Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Group

by Vagabond

If genesis occurred more than 25 years ago, before I even knew my wife, Louise and I would lay dormant until
a few months ago.

We get together every Friday evening with Roy and Jill, our friends of more than 15 years, alternately hosting
dinner followed by a movie. On this particular occasion Roy had something to show us before the main
feature. He explained it was a homemade video shot in a hotel room by a husband filming his wife with two
black guys. The video lasted about forty-five minutes and depicted a submissive wife being dominated and
used by the men while her husband offered advice and instructions. Roy and I made various lewd comments
throughout and Jill laughed along and made a few comments of her own. Louise, however, remained quiet
and only laughed half-heartedly and appeared uncomfortable. She remained subdued for the rest of the
evening and on the drive home she asked what I thought of the video. I admitted it made me horny especially
because the woman appeared to be enjoying what was being done to her.

"Yes, she was enjoying it, she was enjoying it very much" my wife answered absentmindedly, as if lost in
private thoughts, then added, "could you do something like that?"

"What do you mean, the dominating or the filming? I replied.

"Oh, either I suppose."

"Domination's not really my thing but I could see myself doing the filming, or just watching...I think I would like
that, watching you get boned by different men."

"Do you mean that, do you fantasize about that?"

"I think most men fantasize about their wife in erotic situations with others and I'm no exception, but yes, I do
get horny when I imagine you with a stranger. Why, do you want to be the woman in the video?"

"Don't be silly," she laughed; unconvincingly I thought and wondered what was really going on in her mind.

That night Louise was far more into sex than usual and I got the distinct impression it was due to the video. On
reflection, I was rougher with her than normal having that video still in mind and believed she was affected by
it more than she was letting on. Our sex life had always been reasonably satisfying, if ordinary, but that night
and during the following weeks, my wife seemed different somehow.

Louise is two years younger than me and at 46, retains the fine figure of a thirty year old. Her breasts are
large and firm with big nipples and her hour-glass figure is the kind men stare at. She has a lovely behind
which is complemented by shapely legs. A small patch of blond pubic hair sits atop her pussy that has large
labia making a very sexy cameltoe. Her shoulder-length, natural blond hair is set off by striking green eyes
and unblemished skin.

Several weeks passed and during a Friday night dinner at our house, Jill asked Louise if she'd watched the
video yet. Louise replied she had and would return it later that evening. Before I could ask what movie they
were talking about, Roy started another conversation and I never got back to it. Later, as our friends were
leaving, Louise handed Jill a DVD and it jogged my memory to their earlier conversation.

"What was that DVD?" I asked as we made our way upstairs to bed.

"Oh, it was that homemade porno we watched a few weeks ago. I wanted to watch it again."

"I wondered why you've been so horny recently; it's that woman with those black guys isn't it?"

We stopped on the stairs and she stared at me in silence for several seconds before answering, "Yes it is,"
she replied, "and I've made a copy."

"What is it about that DVD that makes you so horny?"

She smiled reflectively and said, "I'll tell in bed, let's go and watch it."

Since watching that video she had certainly been behaving differently and on the stairs that night I felt she
had come to a decision and I was about to hear it.

I put the DVD in the machine and snuggled down next to her. She grabbed my cock immediately and as soon
as it was hard, she climbed on top of me facing the TV. My cock sank into a very wet and aroused pussy and
as the black men had their way with the white wife, she bounced to a rapid and noisy climax. She jerked me to
completion and my sperm splashed all over her face, imitating a scene in the video.

"Well now, are you going to tell me why that video makes you so horny, is it the black guys?" I asked as we lay
together in the afterglow of sex.

"Partly, yes, I've fantasized about being with black men. When I was in university one of the girls I shared an
apartment with brought home a few porno tapes on 8mm film. She projected them onto the wall of her
bedroom, it was the first time I had ever seen anything like that and they made me very horny. One film
showed a white woman with three black men dominating her sexually and it made me the horniest of all. I had
erotic dreams about those men with huge dicks and would wake up and masturbate....I still do." Her hand
brushed against my cock and found I was beginning to harden again. "Am I making you horny with my
confessions?" she whispered and began to fondle me.

"Thoughts of watching you with other men are certainly arousing and something I've fantasized about but am I
reading between the lines that you would like to make it a reality?"

There was a tense pause before she announced, "To be honest I would have to say....yes! I enjoy sex with
you very much, especially when you take total control, but I know it's not your nature to be dominant in the
way that I want to be sexually dominated occasionally."

During the next couple of weeks we discussed the matter at great length and not only did I come to realize that
Louise was very serious about being in a submissive situation with black men but I warmed to the reality of
watching her. I suggested we post on a couple of adult web sites and see what happened. Louise was okay
with that but wanted me to select the men. She didn't want to know anything about them but did make two
stipulations; they must be black and very well endowed.

I received a lot of replies and eventually whittled it down to two guys I thought would be suitable. They were
friends who had done this kind of thing before as a team. They lived about 110kms away and I made plans to
meet with them on a Saturday afternoon in a restaurant in the city where they lived. I met with Cal and TJ as
arranged and was pleased with my choice. They were both well educated, polite and assured me that they
could give Louise what she was looking for. Cal was a big man in his early 40's, 6' 3", about 290 whose
massive presence was certainly dominating and I thought of what he might do to Louise and felt my cock
twitch. TJ was younger, mid 30's, 6', with a slim, strong build. Cal handed me an envelope as we left the
restaurant that I opened when I got into my car. Inside were several nude photos of them and they certainly
filled the bill as far as Louise's request for healthy endowment was concerned. Cal had what I estimated to be
at least 10" of thick meat while TJ looked even bigger, his slim frame making his hard dick appear enormous.
My cock was rock hard as I stared at these monster erections and wild thoughts ran through my mind.

