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The Pop Secret Girl
By  David Rasmussen

The lights of the highway illuminators whizzed past the tour bus’s windows, briefly
illuminating the interior time and time again revealing the small varied group of people
assembled within the fair sized touring bus. The slow quiet rumble of the bus’ engine could
be felt more than heard as Tracy sighed, her eyes staring ceilingwards, her mind too
anxious and cluttered with thoughts to allow her sleep.

They were smack dab in the middle of a tour, if what they were doing could be called a tour,
being a fresh new pop group on the rising star to fame.

The roar of the crowd at their last gig seemed like such a distant memory now. Amazing.
The concert was only a few hours ago and yet it had almost completely faded from her
mind’s eye. And yet as she thought about it she remembered that the highlight of the gig
was Kitty. Their bubblegum pop style bubbly singing talent, she who was one of the duo
that was Pop Secret Girls, she who was the life and the love of the band.

As Kitty cheerfully waved at the crowd, prancing about the stage getting the audience ever
further hyped, Tracy couldn’t help but feel they were there more for her spunky cheery
partner than her own hard edged singing and axe grinding.

But Tracy didn’t mind that Kitty seemed more popular to her. As long as she was her one
and only beloved that’s all that really matter. Ever since before they were rising stars in the
pop industry they were an item, together since Junior High they’ve been two hearts and one
love for the longest time it seems. That love was all that mattered to Tracy, even after what
happened when…

Tracy’s hand slowly moved across Kitty’s feature as she slept next to her with her head
nestled against Tracy‘s chest. One of Tracy’s fingers gently moved across the younger girl’
s face, tracing the countours of this beautiful young thing lying gently in her grasp.
Occasionally her finger would stop, lingering as she spun it in light circles on Kitty’s
features, before moving again. Then, with a finality of thought and consideration, she
pressed her finger on Kitty’s soft lips and whispered “How did we ever let ourselves get into
this situation.“

The Pop Secret Girls was supposed to be a joke. A one time trick pony for some TV singing
competition that Kitty entered on a whim. They were only going to sing for a few episodes,
get voted out, and go back to their lives working in a small thrift store in the downtown area,
simple as that. But somehow (as it seems often in the two women’s lives) thingsjust didn’t
quite work out the way they planned.

What was supposed to be a few weeks spun into longer, and longer, until finally the two
were owners of a legitimate fan base, a contract, and a new band to help spin their songs.

The gigs were only so-so, and by pop star status it wasn’t the best, but still it was big
enough for them… and growing each and every day. But as they became more and more
popular, Kitty became more and more concerned. This was supposed to be a short term
joke, but now that it was becoming their lives it began to weight heavily on Kitty, especially

“You think we’ll run into anymore horny rich bastards at the next stop?“ their manager,
Angelica, asked from several seats behind. “If it wasn’t for my self sacrifice of my body and
soul for your careers you two would be so pussy screwed!” she muttered.

Tracy, shaking her head as she tried to block out the manager’s rantings, hissed back her
“reply“ in a strong yet soft verbal tone. “Thankfully you turn horny sex starved rich people into
sobbing train wrecks after they sex YOU.“ she whispered, “If only they knew what kind of sex
addict you are, they‘d cry everytime you enter the room.“

The sound of a chair being kicked, and one of the female drummers grumbling in her
sleep, could be heard behind the two singers. “It’s not an addiction.” Angelica hissed back,
“Everyone’s begging for it anyway so it‘s a public service in my opinion.“

“They want Kitty.” Tracy countered, “You getting them drunk and slutting in her place isn’t the
same thing as a little tight round of pussy and ass.“

At Tracy‘s sideways remarks Angelica huffed, her eyes narrowing as she turned her
attention to the passing lights outside. “Do you want me to tell you about how well I can
polish a needy rod? I bet you do…“

Tracy mindlessly throws an empty bottle backwards, waiting for the inevitable silence. Pok!
Somebody behind her grumbles again. “You missed, Ace.“

“Shut up.“ Tracy sneered, her face screwed up as Kitty yawns, her eyes slowly opening.
“Wh--?“ Tracy covered Kitty’s eyes with one open palm, and waited. Seconds later her head
sunk back into place as she fell back asleep. “That was too ea…” (pok, her bottle returns
quickly, hitting her in the head) “…damn.”

Apparently the person she hit with the bottle decided to return the favor.

* * * * * *

Kitty fussed with the costume, hands roaming about the soft material as Kitty groped
herself. The stage clothing they wore for events was made of a material that was so sinfully
soft it was almost as if an orgasm could overtake Kitty while on stage. In fact it had, more
than once, though not without the loving help of… sigh.

‘I really need to practice more self control…’ she mused idly as she felt her nipples
hardening beneath the material of her top.

They had finally reached a hotel for the night, and she was sitting on her bed waiting for
Tracy to come out of the bathroom. They had just arrived so they didn’t even have a chance
to change out of their performance clothes, which suited Kitty fine as she felt the material of
her costume beneath her fingers.

