Precious Magic : A Tale Of The
story codes: FF, Fantasy, Witchcraft, magic

Precious Magic : A Tale Of The ErosIsles
by David Rasmussen

She grits her teeth, lying strapped down to the modified bed adjusted to lie lower than a normal bed,
desperately trying to keep her body completely still as her life mate worked on her. However the
sensations ravaging her nude body was almost too much for her to bear. Her loved was perched on
top of her body, her pussy rubbing along her belly as the tall Asian goddess worked. A smile etched
her beautiful features as she carefully dipped her brush back into the organic spell ink, wetting the
bristles again as she prepared to continue her work.

Her name was Aisha, April in public in her capacity as a Sex Witch. Herself, her bound lover Julia
(June) and her adopted mother Maiya (May) were part of a circle of a dozen Sex Witches working the
Islands Nation. Each had a private name and a public work name that coincided with the old Earth
Gregorian calendar (seeing as how this was the islands of humanity). This was as much to give them
an identity unique to the Witch community as well as to protect their individual identities from those
who would do them harm.

Aisha was unusually tall for an Asian woman, partially because her birth mother was an Elf woman
(same as her adopted mother Maiya). Her long flowing black hair combined with her large wide lensed
glasses gave her an intellectual sexiness, a stark contrast to her tall athletic body and strong

Aisha’s mother, Maiya (May), first taught the art of Sex Witchology to Aisha. And she, in turn, taught a
bright up and coming sorceress (who became her lover then life mate) the same arts. Julia (June) was
an apt student, and learned the arts of Sex Witchcraft quickly.

Julia was a strange contrast to Aisha’s intellectual slash athletic form. Julia stood a head shorter than
Aisha, and comparing the two Julia seemed like such a fragile soft spoken creature next to her more
dominating lover… but looks were deceiving. April was a short stack of energy, a green eyed bundle
of enthusiasm, willpower and strength that made her often take the initiative before her more cautious
logically minded lover. This made her a wonder in the Witches’ circle as her boundless energy made
all spells she cast last longer, and her ability to withstand sexual torment stronger than other Sex
Witches (she was the only witch to pass the Hostile Aggressor Rape Dissertations Course (HARD
Course) with a perfect score, a feat not even her strong in mind and body lover could achieve).
Once Aisha and Maiya let Julia take control of their love making, they knew they were going to be in
for the rides of their lives (leaving them drained yet sexually satisfied by Julia’s boundless skill and

“You’re wiggling.” Aisha chided gently, waiting a few seconds for Julia to calm down before returning
to her work. “If it wasn’t for the bed bindings you’d be all over the place (and so too would the

“I can’t help myself!” Julia cried out softly, “Just looking at your naked body is torture enough, but
having your pussy rubbing on my stomach… goddess that sweet patch f fuzz on your cunt is driving
me wild!!”

“You can enjoy my cunt fuzz all you want later.” Aisha interrupted, “Now please stay still. I’m scribing
spell text, not erotic body art.”

“Did I mention that you scribing on my tits feels…”

Aisha gently sighs, “You have bought it up a few times, as I remember.”

The spell script was being written in a circular pattern about each of Julia’s perfectly round tits, just as
Aisha’s mom (who is as naked as Julia and Aisha) did to her daughter earlier, the text clearly visible
on Aisha’s mid sized perfectly round tits). “We’ve done this several times already, and yet you are still
so sensitive when we do this…” (Aisha leans over and kisses Julia gently on the lips) “But that’s one
of the many things I so love about you.”