Louise was anxious to hear about my visit but did not want to look at the photos. I said I believed they were
what she was craving and did she want me to pursue it. Her answer was a definite yes so I reserved a suite at
hotel for the following Saturday night in the city where I had met Cal and TJ. Next I called Cal and confirmed
the it was all set.

On Monday Louise spent the morning at a sex shop acquiring items she said would be needed. Her shopping
bag contained; a vibrator, a big black dildo, lubrication, a blindfold, ball gag, wrist and ankle cuffs, a paddle
and a collar and leash.

We arrived at the hotel just after 4:30 to prepare for the arrival of Cal and TJ at 7:00. We ate in the hotel
restaurant, returning to our suite about 6:30. Louise was both nervous and very horny as she fussed with her
make-up and the black stockings, garter belt, half-cup bra and high heels I had chosen for her to wear. She
wore no panties, she wanted her pussy and ass to be readily available and the half-cup bra left her breasts
exposed. The sex aids she had purchased were laid out on the coffee table. Louise wanted to begin the
evening in a certain way and I had relayed this to Cal during the week. The men were to arrive and sit in
chairs a few feet away from the sofa. Louise would be sitting back on the sofa wearing a blindfold with her legs
spread wide. I would fuck her while Cal and TJ looked on in silence. Louise wanted my sperm inside her first
believing it would heighten the arousal of the black men and give them added reason to treat her as a horny
slut wife who should be used in any way they wanted.

At 6:52 my cell rang and Cal's voice told me they had just entered the lobby of the hotel. I gave him the room
number then put the blindfold on Louise and positioned her just right on the sofa. She looked fantastic and I
couldn't resist kneeling and eating her already sopping wet pussy. There was a knock on the door and I
quickly fingered her and spread her large labia lips apart before going over to answer it. As arranged, they
said nothing, sat in the armchairs and ogled Louise approvingly as she teased her clit. I saw substantial
bulges in their crotches as I stripped off and sank my cock unceremoniously into my wife and fucked her hard,
much harder and rougher than ever before. She was so horny she had a powerful orgasm very quickly and I
was so aroused that it wasn't too long before I ejaculated. I withdrew and my wife immediately began to rub her
clit violently and another orgasm flooded through her. Cal and TJ came over, TJ attached the collar and leash
then both men took Louise by the arms and led her into the bedroom. My wife was now theirs for the rest of
the evening, to do with as they wished. They were giving her instructions on how she was to behave, nothing
less than complete submission to their desires would be acceptable and failure to comply would lead to swift
punishment. I sat naked in a chair and watched my wife's lovely ass sway on top of those gorgeous legs as
she disappeared into the other room. I realized then how much I wanted to see her being used by these
strangers; I wanted to watch as they fucked her pussy, ass and mouth with their big cocks. I wanted to hear
her beg for black dick and scream with pleasure as she received their seed. My dick hardened at these
thoughts and I knew I would have to fuck her again after Cal and TJ had finished with her.

The bedroom door opened and I saw that the blindfold had been removed. Louise was on all fours between
Cal and TJ; this was to be the way she would move about at all times, unless told different. As they made their
way slowly towards the coffee table Louise's left arm accidentally strayed out and almost tripped TJ.

"Stop!" he commanded, "never get in my way, slut."

"Sorry, Sir," she replied meekly.

TJ put one hand in the small of her back then gave her three sharp spanks on each ass cheek. After each
spank my wife was obliged to say, "Thank you, Sir."

They resumed their journey to the coffee table and Louise climbed onto it, still on all fours, the various sex
toys scattered around her.

Cal now spoke, "Turn and look at your husband. Tell him what you are and why we are here."

Louise turned her head and I could see she was totally into this. "I am your horny slut wife and I want to be
used by these men. I want to be fucked by their big, black cocks. They can fuck me anyway they want, for as
long as they want. I am a black-cock-loving, white slut whore." Her eyes were glazed with passion and she
stared at me stroking my erection.

Cal spoke again, "First we need to inspect this bitch to see if she's good enough for black dick." He spread
her ass cheeks with both hands, "Let's see here, she has a mighty fine ass for a white whore and those cunt
lips sure are big. I hope her pussy is tight though, I like my white pussy tight." He pushed two fat fingers into
her and moved them around. "Oh, yeah, this pussy is tight and wet; I'll enjoy stretching this. Do you want this
pussy stretched by a big black dick?"

"Yes Sir, oh yes please, fuck my pussy hard, stretch it and make it fit your huge cock."

"I will, slut, I will, but don't be impatient, you'll get plenty of black dick." He removed his fingers and smacked
her ass several times as he told her, "This is my pussy from now on, do you hear me? Whose pussy is it?"

"It's yours Sir, it's yours."

"Damn right," and he rammed his fingers in again.

TJ mauled her tits and pulled and twisted her nipples until they looked like bullets. "My cock will look good
sliding between these and down her throat," he said to Cal.

