The Special Day
by Phoster Price

Another year together called for something special, especially after the year we had.  My wife
stayed with me through thick and thin, and I wanted to do something that said, ‘I love you’ in a
huge way.  She was always after me to be more assertive and aggressive, so I made plans,
hoping they wouldn’t upset any she had made.  I called my aunt and asked if she would
watch the baby, and made arrangements to leave work early.  Our anniversary was the next
day, and there was a lot to get done.

When Deb left for work, I went to the garage and cut three lengths of rope.  It was clothesline
really, but it would do.  I got my drill and three eyelets from a drawer, and went to our bedroom.

Our big king-sized bed was centered under a window.  The small room was hard to fit
everything in, so things are pretty Spartan.  We didn’t use a headboard, only the frame and
thick, oversized mattress and box springs.  Making up for the lacking header were a supply of
thick pillows and warm comforters.  I pulled the bed out to get to the wall behind it.  Down low,
below the level of the bed, I found a stud that was about the center of the window and bed.  
Drilling a pilot hole, I threaded the heavy eyehook deep into the solid wood.  I installed the
other two, one on each side of the window, so that they were hidden behind the curtains.  It
was important to the surprise that she didn’t notice the hardware before I was ready.

Tying one of the sections of rope to the lower hook, I tucked the free end under the mattress
and pushed it all back in place.  I hid the other two pieces of cord on my side, sandwiching
them between the springs and the bedding where they were out of sight.  With those in place,
I went to my closet to put together the rest.  I found five ties that were out of style and that I
didn’t care for anyway.  The one time we had tried bondage, the rope had hurt her wrists.  I
hoped the soft, silky ties would be more comfortable.

I got out both vibrators; the bent g-spot one, and the tapered anal probe.  Then I fished out
some lube I had saved back, the large feather that had come with one of the toys, and the
message oil.  I still needed some ice, but that would have to wait.

Going to the bathroom, I made sure my beard trimmer was charged.  I had a full can of
shaving cream, and a sharp, new blade in my razor.  We had discussed shaving, and she
said it itched too much and refused.  I still wasn’t sure if I would have the nerve to do it, but
things were ready just in case.  Someone once told me that the fun of bondage was pushing
the limits.  Tying someone up to do the same things you always did missed the whole point.  
I wanted to be brave and controlling for her, but topping someone I loved wasn’t easy.  It was
a frightening thing to be in control.

The next day, I left work before eleven.  Deborah was naturally shocked when I walked in.  
She asked what I was doing home.

“Get dressed, honey, we’re going out,” I informed her.

As she dressed, I got the baby fixed up.  The three of us piled into the van, and drove the short
distance to my aunt’s.  Rushing, but trying not to be rude, we left our son, and drove up north.

"Where are we going?” she asked.

“It’s a surprise,” I replied. “Trust me, you’ll like it.”

Exiting, we went to one of our favorite places to eat.  The Italian food was a perfect match for
our celebration.  The richness, the sauce and the sharp flavors matched the festive mood.  
We had a wonderful meal, and left feeling full in both mind and body.

I drove to the damn.  The leaves had changed, and it was beautiful as we drove along the
winding Ohio roads.  Deb and I love the fall anyway, with all its bright hues and crisp air.  The
sun traveled low, flickering through the leaves and branches overhead with a warm yellow
glow.  We talked warmly and teased one another.

At the damn, we got out, and I put my arm around my wife.  We walked along the shore,
slowly, quietly.  Stopping from time to time to kiss, the fires began to grow.  Even after ten-
years, it didn’t take much to set the mood.  We sat on a bench, cuddling, no one else for
miles.  It was romantic and special, something we really needed.  It came to an end much
too soon, as we had to be home in time to get our eldest from school.

The day would have appeared to be ending to her, but I knew there was much more in store.  
After the kids were in bed, and we turned in, she would find out.  All evening, I was excited,
and fighting to the control the erection that wanted to grow, as I anticipated my surprise.  Time
didn’t move fast enough.

