story codes: MF, FF, Gangbang, Rape, Sci-fi,

by David Rasmussen
Chapter 1 of 10

(NOTE - If the scenario seems a little familiar to my long time
readers, it’s because I’m experimenting on taking a series that didn’t
work out so well (Sailor Troopers) and completely giving it an
overhaul from the ground up. Some ideas remain the same, but
most have been given a new rewrite… hopefully with longer lasting
results. Enjoy.)

Saint eyes flickered open to the sight of her own body lying prone on
the ground, the shattered mirror before her showing everything. She
saw the faceless men behind her, always faceless as they were now
only shambling remains of what was once human beings. Still,
however, despite the fact they were now rather soulless some things
haven’t changed about them.

As one of them forced her head back, another gagged her with a gag
ball, securing it tight before pummeling her face down into the
flooring. Her vision blurred as she tried to focus on her surroundings,
her mind floating in a drugged induced haze which mostly numbed
her to what was happening. That, she surmised, was a saving grace
as she could see that they were undressing her.

The corpses of men were no longer living, but they still did the things
they did in life (only in a more aggressive, sometimes gruesome
means). If they were eaters they ate the living, if they were talkers they
shrieked horribly, if they were sexually active they raped people… just
like what was going to happen to her right here and right now.
Her mind was still a jumble, only base thoughts like that realization
could sink into her mindset, still she was of mind and body enough for
panic to set in. Too drugged out of her mind to fight back, too
outnumbered to hope to fight back in any case. She couldn’t even cry
out if she wanted to, both because of the drugs and the gag in her
mouth. She could only lie there and hope they were quickly satisfied
by her body.

‘Noooooo…’ she thought to herself, watching as they nearly finished
tearing her clothes away, watching their penises harden at the sight
of her nude flesh. ‘This can’t be happening! This can’t be
happening!!’ she feverishly thought.

Her eyesight slowly cleared, though the only sight before her was of
her own rape. Staring back at her, in the reflection cast by the
shattered mirror, was the face of a younger desert elf girl, only 20
year cycles by human standards (youthful in appearance but adult in
all other respects).

She was back in her own personal hell again, the horrors of her
memories of the Waking World she came from which never seem to

A world she finally found release from in an act of violence and
retribution, now dead as the last of it’s people killed each other off so
many years ago. But that world still continued to haunt her to this very
day, it’s pain and nightmares still raking across her subconscious
during these “rest“ periods from time to time. Not always, not always
is she subjected to these visions, but often enough it seems as even
a few times a “year“ cycle is too much for her.

She felt someone free the gag ball from her mouth, it didn’t last as
she quickly found one of the beast men shoving his erect penis down
her throat, forcing her to deep throat him as the others mounted her
body and raped her.

She shut her eyes tight, and surrendered her flesh to her attackers,
vaguely feeling them penetrating both of her bottom openings as well
as masturbating on her tits. “NO!!” she tried to cry out, the penis in
her mouth gagging her. “Please…” she tried to plead, if only in her
mind, “Please don’t do this! Please!”

With a soul sickening groan the one at her mouth began to cum, his
dick thickening to the point she felt it would break her jaw, her body
shuddering as she gagged down his vile sperm with each jerking
spew of violating fluids down her gullet. As he moved away, dick
hardening again, her eyes fell on a sight within the mirror before her
that made her heart freeze.

The scene before her was a sickly display of carnal perversion, too
much for her even to struggle to come to terms with. What she saw
before her scared her.

Watching the undead men gang raping her, their decaying bodies
pumping her from top and bottom, their penises both within and on
her flesh. Two of the corpses even had her hands in use, tying them
to their dicks while they used muscle shocker sticks (denoting they
were once Police on this world) to make her arms involuntarily jerk
spastically, emulating the motions of a hand job.

The sight didn’t last long, however, as another of the male beasts
moved in front of her shoving his dick down her throat for a fresh
blowjob. Just as well, as she couldn’t stand the sight of herself being
forced to pleasure these things for one second further. She was a
woman now of her late 20’s (back then early 20’s), a beautiful tanned
elf woman with short blazing red hair (commonplace hair for your
standard Desert Elf), mid sized breasts, an athlete’s body and a fiery
temper to match her hair. Tall and abit rugged, she was a usual
standard fare for the common Desert Elf woman.

She lived on Ares, the planet known in other dimensions as Mars, in
her home city on the Spartan Plains of the major continent. They had
non elfin neighbors, humans, and for the most part they were peaceful
with their elf neighbors. That is until the Plague came and wiped out
the human population. An ancient disease from within the planet,
from the remains of the culture that once lived there before humanity
and elf kind, the disease killed most and turned the rest into
shambling shells of their former selves. Zombies, as the humans
called them. The virus didn’t leave planet, thankfully the planet was
quarantined before it went too far, but that was creature comforts for
the damned left behind.

