Relentless 2
story codes: MF, FF, Gangbang, Rape, Sci-fi,

by David Rasmussen

Chapter 2 of 10

The first thing that went through Saint’s head when she answered
the commlink was whether or not she could get away with killing the
telemarketer that was using an illegal commlink hack to randomly
call commlinks to push their product.

Then she thought it was probably Natalie referring another lesbian
without a clue to her, since Natalie (well meaning heterosexual she
was) seemed to think Saint had cross training in Sex Witchery and
was qualified as a sex therapist as well as a law enforcement

At this point Saint clenches her teeth and shivers abit inwardly, not
even daring to think what strange sexual situation she was about to
be thrust into the moment she clicked on the link. The last situation
she got into while in Crescent Hills last week still stung Saint’s
thought processes every time she pondered it. Best not to think
too much of it, she finally relented, as she tapped the link on.

As the link triggered sure enough Natalie was staring at her on the
small vid screen, but she looked as if she was about to collapse
from shock. “What’s wrong? You look rather pale…“

Natalie froze up for a second, her hand finally moving to motion for
Saint to come. “Saint you have… have to come… come to the
Medico facility here in town. It’s… it’s Lily… she was just admitted
and… and…“

Suddenly she heard a wheezing soft cry and a voice whisper in the
background "Saint?"

“What the hell happened to her!” she silently hissed, “What’s going
on Nat! Please --” (her voice chokes silently, her will struggling to
keep her from yelling out loud if only to keep Lily calm) “I’ll be right
there. Once I’m there I expect answers!“

With a flick of the wrist she shuts off the link, eyes narrowed in
rage. “What the hell is going on.“
* * * * * *

“She doesn't need speeches from you, Saint. What she needs is
for you to be there for her, help her get over what happened to

Saint huffs her breath at the thought, “Lily didn’t deserve to be
raped!“ she growled angrily, “Whoever did this is going to pay for
it, Nat!“

“Obviously your only going to listen to what you want to hear on
the subject,” Natalie relented, to which Saint yelled out “Are you
going to blame her work for this?!? Did she deserve it because she
was a prostitute?!?”

“I didn’t say that, I…“ (Natalie raises her hands defensively) “Ok,
ok, so I won't bother trying to defend myself. I was out of line
saying what I did.”

“It's wrong.” Saint countered, eyes narrowing as she spoke, “Just
because she is in the only job she can do why is it her fault…“

“Nobody said it was her fault.“

“Hypocritical aren’t we!?” Saint returned, “I know you’ve been down
on my personal life choice since we’ve started working together, so
don’t even pretend that the fact she is a prostitute doesn’t bother
you (because it does)!”

“I’m not bothered by it!” Natalie snapped, feeling Saint’s
persistence wearing her down physically and emotionally. “I’m NOT
bothered by it.”

“You don’t seem like it.”

And with that, Saint walks into Lily’s room to comfort her.
* * * * * *
Saint, the name given to her by her first lover Tara a long time
ago. She didn’t feel like a Saint these days, but at least it was
better than her original Elfin name. When Elves and non -elves
bonded it was often tradition for the elf to give her non-elf lover the
choice of a new “name” for her, a bonding name. Sometimes they
kept the name as their new name, other times it was a name only
whispered in their bedroom.

Saint’s birth name was not too complex, it just didn’t slide off the
tongue very well during sex as Saint did. And once Tara named
her she stuck to that name ever since, even after Tara died (a
victim of the Plague).

Five years ago Saint was brought to this world. But Saint couldn’t
let go of what she lost, the one she lost in the Plague outbreak,
and that greatly affected her in ways she does not want to bring
herself to speak of even now. She couldn’t live without Tara, and
thus she had to die if only to join her in the thereafter. But now she
was in the Realm of Dreams and she could not die, so she could
not join Tara wherever she was.

Eventually she pushed Tara aside in her mind, or so she thought.

Now that she thought of it, staring down at the long blonde hair and
familiar features of Lily, did she realize just how she was truly
unable to break ties with Tara even now. The eyeless spirit that
haunted her, the prostitutes (each one a spitting image of the
other), all of them were Tara in Saint’s mind. Each one a
representation of what she lost when her world died.

She had found life in this world, but not the life she would have
wished for.