Cal withdrew his fingers and looked at them. "What's this on my fingers?" he bellowed, holding them in front of
Louise's face.
My husband's cum, Sir."

"Ask your husband what you should do about that."

'Yes, Sir," she replied and turned to me.

"Lick his fingers clean you fucking slut," I told her, surprised at my language but thrilled by how horny it made
me feel.

Cal's fingers entered her mouth and she licked and sucked every bit of cum from them. He then stuck them
back into her slit and the process was repeated several times. "I think we need to go deeper," Cal said and
picked up the long dildo from the coffee table. He worked it in deep then put in her mouth to clean. When he
was satisfied that my entire load was down Louise's throat he plunged the dildo into her pussy and left it there.
His attention now turned to her ass. He spread her cheeks and asked TJ to join him. As Cal exposed her
asshole, TJ lubricated up a couple of fingers and teased them around her anus before pushing them in.

"This is really tight, you are going to love our cocks in here," TJ said as he pumped his fingers in and out until
Cal took over. His much larger fingers explored while TJ kept her cheeks spread. With his free hand Cal
began pumping the dildo in and out then picked up a vibrator and pushed it into her ass. TJ took over the
operation of the dildo and vibrator as Cal concentrated on Louise's tits. It wasn't long before Louise
shuddered to another climax.

TJ removed the toys and told her to go to the centre of the room. She passed my chair on hands and knees
and I focused my gaze on her lovely ass and watched her swollen pussy lips wiggle enticingly each time she
moved forward. The two men stood in front of her and TJ ordered her to remove their clothing. She took off
each man's shirt, folded and placed them on either side of her as instructed. Their slacks were next and her
fingers nervously undid each belt in turn, then the zippers. The slacks fell to the floor and were neatly folded
and placed with the shirts. Their erections could be seen bulging beneath their shorts. Louise was eager to
expose their cocks but was told to remove their shoes and socks next. They stood in just their shorts and
Louise's eyes flicked back and forth at each bulge but they made her wait.

"Alright, you may remove the shorts," Cal said.

Louise exposed Cal's huge erection first then TJ's massive cock sprang into view as she pulled his shorts
down. She grabbed both cocks but was ordered to stop immediately.

"Never touch our cocks without getting permission, get back on the coffee table," Cal demanded.

"Yes, Sir," came the reply and she went on all fours and took up her position as ordered.

The men stood either side of her; the dildo found her pussy and the vibrator returned to her asshole. Cal then
picked up the paddle that Louise had purchased and gave one of her ass cheeks five good whacks then
handed it over to TJ who repeated the punishment on his side. My wife cried out with a mixture of pleasure
and pain and said. "Thank you, Sir," after each smack. Her beautiful bum was beginning to show a rosy tinge
and as I lay back in my chair and fondled my cock. Throughout this time Cal and TJ had maintained incredibly
hard erections. Their cocks stuck straight out, and their heavy balls swayed back and forth as they moved
about. I stared at the scene before me and imagined those thick black cocks invading my wife's holes that had
been just mine for so many years. I wanted to see her suck them and take their balls in her mouth and I
wanted to see her pussy stretched and pounded. My erotic thoughts came thick and fast and I had to stop
stroking my cock since I wasn't far from shooting my load again.

The toys were removed and she was ordered to kneel in the centre of the room. The men stood naked in front
of her, their dicks twitching mere inches from her face. TJ instructed her to tell me what she wanted and she
turned her head towards me and said, "I want their cocks so bad, please ask them to allow me to touch

"It's not my call, perhaps they will allow you to fondle just the heads of their dicks and if that pleases them
maybe they will permit you to do more,"

She turned her head and looked up past the two massive erections. "May I please play with the heads of your
beautiful cocks, Sirs?"

"Just the knobs but if your hands stray it's back to the coffee table, slut," Cal said forcefully.

I got out of my armchair and brought the hardback chair from the desk close to my wife, I wanted to see her
close up with the cocks.

Louise sighed when her hands touched both knobs and she played gently with them, being careful to do as
she was told. She toyed with the big cock heads for several minutes until a bead of clear pre-cum appeared
on the tip of Cal's cock.

"Lick that off, bitch," he said and she gently tongued it off. His dick hardened more and he turned to TJ, "It's
time to see if this white slut wife can handle a big, black piece of meat."

TJ knelt behind Louise and grabbed her tits, squeezing and pulling her nipples roughly, his big, hard cock
resting on her back.

Louise was still licking the head of Cal's dick when he told her to start jerking him. She took hold of it and
masturbated him and it grew in hardness and girth. He suddenly took hold of the back of her head with both
hands and pulled her onto his erection. She gagged and choked but he kept driving it down her throat, ever
deeper. Spit and saliva ran off his cock and from the corners of her mouth as he force-fed his huge dick. Her
hands caressed his big belly and hefty thighs then grabbed his ass and held on. He lifted his dick and she
mouthed his balls, first one and then the other and then took both into her mouth.

"This slut is not bad, TJ, here you try," Cal announced with satisfaction.

