Pussy Willow
By Ian

"What the hell is that?"

I asked Lisa as she came in the door holding a bundle of twigs. She looked
at me like I was a moron and retorted they are pussy willows.

"Haven't you ever seen pussy willows before?"

"Well, yes, I've seen pussy willows before. But why did you bring them

I looked a bit disdainfully at the woody things in her arms. She gave me an
encore of the 'you're a moron' look.

"Pussy willows are a rite of passage between winter and spring. Doesn't it
make you happy to know that when you see the pussy willows you know
that spring is just around the corner?"

She looked quite content as she bustled off to put the twigs into a vase. I
rolled my eyes.

This is what I got for becoming involved with a country girl. Lisa was a
beautiful woman. She had beautiful long, soft, straight hair which was so
dark brown it was almost black. Her eyes were a similar blackish-brown,
framed by long, dark lashes. Her skin was quite fair, which made her
features stand out even more. Her figure was delightfully curvaceous and
she was tall, almost as tall as I was. For this beauty alone I would put up
with any plant, animal, or mineral she chose to bring home. But that
didn't mean I'd give in easily.

"That still doesn't tell me why you brought them home." I called to the
kitchen from where I was working in the dining room.

"They're pretty!" She declared returning back into the room. "And they last
a long time. Besides, since you won't come with me to enjoy nature, I
brought nature to you."

She looked at me with a matter-of-fact smile and patted my shoulder. As
she put the vase of pussy willows in front of me on the dining room table
she continued speaking.

"I saw them the other day when I was walking the dog so today I brought
some clippers with me and helped myself."

She bustled off again, her words trailing after her.


I looked at the branches, now arranged in a vase. Sticks of dark brown
with gray fuzzy buds scattered intermittently along them. They did have a
certain rustic attraction to them. But certainly nothing I would compare
with hothouse tiger lilies or orchids. I chuckled to myself. All this time, I
had been trying to impress my woman with beautifully arranged bouquets
of luscious greens and a rainbow of colours, when all she wanted was a
bouquet of brown and gray sticks. I fingered a gray tip. They were
intriguing things, the soft pale gray fuzzy knobs. They reminded me of
nipples. Long, fuzzy, gray nipples. Just as soft on the outside and as hard
on the inside as real ones.

I stroked the fuzzy, gray softness. And then I got an idea...

"My, you're amorous this evening!"

Lisa commented as I suckled on her neck, distracting her from the book
she was reading.

"Who me?"

I asked, between nibbles. I took the book from her hands and carelessly
tossed it to the floor. Then my hands encircled the beautiful creature
before me, and I resumed my amorous attention.

"John! Now you've lost my pla..."

I snipped off her words with my mouth, devouring them like I was
devouring her lips, which tasted of toothpaste. Lisa wanted to fight, at
least for a moment. And she tried to fight, at least for a moment. But it
was just too easy to acquiesce. Her neck fell, into my hand, against the
pillow as her muscles relaxed. She kissed me back and her fingers began
to caress my forearm. I let my other hand trail down her throat, fingering
the neckline of her cotton nightgown.

My finger ran down one side of the V neckline until it reached the point.
From there it moved across the fabric to the plump breast that was hidden
beneath the thin material. I cupped the breast gently, tenderly; enjoying
the feel of it nestled in my palm. It had a nice heft to it, like a ripe
grapefruit; but warm, and soft, and smooth to the touch. I rubbed my
thumb across the nipple. It was a soft nub through the cotton, but with
just that one swipe of my thumb, it jutted out and hardened even more.


My kisses were becoming distracted now. My mind was too occupied with
where my hand was. So I released Lisa's lips and shuffled my body down
the bed so that my face was at her breast, still concealed entirely by her
demure nighty. My lips covered the nipple, fabric and all, and I began to
suckle. A woman's breast was such an intriguing thing to a man. I'm sure
we'd do anything to get near one, see one, touch one, taste one. And there
I was, doing it all, through the fabric barrier of her nighty. I encircled the
delightful pert bud of Lisa's nipple with my tongue.

It was interesting this way, tonguing her nipple through the fabric. The
material was rough, and I loved the tactile sensations it created as I
teased her with my tongue. My moist mouth had made a soggy mess out of
the yellow cotton of Lisa's nightgown and as I peeled my mouth away, the
fabric clung to her breast. The nipple protruded sharply outwards encased
in dampened material, just the sight of it got me hard. I pinched the
nipple of her other breast with my hand. I moved away and off the bed.
Lisa looked at me with a hint of desperation in her eyes.

"Where are you going?"

She shivered as the air in the room chilled the moist spot on her nighty.

I went to the closet and pulled out a handful of Lisa's scarves. They had
come in handy once before and now I knew they would come in handy
again. I returned to the bed, extracting an opaque, navy blue scarf from
the handful. This I began to tie snugly over Lisa's eyes, blinding her.

"What devious thing do you have planned now? "

Lisa asked as I secured the scarf in place and made sure she couldn't see.

