Relentless Chapter 4
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Relentless Chapter 4 (10)
David Rasmussen

“YOU WERE ADAPTING!!” he repeated, eyes now pleading, “We were so
close! You were the only victim that had the potential to adapt to the Plague
and make it your own, adapt and evolve from that which was killing us! So very
close to a cure and you had to piss it all away!! Get yourself killed when we
were so very very close!!”

“The planetary bombardment…”

“Would have been stopped if we could produce a cure before the deadline!”
he shrieked, his emotions carrying him past all point of reason. “You threw that
away, damn you! You threw that…”

Movement was swift, Saint lashes out with one leg, kicking her attacker
backwards as she rolls to get her legs back under her once again. As she
does she draws down her Six Shooters on him, all barrels charged and

For the briefest second the urge to spare him overwhelmed her, at least to find
out whether he was telling the truth and what he knew. Instead, as he rolled up
from the attack getting his own legging back under him, she fired into him point
blank cutting through armor and flesh to cut him apart.

Quickly moving away, dodging to avoid further hits, he tries to bring his own
gun to bear on Saint only to realize she was moving across a minefield of non-
targets and innocents that could be hit in the crossfire.

“Damn hospital!“ Tantalus grumbled, falling backwards trying to recover
the advantage as Saint moved towards attack, “Why aren’t they evacuating the
area yet?!?”

Watching her move, he tried to pace her step for step, guns firing away
whenever he had a perfect chance. However every time he fired he
handicapped himself, as he often drew downwards into the ground keeping the
chance of collateral damage to nil. “This isn’t working!“ he screamed in anger,
“Why won‘t you just drop dead alr--”

Saint bolts forward, grabbing him quickly to grapple, her arm pulling back and
eyes burning with rage, before she lashes out snapping her assailant’s head
back with the first punch. She then spins about, rolling into a roundhouse kick
that floors him hard, his ribs nearly giving out as he is hammered hard into
the ground.

Incapacitated, he can barely groan as he lies there shuddering in pain.

But Saint couldn‘t stop herself, all her anger and rage was boiling over like
crazy and nothing could stop her. “Why!!“ she screamed, “Why me!! Why was I
the only one capable of surviving!! WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG TO FIND
OUT!! WHY!!“

She grabbed him, her fist raised to strike him again only for someone to grab
her, pulling her off from him in order to restraint her from attacking him further.
In that brief moment of chaos he took the opportunity to escape, leaving Saint
filled with rage and anger, but no answers to why she was so angry.
* * * * * *

It was almost as if she was trying to drown herself.

Saint was propped against the shower wall, her face in the path of the shower’
s fairly warm stream of water, her eyes closed and mouth partially open as she
fingered herself beneath the water’s warming rush. Occasionally her head
turned, just enough to spit out the excess water from her mouth, but she was
too far gone to do much else. She braced herself against the wall, hand
stroking her womanhood fiercer and fiercer until she nearly screamed,
alternating between rubbing and focused fingering in all the right places.

Her teeth clenched tight as she came, her head leaning back abit as her hand
jaggedly finished herself roughly until at long last she couldn’t drain anymore
out of herself, barely capable of getting out of the shower without stumbling in
a daze. Her mind was fogged by her moment, breath rasping as she vaguely
grabbed her towel and began drying herself on the way to the huge bed.

Collapsing onto the bed, Saint keeled over sideways onto the soft sheets, her
breath still ragged abit as she pulled herself onto the bed dazed and out of
breath. A smile touches Saint’s lips as she feels familiar fingers brushing
across her breasts, a welcoming presence sitting down next to her on the bed
holding her nude form firmly in her gaze.

Lily, also naked, smirks as she lets her fingers play across Saint’s body slowly
admiring every inch of her body as her breath slowly began to pick up, her
hand shivering in anticipation of what was to come.