They changed positions and soon my wife was gagging on TJ's huge black dick. Cal got up and stood beside
TJ and now Louise had two cocks to satisfy. They held her head and rammed into her mouth, she struggled
for breath but there was no relief. They fucked her mouth for ten long minutes and when they were done she
was exhausted but they gave her no rest. TJ pushed her over onto her back and she lay on the carpet
gasping. Cal spread her legs and fingered her pussy, making wet, slapping noises before eating her to
another orgasm. TJ then took his turn and my wife shuddered with pleasure yet again but this time, when TJ
moved away, she squirted all over the carpet. I had never known her do this before and proved that this kind
of sex was bringing her untold pleasures.

"On your hands and knees," TJ said and Louise obeyed. "We'll be going in the bedroom soon but before we

TJ knelt in front of Louise and pushed his dick into her mouth while Cal gathered the dildo and vibrator and
inserted them into their usual places. I watched my wife gorge on black dick, longing to fuck her again myself.
Cal removed the dildo and rubbed his cock back and forth along Louise's distended labia and onto her clit.
This is it, I thought, my wife's pussy is about to receive its first black dick. Cal slid in a bit at a time and Louise
moaned. I moved for a better view and watched as this thick black dick disappeared into my wife's pussy,
spreading the lips apart as it went. The vibrator was still buried in her ass and Cal turned it on. He grabbed
her by the hair and pulled her head back. She was like a piece of meat on a spit and she was thoroughly
enjoying being the meat. Her orgasm was strong and loud and I was amazed to see her squirt again. It
sprayed out around Cal's shaft like a leaky valve and when he pulled out it gushed onto the carpet.
The dildo was buried once again in her pussy and the three of us looked down at my horny wife.

"Now go to the bedroom and wait for us there," Cal ordered, "and don't lose those toys on the way."

She made her way cautiously on all fours to bedroom. I followed Cal and TJ and sat in a chair at the foot of
the king-size bed. Louise waited with the vibrator in her asshole buzzing away and the dildo buried deep in her
pussy. TJ pumped the vibrator and dildo in and out then removed them. Cal ordered her to stand and the men
stood on either side of her facing me. On Cal's instruction she began to masturbate them and they mauled
her tits.

"Ask your husband to come and feel your pussy," TJ said.

'Yes, Sir," she replied. "Please come and feel my pussy, stick your fingers in and rub my horny clit."

I stood in front of my wife and thought how small her hands looked jerking those massive black shafts. My
fingers explored the outside of her pussy and rubbed her erect clitoris before four fingers probed her wet
vagina. She began to pant as my hand worked furiously then released a flood of juice onto my fingers. I sat
back down as she continued to jerk the cocks.

"I'm ready," TJ said and sat on the edge of the bed.

Cal bent my wife over forcing her mouth onto TJ's dick. He fondled her body; finally concentrating on her ass
which he spanked a few times then took hold of his prick and directed it into her pussy. He used the full force
of his weight to slam into her and at the other end her throat was filled with TJ's cock. Cal's rod made loud wet
noises as she creamed over and over. Cal withdrew and TJ manhandled Louise onto her back on the bed,
lifted her legs and sank deep into her gaping, wet vagina. I knelt at the foot of the bed and watched him move
slowly in and out, love juice covering his cock and gathering at its base where it met his balls, it also trickled
down onto Louise's anus and would soon help to lubricate that hole. TJ lay on his back and my wife climbed
on top. She took hold of his cock and guided him in. His thick shaft pulled and pushed on her labia and cream
ran down his cock and onto his nuts. Cal climbed on the bed and lubricated his dick then Louise's anus. He
rubbed his knob against her asshole then pushed it in. My wife cried out but Cal was already well inside and a
rhythmic fucking of her pussy and ass began. She squealed, gasped and screamed as one orgasm followed
another and the two black dicks pummelled her holes.

"Let's give this bitch some time to think about how lucky she is to be on the receiving end of prime black dick,"
TJ said as he made his way to the coffee table and collected the ball gag and cuffs. Cal sat on the side of the
bed and fingered Louise as TJ secured the gag over her mouth. The cuffs were placed on her wrists and
ankles then the wrist cuffs were fastened to the ankle cuffs. She was well restrained, her head resting on the
bed, her ass high in the air.

"Good," TJ said as he looked at her all trussed up like a Christmas turkey. He inserted the vibrator in her ass
and turned it on then shoved the dildo in her pussy. "Let her think about more cock for a while." We closed
the bedroom door, got dressed and went downstairs to the hotel bar.

"I never imagined my wife could be like this," I said as we sat in a booth with our drinks.

"I've seen it before," Cal replied, "pull the right triggers and they become insatiable, multi-orgasmic. Black
guys and domination obvious do it for your wife. She's still a long way from being satisfied, when we are done
she'll still want more, we need help."

"Not much I can do about that now, next time I'll try to get more guys," I said.

"I could call a couple of guys I know. They've done this with us before. If they are available they could be here
in half an hour."

'Go for it," I said without hesitation. I had an uncontrollable urge to see Louise fucked by more strangers.

Cal made the call and Vance and Ray arrived forty minutes later. Vance was young, not more than 25,
average build and about 6 feet. Ray was a little shorter, slim and much older, perhaps 60-63 with gray hair
invading the jet black around his temples. Introductions over, we made our way to the elevator. How to begin
phase two was discussed on the way up to the suite and I couldn't wait to get it started.

