Please Hold
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Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Please Hold
by Dorla Moorehouse

“Damn it!” Lara screamed, as the computer screen went black for the second time that day.
She checked again to confirm that the machine was plugged in, and that the battery was
locked in place. Of course, everything was fine – except for the laptop's tendency to shut
down spontaneously, and refuse to start up again for a solid hour. For two weeks now,
Lara's computer had been losing her data and interfering with her work schedule. She had
consulted the machine's help documentation, done research online, ran a software update,
and even re-installed the operating system. Nothing had worked. It was time for Lara to stop
putting off the inevitable: she had to call customer service

After two rings, Lara was greeted by a machine. “Thank you for calling the Lindox customer
service hotline. To ensure quality, this call may be monitored. Please select from the
following menu options.” Lara had already zoned out, missing the number she was
supposed to press. She ended up having to sit through the list again before she was on the
right track.

“All associates are currently assisting other customers. Please hold, and a representative
will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is 25 minutes.”

Lara sighed. The computer was still inoperable; she could not even play solitaire to kill
time. She eased back in her chair and began to zone out again, letting her mind drift.
Suddenly, a tense and excited sensation began to form in her pelvis, a warm tingling energy
work down towards her cunt. 30 seconds later, Lara was desperately horny.

Well, a quick little rub will help pass the time. I'll probably be done before even even get the
chance to speak with anyone. She unbuttoned her pants and eased her hand inside of her
panties, stroking the swelling lips of her labia. Her clit began to pulse with desperation. Lara
knew her time was limited, so she went straight for the attack. Lara rubbed with as much
pressure as her body allowed, alternating between circles, figure eights, and straight line

“Oh – oh – oooooh,” she screamed, glad for a moment that a representative had not
picked up the phone. But when Lara removed her hand from her clit and began to relax,
she realized she was as horny as ever. She tried to fight the feeling, knowing an actual
person could pick up the phone at any moment. But the heated throb in her cunt was too
distracting and the muzak too boring. Lara reached into a drawer and pulled out her
favorite vibrator, the one that worked her G-spot as well as her clit. She shimmied out of her
pants and underwear, and then reclined back into the chair.

Lara was so wet that she didn't even need to lube up the toy. Unable to wait another
second, she slid it into her cunt, positioned it, and turned the speed She turned it up to 10,
wanting to get off before someone picked up the phone. She was bombarded by vibrations
running all the way through her body, and knew she wouldn't last long.

“Hi, this is Derek,” said a voice on the other line.

Lara could not speak. She was on the verge of a huge orgasm and did not want to stop –
but on the other hand, did not want to hang up, only to call back and wait in the hold queue

“Hello, anyone there?”

“Um, um, yes. This – this is Lara,” she sputtered. She turned the vibrator down to its lowest
setting. I can at least let myself simmer during the conversation and then let it rip when they
hang up, she thought. Her body was no longer about to go over the edge, but still pulled
with the small sensations emanating from the toy.

“Hi, Lara, sorry to keep you on hold for so long. Can I have your computer's serial number.”

Cradling the phone between her shoulder and ear so she could keep one hand on her
vibrator, Lara carefully flipped the laptop over. “8XZZ7765BCW,” she recited. So far, so
good. I can totally handle this.

“Okay, thanks. Now, what seems to be the trouble?”

“Something is wrong either with my A/C adapter or my battery, possibly both. For the past
two weeks, the computer has been shutting down spontaneously and unable to restart for
an hour.” Lara noticed that as she spoke, her cunt was starting to throb more and more.

“Have you consulted the troubleshooting documentation?”

“Ohhhh,” Lara groaned, as a wave of pleasure rose up through her body. Her cunt was
threatening to begin an orgasm. Remembering where she was, Lara attempted to collect
herself. “Yes, yes, I have. And checked third-party resources online, updated my software
and re-installed my operating system. Nothing has worked, so the problem is probably
coming from a hardware defect.”

“Do you get any sort of warning before the machine shuts down?”

“Ooo! I mean – oh, no.” Lara's clit began to pulse faster and faster; she tried to clench her
muscles to save off the feeling and stay focused, but her body would not obey. “It's always

“No flashing lights, no error messages, nothing like that?”

“No, noooooo.” Try as she might, Lara could not keep the moans from escaping. The
device humming gently inside of her was more powerful than she had realized. It may not
have been producing the strongest sensation, but the persistent pulsation kept leading her
down the path to orgasm.

“What happens when the machine turns back on?”

“It – mmmm – on startup, it checks the disk for errors, as it would for any abnooormal shut
down. Once the machine is up and running, everything is – oooh – everything is fiiine for
two or three days.” She could feel her thighs starting to twitch, getting overwhelmed from

“And you don't get any special sort of message during or after startup?”


“You're right, it really does sound like a mechanical problem. I'm going to send you a new
A/C adapter and a new battery, because your machine is still under warranty. Try them
both, and your problem should be fixed.”

“Yes, yes,” Lara said, trying to hold out until she hung up the phone. Her G-spot and clit
were pulsing in unison, twice as fast as the vibrator, on the verge of letting go.

“I'll also be sending an empty box for you to ship the defective hardware back to our

“Oookay.” She was tempted to turn the vibrator off to finish the conversation, but feared
her body would never forgive her.

“Now, let me just confirm your address. My records have you lited at 6988 Ash Tree Lane
in Austin, Texas, ZIP code 78741. Is that correct?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!” Lara was no longer listening to the phone. Derek could have asked
her if she lived on Mars, and he would have gotten the same response. Her entire body
gave into the pleasure; her cunt contracted around the vibrator and then released, sending
pleasure through her legs, arms, torso, and head. She collapsed into the comfort of her
chair and sighed.

“Lara? Um – are you okay?” She chuckled, wondering what Derek might be thinking.

“Oh, yes, I'm fine.”

“In that case, I have all the information I need. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No, nothing you can do for me. But if you're interested in a little phone sex, I could talk you

“I – um – what? Have a good day.” Derek hung up.

Lara hung up as well, finally satisfied. She turned her attention back to her desk and hit the
power button on her computer.

© 2010 Dorla Moorehouse

Dorla Moorehouse is thrilled to be making her appearance in Bare Back Magazine. She
currently lives in Austin, Texas, where she writes, dances, and is starting the Lusty Literati
Reading Series. Dorla believes in finding your pleasure wherever you can, and that even
seemingly boring tasks have the potential for fun. Read more about her work at