She could vaguely hear her captor at her head groan in it’s hollow
voice, as if calling out for her to suck on him harder, to draw a fresh
dickload of cum down her throat. Given her already violated status
she didn’t protest, she had already been tainted by the beasts… now
soon to die, or worst, become one of them. Once she was grabbed,
and the first load of cum was injected into her body, her fate was
sealed. She was as good as dead now as she was exposed to the
virus. So, in that regard, sucking harder on her captor would mean
little now as she was already introduced to their illness and nothing
could save her now.

Even now lying there naked, bruised and beaten, she knew they had
not a care in the world about her well being. Far from it as they
relished in making her their sextoy, using her and throwing her away
without a second consideration. She couldn’t hear what the others
were muttering, but she sure it wasn’t sympathy for the bedeviled.
That’s when the corpse moved away, and she saw two arms
wrapped about her neck holding her head up. She couldn’t feel it,
even staring at it barely registered in her drugged mind, but there it
was. The woman above her, as beaten as herself, looked down at
her. Flowing waves of blonde hair floated about her, a hollow face
with empty eye sockets stared down at her from the mirror, black
horrible tears flowing down her face as she spoke.
“Why don’t you love me anymore…”

* * * * * *
Saint snapped herself awake in a cold panic, her traveling quilt
gripping her nude form as she held herself tightly. It never seems to
go away, she irritably thought to herself, even in this new world she
found herself in she realized that she could never really escape the
horrors of her past. For long periods of time she would forget, and not
dream of the dead world… only for it to sneak back up on her without
warning, like now. Year after year had passed since that world, that
pain she left behind her, and yet it was something she could never
truly forget.

She was repeatedly raped, butchered, and dumped into a shallow
grave to rot. Her soul, however, did not wait to see if she would rise
again as an undead, it left that world behind and came here…
Edenina the Realm of Dreams.

So, she pondered, it made sense she would dream about this…
even if these “dreams” were more like nightmares. “Why am I
dreaming about that now…” Saint irritably said out loud as she wiped
the sweat from her brow. “Why…”

Carefully her eyes glanced over to the human prostitute lying next to
her on the rolled out sleeping bag cots, she was still slumbering after
the marathon sex they had together, her face calm in gentle slumber
as she slept peacefully.

She didn’t even seem to mind that Saint dropped into her small
BoomTown on the Spartan Plains at least once between one to two
weeks or so between visits (if not longer), the credits were good and
she never complained once about the sex so she benefited from it as
much as Saint did.

Saint may have disliked how her world was punished for someone
else’s sins (be it the humans who disturbed the ancient civilization’s
resting spot or the civilization itself for breaking some kind of galactic
taboo) but she couldn’t bring herself to relocate after coming here.
Still, even if she was nostalgic for home, she also couldn’t bring
herself to stay in one place for long. She had been stuck steadfast to
one city in her living life, but now that she was in the Realm of
Dreams she felt abit of wanderlust (even if her wanderings took her in
a circular path revisiting the same places over and over again).
She wandered about riding a small train on a set of rarely used
antique tracks (set in a circle) around several “BoomTowns” set
about the plains (once used as a sort of promotional tour of the
properties by the Nekochanian Real Estate Company that invested in
the BoomTowns). BoomTowns, by reference, were towns of so-so
size, not quite booming metropolis but growing nevertheless. The
name “BoomTown” came from the quaint real estate “promotion” to
sell people on rediscovering the nostalgia of the “Old West”
(attempting to recapture the spirit of the “Old West“ while still
conforming to modern housing and business developmental
requirements), even if the “Old West” was on a world abit distant from
the planet where it originated from (Earth, the Western United States).
The route was the fixed (not connected to the modern train lines of
the day), and she’d stop in each of the seven small BoomTowns and
stay a day mostly. This was about as long as she wanted to stay in
each, only staying longer if her duties as a mobile Judgement (the
order that judged both the sides of Light and Darkness and kept the
balance between the two) didn’t require her to stay longer than
necessary. Because of this mobile lifestyle she didn’t have to set
roots or commit, she could sleep with her choice of prostitutes and
do whatever she wanted (though she had a favorite girl in each town).
No muss, no fuss, nobody to lose again like before when she was
living. A perfect life.

