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Rainy Thursdays
by Catherine Anne Hayes©

It's a rain soaked Thursday night in a strange city. He is here on a
business trip. A day filled with business meetings, conferences,
meeting new clients has left him tired...tense. Back in his hotel room
he moves the curtains to look out on the wet streets...reflecting like
black mirrors. Everything is dark...lonely...just the mood he is in.
Out of the corner of his eye he glimpses the blue lights of a neon
sign. He looks and sees that it is a small club...really a bar. For
a moment he stares at it then making up his mind he grabs his jacket
and heads out the door. The elevator door opens as if it's waiting for
him. Out into the street the rain touches his face and he lifts it
to the coolness to enjoy. He crosses the street following the path
the blue light makes. He hears the lilting sounds of soft jazz coming
through the doors. He goes in. For a moment he looks around the
dimness of the room only broken by the candlelight on each table and
the lights from the tiny stage. Then he sees her...the woman he met 10
years ago and let get away.

She has occasionally haunted his dreams...his body responds in
remembrance. That tell tale tighteningin his gut. Her remembered taste on
his lips causing him to lick them. He then catches a whiff of perfume...her
perfume. He moves tothe bar and orders a drink. He lifts it slowly to his
lips...the fiery liquid warming his mouth and throat as he intently watches
her...taking every detail in. She is wearing a low cut black velvet
close fitting dress with a split up her shapely left leg. She has on
black silk stockings held up by a black lace garter belt...when she
moves he sees the top of her stockings. In her hair tucked behind
her left ear is a lush orchid. She has on diamond earrings that just
reach her shoulders and a long white gold chain that supports a diamond
that constantly falls between her breasts. He feels a shot of envy of
that diamond. He wants to be nestled there. Luscious...full red
lips... red nails. As she sings "Angel Eyes" with her combo she
notices him and smiles. It's as if she knew he was coming and has been
expecting him.

They lock eyes and she sings the song to him.
Electricity fills the air. She slowly walks over to him sitting at
the bar and as she draws near her scent fills him...surrounds him...
enveloping him in her cocoon so he can't move. Their eyes never

By the time she gets to him she finishes her song. Then she
leans in close to him...he feels her breath on the side of his face as
she places the mike on the bar behind him... then she puts her hand on
his shoulder and her lips start kissing and nipping his neck. He
leans into her and puts one arm around her waist and he slips his other
hand inside the low-cut vee of her dress and slowly fondles her full
left breast. He feels her nipple rise in his palm and he squeezes her
breast in response. She moans and then looks at him. Fire in her
eyes. Then she slowly leans in to kiss him and he opens his mouth to
receive her tongue in his mouth. Tongues dart in and out, back and
forth and start tangling as the kiss deepens, lips locked.

She melts into him...he holds her tighter. Bodies pressed together as they
deeply kiss and fondle...she is heady with the feel of him against her.
He breaks the kiss and starts to bite her on the neck...her knees
begin to buckle...she feels him irresistibly hardening, his firmness
imposing it's will against her thigh and her core shivers with ecstasy
and responds with a flow of moisture. Intoxicated with desire now,
she wants him to take her right there in front of everyone in the piano
bar...the jazz combo plays in time to the rhythm of their bodies.
She reluctantly pulls away from him only to take his hand and leads
him to the back where her dressing room is...they recede into its inky
solitary darkness only broken by candles she left burning. He closes
the door and with a smile at her locks the door. They are now each
others willing prisoner. He immediately grabs her to him...her hands
find his pants and she unzips him and pulls them down to reveal his
sweet throbbing member. In ten years it has not changed and he
realizes that he has been holding himself back waiting to give it
all...give all of himself to her. He trembles as she kisses its shiny
tip lightly and then looks at his eyes and smiles then in one swift
movement she takes him fully into her hungry mouth.

He uncontrollablygasps at the slick wet intense sensation...nothing has ever
felt asgood to him as her mouth sucking his rock hard tool
vigorusly...swallowed to the hilt......he puts his hands in her hair
and pulls out the orchid and tosses it much as he likes
her sucking it is not enough for him so he pulls her off his shaft and
quickly gives her the most intense deep kiss she's ever had...her
tongue tries to retreat but his chases hers down and grips it with his
own and the passion of it almost makes her faint with joy...then he
starts to rip the velvet dress from her body.

She is left standing there in her black lace garters and silk stockings. He
sees she does not have panties on. He sees the moisture flowing from her
core...revealing her aching need to have him nestled deep inside her.
He pushs her to the couch and in one hard swift stroke he enters her
portal and thrusts quickly and deeply....he is so far in her she moans
loudly... delirious with desire and his filling her up so fully...she
feels his shaft flush against her...touching her magic places in just
the perfect way to make her explode with pleasure again and again... no
man ever felt so good in her. As he thrusts into her wildly... she
rips his shirt off his chest and then starts sucking his nipples.
This drives him to a greater incandescent frenzy and makes him ride her
harder, taking her to realms of pleasure never thought possible. He
has never felt such intensity...such passion with a woman. His need
for her so great he pounds into her with a power he never knew he had.
In response her cave walls stretch and mold themselves around him
more...pulling him even farther in. Her nectar soaking him. He so
willingly loses himself in her that he does not know where he begins
and she ends. He then lusts for her breasts so he breaks the hooks
and pulls her bra off and then starts to squeeze and knead her breasts
so hard that it almost hurts but she moans in ecstacy at his
wildness...he then starts to suck and pull on her nipples as he
continues plunging into her. She moves her hips in time to his
frenetic rythm.

They are like two wild animals...and they both move to
a joint climax. She cries out at this and he buries his face in her
breasts and moans his release. He can not hold it back anymore and
ten years of pent up lust explodes out of him. They are 2 spent
humans gone wild. She looks at him and gives him a smile like a
sated cheshire cat and he gives her a very devilish grin...for a few
moments they lay there in contented silence. Slowly they get up and
dress. She gets another dress from the closet and puts it on. He
zips up the back for her as if he had done it many times before. She
turns and helps him straighten his tie over his torn shirt. She
glances up at him and they both laugh and smile. Then a moment of
silence looking at each other. He takes her in his arms and hold her
close. Her arms go around his neck. Their lips meet in the
tenderest and sweetest of kisses. They reluctantly break apart. He
unlocks and opens the dressing room door and she walks out. He
follows her. As she goes back on stage he continues to the entrance
of the bar. Before he walks out he turns to look at her. She looks
at him and starts to sing...slowly, sultry, vibrantly. His fingers go
to his lips and he blows a kiss. She raises her fingers to catch that
kiss and touchs her lips. He turns and walks out into the now misty
night. The muffled strains of her music drifting on the air.
Catherine is an actress/singer who this past year developed a passion for erotic
writing and has discovered a whole new world because of it.    She is
always on the search for inspiration.    She also write erotic prose and
is developing a performance piece for the stage of  erotic prose.

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