Pru's Awakening
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Pru's Awakening
by Anaïs Nohant

…I sat on my knees not knowing where to start. I had dreamt of this
moment every night for two weeks. I moaned and writhed in my sleep
rubbing myself on the crisp sheets until my body released a frantic
explosion of exquisite but not fully realized sensations. Now, I had
him at MY command. Every thought, every vision of his cock fucking my
mouth, it was now, it was time. Time to awaken, time to take what was

My adoration was ravenous for his brandished member that held the
cum I most desperately wanted to absorb into my being. His visage was
glorious. He was the wish I never knew I wanted. He was the craving,
the drum, whose timed beats had lured my body in syncopation.
Tonight, for this night only, he was all mine.

I was slow and deliberate at first, in my attentions. Yet, I
did not succumb to my eagerness to impale my mouth upon its glory. I
spread his legs wide. I wanted them open, vulnerable for my
ministrations, my diligence, my out and out war on his cock. I
scraped lightly on his inner thighs as if to rouse the blood in his
veins. Driving my hands upwards, I shaped my hands like a V sliding
in the valley where the top of his thighs meet his sex.

I curled my fingers bringing them downward all the way to the top
of his feet and then wrapping them around his arches. Massaging them
for only a second, tracing my fingernails on the sensitive skin. He
bucked at the motion and his legs gripped my body wildly, pulling me
back up to his, now starving for notice, cock.

Instead, I lowered my head inhaling his scent. It was earthy
scent mixed of new formed sweat, fresh soap and faintly of sweet
precum that had beaded around the slit of his beautiful mushroomed
top. I agonized, not stroking his torture but I only extended the tip
of my tongue enough to lick the trickle. His knees bent, clasped my
head, pulling my hair and forced my head down roughly. His shaft
swiped against my face. I nudged its softness about me, exalting it
by lowering my lips laying nips around its wide girth.

Breathing heavily now, I cupped then tugged at his sac with one
hand then both, massaging its weight. I thumbed its raised wrinkles
stroking the roadmap lines. His sac was tightening closer to his
shaft. My fingers drifted around and to the back of back of it. He
first felt my steamy breath, then my mouth devouring his scrotum.
I was glutton, sucking as much as I could take. Rolling his sac,
I moved my tongue executing frenzied motions. The feel of him
completely in mouth stretching it wide made my clit pound at my
dripping lips. The liquid was gushing onto my thighs making them
slippery. I wanted to touch myself but the need to focus on his every
need overtook me. Instead, I gripped his cock pulling in an upward
motion. His sac was sodden with my saliva, it too was slippery; it
fell out my mouth. I longed for it immediately.

Rapaciously, I propelled my mouth around his lithe but massive
darkening shaft. Straddling one of his legs, I ground my shaven pussy
back and forth on his knee. Timing the stroke with the up and down
motion, my mouth slaved away. His was so large that it plummeted and
struck the back of my throat. I relaxed it so I could take more in.
I release my hand from its base and swallowed whole. My hands were
free to wander aimlessly about his upper body. His cock was fucking
my mouth violently, that when I found his puckered nipples, I squeezed
them with all my might. His muffled groan sent vibrations down to my
toes. I swirled my flattened tongue around the top of his shaft on
every up stroke. I was teasing the slit at the top in submission.

His size seemed to double in my mouth my teeth teetered towards him
but never scraping. Grasping for my pussy, I gathered cream from my
cunt and lifted it to his mouth; He sucked it off in one try. I
reached around again collected more wiping it on his scrotum down to
his anus. I swirled my finger around the hole but never piercing only
stirring the nerves there. I got so excited that my body twisted,
gyrated, and finally bucked of his knee.

My mouth sheathing his cock was moving so fast I had no idea how I
kept up with the pace. He was stroking my mouth to ecstasy. His
shallow pants were turning into punctuated gasps. He fought for more
oxygen, sucking in as much air as he could in preparation for the
spasms about to rocket through him in blinding, pulsing moment of

I turned my body and my nipples edged his sac. I moved lower
pushing my breast closer to envelop it. My mouth's grip around his
cock became so tight that I too could barely breathe. I inhaled
through my nose but didn't seem to do so by my will. His hands were
pulling at the bed, jostling the headboard. They were tied just loose
enough that he could break free any moment. His sex pulsed, the
auspicious moment was about to arrive. In those seconds before,
thoughts churned in my head of all the art, poetry and books that led
to this moment. They flashed before my eyes, illuminating my soul
just before the molecules in my body changed. Awaken Prufrock, this
is it. Grasp and hold onto this moment. This is end to your
sleepwalking. "Let us go then, you and I…"

©2007 Anaïs Nohant

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