I opened the bedroom door and looked at Louise. The vibrator still buzzed in her ass and the dildo remained
deep in her pussy. Her legs and the bed sheet were wet from orgasms she had experienced while we were
away. I grabbed a towel and dried her off then worked the dildo in and out and after only a few thrusts she
climaxed. I removed the rubber dick and watched her squirt. Amazing, I thought and pushed my fingers into
her wetness.

The men should have had enough time to undress so I removed the vibrator, dildo and ball gag, unfastened
her wrists from the ankle cuffs then put the blindfold on again. I attached the leash to the collar and ordered
her to, "Come," and led her into the room on all fours where the men were sitting on the chairs and sofa. I
paraded her around for them. Vance and Ray were very well hung and uncut. Vance's erection was long and
slender and showed the rock-hardness of youth but it was Ray who gained my attention. His dick was truly
mammoth, at least a foot long, very thick with a huge head. His hand barely fit around it as he stroked back
the foreskin and exposed the massive knob and I wanted to see it ramming into Louise, stretching her pussy
and hearing her beg for more.

"Excuse me, Sirs, I have to pee," Louise said meekly.

"TJ and I will take you," Cal replied and they led her to the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom with them while Vance and Ray remained, we didn't want Louise to know they were
present yet. Louise sat on the toilet and TJ shoved his dick into her mouth. Cal rubbed her clitoris while she
peed and when she had finished another climax overtook her. She was allowed to clean herself and then was
led on all fours back into the room. Cal guided her onto the coffee table, her ass facing towards Vance and
Ray. He spread her cheeks and pussy lips, displaying her to them, showing them where their dicks would soon
be. Cal rubbed his cock along her pussy before her pushed into her, his big hands grabbed her ass and
pulled her back onto him as his belly bounced on top of her. After a couple of minutes TJ took over, then
Vance's dick enjoyed my wife's slit. Ray then stepped up and nuzzled his huge knob on her pussy lips then
slowly slid into her.

"Oh my god, oh my god, what's happening?" Louise panted.

"Be quiet slut," Cal snapped and gave her ass a few slaps.

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir," the reply came between gasps.

Ray fucked her with long, slow thrusts and I watched his thick dick pulling my wife's pussy lips outward as he
withdrew almost all the way before sliding back in again. She was very wet and Ray's massive shaft glistened.

After each man had sampled my wife's pussy they sat in a line on the sofa. I led Louise over to them where
she waited while I retrieved the dildo and sank it deep inside her wet slit. Sitting on the sofa from left to right
were Cal, Vance, TJ and Ray. I directed Louise towards Cal and, on a crazy impulse I still don't understand, I
took hold of his dick and began jerking him off.

"Wow, this is some kinky shit," Cal exclaimed but did nothing to stop me and the other three men looked on
and smiled.

I had never touched another man's penis before but had to admit it was exciting to feel his huge, hard cock
between my fingers. With my other hand on the back of Louise's head I pushed her down onto his erection
and continue jerking as I watched. I couldn't help but wonder what Louise was feeling as she sucked and
licked Cal and plucked up the courage to find out. I moved in close and ran my tongue up and down the side
of his shaft as my wife mouthed his knob. It felt natural to go further and I moved Cal's cock toward me and put
the head in my mouth. Louise sensed what was happening and licked along the shaft as I had done before. I
was soon gagging on black dick as I learned how to take more into my mouth. Louise and I alternated sucking
then licking before moving on to Vance, TJ and finally, Ray. I found it thrilling to gorge on the massive dicks
that tasted of Louise and learned much from watching her, in a short space of time I had become a

It was time to remove the blindfold and leash; I positioned my wife in front of the men at the centre of the sofa.
She stared at the four big, twitching, black cocks in front of her. Her eyes glanced briefly up at the faces of
Vance and Ray then went back to their dicks. Ray's huge cock interested her most and her right hand moved
towards it and she touched it for a brief moment then jerked it back quickly as she remembered the
consequences of misbehaviour.

TJ saw it and ordered her onto the coffee table. She moved carefully so as not to disturb the dildo and
awaited her punishment.

"What do we do with slut wives who misbehave?" TJ asked.

"We punish them, Sir," she replied"

"Yes, we punish them. Come here Ray and feed her some dick while I teach this slut some manners."

Ray walked to the coffee table and rammed his dick into Louise's mouth and fucked it as if it were a pussy. TJ
removed the dildo and spread her legs apart. He unclipped the leash and landed several whacks on her anus
and pussy with it. The dildo was rammed in again and pumped steadily followed by more punishment with the
leash. Ray continued to fuck her throat until she climaxed, squirting onto the coffee table and carpet. TJ
inserted the dildo and ordered her back over in front of the sofa.

"Please may I play with your cocks, Sirs?" she pleaded.

TJ who gave permission and the men stood around her. She was told to remove the dildo and kneel. TJ and
Vance shared her mouth while she jerked Cal and Ray. She moved to Ray and opened wide to accommodate
him; her cheeks bulged as his dick probed her. Cal and TJ rubbed their cocks over her ears, neck and hair
while Vance knelt and fondled her tits and pussy.