Despite the fact they were in the living quarters car (the other cars
being the means of locomotion and one more used as a washroom)
she still insisted on using traveling quilts and sleeping cots on the
floor instead of a bed. Less clutter in the so-so sized car, and it made
for more freewheeling sex that wasn’t restricted to the confines of a

Carefully, quietly, Saint got out of bed and went into the bathroom,
closing the door ever so gently behind her, locking herself in. As she
washed her face she felt different, everything seemed abit bigger
than she was used to… she looked up, shaking sleep from the back
of her mind, and stared into the younger face in the mirror. Behind her
stood the blonde haired nightmare, her hollow tortured face staring at
her through the glass, blood flowing down her sunken cheeks. “Don’t
leave me alone…” she whispered.

* * * * * *
With a yelp Saint bolted upright out of her bedding, only to find
nothing. With an irritable sigh she collapsed back into the cot and
stared listlessly at the ceiling. “A dream within a dream.” she hissed
beneath her breath.

“You OK?“ Lily whispered, looking concerned from her side of the
bedding as she stared at Saint. “What’s going on?“
“Nothing.“ Saint whispered, rolling over on top of Lily to kiss her,
hands already palming her soft handfuls of tits as they kissed.
‘I can’t make it go away.’ she thought to herself, ‘So to hell with it.’
Lily reached out, wrapping her arms about Saint embracing her as
she did likewise, the two holding each other tight as they kissed.
Finally breaking the kiss, Saint’s gaze held Lily firmly in sight as she
stared longingly into the younger woman’s eyes. Lily, smiling warmly
at the attention, gazed back into the eyes of her “john”. “You’re so
beautiful.“ she whispered, lost in the moment. As their gazes locked
tight it felt as if they were drawing closer and closer. Quickly Saint
broke the gaze, raising up out of Lily’s grasp, spreading her legs
preparing to mount her. “You’re beautiful too.“ Saint responded, her
breath coming up short as the anticipation of riding her again filled
her heart.
As Lily took to occupying herself with Saint’s sizable breasts, Saint
herself focused on riding her. As their sexes touched, mashed and
bucked, Lily shut her eyes and cried out from the shock of the
contact. She quickly came up to embrace Saint, leaning over to
suckle on her tits while she rode Saint.

A soft gasp escapes from Saint’s lips as she holds Lily’ head to her
chest, the other grasping her rear for traction. Lily gasped with the
added sensation, feeling her body surrendering itself to Saint’s
manipulations. Their bodies were one, the two were rubbing their
breasts together vigorously now as they swapped soft kisses and
gentle explorations of tongue into each other’s mouths.
Their hands roam freely, tugging and pulling at each other as they
rhythmically humped and swayed with each stroke of pussy upon
pussy contact. Swinging their legs about until they were in a trib
stance, they changed their position without losing the maddening
contact between each of their pussies, their hearts rapping hard in
their chests as they drew closer and closer to release.
Reaching out, they each grab the other’s arms so they could stare
into the other’s face as they made love, reaching out for each other
as they struggled for release.

As they watched, the two slowly but surely begins to grind her hips
into the other with renewed effort, sending new surging waves of
pleasure into each partner. Slowly the pleasure grows, waves lapping
on a shore, and as they increase their tempo the waves grow and
grow and they begin to cry out and moan in response to one another
‘s actions.

Saint’s arms shaking and hands trembling, hold tightly now onto Lily’s
legs as they piston their hips together harder and harder, tears
flowing down her face as she is smothered in their joint bliss. Lily, her
own pleasure slashing through her in waves, smiles between rasps
and screams as she humps harder to reach her nirvana with Saint.
Thrashing and bucking wildly, both women’s muscles lock up as they
are overcome as they scream in release, their bodies shuddering in
the grips of the ignition of orgasm between them. Their love juices
splash out all over their hips and legs, sending strange new
sensations as they rub against each other fiercely, feeling the splash
of wetness of their juices exciting them as they did.

For long seconds both women whimpered, working off the last of the
pleasure from their joint coming, until they were spent and content,
lying on the ground gasping for breath. Briefly Saint hesitates, but
quickly she pushes it aside as she pulls Lily up close and kisses her.
Still, even in the soft afterglow of release Saint didn’t feel like settling
She knew once the feeling. The want to be with a special someone
and never ever leave them… but that was before the Plague.
Now, now it seemed she only craved just enough companionship as
not to drive her crazy, otherwise she seemed to keep pushing away
any thought of love.
Why couldn’t she get over what happened… why…
If only she knew.
An hour before she set to leave town for her next destination her
commlink went off, and her work intruded on her well laid plans to get
out of town.

To Be Continued

© 2007 David Rasmussen

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