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Remote Spot
by Catherine Anne Hayes ©

It is a hot night...the kind of night where sparks happen in the dry
hot air.    It's around 2:00 AM.   You wake from your restless sleep
parched.  You rub the sweat that trickled into your eyes and sit up.   
You  reach for a cup of water next to your bed and find it empty.   

"Damn"  you think.    You get up to pull on some pants so you can go
out and get some water from the supply tent.  As you do so you notice
through the flap of your tent a distant faint light that was never
there before...Is that singing you hear?   A woman's voice.   
Sultry...sensual...beckoning you.   Thirst forgotten, you move as if
mesmerized  to follow the tempting song...You leave your camp and enter
the forest...the path slightly animal scurries across your
path,  the owl hoots.   The occasional sound of crushing
rock...snapping branch.   Your only light to guide you the one ahead in
the distance that is getting closer and closer.   You finally reach
your destination...a tent made of  burgundy silk...there is the exotic
scent of flowers in the find that hear the
singing coming from approach and with your right hand move
the flap aside and enter.  Your eyes adjust to the light.  

You notice a few thick candles strategically placed  around the tent...the ground is
covered with a  beautiful soft turkish carpet with the rich tones of
the see golden vases filled with flowers...then your eyes
see the bed covered in apricot silk sheets trimmed in gold with many
pillows again with the colours of the sunset...on either side of the
bed you see small tables one has a golden pitcher with goblets...the
other has fruits...the scene is are tempted to lay on
that bed but you do not.   You hear again the woman's song.  You turn
and see her...she stands in the other opening of the tent...You stare
at this have never seen this woman in the have
seen her in your dreams...She stops her song and smiles at you...a shot
of electricity bolts through you with her smile...Her eyes glitter like
a sunlight sea... hair also kissed by the sun...on her hair she wears a
circlet of gold, topazes and golden pearls.   The same metal and jewels
dangle from her ears also she wears them around her wrists, ankles and
on a long necklace that dangles between her very full lush abundant
breasts that swell  invitingly...Their rose tips are visible through
the diaphanous robe she wears...again it is the colour of the sunset
edged in gold with full sleeves...her feet are bare. Her skin very fair
touched with rose and a rich cream that you want to taste
with your feel your body react to the sight of this
woman...she sees your reaction and smiles...her eyes then start to
caress feel that caress.  You reach out to touch her but she
grabs your hand instead.  She looks at you and then kisses your palm.   

You feel the tip of her tongue lightly touch the sensitive spot and
again, an electric bolt.  Your fingers curl to stroke her cheek...She
likes this but moves her face from your hand. You are surprised at this
but not for long for she steps close to you.  You go to take her face
between your hands but she stops you.   You are confused now.   She
notices this and says  "You followed my follow my me".   Your nature is not to trust but there is something
about this woman.   You find yourself placing yourself in her
hands...she pours you a goblet of wine and hands it to you.  The wine
tastes of honey and herbs.  It quenches the thirst you forgot about.   
As you drink you notice she is starting to remove her jewels and
placing them in a carved chest...she removes all but a golden topaz
ring...She places her fingers in her hair to shake it out...You are
watching her every want to run your fingers through her
silken strands but she will not let you.  You feel tension building in
your body and sweat start to trickle down the side of your face.   She
sees this...and with her fingers removes the drops...Her fingers feel
cool against your hot skin.   The look on her face is like she made a
decision...She takes your hand and leads  your out the back of the
tent.   You see before you a little pond with a water fall.    She
starts to remove your tee-shirt.  She sighs with pleasure at the sight
of your chest..."Beautiful"  escapes her lips...She then has you sit on
a stool to remove your shoes...then pulls you up to remove your pants
and briefs.    She takes in the sight of your naked body and says  "Oh
Yes".    She can not resist and she steals a quick kiss but again
before you can hold her she moves away and says "Go into the water".  