As part of their act they were often required to wear something that matched their
personalities, something that spoke about the way they rocked so to speak. Kathy wore
grunge rock stuff, while Kitty often wore schoolgirl uniforms and cute sexy outfits that
matched her bubbly youthful personality. This was partially to match her personality, part to
give an illusion of “youth” despite the fact that she was only twenty and not all that old to
begin with (except in teen idol years where people swore she was too old, though other told
her she looked underaged for being all of twenty).

The overall schoolgirl look basically worked for her, and she usually had no problems with
it, but as of late she began to become more and more concerned by it. Then again, she
mused as she ran one hand through her short black hair (bangs falling over her face
sometimes obscuring her vision), she guessed she did have something to be genuinely
concerned about.

“Stop fussing with it and take it off already.”

Tracy, already naked, slid into bed with a wide grin on her lips, her hands already moving to
grapple her prone lover before she could react.

“It’s only fun to grope yourself ‘cause your wearing the naughty soft stuff! Doesn’t help me
none if you get off while touching yourself!“ she grumbled, hands pinning the shorter
woman’s shoulders as she stared her straight in the eyes. “Now be a good girl, strip down,
and gimme some!“

Knowing she was as hot as Tracy, Kitty couldn’t wait to wiggle herself out of her top as
Tracy hovered over her, eyes glued on her captive audience’s torso and the hint of pink
panties staring at her from beneath the schoolgirl skirt. “How do you keep yourself together
while wearing that anyway?” she mused, watching Kitty’s face tinge a little with red as she
threw her bra to one side, “You‘ve only mounted me twice this month on stage! That‘s
some self restraint for a girl who gets horny watching anime porn!”

“That’s rude!” she cried. Her hands grabbed her skirt and held it, “Maybe I won’t…”

“Too late now!” Tracy cried, pulling Kitty’s bottoms clean off catching the girl off guard,
jumping back abit so she could clear the clothing from Kitty’s leg allowing it to fall into a
heap at the foot of the bed. As she lunged forward again she grasped hold of Kitty’s
squirming rear tightly in her arms, her face rubbing it until…

“Oh baby, you’re getting hard already!”

As she leaned back she watched Kitty’s dick rise, her breath rasping as she could barely
contain the urge to not hurt Kitty in her excitement. “Baby’s needy I see.”

“Tracy!” she cried out, her hands gripping the bedding as she tried to keep still, her body
wiggling as Tracy reached her. Her shameful secret rising to fullness as she began to pant
harder and harder. She was a girl, yet she had male and female sex organs.

Ever since Tracy first had a taste of Kitty’s love in high school she knew her lover’s secret,
and kept it from just about everyone except a few trusted souls.

Tracy sometimes kidded Kitty that she was like Sadako, only her death video would be a
pornographic music video instead of a scary video and it’ll demand that people buy five of
her DVDs in order to avert death… which usually got a grin out of Kitty when she wasn’t
crying from pleasure during Tracy’s fingerwork. “Yes Goddess…” she muttered deliriously
as she breathlessly shuddered, “Take me, please!“

“I never seen you get so horny so quickly.“ Tracy muttered, her tongue lashing out to lick the
strong erection once, causing it and it’s owner to quake in response. “No wonder you can’t
keep your panties on during performances at time! You got such a hair trigger sex trigger
don’t you… prancing about with your panties shoved up your ass, your rod so tight against
the mat…“

“Yes!” Kitty cried, “Please yes! Yes I’m a bitch!”

“You’re my bitch and don’t you forget it.“ Tracy whispered, leaning forward to lick Kitty’s
throbbing womanhood again, and again, bringing strong cries from her with each need
filling lick. The penis slowly began to sway, as if hypnotized by the other girl’s tongue work,
almost reaching towards her lips begging to be taken whole.

“And I’m your bitch…” Tracy whispered in turn, “…baby’s little slut… forever.”

She was a naughty girl, she knew, and she loved her for it. She’d do anything for Kitty, and
vice versa, because they’ve been there for each other for thick and thin, sex and the usual
mundane problems of normal people. Everything. As Tracy moved forward, hand grasping
the rod tight as she moved down for oral sex, she knew Kitty would never expose her secret
to the world but sometimes… sometimes the moment pained her.

Once they started touring regularly it became obvious that Kitty was beginning to become
needy at the most awkward moments. Sometimes Kitty became aroused during concerts,
which slowly began to trouble Kitty greatly. Maybe it was the kinky soft costumes that drove
her wild, or the fact that they practiced for hours on end without rest or relief before concerts
and she was pushed to her brink by the time they rocked out on stage.

The first few times Kitty was aroused she would announce a costume change (into
something to compete with Tracy’s “sex factor”) which gave Tracy a few minutes to rock out.
This seemed normal because she came back usually with a schoolgirl swimsuit, a PE
uniform or some other eye catching piece. Of course by then she relieved herself so she
didn’t fear becoming aroused in the smaller outfit, but Tracy didn’t know that.

It wasn’t until they had a guest pop idol with them that Tracy had a chance to get off stage
and witness Kitty jacking off in their dressing room, crying as she did.

