Play Time
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by Stanley Smith

She'd just got out the shower. Skin glistening with drops. A light cool breeze ruffled the
curtains to the balcony, caressing her skin causing her to get that feeling.

A chill went up the back of her neck. The  hairs there rising. Walking to the bar she knew
what she would do. She stood there naked, the last of the moisture on her skin drying. Her
thoughts taking her elsewhere.

Lining three shot glasses on the bar she poured. Swigging the first down quickly wit her right,
her left twiddling gently, absently, with her now erect nipple. She looked towards the balcony,
between the curtain and at the adjacent building, which had a balcony about 10 feet from her
own.  His light was out.

She'd let him watch her once. Feeling self consciousness and embarrassment at first, but her
heat and the thought of indirectly being some stranger's dream, urged her towards climax
before him; putting on such a show he came to his balcony's watch.

The other two shots followed the first. The heat travelling down her throat to her pussy
adding to the tension she felt, the horniness that over came her as she thought of sexing him.

Pulling a light weight chair just in front of the balcony sliding door she placed it, close enough
that the billowing curtain could graze her skin if she sat there. She then dimmed the light a bit.
Going to her room she slid her toy chest from under her bed, removed a medium sized dildo,  
lubricant and for spice ,her trusty vibrating anal beads. This was going to be nasty! She
turned her self on even more with the thought.

Sitting in the chair, she placed her "tools" on a nearby table which she'd pulled closer and
scooted her hips out a bit. If he came home and looked her way the flapping of the curtain
would plainly allow him to see; intermittently . What a tease she was! She wanted him to
return. She wanted to tease him again.

Flipping the top to the lube open she poured. Squeezing the bottle's contents on her tits,
massaging it in with her other hand. By now her nipples were rock hard and she tweaked
them, squeezed them one at a time. Feeling the effects of the liquor's heat made her twat
even warmer. Feeling the effect of her own heat sent a spasm through her as she touched

Thinking of how he would come to get this pussy. Touching her tits she poured  more lube on
her body, streaming it down her belly, other hand massaging it in, following the trail. Opening
her thighs she spread the lube, kneading her mons, rubbing her pussy, making sure it was
nice and wet, fingers travelling to her asshole, index inserted slightly to get it ready.

She imagined him arriving in a trench coat. Fedora covering his eyes, collar up obscuring his
face as she peered through the peephole to see who rang her bell, a tinge of fear going thru
her as she attached the chain lock, opening the door as far as it would allow. Body hidden
from the crack of the door out of sight, her head extending to look at him.

Bracing herself as she  watches almost in slow motion, him rearing back, shouldering the
door, splinters flying, the chain flying apart purposelessly. Running. Hearing his heavy
breathing as he chases her from room to room. The fear.

Inserting a finger she moaned, her thoughts and touching her own wetness causing her legs
to shake. She placed the lube bottle in its place and put both hands to work , one palming her
tits, the other squeezing her juicy puss.

She'd always had a fantasy of being taken by force. Never sharing with anyone for fear of
being labeled a weirdo she kept it to herself. While in actuality the thought of it happening for
real was totally  scary; imagining it happening, paradoxically had a totally different effect.

She fell. Robe riding up as she turned to her back, scooting out of his grasp in reverse  until
her back was against the cabinet.  He advanced..removing his hat, throwing it onto the
kitchen counter, unclasping the buckle on his coat, opening it. To her surprise and terror he
was naked beneath it! His dick hard pre-cum dripping...

Smacking her pussy with one hand, the other taking the dildo, pressing it between her open
lips she inserted the head, twisting it back and forth, the head in her rubbing her g-spot,
making her pussy wetter by the second. The billowing curtain flapping, grazing her skin lightly
turning her on even more. When she was ready she pushed the dildo in as far as it would go
and began stroking, her breathing heavier, toes curling, she felt her orgasm approaching.

He stood there before her pure lust in his eyes looking at her bare thighs, one hand stroking
his massive member, advancing till he was standing over her. She cringed hoping the cabinet
would swallow her, but to no avail. He reached down, ripping her robe open, exposing her
breast and pussy. Standing over her beating his pole.

By now her pussy was so wet. She stopped stroking with the dildo, legs shaking, trying to give
her self a minute to come down. She didn't want to rush  it hoping he'd return and catch part
of her show. Coincidentally as she glanced towards his terrace she saw a light further in his
apartment come on and her heart raced anticipating ....

Dildo protruding from her twat, slouched in the chair she reached for her anal beads,
spreading lube on them, pressing the first and smallest bead to her asshole slowly pushing it
in.  One by one she insert the beads, slowly, legs trembling, heart racing, until the last one
was in, the control on the chair between her thighs, awaiting her command. Tweaking her
nipples, fondling her breast she reached down with her other hand pressing the vibrating
beads' control button, turning it on, adjusting the setting to high. "aahhhhhh!" she moaned,
feeling the vibration to her core. She could barely contain herself!

It'd been a long day and all he wanted to do was relax. Removing his tie, shirt ,shoes and
socks he poured a drink, grabbed his smokes and headed towards the balcony, opening the
sliding door, stepping out, breeze blowing cooling his sweaty body. Placing a cigarette
between his lips he cupped a hand to shield the flame, lighting up. As he puffed deeply
inhaling he closed his eyes. When he opened them he did a double take as he saw her, skin
glistening, dildo in her, and their eyes met.

Copyright© 2009 Stanley Smith

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