Relentless  3

story codes: MF, FF, Gangbang, Rape, Sci-fi,

by David Rasmussen

Chapter 3 of 10

Saint sat at the edge of the rooftop, her senses barely registering the whirling wind
about her as she continued to monitor the streets that laid out before her below. As
she scanned the maddening crowd that filtered through the town’s wide red light
district she continued to watch for the telltale signs of a Darkling. Panning over the
various facial expressions of oohs, ahhs, and mix of surprise and frustrated people
walking about below, she tried to focus on that one giveaway that separated
Dreamling, Normals (waking and passed) and Darkling.

She was abit frustrated being so long off from her full throttle max, yet this kind of
long term investigation was necessary to draw out Lily’s rapists.

“See anything yet, Saint.” Natalie asked, volunteering to help her stake out the area
since she didn’t have much else to do herself. "How was Lily doing today?“ she
asked mildly, making for small chat while they sat and watched.

Natalie felt rather flustered by the calm emotions showed by Saint, so dead focused
on the search that she didn’t even seem capable of showing emotion.

Natalie groans at the silence from her “partner”, hunkering down to shield herself
from the wind. "Who cares if you’re only banging her because you don’t want to be a
complete cold fish, right now I’m just enjoying the feeling of what it’s like to be frozen
fish in the icebox.“

“It’s not that cold.”

"Ugh." Natalie groaned in irritation, "Just a few more minutes and my blood is going
to turn into the consistency of a slushie! (If my blood was actually liquid enough to do
that, all things considered)."

"It’ll be that way again if you ever go back to the Waking World.“ Saint remarked,
scanning the road again with her visor set on x5 magnification.

“Not that it bothers you any, since you seem to be completely cold blooded.“
Natalie sighs, trying to kick start a longer conversation.
As much good as it did her, since Saint was thinking back…

* * * * * *
The world was dead. Saint’s world was dead.
The ruined city was burning, the planet was nearly gone, and now the sky began to
rain as Fusion Bombs began burrowing their way into the planet.

The world was far beyond gone, nobody left to spare, so the word came down to
destroy Mars utterly to prevent the spread of the Plague past it’s atmosphere.
"What would you do if every time you fell in love with someone you had
to say good-bye?"

As the last shuttle attempting to sneak past the tight blockade prepared to depart,
the architect of the Plague climbed into his escape craft, surveying what was once
his. "Bitches." he grumbled, "They have no idea the true value of my genius! If only
they gave me more time to perfect this it could have been the ultimate bio-weapon!“

As the shuttle lifted free from what was once his fortress, something quick moved
towards the shuttle, leaping into the air to grab the open hatchway as it closed.

"What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would
never be there?"

A hand grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back into the half open hatch, her face half
bloodied, half dead as she was already under the grip of the Plague, dying slowly
from the inside out. “NO YOU DON'T!!” she screamed, pulling at him,

As they struggled the building behind them fell away, two other shuttles
departing from lower levels exploding as they were shot down from above. Plasma
shots from orbit knocking the two escape craft back into the shattered husk of the

"What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there
would be 10 moments of sadness?"

She grabbed his clothes tight, and shoved backwards, pulling himself and her into
the dark void, both falling away towards the dark Earth below. Seconds later three
shots ripped through the hull of the shuttle blowing it apart into a million fiery pieces.

"What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them
how you felt?"

"You bitch! We're going to die!!" he screamed, but if that was to shake her up or
distress her it did no such thing. She simply stared at the ground far below and
muttered to herself as it slowly rose towards them.

"I should be so lucky."

"What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else and you could
never have them?"

He lashed out, catching her attention. With a mighty swing she backhanded him into
the side of the tower, glass shattering as he hit the fractured surface of the once
smooth abomination, his body bouncing off the glass over and over again cutting him
open as it did. Yet, bloodied as he was, he managed to push back towards her fists

"Some people live and some people die."

She caught his arms and they struggled, gripped in hate for the other, as they fell
silently downwards with only the tinkle of broken glass and the whoosh of the wind
accompanying them down.

"But I want to tell you I love you and you are a true friend..."

The ground sped up to them, and the last thing she thought before she fell into her
soon to be shallow grave she thought this…

"That I will always be here for you when and if you need me..."

"I'm sorry--"she thought, eyes downwards as the darkness rushed right at them.

"If I died tomorrow, you would be in my heart forever. Would I be in yours?"

Her last thought -- "Forgive me."

Silence and darkness.

That was supposed to have been her end.

Yet, five years later, she was still "alive".

Saint brushed her thoughts clear and focused on the here and now.