Deb knew that such romance and lavish affection demanded making love.  After the boys
were in bed, she showered and primped.  I was already cleaned up, and more than ready to
go, when she came to bed.

Kissing as we had countless time, the night began.  Our mouths danced, as our tongues
licked, straining for some way to share and give all we had.  My hands ran over her,
caressing and teasing every sensual inch of her soft form.  We held tight, tight enough to
know how good it felt to be close again.

I pulled away, and slipped to the foot of the bed, and motioned for her to join me, “Come

She slipped to the end of the bed, as I moved around to sit behind her.  I swept her long black
hair to the side, and kissed the nape of her neck.  Wrapping her in my arms, I cupped her full
breasts.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the soft globes hung heavily from her chest.  As I
lifted and squeezed, I felt her nipples swell.  She exhaled hard, moaning slightly as she did.

“Just relax,” I whispered. “Tonight is all about you, my dear.  Don’t do anything.  Let me do the

I slipped from behind her, as I hummed, “don’t move.”

Opening the drawer, I got out a tie.  Then I rejoined my lover on the bed.  Holding the soft
neckwear in one hand, I let it drift over her leg as I renewed embracing her from behind.  I
wanted her to see it and feel it, and to know what was coming to an extent.  Taking it in my
other hand, I wrapped her in my embrace.

“Let go, and relax,” I reminded the sexy woman I loved.

Bringing the tie up, I wrapped her eyes, blindfolding Deborah.  I gathered her hair, making
sure it was out of the way and secured the tie with a knot on the back of her head.  In theory,
losing one sense heightens the others, and I hoped in the darkness she would feel
pleasures she never felt before.  I slowly removed her top, baring her broad back, soft, full
breasts and milky skin.  Softly, tenderly, I ran my fingertips over her.  The feathery scratching
brought chills to her, and I smiled as I noticed all the small prickles all over her body.  I
teased her bare busts, palming and pinching each, changing the pressure, challenge her
with a variety of touches and caresses.

I took my time, working slowly, seductively.  We had all night.  Even if it meant going without
sleep for work the next day, I would sacrifice for her on this night.

“Lie back,” I whispered, as I pulled away.

She lowered herself back, her legs still dangling over the edge.  At the open drawer, I got
another tie.  Crawling up the bed, I took her right arm and kissed her palm and suckled her
fingers.   I kissed her wrist, noticing how hard her brown nipples were, and how she couldn’t
bare to be still.  It was clearly working as I had planned.

I wrapped her wrist in the tie, and leaned over to get her other arm.  Repeating the slow,
sensual seduction on her other wrist, I then wrapped it, securing both together.  As I held
them back over her head, I fished the lower rope from the head of the bed, and secured her
by the soft tie to the wall.

Working carefully, taking my time, I slid from the bed.  I got out the last two sections of cord,
and tied each to one of the hooks by the window.  Trailing them toward my bride, I got two
more ties before I returned to attend her.  I knelt, and lifted one foot.  As my fingers messaged
it, I kissed the instep, and nipped the toes.  Slowly, I worked upward, moving closer and
closer to her hips.  I kissed the insides of her thighs, across her panties and began all over
again on the other leg.  Only when both had been attended did I finally stand and work her
panties off.

The last two ties I placed just above each knee, and lifted each leg to secure to the two ropes
attached higher, near the window.  Her wet seam opened helplessly before me, as I attached
Deborah to the wall.  As she relaxed, allowing the ropes to hold the weight, the tension pulled
her knees to the sides, spreading her, leaving her ready for whatever my heart desired.

“I’ll be back,” I hummed.

Leaving her trussed, I went to the kitchen and got a bowl with several ice-cubes, and another
with hot water.  Unsure how she would take being forced to shave, I decided to see how this
went before trying that.  Returning to bed, and once more securing us behind a locked door, I
sat the bowls down.  Then I placed the message oil in the hot water for it to warm.

