Please Be My
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Please Be My Valentine
by Erotica_Writings ©

Another Valentine's day that you think I will be spending alone while you work at
your office. I made my reservation's at the airport for Jamaica and I am leaving at
12pm today. By the time you find this note I will be there on the beach enjoying my
Valentine's day.

Love always,



Destination Jamaica.... Arrival at hotel 3pm February 14, 2006

Here I am in Jamaica standing on my balcony in my long white sarong that cover's
my white thong one piece suit. I look out at the ocean so blue and beautiful.
Smiling I turn and leave my suite heading to the beach in my 12 inch clear sandals.
I sat my beach chair close to the water's edge as the house boy brought me my
rum runner with a pink umbrella. I sat sipping on my drink as the sun heated my
flesh that had coconut butter all over me. Then I saw him running down the beach
with long dread locks, a light milk chocolate toned body. His white baggy shorts
hung just above his pelvis exposing those gorgeous pelvic hairs. My tongue
automatically ran slowly over my wet red lips. He stopped in front of me smiling
down at me with the whitest teeth and sparkling green eyes.

"Welcome to Jamaica sexy lady." He said bending over as he took my hand in his
kissing it softly with his velvet lips.

Before I knew it he was pulling me to my feet as he was looking at my moist crotch.
I did not try to stop him as he pulled me into the cool water with him that caused my
nipples to swell as they became hard. We were now waist deep as he stared deep
into my eyes, smiling as he pulled my body against his. I did not try to fight these
urges that he had set on fire with in my steamy pussy. He placed two of his long
thick fingers inside my pussy lips by moving the thong bottom to the side as he
whispered in my ear.

"I want to know what you will sound like cuming on me tonight." He told me as his
fingers worked their magic on my clit. I came so hard with explosion after explosion
on his fingers.

*Dinner For two*

Dinner was held at the most romantic setting on the beach with tikki lanterns
around the round table with a white table cloth, two black chairs with high backs,
the plates held lobster tails, tropical fruit salads, two glasses filled half full with
champagne. Sounds of erotic music floated through the air. I was dressed in a
white gown that clung to every curve of my body. He was dressed in a black tuxedo
with his long hair pulled back in a pony tail. We dined, danced and laughter filled
the moonlit night. We walked hand in hand back to my room, stopping every once
in awhile for a tender erotic kiss. Our tongues danced around the other as we
exchanged our saliva setting our bodies on fire with passion. We stood at the door
while he unlocked it, suddenly I am in his arms being carried to the bed.

" Get undressed womon, we have some serious business to take care of 'ere." He
told me removing his clothes as they dropped to the floor.

I obeyed feeling strangely aroused by his take charge attitude. I lay on top of the
cool white sheets digging my nails in them. His tongue licked and played with my
nipples over and over as my flesh broke out with goose bumps. His finger softly
ran down my stomach to my pelvis as did his tongue. Now he was between my
thighs lapping up my nectar. Both hands dug hard into the bed as my hips began
to buck up and down, side to side. Oh my God I was going to cum when he

"Not yet womon, not until I say you can cum." He told me raising his body over mine
and rubbing his mouth over mine allowing me to taste my juices.

His cock was huge and swollen, as it throbbed inside my tight pink pussy walls. I
pushed my clit against his pelvis. I longed to come even more as he pinched and
twisted my nipples. His teeth clamped down on my hard nipples sending an erotic
loud moan from my throat. The phone began to ring and he handed it to me as he
steadily pumped my pussy.

It was you calling me from the office.

"Hello darling." I said trying to sound normal as I was being fucked by another man.

"Come now so he can hear you." He whispered and his huge cock bottomed out
inside of my pussy.

Just the thought of cumming with another man while you listened turned me on so
much. I came over and over as he fucked me while you listened in shock. You did
not say a word as his huge cock filled my pink pussy full of his hot thick white cum
and his loud moans filled the room.

"Good night darling and Happy Valentines day. I know mine was." I told you
hanging up the phone picturing you sitting there with your mouth hanging opened.

*February 15, 2006 3pm arriving at Ft. Lauderdale airport with a smile.*

© 2008 Erotica_Writings