Cal hauled her to her feet and the men crowded around her. Hands fondled her, fingers probed her pussy,
tongues forced their way into her mouth and she jerked cocks with both hands. Cal and TJ picked her up and
spread her legs wide apart. Ray stepped forward holding his huge erection and nudged it against my wife's
pussy lips. She looked down and watched as his massive dick pushed inside her and she screamed, "Oh yes,
fuck me with that thing, fuck, fuck me." He gave her about six inches then pulled out. I saw her wide open, wet
cunt before he invaded her again and after a few more thrusts most of his cock disappeared. Vance teased
her clit as Ray picked up the pace and soon he was pumping like a madman. Louise moaned unintelligibly and
yelled as orgasms overwhelmed her. Ray groaned as his load shot deep inside her and when he removed his
engorged shaft a stream of cum and pussy juice hit the floor. He was still relatively hard and when he looked
at Louise's spread-wide hole he re-entered her and carried on for several more minutes until my wife climaxed

"I have to fuck her now and I'd like to play with cock at the same time," I said excitedly. Watching Ray huge
dick fuck my wife had made me incredibly horny.

Louise got down on the floor and I entered her doggy style. TJ straddled her facing me while Cal and Vance
stood on either side. As I began to fuck my wife TJ directed his dick into my mouth and I took hold of the cocks
on either side of me. Ray lay in front of Louise and she played with his softening mass of meat. I was so horny
it didn't last as long as I would have liked. Knowing I was fucking my wife just after another man had cum inside
her and having a big dick in my mouth and one in each hand was so erotic for me that I shot my wad in less
than five minutes.

I sank into an armchair and felt more than a little confused. So much had happened in a short time it was hard
to make sense of it all. I enjoyed seeing my wife dominated and fucked by strangers and realized by the
number and power of her orgasms that she was reaching new heights of sexual pleasure. I had sucked and
played with four cocks and found it very sexually stimulating. My mind knew there was no turning back, our sex
life would never be the same again. I wanted to experience these feelings again and explore new sexual
avenues with my wife. I had a strong desire to be submissive, not dominated exactly but directed by a forceful,
sexually confident woman. The idea of being told what to do by a woman held a fascination for me that I
wanted to realize. There was another thing I was still trying to come to terms with in my own mind and that was
since sucking dick I wanted to feel a load of cum squirt down my throat and splash onto my face.

Vance shoved the dildo in Louise's gaping pussy and instructed her to go into the bedroom and lay on the
bed. As she made her way across the carpet, he pumped the rubber cock until she reached the bedroom
door. She climbed onto the king-size bed, lay onto her back and worked the dildo herself. We gathered
around the bed and watched her climax then Cal said, "Whose first?"

"I'll go," said Vance and he got between Louise's legs, removed the dildo and replaced it with his long, hard
dick. He pushed her legs way back and pounded into her for a long time and came with his cock buried to the
hilt. He moved away and we saw his cum trickle out of my horny wife's vagina. TJ was next and he left a load of
cum on top of Vance's. Cal immediately took his place, his large body smothering Louise. Kneeling at the end
of the bed, I saw his big cock slide slowly down until only his heavy, loose balls were visible, resting on her
ass. He used his considerable weight to squash her down into the bed and judging by her moans she loved
the sense of complete domination this provided and quickly climaxed. He forced her legs back as far as he
could and began slamming into her. Louise was beside herself, each time she was hammered into the bed
she cried, "Oh god yes, fuck me, arrgh!" He was relentless and when he finally ejaculated both he and my wife
were gasping for air. The bed sheets were soaked with her orgasms and sperm and she laid with her legs
spread wide, her labia swollen and vulva open and cum-covered. Ray was staring at her while he stroked his
hardening cock. He climbed on the bed and placed his knob on Louise's pussy and she panted, "Oh yes, stick
it in me." He didn't cum but he certainly brought Louise to several noisy orgasms before he rolled off her.

TJ picked up the dildo and slid it into Louise. "Go into the bathroom," and we all watched as she obeyed.

The evening was drawing to a close but Louise was not quite finished serving these men. Before each one
showered she had to suck their cocks clean and when they came out she towelled them dry. All the time,
whether she was standing or kneeling, someone was fucking her with the dildo and her tits and nipples were
being mauled.

When all four we clean and dry Cal ordered her back to the bedroom, instructing her to stay on all fours,
spread her legs and stick her ass high in the air. The men dressed and we all went into the bedroom.

Cal jammed three fingers into her willing pussy and gave her two spanks on each ass cheek, TJ, Vance and
Ray did likewise. She was then ordered to lie on her back on the carpet in the centre of the main room and
use the dildo on herself. As the men left Louise moaned to her self-inflicted pleasure and I'm not sure if she
knew they were going. I closed the door and had just turned when there was a knock. TJ was standing there
and said his cell phone must have fallen out of his pocket. I held the door open while he retrieved it from a
chair. Louise seemed oblivious to what was happening as the dildo kept working its magic.
"TJ," I questioned as he reached the door, "do you know a woman who might enjoy being forceful? Not
domination or serious pain, just directing the activity and taking control. Do you know what I mean?"

"You would like to take a more submissive sexual role?"

"Yes, I would like to try that."

"I have a woman in mind that could do just that."

"Great, how difficult would something like that be to arrange?"

"Not difficult at all, the woman is my wife. We could come by tomorrow if you want."

"I want!"

"Okay, here's my cell number, call me tomorrow if your wife is okay with it, she still seems to be preoccupied."
TJ made for the elevator and I closed the door.