Julia felt her body relax, Aisha’s kiss mellowing her out for just awhile, enough time for Aisha to finish
her work on the script. “Done.” Aisha finally announced, finishing the last rune with a chipper “Yay!”
as she inked in the last stroke, quickly putting her Rune Kit back together and setting it aside. “OK, I
think we’re as ready as we’re going to be, mama.” she announced, lying down right next to her bound
lover, watching as Maiya brought the breast milkers forth. The milkers, attached to special adjustable
large rubber suction cups (which adjusted to the size of each woman’s breast as the spell worked),
fed into a machine hooked to the foot of the bed which was already armed with several empty bottles
labeled “Lover’s Milk” (with a image of Aisha/Julia cuddling nude together on the label) ready to be

“Pity it takes a whole week before you two are ready for another titty milking…” Maiya coos as she
sets up, checking the bottles one more time to make sure they are set propertly, “But considering the
CredCoins we make on a weekly basis milking you two it all works out for the best. Still…” (from
another machine she pulls forth two long rubber dicks tied to pump tubes, “I guess we can get a little
PussyLube too for a full sale. Melissa said they were running short anyway.”

“Why can’t we give more than once a week?” Julia asks honestly. “I wouldn’t mind being milked more
than once a week. Really.”

At that Aisha smiles, turning her head to face her curious lover as she ever so gently says “Because
it would only be possible if our bodies continuously “tricked” into believing we were pregnant, which
would require harsh spell runes and near continuous male animal rapes (large dogs are smaller
horses are often used by Slave Traders in the illegal SpellMilk industry) to ejaculate “sperm” to trigger
the spell, but not run the risk of us becoming pregnant in turn.”

“Best three days of bondage I ever had… that was before I drove all my captors insane from my
overachieving sexual appetite.” Maiya said, strangely confessing without even being asked to confess
to anything. But then again she’s often had a fondness of admitting things nobody wanted to know.

“After awhile they couldn’t keep up with my production, the horses didn’t want to touch me anymore,
and the men soon started to accuse me of sodomizing them in their dreams. What nonsense… I only
used magic to keep them erect 24/7, is that such a crime?”

“Mama…” Aisha sighed, “Did we really need to know how you raped your rapists into suicidal acts?”

“No…” she said with a bit of sadness, “But I liked talking about it anyway. Now…” (pulls forth her

“Mama…” Aisha sighed (again) “…please.”

“OK, OK, I’m sorry.” she waved her off, hooking the expandable rubber suckers on each woman’s
breast in turn. “I’ll get the spell rolling without anymore commentary.”

Waving her wand over the women, she gently tapped each breast in turn reciting the enchantment as
she did. As she did that Aisha and Julia’s hand each grasp the others’, holding on tight knowing what
was coming next. Aisha turns to look at Julia, face calm and serene as her mother gently lifts her
large glasses from her face. “Almost forgot your glasses, sorry precious. (You tend to snap your head
about when the sex gets hot sometimes).”

“Julia? Beloved?” Aisha whispers, drawing her lover’s gaze as she looks over. “Don’t try to hold it in
this time. Let the spell overtake you, let it take hold my precious.”

“B-b-but… Ais--eyYYAAHH!!” Julia winced, her hand squeezing Aisha’s hand tightly as the first jolt hit,
and both women’s breasts began to plump bigger and bigger (the expandable rubber suckers
matching each woman’s growth). As each women’s breasts grew fatter they began trashing about,
rolling back and forth crying out in passion. Yet, despite this growing aggrivation within both of them,
their hands held tightly together, keeping them close as they writhed in unison under a all consuming
pleasure gripping them both together as one.

This didn’t last long as the spell soon ceased so many seconds later, a deep sigh of relief coming
from the two as their breasts settled down and began to pump it’s full load of SpellMilk into the now
active pumps attached, filling the bottles attached to the machine. The sigh of relief quickly turned
into freshly renewed cries of passion, as Maiya slowly fed the vibrating rubber dicks up her precious
daughter and stepdaughter’s hungry cunts. As she slipped the whole in she fastened them down with
straps, watching her two girls writhe with renewed vigor as they were assaulted by the fresh
sensations smothering them from between both of their legs.

With a tap of her wand on each of her own breasts, Maiya positions herself over her two girls, breasts
just within reach of their gasping lips. “It’s not as sweet as your gift… ngh!! But it’s all you’re my
lovers… take me! Take me… agghh!!”