Crawling up on the bed once more, I kissed her lips, as once more I ran my fingers over her
to rekindle the lust.  I teased her nipples, brushed the course hair of her crotch, and generally
teased her body.  She trembled and flinches, as her slack mouth exhaled and groaned.

“You are all mine, my love,” I whispered. “What should I do to you?”

Working my kisses down her neck, and back and forth over her shoulders, I took my time
reaching her breasts.  I suckled and licked them, as I reached for some ice.  Using the
freezing cube, I teased one nipple as I warmed the other with my lips and tongue.  I worked
on both, first one and then the other.  She was on fire, I knew by the way her hips rocked and
humped the night air.  I knew she longed to feel something touch her there.  I longed to touch
her there, but not yet.

With wetted kisses, I worked down her body, slowly shuffling my legs to straddle over her
head and out-stretched arms.  Reaching down, I pushed the tip of my hard cock to her lips.  
She knew what it was and opened.

“Slowly, my love,” I began. “Just kiss it.”

She did, and I began slowly rocking my hips, rubbing its firm length back and forth over her
chin, lips and nose.  My wife gently kissed and tongued each portion as it passed.  I offered
her my balls, and those too were eagerly tended.

Both very tall, we didn’t line up for a sixty-nine.  When I leaned forward to reach her crotch, my
cock was roughly between her breasts.  I could have easily titty-fucked her, and in fact I did
hump a few times to let her know I could, but that wasn’t what I wanted.

Lowering my head between her tethered gams, I pushed my nose to her cunt.  Our games
had made her wet and musky, and inhaled deeply.  My nose and lungs filled with her sweet
aroma.  I loved her scent, as always.

“Mmm, you smell so good,” I hummed.

Like some mutt after a bitch to mount, I sniffed my wife’s pussy.  It always drove her wild, the
feeling of my breath wafting over her moist lips.  The moving air tingling and teasing, we both
got what we liked.  Deb could enjoy the feathery stimulation, and I filled on the scent that
always turned me on.

Getting another piece of ice, I ran it lightly around the edges of her divide.  She shivered and
hissed, rocking her hips slowly.  When I ran the coldness through her, she yipped and
groaned at the bighting sharpness.  Then I warmed her chilly, wet lips with a lick of my warm,
moist tongue.  As with her nipples, I worked on contrasts, cold against hot.  I wanted it to last,
all night if it felt right.

Only teasing, I didn’t allow her the release of climax.  No, she would have to wait.  I wasn’t
ready for her to spend herself, not on my tongue or some chunk of frozen water.  When she
came, I would chose when and how, and even I wasn’t sure of those yet.

I slipped from the bed, and got the warm message oil and feather.  Walking back to her, I
stood between her knees.  Teasing, I let my stiff meat dangle, tickling her as I worked.  I had
to lean in to reach her neck and shoulders, a perfect chance to let the head of my prick rub
around on her crotch and ass.  It jiggled and danced, just tapping her at times, as I poured
warm, scented oil down her torso in a slow stream.  The aroma of the herbs filled the room.  
Sharp and fruity, they entice and comfort, as my rough hands begin working her body.  I
message her shoulders, and work to her large, spongy breasts.  As I message them with oil,
her nipples swell as if they could pop.

When I had teased them to the point of driving her mad, I moved down, messaging her
stomach.  Then I skipped to her feet, and oiled each in turn.  I rubbed and worked, finding the
spots that went straight to her core.  Just in front of the heal, I knew she could feel it in her
pussy, as I pushed and stroked with my thumbs.  Even as I applied pressure, I entered her,
sliding my hardness inside her soaking cavern.  She moaned loudly, deeply at the
sensations, but they would not last.  After burying my pole to the hilt, I just slipped back out,
leaving her empty.  As I did the other foot, I did the same.

“Oh, God Jeff,” she whined. “Fuck me.  Fuck me, please!”

“No not yet,” I scolded. “It isn’t time.”

“I’m on fire, please do something.”