I knelt beside my wife and kissed and fondled her until she wet the carpet again. I told her about my chat with
TJ and she was very enthusiastic. Both of us being submissive would be a huge turn-on she said and sucking
the same dicks earlier had been very exciting. I called down to the hotel reception and there was no problem
booking the same suite for an extra day. We showered and went to bed at 4:30, exhausted but very satisfied
and excited.

I called TJ on Saturday morning, he and his wife, Nina, would arrive at 7:30. I was to leave one of the room's
two access cards at the desk in an envelope addressed to Theodore Johnson. He asked to speak with Louise
and I passed the phone to her. "Yes Sir.....yes....I understand Sir. I will do as you say, thank you Sir." She
hung up and said, "He gave me instructions for tonight that I'm not to tell you about, so don't ask."

Louise and I spent the day exploring several antique shops in town, had a pub lunch and paid a visit to a sex
shop where she bought a new outfit, a red corset with matching stockings and stilettos. Again, she wanted
most of her body uncovered and available for immediate attention without the hindrance of bra or panties. It
was difficult but we avoided any sexual activity by keeping busy. We talked about the previous evening and
Louise thanked me for understanding her sexual needs. I confessed that I enjoyed watching her with other

Louise looked very horny in her new outfit and we kissed and fondled. "Almost time," she said smiling, "time
for you to get naked as TJ instructed."

In the main room Louise picked up the desk chair and placed it in the centre of the carpet facing the door. I
sat as instructed as she put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles then attached them to the chair. I gave her a
puzzled look and she said, "Just following orders, don't ask questions." She took a few paces away from me,
turned and lay on the floor. She opened her legs and she began to masturbate in front of me. My erection
surged with blood as I looked down to my horny, slut wife.

I heard the access card in the door and TJ stepped into the room followed by Nina. She wore a long raincoat
and a large hat and turned immediately and disappeared into the bedroom. She was tall but my brief glimpse
of her offered no more information. TJ stood above Louise's head and began to undress. His big cock sprang
into view and my wife sighed.

"Do you want this, slut," TJ said as he stroked his huge shaft.

"Yes please Sir, I do want it, I want it badly."

He got between her played legs and sank into her. My cock throbbed as I watched TJ fuck my wife with long,
deep and deliberate strokes. Each time he drove in Louise would emit a gasp and soon I saw her cream on
his dick and the familiar wet smacking sounds began.

The bedroom door opened and I looked upon Nina for the first time and she blew my mind. Standing at least
six feet tall in spike heels, she reminded me instantly of Ebony Ayres, the black porn actress of some years
ago. She was one of those women who were not thin yet neither overweight, her generous breasts were
capped with large, dark areolas and nipples, her slim waist accentuated by the curve of her hips and lovely
legs. Dressed all in white, the little waist cincher with garters led down past a matching thong, fishnet stockings
and stilettos. Her dark brown skin looked luxuriant, her lips were full and raven-black hair tumbled past her

She walked slowly passed TJ and Louise, her tits and hips swaying provocatively, to behind my chair. I caught
the smell of her intoxicating perfume and nearly shot my load when she brushed her lips lightly against my ear
and whispered, "You like to watch your slutty wife being fucked by a big, black cock, don't you?" I could only
manage a nod. "The answer is yes Ma'am," she said firmly and repeated the question.

"Yes Ma'am," I gasped.

"I bet you would like to fuck me, take off my little thong and stick your white dick in my wet, black pussy. Maybe
you will, we'll have to wait and see. If you are a good boy and do as you are told and do it well, then maybe,
just maybe, I will let you fuck my tight, black pussy, it's all pink and wet on the inside and waiting for a good
boy. Would you like that?"

I responded properly and she walked back towards TJ and Louise, brushing my straining cock with her
fingertips as she passed. "Aagh," I grunted and focused on her gorgeous ass. She stood with her legs on
either side of TJ then bent over and caressed his balls and cock as he continued to fuck Louise. The sight
was incredibly erotic and I imagined walking up behind her, pulling her little thong to one side and fucking the
shit out of her. Her white, fishnet stockings and garters were in perfect contrast to her dark skin and now she
was bent over I could see her pussy straining against the sparse material of her thong. I certainly hoped I
would be a good enough boy to claim my reward.

The threesome disentangled and TJ told Louise to free my ankles and wrists. Nina ordered me onto all fours
beside my wife. They came over to us and TJ sat in the chair. He commanded Louise between his legs and
pulled her head down to his cock. Nina bent over in front of me and pulled her thong to one side. Her ass and
pussy were just inches from my face when she said, "You know what to do."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied and held the thong so she could place both hands on the floor. I tongued her asshole
then spread her pussy lips, exposing her wet, pink vagina. She tasted exquisite and I played with her clit while
probing her ass with my tongue before inserting three fingers and fucking her vigorously.
After a while I was told to lie on the floor and found myself looking at the ceiling. Nina turned to Louise, "On
your knees and suck his dick." Nina stood over my chest and I gazed up at her shapely legs and the little white
thong that was pulled tight into her pussy lips and was now wet with her juices and my saliva. My dick
throbbed, how I wanted to taste that pussy and ass again. Louise stopped sucking my cock for a moment and
caught her breath; TJ had just forced his big dick into her from behind. She resumed her fellatio and I felt the
force of TJ's thrusting through her body and onto my cock. Nina lowered herself slowly onto my face and
moved her crotch around. She lifted slightly, pulled the thong to one side and sat back onto my mouth. Her clit
rubbed against my nose as I tongued her wonderful, wet, hot box. Louise climaxed and for a moment I thought
she would bite my dick off but, thankfully, she managed to avoid it.