Both women use their free hands to drag their mother into reach, lips fastening onto her tits bringing
a joyous cry from Maiya in response. As her tits blossom into greater and greater size, she fingers the
vibrator shoved into her cunt a few minutes ago turning it on, setting off a chain of pleasure that
extended from tit nipple to pussy.

The chain of pleasure was at last complete, the well of sex spread evenly from woman to woman
forming a chain of satisfaction that joined them all even as Aisha & Julia’s honeywells were near
exploding, their first cumming all over the rubbers in their pussies a near event.

The semi-sweet honied milk of Maiya’s SpellMilk pumped down both women’s throats, each greedily
swallowing every last drop as she in turn breathed heavily through her nose to keep from choking.

Briefly Aisha spared a glance towards Julia, still completely focused on the body wracking pleasure
filling her own body as she watched her lover in turn if only briefly. Julia was lost in total bliss, but not
completely gone yet. Eyes shut tight, her free arm gripping Maiya pulling her tight up to her, face
buried in Maiya’s chest suckling her tit drawing every last drop of milk coming from it. Even as she did
that the straps about her hip snaked free, her hips finally humping upwards free as if trying to drive
the wiggling vibrator deeper and deeper up her cunt.

But she was still with Aisha, hand squeezing and grasping Aisha’s hand in turn. Occasionally their
grips felt as if it would slip, but then Julia would redouble her effort to hold onto Aisha’s hand, refusing
to let go even for a second.

At that moment the delicious rise of her first orgasm began to ripple throughout Julia and Aisha’s
body, even as her focus remained on Maiya’s succulent tit in each woman’s mouth (even as their tits
neared completely drained of SpellMilk).

Both women’s muffled cries filled Maiya’s mind, their bodies dripping with a fine mist of sweat as they
dual orgasmed beneath her, their bodies a mass of trashing limbs and sustained girlgasm releasing
bliss. But Maiya could barely focus on this as her own moment hit, seconds after her daughter she
bent low over them, arms awkwardly hugging both as her cunt exploded with a fierce energy, her own
pussy melting all over the rubber dick until (with a final cumming spasm) the now cum slickened
device fell free with a clakt-plop onto the ground, still wiggling violently as it flung cum every which

Julia’s hips jack hammered upwards on release, twitching and humping sporadically as (with a loud
soulful muffled shriek) her pussy began to pump it’s cum in long spasms (the rubber cock collecting
and pumping it into the smaller PussyGirl bottles for sale). Seconds later Aisha joined her lover, her
own pussy releasing in spasmic jolts filling her own rubber dick with girlcum, which in turn was pumped
down to the bottles to fill them. As they both came their vigorous suckling became frantic as Maiya’s
tits ended milking early (she was unable to sustain a long drain unlike her daughters), causing Maiya
to shut her eyes in anticipation of what came next (even as she knew she would repeat this with her
daughters as their milkers were nearly done draining them).

It was blissful enough that both women were madly suckling her hyper sensitive thick nipples (which
stood at attention like mini dicks), what came next was bliss itself as the spell wasn’t completed.

Maiya screamed loudly, the room reverberating with her cries as both nipples spat a few final squirts
of milk, stopped and swelled fat… then ejaculated a thick cum like cream in long streamers, racking
Maiya’s pleasure centers hard. It was as if this thick cream (too potent for bottling as it would curdle
the sweet milk pumped earlier) was tit cum, and her very breasts were orgasming.

For long blissful seconds her nipples felt like tiny cocks, pumping shot after shot of cream “cum” down
her daughter’s throats… until at last she was drained to completiojn. Quickly gathering her wits she
pulled away the mlikers as her daughter’s finished, rolling Julia into Aisha’s tits as she joined her,
greedily suckling each a thick erect nipple in turn ready for Aisha’s cumming.

