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Pumps, Bumps and Humps
by Jazzzz

Italy sat on the couch waiting for Tina to finish showering. They were going out for brunch.
They would do something together almost every weekend, like eat out, go shopping or head
over to their neighborhood Borders bookstore for coffee and some good books. They use to
work on the same job, but Tina left a few months back to pursue other employment. Italy
remained on at the investment firm that she had been with for 7 years. Tina would've been
coming close to 5 years had she stayed on with the company. Italy had always admired
Tina. Not only was she attractive, she was smart and passionate about good causes, like
the single and divorced Black women's mentorship program in their community. Many
single professional women would meet monthly with their mentees to give support and
offer other creative avenues for other successful single and divorced Black women and their
children. It was a good program. Tina is a long time member and recently persuaded Italy to
join and mentor other single professional black women. She knew Italy once had a long
term successful marriage, although now divorce, she still maintained her livelihood. She
had a job, went to school, had children and was active in their community. Tina thought she
would make a good mentor. Being real close friends, they always looked out for each other,
encouraging and inspiring the other to do better and bigger things, thereby adding to their
success. Italy had a man in her life. Branson was good to her and they had been seeing
each other exclusively for 3 years. Tina didn't have any one special guy. She never had a
problem with getting dates. Tina looked good, even to other women.

Italy sat absentmindedly flipping through a Sista 2 Sista magazine on the table. She hated
that Tina had quit the firm. She missed her around the office during breaks and lunch.
They'd cover for each other whenever one would miss work. She never had to worry about
getting behind if she took off. Tina would pick up her slack and when she returned, all of her
work was done. She looked up from skimming the magazine when she heard the water
stop running in the shower. The bedroom door was ajar and Italy turned slightly around and
looked towards the bedroom. She saw Tina walk by naked. She had a sexy body, curvy,
pretty brown skin and a nice gap between her legs. Many times she would catch guys
looking at the space between Tina's legs. Anytime she wore jeans, you could see the
imprint of her pussy. You could see Italy's too, but it wasn't as noticeable as Tina's. Hers
was more of a wide smiling pancake like pussy. Tina's looked like a mountain pile on her.
Italy got up and moved to the side of the bedroom door. Normally, she would walk in and
start talking with Tina. This particular morning she stood there on the outside of the door.
She was looking at the water droplets rolling off of Tina's back. Tina dried herself off and
started rubbing lotion on. She turned around to see Italy standing by the door.

"Come on in girl," she said. "What are you standing there for?" she laughed.

"Oh, I was waiting for you to finish getting ready," replied Italy.

"Well, it's not like you haven't been in here before when I was getting ready," she smiled.

"You've seen my black ass naked," she said, as she hits the back of her hand on her ass

They both busted out laughing. She was right. Numerous times in lieu of going somewhere
Italy waited for her to get dressed while she sat on her bed talking to her. They would be
talking about God knows what the whole time. Italy watched as she ran in and out of her
walk in closet looking for something to put on. Her breast jiggled with enthusiasm. The
nipples were erect around her 2 plump titties. Italy smiled to herself as her own nipples
protruded a bit. She was just about to get up and move back to the living room when Tina
bent over her dresser to retrieve a bra and some panties. Italy stopped and watched Tina
bent over. She had a pretty pussy. Her lips were even, unlike hers, where one side was
longer than the other. That was due to Branson constantly pulling on one side more than
the other. She didn't like it and would tell him about it, but it did no good after 3 years of
being together. If she didn't know any better she would have swore that Tina was getting
collagen shots on her pussy lips. They were pretty thick. Tina raised up and turned around.

She saw the way Italy was looking at her and asked her, "Italy, girl what's up with you this

"You look like you've just seen a ghost," she said.

Italy laughed. "Tina, you know you are one beautiful lady."

"I admire your strength and beauty and I am so glad we're friends.''

Italy said, "We are friends, aren't we?"

"Of course we are," Tina said, as Italy moved closer to her. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yes, I am."

"I don't know why," said Italy, but "I just want to touch your skin girl."

She grabbed both of Tina's hands and brought them to her lips. She kissed them softly and
rubbed them against her cheeks. Then, she put her arms around Tina's waist. She pulled
her closer to her face.

"Now Italy, you have Branson and he loves you girl!"

"Are you sure want to do this?"

"I love you like a blood sister girl."

"And you know I would do anything for you, but this is wrong Italy," she cried out.

Italy kissed her lips softly and Tina kissed her back. Their tongues found the entrance to
their mouths. It was warm and wet inside. They stopped for a minute and just stared into
each other's eyes. Tina was breathing very heavy. Italy stroked her cheeks. Their lips met
again. Tina started slowly backing Italy up towards the bed. She lightly pushed Italy onto it
and crawled on top of her, hugging and kissing her. Italy received the kisses by grabbing
Tina's pretty big brown ass and squeezing it every time their tongues swirled together.
"Italy?," Tina softly said, as she pulled her tongue out of her mouth.