Nina got up, removed her thong and threw it down onto my face. I savoured the smell as she went over to the
sofa followed by TJ. They knelt side by side and told us to crawl over and lick their asses. I spread Nina's
beautiful cheeks and explored her with my tongue again; at her demand, my fingers slid into her pussy and
Louise jerked TJ as she tickled his anus. After several minutes we were told to stop and they sat on the sofa.
TJ motioned for Louise to sit between them and she was positioned at the very edge of the sofa, they spread
her legs wide then Nina told me to bring the dildo from the coffee table. TJ grabbed my wife's hand and placed
it on his massive erection then fingered her pussy. Nina ordered Louise to get the dildo nice and wet by
jamming it down her throat. The dildo made its way past Louise's bulging labia and I was directed to lie on the
floor below her. I watched as Nina expertly used the big rubber dick on my wife. She knew when Louise was
about to squirt and removed the latex cock completely. Love juice sprayed onto my face and chest then the
dildo went to work again until another flow drenched me. Louise could only whimper with pleasure as several
orgasms shuddered through her.

That's enough," TJ declared and stood up. His huge dick hovered above me as he felt Louise's ass and pussy
and ordered me to stand. Nina stood and told me to kneel on the sofa beside my wife. I complied with the
obligatory, "Yes, Ma'am," and took my place, my right thigh touching Louise's left. Nina's hand came down
hard on one buttock then the other, her sharp spanking was punctuated by fondling my balls and cock and I
soon came to accept one to get the other. Her touch, harsh or gentle, excited me and I didn't want it to stop.
Nina must have sensed this for she did stop causing me to bleat, "Please, Ma'am, don't stop, I deserve to be
spanked." Her reply was short and swift, "Worm!" and the stinging spanks resumed.

Louise was receiving the same treatment from TJ and cried out with pleasure as she climaxed. "Good girl, you
like that don't you, slut?" TJ questioned and as Louise was saying, "Yes, Sir," he rammed his cock into her.

On Nina's instructions I made my way on all fours into the bedroom and laid on the bed with my head hanging
over the edge. TJ followed carrying Louise with her legs wrapped around his waist and his cock deep inside
her. He placed her beside me on the bed and told her to get on top of me. I tasted the pussy of my wet and
wild, horny wife and she mouthed my dick with enthusiasm. TJ had me spread her pussy open and as I held it
apart with both hands I saw his big knob come into view. He held it over my mouth and I tickled along the
underside. He nudged just the bulbous head inside her pussy as I continued to tongue him from below. Nina
caressed his balls and as he began to thrust back and forth. I saw just how much Louise's pussy was
stretching to accommodate the thick cock from my very close vantage point. Occasionally he would pull out
completely and shove his dick into my mouth and I tasted a mixture of pussy juice and black cock. Predictably,
Louise squirted all over the place and much of it ended up on me.

TJ laid Louise on her back on the bed and mounted her again. Nina gave orders for me to follow her and I
went on all fours into the main room. She sat on the desk and opened her legs wide. "Stand up," she
demanded, "play with your dick, I want it as hard as can be before you fuck me. You want to fuck this black
pussy don't you? Fuck it hard with your white prick. Look, it is ready for you; do you want to fuck me now?"

She spread her cunt open and as I fondled my cock I sputtered, "Oh, yes Ma'am, I want to fuck you so bad."

"Come here and place your dick on my pussy."

I moved between her legs and rested my cock on her small mound of pubic hair and rubbed my erection over
her clit while she held her pussy lips open. The noise coming from the bedroom indicated Louise was
receiving a devastating fucking that was producing multiple orgasms. My cock moved back and forth along
Nina's slit until she said, "Put it in and fuck my black pussy."

I slid in easily and she grabbed my ass with both hands and helped me pound her mercilessly. I was very
proud that I lasted as long as I did and that I was able to bring her to a screaming climax at almost the same
time as I shot a huge load into her.

We went back into the bedroom and I stood behind Nina, mauling her tits and pussy while rubbing my cock
over her ass and watched Louise and TJ for a while. Louise moaned to another squirting orgasm and TJ
rolled off of her. "Get on your knees on the floor, bitch," TJ ordered and my wife duly complied with, "Yes, Sir."

Nina told me to do likewise and TJ and came over to us. He motioned for Nina to kneel also and positioned the
two girls facing one another and told them to kiss. I was at right angle to them and as TJ guided his monster
erection between their lips it went into my mouth. The girls excited his shaft as he fucked my mouth until his
load splashed down my throat and over my face. The girls licked it off in an orgy of lips and tongues.

Many 'firsts' had taken place over this weekend and I was sorry to see it come to an end. Louise had been
fucked by what must have been miles of black cock and had long-dormant desires reawakened. I had entered
a new realm of sexual pleasures and looked forward to more. Erotic thoughts of Nina danced in my head and
there were many things I wanted to experience with her.

We showered and went down to the bar to unwind and chat. We agreed to meet again in two weeks. The
thought of that was so arousing for Louise that she squirted onto my hand as I fingered her naked pussy
beneath the table.

© 2012 Vagabond

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