"I was hoping to get to sleep early tonight." She protested.

"Do you want me to stop?"

I asked, my hands paused on her shoulders. I knew her too well. She
wouldn't stop me. First of all, she hated missing anything good. And she
knew me well enough to know I'd make it good. Secondly, she was just as
sexual a creature as I. No, she didn't want me to stop.

"Well no, I don't want you to stop."

She sighed, and stretched out her limbs in a languid fashion. Her
stretching fit along well with my plans as I grabbed one wrist and tied it to
the bedpost. Her other three limbs were secured without argument. I
looked at Lisa's body, sprawled out and secured, spread-eagle style. I had
been quite generous in my tying. It was not my intent to restrict her
movements overly or to cause her any discomfort.

The nighty still clung to her skin, especially at her breast where it was a
darker, wet yellow. As far as the rest of her body was concerned, the
nighty just clung along the contours of her body, swelling over her
mountainous breasts, along her stomach and dipping just a bit so that the
dark triangle of her womanhood was visible through the fabric. And there
it dipped between her thighs and ended. Her creamy legs continued on
down the bed, the space between them increasing down to her toes.
Enough that I could easily move my own body head first of course,
between them. However that wasn't my plan. At least not for now. Lisa
squirmed impatiently.

"What are you doing?"

"Just admiring the scenery. But I'll be right back. Don't move now."

I tickled her right toes before leaving the room momentarily. She could
hear when I returned because she spoke again.

"Where did you go? What are you doing?"

"We are going to play a little guessing game, sweetheart. Up for it?"

She pursed her lips pensively before replying.

"What kind of little guessing game?"

"If you can guess what I have in my hand, I'll release you."

"And if I can't guess?"

"I'll just keep torturing you with it until you do."

Lisa grinned. She had a feeling this was going to be the kind of torture she
would want, preferably the, Oh-my-god-I
can't-stand-it-but-don't-you-dare-stop, variety.

"Okay, I'm up for it!"

Unintentionally, she licked her top lip, an action that always gave me a
twinge in my groin. A lazy smirk spread across my mouth. Now, where to
begin? I surveyed Lisa's body. The feet, while ticklish, would be least
sensitive and least likely to enable her to discover the object of her
desire. I ran the end of the branch lightly across the sole of Lisa's foot.
The twig was still damp from where it had been in the vase and I could see
the trail of water it left behind on her foot. She giggled and squirmed.

"Is that your finger?"


I continued moving the twig along her foot, touching each toe. I kept my
touch light for now. I didn't want her to guess right away and spoil my fun.
I moved the willow branch to her other foot and tickled the sole there too.


Lisa grimaced.

"I don't know what that is! How can I tell down there? Move somewhere
else." She ordered.

"Well, if you insist."

I began trailing the branch up her foot, over her ankle and along her leg.
The water from the vase had dried from the branch and now no moisture
was left to make a path on her skin. I made circles around her kneecap
with the branch and then flipped it over and ran a soft pussy down her leg.

"Mmmmn!" Lisa moaned.

I trailed the branch up her thigh along the inside and flipped the yellow
nighty out of the way of her womanhood, leaving her exposed to my view.
Lisa had a beautiful mound. The dense hair was trimmed short into a tidy
triangle. I trailed the branch across her puffy lips and down the inside of
the other thigh. She squirmed and writhed on the bed, testing her binds.

"You KNOW that drives me nuts, John! Are you trying to drive me nuts?"

I pretended I didn't hear her and flipped the branch around to the hard,
woody, snipped end again. I circled the kneecap of her other leg and then
leisurely trailed back up her inner thighs again.


I couldn't help but grin, of course driving Lisa nuts was my goal. However,
I preferred to look at it as driving her wild. Wild with desire, and hadn't
she said she wanted me to enjoy nature with her? I was sure enjoying this!

"Mmmmmn! Is it a pencil you have?"


I flicked the willow branch against her thigh. Lisa gasped. I flicked the
other thigh, a bit harder this time and I was a bit surprised to see a thin
red welt appear on her creamy white thigh. Using the pussy end, I
attempted to erase the redness, tracing along the mark with the soft gray
bud. Then I flicked the willow branch again, this time more on her inner
thigh. Flick, flick. First one side, then the other.


Lisa's cry turned into a moan and I again erased the red welts with the


I pushed the nighty up out of the way. With her arms tied, the best I could
do was gather the fabric up by her collarbone. This left her delicious
breasts bare. Lisa's breasts were round globes with small aureoles and
pencil eraser nipples. Her aureoles and nipples were a dark berry colour,
just ripe for tasting. I yearned to suckle them but that wasn't part of my
plan. Instead, I ran the willow branch up her body, twiggy end against her
skin. I twirled around her belly button and lazily drew squiggles and lines
along her tummy. Turning the branch around, I ran the pussies in strips
across her ribcage.

"You don't have a pussy willow, do you?"

"Is that your final answer? Keep in mind, if you are correct the guessing
game ends after all."