* * * * * *

“You know what? I’m alright, Saint! Really! I just want to go home.“ Lily whispered,
her smile not betraying for a minute the inner conflict that raged inside of her.
“Forced sex doesn’t mean I cheated on you, does it?“

“No more than the rest of the sex you have with your other clients, I suppose.“ Saint
remarked flippantly, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Her hand gently runs through Lily’s hair as she looked up at her, smiling her serene
smile all the while. “You’re a pretty durable lady, for a prostitute.“

“You’re pretty durable too.“ she returned the compliment, “For a Judgement.“

A brief pang struck through Saint, making her pause before answering. It was true,
Saint was beginning to miss the gentle loving touch of Lily’s presence, though she
felt maybe it was time to leave as the longer she stood the harder it would be to part
from her, something she knew was for the best (she hoped).

She wanted Lily to heal, and when she was better she’d take her back to the brothel
she worked (a good place with honest caring people who did their best not to
endanger their workers), leaving her until the next time she saw her.
It was for the best, that they didn’t get too close. It was all for the best.

So it was in this state of mind that Saint convinced herself to keep an eye on Lily until
she caught her rapists, then she could let her go with no guilt.

‘No leads.’ Saint thought sullenly, thinking back to when she read the rape report
from HQ the minute it became available to the investigating Judgments on hand.
‘Darklings are like snowflakes, temporary in their length of stay in the realm. They
blip in and out, cause whatever damage they can along the way. Finding one set of
Darklings is like trying to find a single unique snowflake in a field of snow.’

As Saint sat next to Lily at her bedside, quietly watching her, she couldn’t help but
feel guilty about dragging Lily into her life. “I want to make you feel better.” she
whispered in a detached manner, “But I don’t know how.“

It was hard, Saint wanted to do more for her but she couldn’t bring herself to from
her own misgivings. “You’re beautiful in the moonlight.” she suddenly said, smiling as
she looked over Lily. “Remember that time I took you out camping? Making love to
you in the wild like that… it was so beautiful.”

Saint shuts her eyes as she draws close, wanting only to push away from Lily but
stopping herself when she feels her lips being kissed, a hand gently holding the back
of her head motioning her forward toward the bed and into it.

Saint, crying abit, could only open her eyes to come face to face with a wide awake
and aware Lily, smiling serenely at her. “I remember that night.“ she
whispers, “It was beautiful for me too.”

She gently moves forward again, kissing her once more feeling her lips pressed
against Saint’s lips tight. As they kiss, Saint feels her heart stirring stronger and
stronger, unable to resist Lily’s advances, her hands gently caresses her body ---
goddess, Lily was reaching her once again at the most intimate level, and she couldn
‘t resist answering Lily’s “call” in kind!

As they kiss with increasing passion Lily’s hands slide down pulling at her lover’s
pants, pushing it and her panties downwards until she could use a foot to finish the
job. She then slowly tugs off the rest of her clothes leaving Saint only in her socks,
bare before her lover’s hungry eyes.

“Give me a sec…“ Saint mutters, curling up in order to finish undressing, blushing
ear to ear as she hurried, “Somebody’s going to throw a fit if they walk in here and
see us doing it.“

“I have the week off, hospital‘s orders.“ Lily answered truthfully, “The only sex I am
expected to perform is that for you, my lover, who I always have an open door policy
to. Besides…“ (Lily smiles) “…you’re the closest thing I have to a true Master,
because my body will always be yours no matter how many men I bed for my brothel

Saint blushes a stronger red at Lily, electing a giggle from her in turn. “That’s sure…
bold of you.“

Lily let’s her kisses do her talking for her. Saint sighs as Lily pulls away from the kiss,
feeling so excited by her ministrations before she even began to touch her sex that
she thought she’d die just from the joy spreading through her heart right then and
there. Slowly Lily pulls her sheets aside to show her naked body, shaking with it's
own giddiness as Saint stared at her lustfully, her sweet spot moist from her
anticipation of what was to come. Saint felt it to, growing wet herself just thinking
about what they were about to do with each other.

She leaned forward and took ahold of one of Lily’s breasts, suckling on the nipple as
it grew stiff and hard between her lips, it's hardness (and the welcoming cries from
Lily’s lips) tantalizing her as she suckled, stroked and nibbled on it again and again.
While she worked on one nipple her hand worked to harden the other, bringing a
fresh batch of approving moans from Lily’s sweet lips. As she groaned, her hands
held Saint close, her voice a thin whisper. "That's it -- Precious -- don't stop precious
-- more, please more don’t stop -- oh master don‘t stop!!"

Slowly Saint held Lily tighter and tighter, suddenly rearing back out of reach as she
finally was ready to complete the moment. Spreading Lily’s legs apart, she soon
silenced the desperate whimpers of a suddenly deprived Lily by thrusting her wet
center of pleasure onto Lily’s sweet spot, bringing a gasp from each as their
pleasures mashed, rubbed and joined together slowly but surely.

Gently yet firmly Lily pulled herself up to greet Saint, kissing her as she rode Saint
for all she was worth. Soon she cried for more, urging Saint to rotate about until each
was face to face with the other’s pussy. For long seconds each one savored the view
of the other’s pussy, gently prodding and touching each others' pleasures, until at
last they couldn't take it anymore and dove in.