"What are we doing girl?"

"What the fuck are we doing?"

Before Italy could reply, Tina grabbed her breast and rubbed them against her own. She
kissed Italy's neck from side to side. Italy squirmed and moaned with a delight she had not
known before. Tina's tongue was slow and soft and so wet against her neck. She grabbed
Tina's ass again and pulled her up where she could reach her breast. She sucked on one
of her nipples.

"Mmmmm," Tina moaned. She hungrily sucked on both. Tina squirmed and panted.

"Please take off your clothes!", Tina almost yelled. Her breathing sounded shallow.

"I wanna touch your skin too Italy."

She stood up and then pulled Italy up by her arms. She started undressing her from the top.
Kissing her neck and breast while doing so gave Italy a tingle that turned her on even more.
Italy slowly pulled off her pants. Tina finished helping her take off the pink silk panties she
was wearing. She fell back on the bed and pulled Tina down on top of her. They kissed
some more and then humped till their mounds stuck together. Italy could feel Tina's hair
rubbing against her own. She opened her legs and Tina fell in between them. She started
rubbing herself up against Italy's swollen pussy. They both squealed. Tina got on her
knees, opened Italy's legs wide, turned 3/4 of her body around and sat her pussy on top of
Italy's. She held one of Italy's legs in the air while she rubbed her pussy back and forth on
top of hers. It was warm. Each time their clits would meet, both women would scream out.
Tina started moving back and forth faster. It excited both of them.

"Your turn," Italy said.

Tina laid on her back and opened her legs and pulled Italy towards here. Italy held her leg
as she turned her body 3/4 of the way around. She sat on Tina's wet pussy. She rubbed her
own against it softly. As their clits met, she would hump harder and faster. Tina started to
scream and begged her not to stop.

"Italy, you feel so good girl," she said.

That turned Italy on and she rubbed her pussy even faster against Tina's. There was a huge
explosion as both of them sat there, pussy on top of pussy, soaking. Tina grabbed her and
stuck her tongue deep in her mouth. They kissed as if it were their last. Their breast met
and touched as they probed each other's mouth. Tina grabbed Italy's ass and pushed on
the back of it, pushing her wet pussy against her own. They twisted and moaned.

"Italy, Italy," Tina called softly.

"I know, I know," Italy said, "This is soooo good to me too."

She started sliding her tongue up and down Tina's breast, moving to her belly button and
flicking her tongue around Tina's pussy. She kissed all around her thighs and licked her up
and down her legs. She came back up and rested her face between her legs. She grabbed
Tina's lips and started pulling on them. Then she parted the lips with her tongue and slide
up and down where the lips split. Tina jerked her body up. Italy slowly pushed her back
down. Flicking her tongue back and forth on Tina's clit, she braced herself firmly so as not to
lose her grip. Tina lifted her ass off the bed. Italy pulled her lips apart with her hands as she
plunged her tongue deep inside of her. Tina's walls grabbed a hold of her tongue and held
tightly as Italy thrusted in and out of her slowly, then faster and faster. Tina finally let go when
she came profusely and rubbed her pussy and juices all over Italy's face.

"Come here Italy", she said as she grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up and placed
her right over her face. She took a real good look at Italy's dripping pussy before she pulled
her down on her face and started licking her lips. She held Italy's ass while she sucked. Italy
straddled her legs even wider, opening the way to her clit, which Tina grabbed a hold of and
sucked. The climax landed right in Tina's mouth. Italy fell off of her and onto the side. They
laid next to each other panting heavily and holding hands. Tina was the first to speak.

"What are you going to tell Branson?", she said.

"Nothing," Italy said.

"How do you explain all of this?," Tina asked.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Italy said.

She climbed back on top of Tina and kissed her some more.

Tina pushed her back a little. She said, "What do you mean Italy?" "We need to talk about
this." "Things will change between us now."

"Not really," Italy replied as she put Tina's legs upon her shoulders.

Tina was about to reply, but Italy already had her head buried between her bush. Tina stifled
her remark as her pussy was devoured again. They never made it out that morning. They
ate till their pussies were numb. They both were thinking how this brunch was the best they
had ever had. All you can eat wet hot sticky pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm", they both thought, as they drifted off into a haze.
©2006 by Jazzzz
All Rights Reserved
jazzzz is a submissive woman of color and a amateur free lance writer of BDSM
erotica and poetry. Writing fiction and non fiction is a passtime and part time
profession for her. She resides in sunny Southern California and can be reached
via email at
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