“You don’t mind me making a house call now, do you?” she asked coyly of
Saint, who could only grunt in reply as she surrendered herself to Lily’s
methods. Saint looked up at Lily, her strength slowly returning but the knot in
her stomach not relenting one bit.

“Sorry I had to take that call in the middle of our shower.” Lily whispered softly,
“But I see servicing you through two orgasms didn’t satisfy you enough, did it.”
her head lowers down to Saint’s sweet spot, her breath catching abit as she
sniffs a few times mockingly, “I can smell your arousal. You came without me,
didn‘t you.”

Allowing herself to calm a little, her breath now slowly increasing again as her
own excitement began to grow, Saint gently touched the top of Lily’s head.

Lily giggled, leaning down until her face was right next to Saint’s sex, her
breath lightly tickling it as she held herself back just for a few seconds more
before tasting her, whispering “Don’t be.” as she did.

Saint’s eyes flickered close, her breath hissed briefly as she pressed herself
into the soft bed, her body reacting once again to Lily’s ministrations. “Let
me… lick… you…” she whispered, feeling Lily move herself until she was
positioned just right to offer herself to her lover. As Saint took Lily in turn, her
tongue carefully licking her beloved’s sex in turn as she pleasured her, Saint’s
eyes stared upwards towards the ceiling through the skylight towards the
“view” of the grand scale of the vast landscape of the Central Hub overhead
“Terra“ firma. She shuddered, feeling Lily increase her efforts on her. In turn
she gripped Lily’s rear, pressed it down onto her mouth, and returned her lover’
s efforts in turn with stronger licks and suckles.

* * * * * *

Briefly her thoughts went back to hours before.

The soft flicker of green and red lights flickered above her, moving back and
forth as the medico bed scanned her fully. As it did Doctor Adri Talbot watched
over her, checking the readings as they came in. “You have to understand I
am not exactly suited for this sort of “medicine”.” she admitted, continuing to
scan as Saint sat silently watching. “I guess if I could dissect your old living
body and chart your DNA extensively. Heck, I might be able to understand you
from the bottom of your genetics to the top of your “immunity” to the Plague…“
(shakes head) “But seeing how this isn’t the original body you started out with
there is no evidence either way as to whether or not you were truly immune to
the Plague as that Guilder claims. Sorry, Saint, wish I could be more helpful.“

“Sadist.” Saint muttered, “You just wanted to see me naked, didn‘t you.”

“I’m spoken for.“ Adri retorted as she watched Saint get up, changing back into
her usual clothes. “I don’t even know if there is such a thing as an immunity to
any Plague, let alone the one you’re referring to. Since whatever records there
were about your Mars and the Plague incident are few and far between, it’s not
exactly something I can write a full out medical report on to be certain.“
“Well then…” Saint turned to leave, “I don’t think the day could get worst.”

“Actually…“ (Saint turns on the doc, eyes narrowed at her words) “…well… I
didn’t want to tell you this before, because I didn’t want to make you angry
but… uh…“

“But what.“ Saint repeated, growing more agitated by the second, “If you don’t
want to make me angry then don’t play around with me! What…“

* * * * * *
As Saint’s mind refocuses, she returns to Lily’s gentle ministrations feeling
herself becoming aroused stronger and stronger by her playful touching. Her
fingers gently playing against Saint’s spent and drained womanhood as she
comfort her lover.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you… whether what you said happened
earlier had any bearing on my attack… just be careful.”

“I’m not good at that.” Saint retorted lightly, frowning. “I’m different, remember?”
“I like different. Anyway --“ (breath comes up short as she’s flipped onto her
back by Saint, who doesn’t waste a second to go down on the incapacitated
Lily swallowing her sex quickly and in long shuddering licks) “I’m not as worried
anymore when… goddess… when you’re…” (ngghhh) “…goddess you’re
good…” (rasping breath) “When you are ready you’ll tell… tell-- OH GODDE--”

Saint nearly chokes as splash after splash of cum hit’s the back of her throat,
shocking her abit as she drinks in as much of it as Lily quickly cums.