You do as you are bid.  The water feels wonderful as you immerse
yourself in its depths.   It is not very deep so you are able to sit in
it.    She gathers your clothes and disappears in the tent.    She
emerges from the tent with towels, cloths and soap.    She places them
at the edge of the pool and as she stands up you notice that she is
naked...gloriously, beautifully,  abundantly naked...Your eyes devour
her.    She slowly enters the water and lowers herself next to you.  
She then leans over and  first kisses you on the forehead and then
whispers..."Will you kiss me now?...Please".  That is all the
invitation you need.   You pull her even closer as you lips claim hers
in a hungry kiss.   She sighs and relaxes into your body and deepens
the kiss.  Tongues swirling around each other.   One of your hands
finds a breast and gently squeezes and fondles.  It's fullness spills
in your hand...nipple growing very taut in your palm.    She moans
against your mouth...You love how that then do the same
thing to her other breast...but before you can go further she
reluctantly moves away from you momentarily to get the cloth and soap.  
With both in hand she creates a rich lather and returns to you...first
she takes the lather and puts it in on your head.  She places the cloth
on your shoulder then proceeds to massage your head...running soapy
fingers through your hair.    This feels wonderful...her fingers
magically removing the last vestiges of fatigue.   Then she takes the
cloth from your shoulders and starts to rub it around your neck...then
to one shoulder...then the sigh with pleasure...she looks
at you with twinkling eyes and laughs a sweet little can't
help but laugh back.   She then gently proceeds to take first your left
arm to soap then the see that she is relishing the feel of
your firm muscles.   You look at her with pleasure and she blushes and
lowers her eyes a moment at being caught enjoying the feel of you.   

The moment passes then as boldly she looks back at you as she proceeds
to soap up your chest...fingers running over the play of muscles to
stop momentarily on your nipples.   She flicks then slightly pinches
them and you start at the jolt of pleasure that runs through your body.
She delightfully chuckles at this then continues her soapy assault
down to your torso.  You hold your breath then anticipating the feel of
the cloth going lower but it doesn't.   Instead she goes around you to
soap up your back starting at the top and working her way down.    The
upper part of your body now is covered in soap.    She takes your hand
then leads you to the little water fall to stand under and rinse off.   
You are not done though.    She then brings you to the side of the pond
with a ledge to sit.  She then takes your left foot and soaps it
...massages moan at the pleasure of this...then she soaps and
massages your calf...your thigh...first the outer...then the
inner...working her way up to your are very aroused by this
time and she sees with pleasure the evidence of your arousal...she
looks at it...then at you...takes her finger...kisses it then touches
the tip of your arousal...her touch is like an electric shock there and
you go to reach for her but she lifts her hand to stop you.   "Not yet"
she whispers...then proceeds to give your right foot and leg the same
attention as the left.  Finally she reaches your hip again and with
soap hands...abandoning the cloth she proceeds to run her hands over
your balls...taking them both in her hands...fingers seductively
working magic over the tender glands...then as if with  a will if their
own  her fingers latch onto your engorged member.   You lean back and
moan.   "God...this feels so good" you think.  She then pulls you down
off the ledge to run her hands over your ass.  You hear her sigh of
pleasure as she massages the firm muscle there.   You can't stand it
anymore and you pull her into your arms.   She does not resist you as
your mouth takes possession of hers in a very deep kiss.  Her mouth
opens willingly to accept your tongue and hers darts up to meet it in
the ancient dance.   She tastes like spice and honey.   Your senses
reel at the combined heady sensation of her taste and feel of her body
against you.    Thus entwined she pulls you into the deeper part of the
pool to rinse off the last vestiges of soap.   You both go underwater
kissing and only break apart when you need air and break surface.    

You both look at each other and laugh.   Together you leave the pond.   
She picks up the towels and hands you one and and you both dry
yourselves off.   There is an urgency now in the air.   She dries
herself quickly but still her movements are like a seductive dance.   
She picks up a comb she brought out with the towels but you take the
comb from her hand. She is surprised by this but pleased and with a
smile on her face she turns around.  You start to comb her hair... you
think "It does feel like silk"...when done you toss the comb aside and
pull her against you...arms around her waist and you bury your face in
her neck.   She sighs and melts against you.  She feels your erection
against her full backside.  This excites her.  She turns around kisses
you swiftly and intently. She takes your hand and leads you back into
the candlelit depths of the tent.    She pulls you down with her into
the silken bed to sink into the pillows...both sets of hands touching
and exploring each others bodies.    You kiss her everywhere.   You
find her mouth again...tongues dancing, darting,  exploring each others then break the kiss to kiss her chin...her throat ..the
valley between her breasts then to greedily latch onto first one taut
rosy nipple then the other to suck vigorously...turning them to a
deeper rose...she cries out her pleasure at your delicious assault on
them.  You feel her legs parting so you slip your hand down her tummy
to her most private place to graze first over the golden trimmed curls
to slide into the entrance of her cave.   She is very moist and your
groan at the feel of her wetness...the wetness you caused by the
pleasures you are giving her.    Your run your fingers up and down and
then discover the secret treasure hidden there.   You touch
feel the bolt of electricity that shakes her as you touch it.  You then
start to massage this button...this precious pearl and between your
sucking her nipples and stroking her pearl she bucks and cries out and  
a large flow of her nectar spills over your hand.  You must taste your lips leave her breasts and you descend to her cave of
pleasure to lap up her honey flow.   Your tongue moving all around her
she moans and cries her repeated releases. You grab her hips and then
start to suck on her pearl.  Again nectar shoots out of her filling
your mouth.  You greedily drink this exquisite liquid.  The finest wine
could not compare to her taste.   She can not stand it anymore and she
pulls your mouth from her core and pushes you on your back.  She covers
her body with yours as she first sucks your nipples...this is a new
sensation for you.   You like this and rub her back as she does this.  