Now she knew to watch for the telltale signs of Kitty’s growing erection in her form fitting
padded panties. Usually Kitty’s moments was smooth and silky, but when the girl began to
bounce and jolt about as if being electrocuted she knew the night (and her thoughts) was
getting her hot.

At this time Tracy would swing out of the song she was doing and pull Kitty to one side, the
two taking over a spare keyboard to bang out music in a duet… or so it seemed.

As they climbed into the enclosed area Tracy hit the keys first with her body, her hands
quickly pulling her panties away as she spread her legs and allowed Kitty to take her

Nobody could see, the lights blinding and nobody dared stared at the two since they were
convinently protected insuring the audience focused on the song. Still it took a lot of effort to
keep her cool, the sometimes rough hard sex nearly bringing Tracy to screaming fits as
she banged away at the keys mindlessly, the computer keyboard playing a pre-recorded
song as the two faked it during semi-public sex.

She didn’t once think of stopping it. The fear of being caught sometimes troubled Kitty but
Tracy was slowly finding herself needing it as much as Kitty needed it.

Out there, in the public eye, secretly fucking with all eyes on them yet unaware of what was
going on. Just the thrill of being caught could have got Tracy horny while onstage.

Kitty’s mind was suddenly whipped away as Tracy returned to the here and now, her
senses engaging as she swallowed hard. Kitty crying out as her moment hit, her penis
jerking and spewing it’s first load into her lover’s eagerly sucking mouth.

Her heart was rapping quick, her breath rasping as she felt a tear slip down one cheek.
She wiggled on the bed, her arms gripping the material tightly as Tracy continued non stop,
draining her dry and flagging her erection back to full before leaving her oral duties to climb
upwards. But she didn’t stop, she crawled up to Kitty’s panting face and smiled, laying
herself before her lover. “No fuck until you taste.“

She needed no more coaxing. Delirious with need she pulled in Tracy without a second
thought, burying her face between her lover’s legs, her tongue stabbing deep into her lover’
s center quickly and strongly. The taste of precum in her mouth, the newly solicited cries of
pleasure from Tracy’s lips, the sweat slowly dripping down her body as she worked her
tongue harder and stronger inside of Tracy’s womanhood.

Her eyes shut, her mind muddled by her desires, she briefly imagined their wedding, Kitty
the man she could never be placing her ring on Tracy’s finger, and her penis into Tracy’s
womanhood, owning her and dominating her… her arms trembled as she gasped, quickly
thrusting upwards to flip Tracy backwards and off, scrambling to get her womanhood into
Tracy as her need overwhelmed her again.

She couldn’t reason anymore. Her need burning away as she mounted her lover,
desperately plunging headlong into her beating a sharp cry as she did, Tracy’s limbs
flailing as she struggled to resist the urge to grapple Kitty, to hold her tight and slow her
dominating pace, her mind slipping beneath the brief pain and overwhelming pleasure
numbing her senses. She wasn’t bleeding, but it was as if Kitty was carving a new path into
Tracy as she gave into her needs with an almost animalistic furor.

The urge to shove a hand downwards over her aching pussy burned into Tracy’s mind, but
she held back as she felt so very very close. Finally, as if to answer her unspoken needs,
Kitty flipped Tracy onto all fours, leaning back as she held her torso tight, nearly piledriving
Tracy as she began to reach her own moment.

Desperately she shoved her hand down, palm rubbing madly as a few stray tears flowed
down her cheek, her breathless cries filling her ears as she felt her body sway near
collapse. Her teeth clenched, her eyes watered, her pussy full and near breaking as Kitty’s
womanhood grew thicker and thicker. It was almost as if the deities themselves were
denying them their moment, keeping them horny and unable to cum, Tracy’s arm slowly
becoming fatigued as she desperately tried to keep the moment going… until it happened.

With a sense of relief she felt her body give up, her pussy flying headlong to orgasm.

She kept her voice barely in check as she rasped out “I’m cumming!”

For a long second no response, she was afraid they wouldn’t climax together -- but at that
moment Kitty’s finger dug into her lover’s buttock hard and she cried out in a low hiss,
struggling to keep her voice down as she came.

The moment overtook them. Kitty’s hips numbly pumping in short strokes as her cock
exploded within, female love juice pumping through her male-like organ filling her lover to
bursting. At that moment Tracy climaxed, love passions splattering over Kitty’s dick and
down her spread legs, dripping onto the sheeting.

With a final rasp Tracy collapsed, Kitty falling backwards onto the bedding, still connected to
her lover via her now shrinking penis. Slowly it fell free of Tracy’s cunt, yet the two were
unwilling to move, their sex organs meshed close if not joined.

In awhile Kitty would climb about and embrace Tracy, muttering about spoiling her pussy
again… and she would comfort her lover and tell Kitty everything was alright.

But that was later. Right now, with the world numb to her, all she could think about was the
perfect sex, and how much she loved Kitty -- goddess, she mused, I’m blessed.

“…marry me…” Tracy whispered, sleep overtaking the two of them at last.

Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview
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The Pop Secret Girl
©2006 by David Rasmussen
All Rights Reserved