“GODDESS!!” she cries, choking abit as she moves her head to one side to
recover her breath. Saint falls next to her, to come face to face with Lily, bits of
her cum still on Saint’s face as she smiles.

“I swear to you, one of these days I’ll tell you more about me and… you tell me
more about yourself eh?” (pokes Lily’s nose lightly) “Don’t brush me off,
precious, you know there’s more to you than meets the eye.” (Saint rolls over,
plucking the long thin glass off of the table next to the bed, sipping the cognac
inside as she regarded Lily) “I’ll share my stuff if you share yours.”
“Cognac doesn’t go into those glasses, dear, that’s a champagne glass.” Lily
meekly offers in turn, taking her glass and sipping abit of her drink in turn.

“Warm yet?”

“Burning up, lover.” Saint offers in turn, taking her glass and “feeding” Lily a
sip of her drink, the buzz warming them up quickly. “I think I’m ready for
another go. You?”

“Let me take the wheel this time, lover, I got a surprise for you.“

Lily rolls over and picks out her bottle of pills from her bag, rattling it a few
times as she held it up to Saint. “One of the benefits of working in a brothel is
that I get all the right medications filled by the house Sex Witch. How about you
kneel before me and I’ll pleasure you like you’ll never have from just a rubber

Saint smiles, taking a large swig of her drink as the thoughts filled her mind.
“Oh I’ve played with those pills before!“

“Not these pills. Oh no, not these pills.” Lily chided, a wicked smile replacing
her serene expression as she slipped a pill down her throat.

* * * * * *

“AGGHHl!!” Saint yelled, her hands gripping the sheets tight, face down on all
fours as she was taken from behind by a nearly out of control Lily. “MERCY!!

Saint managed to wretch out before screaming once again, eyes beginning to

At first it was kinda slow going, the usual dickgirl pill sprouting a penis from Lily’
s pussy… but once she was in full swing it began to change rapidly! Each
thrust it grew fatter and fatter, becoming almost like a hard jell that filled every
last inch of Saint’s insides to near bursting… only it didn’t stop! If she didn’t
know better she could almost swear that Lily was fucking her from cunt to
stomach with that rod, her whole intestines no doubt filled with the material that
seemed to dominate her very being. Lily was lost in the feeling, gone as she
was only about the beautiful sex overwhelming them both. Sweat drenched her
body as she grasped greedily at Saint’s ass, working feverishly towards climax
that seemed just out of her reach.

It wasn’t enough, however, to tame Saint… she had to have Saint bodily resist
her to heighten her own pleasure. So to that end she beat Saint’s back,
screaming for her to resist… only lessening her blows as her lover tried to
wrest free, flee the thickening rod threatening to split her, which drove Lily
further and further into a sex frenzy. The more Saint fought, the more it made
Lily want her, and the more the jelly rod in her pussy fattened and fattened in
response to Lily’s emotional state. The fusion of mystical “womanhood” never
breaking as Saint, near collapsed, cried for “mistress” to rape her harder…
that’s when it happened!

Her cries became a near deafening shriek of pain as a rubbery jell like rod
slammed into her asshole, causing her to nearly double over in pain as it filled
her. It was as if the organism attached to Lily’s pussy was adapting, filling both
of Saint’s holes at once to further the chain of unbearable pleasure dominating
her lover’s being. With a banshee like shriek, Lily dug her fingers into Saint’s
sides and began heaving into her all the harder, the dual ravishment of feeling
herself fucking her lover’s cunt and ass simultaneously too much for her
already lust driven mind.