This world may have been the Realm of Dreams, but it worked
hard to deny her the dream she wanted the most… on with the
woman she loved more than life itself.

Lily was being raped by a couple of Darklings when someone came
to her rescue. Lost, frightened, and scared out of her mind she
clung onto her savior like a drowning person, which was essentially
a truth since spiritually she was drowning in a sense after the
attack broke her spirit so.

“So how are you doing, Lily?” Saint asked, slowly running a hand
through Lily’s soft blonde hair. “Bad day?”

“Yeah.” she whispered, smiling bravely for Saint. “I’ll get over it now
that you’re here, Saint.”

Lily, her even breathing barely shuddering as she raised a hand to
touch Saint’s face, continued to smile her even handed comforting
smile. Barely a trickle of sweat or twitching nerve betrayed the
emotion probably raging through her right now, but as Saint ran
her hand down to gently prod Lily’s breasts she could feel Lily’s
heart fluttering faster than normal for her at rest. “You’ll be alright.”
Saint said softly, “I’ll make sure whoever did this to you pays for it.”

“Thanks.” Lily sighed, “That means a lot to me.”

With that Saint cleared her mind, and gently used her slight elfish
powers to tap into the topmost layer of Lily’s memory, digging
about for images of her attackers and anything missed by the
investigators of the rape. Lily knew what was going on, and laid
silently waiting for Saint to finish.

“Just relax.“ she whispered, “Don’t feel pressured to try and push
the memories up, I don’t want you hurt so let me gently pry them up
so you don’t have to remember them.“
As the memories came back Saint took a sharp intake of breath,
but quickly regained her composure before Lily noticed. The rest
of the scan went without incident.
* * * * * *

“Why don’t you just come out with it and tell me what I’m missing by
staring at this.” Natalie said quietly, shaking her head as she
glanced over the scanned memories imprinted on Saint‘s wetware
in her head (and transmitted onto a laptop in front of the two of
them) “No matter how I go over these images I don’t see the

“That’s because you weren’t there. You didn’t see them first hand…
“ (leans closer to regard the all too familiar shambling forms and
their all to familiar erections) “…you were never raped by these
things. But I can‘t forget them. How can I.“

“Then where does that leave us?” Natalie asked, feeling a slight
twinge of annoyance at the vagueness of the answers Saint was
giving her, “You tell me that these things are creatures from your
dead home world, yet all tests show that Lily has none of the
strange Plague virus within her body. And before you ask we have
records of the Plague from your world from Seeker units that
traveled there, so we know what to look for.”

Saint didn‘t seem comforted by this, nearly staring a hole through
the image with her dead on gaze. “Maybe they didn’t have time to

“They did.” Natalie countered, “And it’s sterile Darkling matter. No
living organism or viral contagion within the fluid. Just standard
sterile Darkling cum, nothing more…” (Natalie reaches into her
blouse for her commlink, flipping it open with an irritated sigh to
take the call) “Damn, it’s the chief. I better go and see what he
wants now (probably got a bug up his rear about this rape).”

With that she vanished, leaving Saint behind to silently “chew” on
the info before her, and clench her fist silently in slight annoyance
over the whole sorry situation.

* * * * * *
“Ready for bed yet, Lily?” Saint called out from the door as she
walked in, looking at her with her usual concerned expression.
“Docs said you’ll be OK so I could come in here to tuck you into
bed if I wanted to…“ (a slight smirk creasing Saint’s features as
she neared)

“…or maybe make sure you’re ready for bed by giving you a little

“I guess the doctors remember the last time I was here.“ Lily
remarked, settling into the bed trying to get comfortable.
“Apparently no amount of telling you “no” will change your mind,
even if “threatened” by the well meaning doctors.“

“Sorry if I care too much to leave it all to the doctors.“ she mumbled
in her own defense, “I’m going to bed now.”

“Alright, get in here and lie down.” Lily suddenly called out, pulling
her sheets aside and motioning for her. “You always did know
when I needed you the most, and right now… I need you the

“Are you sure…“ Saint asked, looking abit worried, “I mean I don’t
want to hurt you, you know. I… well I…“

Lily pulled the sheets open wider, motioning again for Saint to join
her. “Trust me, I know what I want… and what I want is you.“
(smiles) “And I do so love how the street lights shine through the
bedroom windows at this hour, it‘s beautiful when it’s this soft kind
of bright in here, especially when you happen to be with the one
you love.”