Together, in unison, their tongue struck each other's clits and both shook from the
pleasure that shot through their bodies. Lily’s first licking stroke practically devours
Saint in one lick, increasing in voracity and skill with each and every lick of her
tongue. Saint nearly screams out but manage to keep her wits about her, focused on
Lily‘s sex as she works to send waves of pleasure through her as she was doing
likewise in turn. Saint quickly tries to emulate Lily’s technique, devouring her lover’s
sex in long lasting licks, rewarded for her efforts with Lily’s cries and moans which
increase with each second.

As her efforts grow more perverse she feels herself being shocked into Lily’s mouth,
she was taking Saint whole and it felt insanely beautiful to be taken that way.
Shoving two fingers into Lily’s slit, Saint works harder to please her lover by working
her with both tongue and fingers in unison.

To further her contribution, Lily shoves her middle finger into Saint‘s ass,
all the while working her tongue over her erect clitoris over and over again, bringing
her world crashing down into a shock filled world of bliss and pleasure. Everything
felt like it was going to explode, and they both were riding on top of it ready to
explode with it. Hard.

Saint wasted no time going back to their original position, repositioning herself
between Lily’s legs, shoving her sex hard, bringing an intense scream from her. “Oh
goddess Saint!!” (her voice is suddenly muffled as Saint kisses her).

Saint’s hands were all over, groping her lover’s breasts, hands on her legs, arms,
butt, hands on her and in her, hands everywhere. Both of their breaths were raging
hard, their moments now nearly upon them. “Oh goddess fuck don‘t stop! Fuck!
Fuck! Lily oh goddess!!“ Saint breathlessly shrieked, no longer caring who heard her
wanting to practically scream her desires at the top of her lungs. “Oh yes! YES!!
Fuck!! YESS!! Ohhh---” (Saint stiffens as she nears her moment, head lolling
backwards as her) “Lily cum on baby!! Cum for me!! Cum for…“

They embrace and kiss, if only to silence the scream that came next as their world
exploded in a hot sexual release.

Their bodies trembled, their senses whipped away, and with a long soul wracking
groan that was muffled by their long passionate kiss as they both
came hard. Their juices splattered about wildly, splashing and running all over as
they came hard and long. After long seconds they collapsed into each other, their
sweaty bodies clinging to each other, their breaths was ragged and wasted.

* * * * * *
She couldn’t stand worrying her precious, so as soon as morning light filled the room
she slipped out quietly. She would be back that night, but for now she needed to get
back to work finding those who did this to her.

As Saint sullenly crossed through the hospital park area back towards the entrance,
it’s beauty lost on her troubled mind, a feeling of apprehension crossed her mind.
“Something's wrong.” she muttered to herself, eyes glancing about nervously,
“Something's not right here.”

Sure enough things were quiet, way too quiet for a typical morning even in a park
meant for rest and recuperation.

Something caught the corner of her vision as she jumped back, barely dodging as
the inhuman target slashed past her. Something impacted into her skull as the figure
passed, the blow registering with her as it knocked her for a loop. A second blow into
her side flips her onto her back, the pain slamming into her as she struggled to get
her senses realigned from the sudden attack.

As she drew her Six Shooter out of it’s holster and up at her attacker she felt the
business end of a gun shoved into own her face in turn, her eyes locking onto the
dark black Assassin Guilder faceplate visor staring right back at her.

“Tell me one good reason why I don’t just blow your brains all over the ground.“ he
snarled, face no doubt contorted in anger b beneath the faceplate.

“To be quite honest I haven’t got a single reason why.” she hissed, eyes narrowed
as she held him in her line of sight. “Any particular reason why we’re having this
conversation to begin with?“ she challenged.

“I couldn‘t tell you even if I wanted to…” he snarled, gun not moving one inch as he
held it tightly, his free hand tapping the insignia of a leaping velociraptor on the
chestplate of his armor. “Does this symbol look familiar to you?“

Briefly Saint glanced, the image sparking something deep… but only briefly.

“I don’t suppose you’ll give me a few weeks to mull this one over.“

“The only thing keeping me from killing you now is the Code, because dammit if I had
my way I’d have killed you by now, you bitch.“

“I guess this isn‘t just a job for you then.” Saint retorted, eyes remaining focused on
him not wavering for one second, “Just… get it over with already…”

He presses the gun into her face harder, eyes narrowed harshly beneath the clear
visor. “You have no idea how hard it is not to kill you.“ he went on angrily, “You had
so much potential! We sacrificed a world to find that one unique genome, that one
person who actually could resist the Plague.“

“What are you talking about!“ she tried to say, “I was dying--“


Saint looked at him, now dumbfounded. “Say what?“

To Be Continued

© 2008 David Rasmussen

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