Presumptions in Black
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Presumptions in Black
by Peter Baltensperger

Sometimes not even the distant chugging of a freight train was enough, the night too quiet for sleep, no rain.
Sitanka Mulholland tossed and turned in the heat, unable to concentrate. If at least there had been some
lightning flashes to watch through her window, some solid thunder claps to occupy her mind, but it wasn’t that
kind of night, not yet. It wasn’t until the engineer stopped the train way out in the countryside that she was able
to relax and spread her legs.

He took his time getting out of his uniform. She could see his eyes flitting back and forth between her breasts,
her dark bush, her white thighs. Yet when he climbed on the bed with her, he was already between her legs,
already sliding into her, an arrow into its target. She gasped at the sudden penetration, then gave herself over
to his deliciously slow ins and outs. She heard him groan and moaned deeply in response. He took her
quivering breasts into his hands and fondled them in rhythm to his movements, much to her delight. She put
her own hands on his to help him squeeze them into delectable shapes for him to trace and caress.

Somewhere a fire engine howled its way from someplace to someplace, but the firemen were too busy with
their hoses. She would have to wait until later. Instead, she wrapped her arms around the man’s shoulders
and, without letting go of his erection, rolled him over on his back. She sat straight up on him to feel the full
impact of his penetration and pushed down on him until her receptacle was filled to the hilt. She arched her
back to display her breasts to their best advantage, moved up and down on him a couple of times just to show
him what she could do, and to make him groan.

After a while, she bent over and let her breasts sway before his eyes. She could feel the hunger emanating
from his hands, his longing and his despair. Not wanting to make him wait any longer, she let herself down on
her elbows until hes breasts were in easy reach of his hands and his mouth. He grabbed one of them with both
hands, squeezed it into a cone, and took it into his mouth, groaning with satisfaction the whole time. She
moaned with unconcealed passion when he began to suck the top of her breast, ran his tongue around her
strutting nipple, squeezed her further and further into his mouth until she thought she would scream with the
excitation of his manipulation.

Another train chugged across the countryside somewhere between reality and pretense, boring twin holes into
the forbidding darkness. Somewhere an owl, hooting. Sitanka could see the brooding eyes, watching her, as if
she were an exhibit pinned to her bed and she couldn’t move. Thunder and lightning would definitely have
been more, to punctuate her night.

The firemen were back at their station again, climbing out of their equipment, their uniforms, their clothes. She
saw them lining up under the showers, their penises limp, at ease. She concentrated on one of them in a
corner, watched his penis come alive and grow under her gaze, waited patiently until it stood straight up. Then
she knelt down in front of him and took his new-born erection into both hands, the water gushing down all over
her. He squirmed when she pulled back his skin, licked his dripping glans, took him all the way into her mouth.
She sucked him fervently until he ejaculated deeply into her throat, then left the shower room with a satiated
smile on her face.

The engineer under her put his hands on her hips, lifted her off his penis, and turned her over on her back.
Before she knew what was happening, he had already buried his head between her wet thighs. He was licking
her greedily, a bumble bee in a rich flower, tasting her with passion and expertise. She shuddered deliciously
when he ran his tongue over and between her labia, probing her, exploring her, then circled her clit and
sucked at the protrusion as he had sucked at her nipple. She pressed her pelvis against his face and he
sucked her even harder, more ardently until she shivered through the luscious release of her orgasm and
cried out with satisfaction.

He kept licking her for a while, waiting for her to shudder through the aftershocks of her fulfillment, then
climbed back on top of her and filled her with his penis once more. His penetration was more forceful, more
urgent, his thrusts more determined and full of unabashed passion. She clamped her legs around his hips,
wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders, and thrust lustily against him as he worked them up the steep
slope of their excitement. He took her breasts into his hands again, bent over to suck her nipples, and buried
himself deeper and deeper inside of her. She was ecstatic and increased her own thrusts until they shuddered
and moaned and groaned through their mutual orgasms of absolute fulfillment.

The lightning finally came, and the thunder. Sitanka ran deliriously through a field of penises and erections,
the rain pouring down on her like an operatic crescendo. The firemen emerged from the shower with their limp
organs dangling between their legs. Somewhere a freight train resumed its chugging through the mystified
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