few minutes later she walked out in a t-shirt and jeans, looking like the demure
little girl Johnny used to love. He and Lupe stood and she came over and gave both of
them hugs. "You guys want to go over to the Hillcrest Diner?"

"Not me." Lupe said. "I better get home. I'm sure Carlota's called the Father already and
knows I'm not at confession. This will be the first place she'll come looking. It was great
seeing you again, Constable. You, too, P.K."

"Constable." Pam mused, looking at Johnny. "I'd forgotten about that. I can't believe
everyone used to call you that." Turning to Lupe she said. "Bye, Lupe. Tell Carlota I
said 'hi'"

"Sure." He said, and turned and walked out.

"Just you and me, then?" Pam asked. "How many Coronas did you have? Can you

"Just a couple." Johnny said. "But I came in cab."

"Then we can take my car then." They walked out and she led Johnny to her Honda
Civic. He climbed in the passenger side, and she slid in behind the wheel. She started it
up, and backed out of the parking spot.

"Guess you're wondering why I'm dancing at a topless place?" She asked, as she pulled
out of the parking lot.

Johnny nodded. "The thought had crossed my mind" He said.

"You disapprove." She said. "I can hear it in your voice."

"It's not that I disapprove…" Johnny started to say, but they were at the coffee shop
already. "Let's wait and talk inside."

Johnny was glad to see that the Hillcrest hadn't changed. He'd grown a little weary of
the gourmet coffee shops that were popping up everywhere. It was good to be in an old
diner again. He and Pam went straight for their favorite booth and took a seat. Johnny
was stunned to see that the same surly waitress that had worked there 30 years before
was still there.

"Hi, Gilda." Johnny said. "I'm surprised to see you here, still."

"Where'd you think I'd be? Off living the high life in Vegas with all the retirement money I
saved up from working here?"

Actually Johnny thought she would have been dead by now. She had seemed pretty old
back then.

Gilda brought them both coffee and never asked them if they had wanted to see a
menu. They'd never eaten there before. No reason for her to think they would start now.

Pamela took a sip of her coffee then asked. "What were you saying in the car?"

Johnny thought for a moment then said. "What you do with your life is none of my
business. Just curious as to how this happened."

"I'm not sure, really." She said. "One day I was getting out of the shower and saw myself
in the mirror. I thought 'Not bad for a woman my age. I read about the auditions for the
club and I thought 'What the hell.' It was awful at first, dancing naked in front of
strangers, but now I really enjoy it. All those years of trying to get that one sorry bastard
of a husband of mine to look at me made me feel like such a loser, and now I'm on
stage with lots of men looking at me and wanting me so bad they are throwing me

Johnny nodded. "Lupe told me about your ex-husband. I'm sorry."

She shrugged. "Shit happens. I'd heard your marriage didn't do too well, either." She

"She didn't leave me for another guy." Johnny said. "But in the end I would have paid a
guy to take her. She had dedicated her life to making me miserable, and she did a
damn good job. Excuse my language."

Pamela laughed out loud. "You just apologized to a topless dancer for you language.
Hadn't you noticed that my language isn't so pure, either" She said. "Don't think you
need to do that anymore?"

"Well, that's my problem. You used to be little Miss Bible-thumper. We broke up
because I told you I didn't believe in God. You thought I was going to hell and said that
you couldn't be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. I wanted to marry you. I couldn't get
to first base with you, but now you're dancing naked for strange men."

"Are you still an unbeliever?" She asked.

"Worse." Johnny said. "I'm a Presbyterian."

She laughed. "How'd that happen?"

"The same way I'd have become a Baptist if I'd married you. But I bet you're not real
popular at church these days."

"No." She said, frowning. "But I still believe in God."

"Are you seeing anyone?"

"No. It's funny really. I make a living dancing naked for strange men, but I've only slept
with one man my whole life, and he was my husband."

"Have you ever wanted to sleep with any of the guys that come to the club?"

She smiled. "Not before tonight."

Adrenaline rushed through his veins and then blood rushed to some place else. "You
talking about me?"

"No, I was thinking about Lupe." She said, sarcastically. "Carlota's kept him to herself
long enough. Of course, I mean you."

"I'm trying to think of a reason we shouldn't, but I can't think of one." Johnny replied.

"Then let's hurry and go to your hotel room before you think of some."

They stood and Johnny left a twenty on the table. They walked hand in hand to her car,
and drove to the hotel. When they were inside the room, P.K. began to undress. Johnny
started to turn out the light, but she said. "Leave it on. You've already seen me naked.
It's only fair I see you."

Johnny chuckled and began to remove his pants, but he was thinking to himself that he
wished he'd kept up with stomach crunches. With all their clothes at their feet, they
stood and stared at each other for a moment. "Not bad for an old man." P.K. said, then
walked over to him and reached up to kiss him. They embraced and kissed for a long
moment, and then he laid her gently down on the bed.

It was the best night of sex Johnny had ever had. Finally, completely exhausted, they
fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning they returned to the Hillcrest and actually ordered breakfast, which
annoyed the hell out of Gilda. "Don't you ever go home?" Johnny asked her.

"This is home" She growled.

"That was wonderful last night." P.K. said, taking Johnny's hand in hers.

"I had a wonderful time." Johnny said, smiling back at her.

"You remember you said last night before we went to your hotel that you couldn't think
of a reason not to do what we did."

"Yeah," Johnny chuckled. "Glad I never came up with one."

"Well, I think I should go ahead and tell you the reasons we shouldn't have now."

Johnny frowned. "There are none. We had a wonderful evening. We just need to figure
out what we are going to do from this point forward."

"That is the problem isn't it. What are we going to do now?"

"Why is that a problem? We're both single. No real obligations to speak of. We can do
what we want."

She smiled. "Yes, but what if what you want isn't what I want."

"All I want at the moment is to go back to the room and do some more of what we did
last night."

"Me, too." She said. "But you have to go to do a seminar, and you will be wrapping it up
about the time I start my shift at Jaguar's."

That's when reality hit. Johnny didn't know what to say to that. What would he do while
she was dancing topless for other guys? Would he go sit at the club and watch and
wait? He didn't think he could do either.

"Maybe you should finish your seminar and go back home."

He frowned. "Wouldn't that make what we had a one-night-stand?" He asked. "Is that
what you wanted? I wanted more than that."

A tear trickled down her cheek. "No," She said. "I wanted more, too. But now, in the light
of day, I know that won't be possible."

"What if I asked you to quit your job and marry me?"

"I would probably do it. I'm not kidding myself. I'm getting too old for this job. I can't keep
it up much longer."

"Then quit your job and marry me."

"And what about your daughter?"

"What about her?"

"Will you tell her that you are going to marry a topless dancer?"

He laughed. "Do I have to?"

"No, because someone else will tell her, I'm sure. And when she finds out, she'll despise
me and will be forever disappointed in you. Your ex will want to limit visitation, and she'll
be able to accomplish it, because you are obviously not showing good judgment."

It was Johnny's turn to cry. "This would have been so much simpler if we'd got together
back in high school."

"Maybe," She said. "Or maybe I'd just be your ex-wife now, dancing naked on a pole."

"So," Johnny began. "I guess I'll just finish my seminar and go home to my crappy
bachelor's apartment."

They went back to the hotel. Johnny kissed her goodbye, and she got in her Honda and
drove off. He went and got his suitcase, and checked out of the hotel. He finished his
seminar and went home.

© 2008 Randy Foster

Randy Foster is a freelance writer living in Texas.