For a brief moment a slight fear reached Saint’s nearly exhausted mind, she
briefly wondered if the organism fucking her would rip her to shreds if it didn’t
get what it wanted. Her ass and pussy would come apart in a violent explosion
if Lily failed to achieve full orgasmic release… her body breaking up in Lily’s
demented screams to cum over her lover’s broken remains… but that was
about the shortest “fear” she ever felt as she felt Lily wretched her up back
onto all fours fully, her body leaning back as her hips worked harder and
harder, Lily’s mouth ajar as she began to feel her peak slam into her, shoving
upwards to meet Saint thrust for thrust. “Goddess I’m… FUCKING CUM!!”

Lily hunched down, holding Saint’s sweaty body tight briefly, before raising
herself and piledriving her love towards orgasm, all gentleness gone as only
her need filled her mind.

“Oh god-- dess!” she cires out, “Please cum!! GOD-- Ahhhh!!” (Lily stiffens as
she feels her moment lingering for the longest time at an unbearable peak)

Her body goes numb as she explodes, suddenly and quickly it strikes beyond
anything she had ever felt before robbing her of all her senses. Saint,
seemingly frustrated, shrieks incoherently as her moment finally does hit, her
body smothering Tara’s as she tries to bury herself into her lover’s flesh.
The shock of cumming wasn’t enough. What happened next chilled Saint.
As Lily, gripping Saint’s ass tight, leaned back screaming, the organ between
her legs jutted out halfway and latterly exploded like a burst water hose!
Steams upon streams of girlcum flying everywhere as she came, Saint feeling
her cunt being flushed clean by the gushing surge of cum that splattered out
like a dam bursting at it’s seams.

Two, three more humps and Lily feel backwards onto the bed, Saint quickly
spinning about to behold the most incredible sight as she watched her lover’s
liquid jell cock burst a dozen seams in it’s clear gel like consistency flapping
about mindlessly as it sprayed the room full of cum, the geyser wetting both
women and the bed in the hot sexy love juice.

Quickly moving into action, Saint clamped a hand down on the wildly flailing
rod, bringing a fresh shriek from Lily. As she grabs onto it she clamps her
mouth onto half of it, milking as much of the half dozen cum geysers’ flows into
her mouth and down her throat as she could without choking. Seconds, only
seconds she could hold it before releasing (choking on the liquid) but it was
enough to bring Lily to a fresh orgasm from the sucking (her dick flapping back
and forth as fresh waves of cum splattered all over the place.

“OH NO!! OH NO!!” she cried, grasping her breasts, “I FOR--”

Explanation was not necessary… as Saint fell back onto the bed, hands
gripping her own tits as the two nipples began to magically spew a golden
honey like liquid maxing out the pleasure already filling her as she felt her cunt
cum again (the liquids drenching her pussy and ass combined with the sheets
of the bed wrapping about her drenched torso triggering a fresh hard orgasm).
It was like every hole that could cum was cumming, and then some.

Her pussy wasn’t enough, now her thick hard nipples on her tits was
cumming… goddess she was going to die of orgasm and she was loving it!
Both women’s bodies continued ejaculating hard and long for half a minute in
length until neither woman could cum anymore. Both women cries out one final
time before she goes limp, rolling limply into each other lying in the drenched
bed covered in both women’s bodily cum (magical and real).

As Lily’s stiff “womanhood” bursts, drenching the already drenched sheets, the
two kiss wearily as they smother their cum laden bodies together, the two’s
womanly passions mixing together as they laid nearly unconscious on top of
each other.

A long time seems to pass between the two, before both women can finally pull
her wits together. Saint sighs, managing to wiggle herself about to come face
to face with Lily, the two only strong enough just to hug and hold each other as
they laid in bed wasted and spent. “Guess -- I have -- to take you -- with me…“
(sighs deeply) “Goddess… cum… cum with me…“

“You sure?” Lily rasped. “I thought we were going to die.“

“Yeah… I did that… already… this was better…” Saint whispers, “Much…
much… better…“

It would be morning before they could finally coordinate plans for Lily to move
in with Saint full time and be her permanent partner and lover.

To Be Continued

© 2008 David Rasmussen

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