"Hmmm.... maybe you'd better tease me a bit more until I'm sure."

I teasingly stroked the branch along her sides, from hip to armpit and Lisa
writhed and squirmed.

"Oh my God! That tickles. I can't stand it!"

I gave an evil chuckle, my grin almost breaking my face. I tickled her sides
with the willow branch again just to watch her shudder and twitch. Her
breasts jiggled with her squirms. Her nipples, which always seemed to
capture my attention, were taut and plump. I couldn't ignore them any
longer. Leisurely, I stroked the branch towards her breasts, circling
around them in figure eights. Then, flipping to the pussy end of the pussy
willow branch, I flicked across one nipple with the soft end. Lisa moaned.
What a delightful contrasts the two 'nipples' made.

The soft fuzzy gray hardness of the pussy willow teasing Lisa's peaked
dark pink nipple. I flicked across the other nipple, causing Lisa to moan

"Feel good?"

I asked as I continued to tease her nipples with the soft pussy willow
nub, twirling it around each nipple in turn. With an elongated moan, Lisa

"Oh yeah! It's incredible! I don't understand. You're not even touching me.
Just that small touch and I'm falling apart! I've got goose bumps over my
whole body from one little touch!"

I flicked across one nipple, trailed through the valley of her breasts to flick
across the other.

"Please! No more! I can't stand it!"

Lisa begged, beginning to writhe against her tied hands and legs. I was
willing to oblige, mostly because my own arousal was becoming harder to
contain. My cock throbbed almost painfully and pre-cum oozed steadily
from the tip. Moving between Lisa's thighs, I could see her slit glistening
with her own liquid arousal. Looking at the pussy willow with its soft bits,
it seemed a shame to soak them with pussy juice. But then I thought that
one little branch could be sacrificed for the greater good. Besides, it would
become such a deliciously fragrant bit of flora with the tangy odour of
Lisa's creamy nectar.

I ran the end of the branch along her slit, just along the crack, wetting the
first pussy. Lisa moaned in response and gyrated her pelvis on the bed.
She turned her knees outward, opening her thighs even more, and giving
me greater access and a better view of her delectable snatch. Next, I
dragged the length of the branch through her slick lips and as each soft
gray knob passed through; the gray fuzz became soaked with her juices.
Having reached the bottom of her slit, I turned the branch around and
dragged it back up through the glistening lips of Lisa's sex. She shuddered
as each gray bud rubbed against her clit.

I enjoyed watching Lisa shudder almost as much as she was enjoying the
sensations being played upon her body by the object of nature. So, I ran
the pussy willow along her slit again. And again. Using my fingers, I held
open Lisa's labia so I could watch as the pussies rubbed over her clit. I
moved the willow branch over her sensitive female flesh with smooth,
swift strokes, ensuring her clit received all possible stimulation from the
bits dispersed along the wand.


Lisa had begun a steady moan and from her spasmodic quivers, I knew
she was very close to climax. I softly blew on her clit and her moan turned
into a squeal.

"Oh please, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah!"

Her words came in a breathless litany. I altered my movement of the
willow branch so that one fuzzy gray knob, all slick with her pussy juice,
flicked across her clit. Left to right, right to left. Flick, flick, and flick, and
with that steady sweet torture upon the center of her sensuality, she
began to come. Her pelvis arched up from the bed and all four limbs
strained at the scarves that tied them to the bed. Her head slammed back
into the pillows and I could see her cunt muscles begin to clench. I
slipped my middle finger deep into her depths, wanting to share in her
orgasm, wanting to feel her body suck and spasm on my finger.

Her panting litany turned into one long word. A four-letter word turned
into twenty.


With the middle finger of one hand still buried in her depths, I used the
other hand to circle the drenched gray nub of pussy willow around her clit.
The last tremors of orgasm shuddered within her and she exhaled slowly.
I couldn't wait any longer for my own release. I yearned to sink my cock
into her. Slipping my finger from her moistness, and tossing the pussy
willow aside, I moved to pull at the ties that held her bound to the bed.
First her ankles, then her wrists I untied; finally removing the dark scarf
from over her eyes.

Blinking at the sudden brightness of the room, she wrapped her arms and
legs around me and fastened her lips to mine. She was as eager as I was
for my cock to fill her. I slipped into her easily and we rutted like wild
beasts. My strokes were hard and fast and with each entry she grunted
against my mouth, our lips still frantically mating as well. With such an
animalistic force behind our fucking, I couldn't hold back more than a few


"I'm gonna come!"

I said with a grunt. And with another deep plunge into Lisa's body, my
cock shuddered and spurted. Feeling my climax rage within her, brought
Lisa to another orgasm and she wailed, her head back, her arms and legs
clutching me. I collapsed over her, spent, even as the tremors of orgasm
pulsed within her. Several moments later, when I was coherent enough to
realize I was crushing her, I rolled sideways to lie beside her.

"Remind me to enjoy nature with you more often."
©2006 by Ian
All Rights Reserved
Pussy Willow...