“I’m not around enough for anyone to feel that kind of emotion for
me.” Saint retorted, sliding into the bed. At first she doesn’t move
to embrace Lily, but with a little prodding she is urged into her arms
to embrace her nude form. A few minutes later she feels Lily’s
hands tugging away at her clothes, until she too was nude in her
grasp. “Maybe you better tire me out so I get a good night’s sleep,
right?“ Lily whispers softly.

“Oh Lily.” Saint whispers, the thought of what Lily was offering
making her suddenly oh so very giddy all at once. “Goddess you
are way too good to me, you know that don‘t you. And I am such…”

“Your very special to me, Saint. Even if we‘re together only for a
short time per month you are still so very special to me.”

Saint says no more, swinging her legs about to position herself to
place her wanting sex upon Lily’s in a missionary style position. Lily
shudders as both woman’s g-spots touches and rubs together
fiercely, sending sparks of sensual energy through each of them.
“Hold me Saint! Hold me!”

“Lily!” Saint rasps lustfully, grabbing Lily’s body holding her tight as
she continued to whip her hips up and down mashing their sexes
together. Lily’s hands seek out Saint’s, the two holding hands as
they continued to work towards release. It was a little awkward at
first, but their gyrations soon found a good pace and they were
moaning with each bounce and each stroke, eyes locked as they
pressed tighter and tighter, their sweat laced breasts and bodies
snuggled close together sparking even more sensation as taunt
hard nipples dug into firm breast flesh bringing and extra rasp and
cry with each thrust.

Their grips shook, bodies shuddering as their hips slowly but
surely began to stroke and mesh together faster and faster and
faster. Lily, holding tightly, sheds a tear as she works her hips
upwards towards Saint reaching for their heavenly moment, feeling
the tremendous waves of pleasure growing and growing with each
stroke and bounce. “Saint!! Goddess, Saint!! Saint I‘m going to…”

“Don’t stop, Lily!“ Saint cries out, “Please don’t stop! Don’t… don’
t… don’t come yet!“ she pleaded, eyes desperate as she leaned
back shaking, “I’m near cumming! Please, goddess! Don‘t cum until
I‘m re--!” (eyes widen as her mouth falls open in a jarring
_expression) “Ahhhhh!! Lily!! Please cum!! CUM!!”

A strong cry breaks her concentration, whipping her head back
and forth as she works harder, bouncing her hips faster causing
their intimate spots to grind together harder, their pearls stroking
together again and again igniting fiercer sparks of pleasure as
they worked hard towards their peak. For Saint that peak was
here, but she struggled to hold herself back so she could join Lily
in orgasm.

“Not yet… not yet… please… not yet!!“ Lily begged, tears flowing
down her face as her final barriers began to fly away in the heat of
the moment, her last resistance melting beneath her. Lily suddenly
leans as far back into the bedding as she could, breath staggered
as her moment finally reaches it’s raging crescendo. “SAINT I’M
CUMMING NOW!!” she screamed, “COME ON BABY!! COM---


She needed no more prodding, she was ready and now so was Lily.

Saint’s head drops back as she’s also overwhelmed, both women
orgasming at once together, in pure unison as their moment
washes away all senses in a blissful drowning of pure pleasure. As
their moments ignite, both women’s hips fiercely pound together
hard, their love juices splashing over each other as they come
hard. The last of their energy fading, their grips fail and both fall
slump into each other’s grasp rasping, their hips continuing to jerk
spasmodically draining the last sparks of pleasure as they slowly
came back down from their orgasmic high.

Briefly Lily’s eyes fluttered, as she felt Saint shift to roll over to lie
on her side, drawing a smile from Lily as she knew they were lying
together (like a true couple) here and now. The thought of it made
Lily blush, her eyes closed tight as she relished the moment
imaging the pure blissful expression on Saint’s face.

She didn’t have to ponder long, as Saint pulled Lily into her arms,
laying her down to rest upon her sweaty body, both falling into a
restful sleep.

To Be Continued

© 2007 David Rasmussen

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