Smiling as she begged, I continued working.  I messaged her legs, and when I came to her
plumb ass cheeks, I allowed my stroking fingertips to tease over her lips and openings.  A
hard jolt ran over her as my pinky scratched over her lips.

“Oh, I need to cum, baby.  Please,” she pleaded.

Perhaps it was time.  I drizzled warm oil, and watched it run over her twat.  It coursed down
her seam, warming and wetting her even more.  I thought how perfect it would have been if I
had shaved her, but that would be for another time.  At last I rubbed where she needed most,
and she groaned loudly with relief.  I retrieved the two toys, and settled onto my knees to work
on her.  Using the tip of my finger, I traced it about her private lands, circling the edges,
teasing up to the velvety folds and swollen pearl.  I grabbed the larger toy, and turned it on.  
The bent g-spot vibrator hummed to life.  I touched the buzzing tip to her clit, nearly sending
her into to orbit.  Working it about, I made it slick, and plunged it deep inside.

As it hummed away in her depths, I got the smaller, tapered probe.  We had got it for her to
use on me, but she would never take it far.  She never seemed willing to lube me, and that’s
what it would have taken.  I had used it some, but she had never fucked me as I had hoped.  
As a couple, it had spent more time teasing and pleasuring her twat than anything on me.  
Starting it, I put the small, sharp point on her clit.  With both working, she wouldn’t last long.

The ropes pulled taught, as her weight tested them.  She arched and grunted, and I knew
she was close.  I kept working, teasing her with the vibrators.  My wife exploded with a loud
cry.  Her whole body became a sea of motion, as she pulled and tugged against her bonds.  
It went on and on, as I refused to stop.  Only moments before she had begged me to start,
and now she pleaded for it to end.

“It hurts,” she yipped. “Stop!”

I did at last when she begged, but I was far from through.  Leaving the big one inside, but
shutting it off, I left her to recover.  With the tip of one finger, the middle one on my right hand, I
began circling her ass.  I ran the tip across her puckered hole.  She was relaxed from
cumming, and the tight muscle was more limber now.  The oil smoothed the way, as I
pushed up inside.  Still gasping and reeling from her orgasm, she groaned at the insertion.  I
buried my digit in her tightness, and slowly pulled it back out.  Over and over, I worked my
finger deeper and deeper, pushing slick oil into her, making her easier, more relaxed still.

When she seemed ready, I slowly inserted my anal probe to show her how she should have
done.   I slowly slipped it in, and turned it on.  She was recovered enough now, and I again
fired up the bigger one too.  With one buzzing in each hole, her clit was open for me to lick.  
The oil tasted bad, but I knew it was safe.  I had asked when I bought it.  Licking her nub, I
soon had her cum again, and once more I made her beg to stop.  Lucky women.  I knew I
could keep making her cum, but I was growing bored.  I could have her ass, perhaps, but the
probe was far from the size of my cock.  There was one thing, I had never done.  I don’t know
why, it was so simple, after all.

Crawling onto the bed, I straddled over her stomach.  My cock between them, I pushed her
big tits together.  The oil was warm and slick, as I began to fuck them.  As I held them, my
thumbs were on the nipples, so I flicked and teased.  All my work had me so very hard, and I
didn’t last long.  I came, and the first hard throbs shot cream over her chin and neck.  It
pumped away, oozing over her, dribbling down on each side.  As it finished, I lifted, and
placed the tip on her lips.

“Open,” I ordered, and plunged it deep down into her waiting warmth, to the back of her throat.

So many games to play that we could have gone on, but I asked and she said she was sore
and going numb.  The others would have to wait, and I released her.  She was still on fire and
hungry, and now free she attacked me.  I was worked up as well, and it took very little rubbing
and coaxing for me to get hard again.  We ended up going at it doggy-style to finish the night.

Often, such play seemed too much.  It took a lot of time and effort, but thank God for those
special days.  I could feed off one such evening for weeks.  They were the adventure I craved,
the thrill that made the routine easier to endure.  That separated the boring from the thrilling.
The Special Day
©2005 by Phoster Price
All Rights Reserved