Aisha was blessed, but not quite senseless as she grabbed both women’s heads, holding them tight
against her tits as she leaned back and cried “MY TITS ARE CUMMING!!”

Maiya shut her weary eyes and focused, feeling her daughter’s nipple swell against her tongue,
wiggling and shaking as the spell was about to finish… and with a fresh (now unrestrained) cry, Aisha’
s nipples began to shoot it’s own thick cream down her lover and mother’s throats. This woke Maiya
up, her senses kicking back in as the thick cream was swallowed in long gulp, revitalizing her sense
even as her daughter crunched up against both of them exhausted.

Maiya moved quickly again, this time rolling Julia away and Aisha into her in turn, clamping Aisha’s
lips onto Julia’s thick nipple as it was ready to release as well. Joining her she clamped her lips on the
second nipple as Julia screamed, her nipples cumming in turn. Another round of long thick shots
drained down both women’s throats, both women savoring the delicious titgasm from Julia’s breasts.
At that moment both women came again, their pussies shooting off a fresh load as they held each
other tightly, Aisha automatically swallowing the blissful spurts of cream as her own pussy erupted
again in joyous release.

Finally, long minutes of release and release again, totally drained and sensitive, all three women fell
into the soft bedding and cuddled close. Sleep overtaking them as they laid together in each other’s
arms, surrendering to their exhaustion even as the last of the PussyGirl bottles filled and clanked
safely into the holding bin of the machine ready for selling.

* * * * * *
“I see you’ve gotten another high quality batch of mlik here.” the “leader” of the worker’s “union”, the
Halfling Melissa (aka Miss Manners the Discipline “Teacher” -- she who mixes the gentle touch of a
housewife and the firm discipline of a very stern home school dominatrix housewife) said as she
finished sampling the goods. “If I had a big fat dick I’d be horny for this stuff right now.”

Miss Manners, her beautiful shoulder length blue hair wavering in the spell-conditioned room as she
clacked the bottles back into their baskset carrying case, was a sight to behold. A mature beauty
amongst Halflings being a respectable 375 years old next Thursday (middle aged by Eros Halfings
standards). “You really have to tell me what kind of women you hire for this high quality milk and cum
you deliver!”

“Oh, that’s no secret. My daughter and her life mate make the best milk and cum in this whole village!”

Miss Manners smiles sweetly, “And I’m sure they do, but really what kind of totally hot pussies are you
paying to pump this high quality feed st-- you’re still smiling so weirdly for some re-- you’re joking.
Come on! You’re so jo--” (frowns) “Please tell me you’re joking. For the sake of our friendship.”

“I’m totally serious!” Maiya said with a completely serious face, “We are Sex Witches after all! If you
doubt my honesty, Melissa, I can…Mel!” Maiya suddenly looks shocked,

“Your attitude is so totally off on this one!”

“Do tell.”

“It’s like keeping the paths of sexual communication open!” Maiya protested, “Experimenting with
many ways to make our tits and cunts happy, every time we soak our lovers or life partners in pussy
elixir it brings us closer and closer!”


“Oh come on now, Melissa!” Maiya baited, “Don’t tell me you and that simply scrumptious human
woman you’re banging don’t share in long soulful drags on the bong of sexual innovation! I know you
do, Mel! I know you do!”

Miss Manners sat back in her chair, if only to pull away from Maiya’s closeness. “There’s a difference
between sharing between me and Shyria, and telling Shyria that we’re going to go into the business
of selling our personal sex fluids for profit..” (sighs) “Selling anything else that you’d like to confess to
your close old friend about before you give me any further shocks?”

“Well… now that you went and mentioned it? I do have this great illustrated photo magazine I’m trying
to sell with my daughters…”

“Forget it! Forget it!” Miss Manners sighs, waving off any further words from Maiya.

“Mother said that I’d be far happier as a Sex Cleric slash Ranger than as a Sex Witch… now I know
why she said that.”


© 2008 David Rasmussen

Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview work.  He currently
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