Then she makes her way down your chest to your torso....kissing and
nipping to end at the space at the bottom of  your shaft.   She
momentarily looks at its shiny hardness.  She then takes it lovingly in
both her hands and presses it against her soft cheek...She then starts
to rain little kisses ...first on the bottom then working her way up.  
When she reaches the tip she flicks her tongue over it then licks
it...she then teases your ridge...this feels so good to you.  You feel
your blood  boiling...surging through your veins...making your tool
become steel.   She  then with urgency takes you whole into her hot wet
sweet mouth.   You cry out at this in pleasure.  You feel like you have
died and gone to heaven.   As she sucks you vigorously her hands find
your balls and her fingers massage and knead hand then
makes its way to the bottom of your balls to find the stem of your cock
to growl with this feeling.    She sucks you more
vigorously then as her fingers  make their way to your rim to tease it.

You buck at this and you feel her chuckle on's an unusual
sensation but you like it...her finger then inches it way inside your
rim to give you an exquisite massage deep inside you.  She sucks you
and massages you.  You feel your body just roll and expand with the
marvelous sensations she causes.    You feel the mounting tension start
to skyrocket.  You know this feeling but you do not want to experience
it like this so you firmly but gently take her mouth off of you  and
remove her fingers....She looks at your wonderingly then breaks out in
the most beautiful smile you have ever seen.   She knows what you
want...what SHE wants...but instead of laying on her back she first
looks at your wickedly and turns around on her hands and
knees...lifting her glorious round full behind to you.    You need no
invitation and you revel in how she wants you to take her.   First your
hand slips in between her legs to find the entrance and the magic
pearl.   You are ecstatic at the amount of nectar you find clinging in
her core and how plumb and swollen it find the pearl and
start to tease it.   She moans and rocks with pleasure and just when
she is at the peak of pleasure you in one swift stroke thrust into her
fully right to the hilt.  She screams her pleasure and drenches your
cock with her nectar.   You have never known a woman to be so orgasmic.
You revel in the knowledge that you are doing this to her.   

Her cave walls clench even harder and pulls you in more and you grab her hips
and  pound into her even more vigorously like a wild stallion running
over the open unlimited plains.    Your cock is stroking against her
internal magic spot and she pants and cries her pleasure.  You answer
and match her sounds.  Your bodies in a timeless joint rhythm.  
Suddenly the exquisite pressure builds....mounts...explodes into a
climax that rivals galaxies.  You both shout out your release and
collapse back down into the bed...your body covering hers.  You both
just lay there feeling the receding waves.  You do not move.  All is
silent now except the sound of your mingled breathing.  Eventually
other sounds come into both your consciousness'...the waterfall...night
animals...the rustle of leaves in the breeze.   You look around for a
moment watching the play of the candle light on the walls of the tent.  
You look down on her.  Her head turned to the side she looks up at you
wonderlingly.  You smile at her tenderly and a a smile breaks out on
her face.   She turns around to face you.  Her action causes your
member to move out of her and for a moment a look of dismay crosses her
face.  If it were up to her you would always be nestled deep inside
her.  You gently...almost reverently kiss her lips...she smiles back up
at you.  You then lie down into the softness of the silken bed.   A
delicious languor has taken over you.   You have not been this relaxed
in ages.  She slowly sits up and looks at you. She then lifts the hand
with the golden topaz ring and removes it from her finger. She lifts
your left hand and places it on your little finger and kisses it.  
Tears gather in your eyes...reflecting the tears in hers.  They are
tears of joy...contentment.  She lays back down next to you.  Your turn
and kiss her brow.  A sigh escapes her lips.  Slowly the both of you
drift into sleep...

Hours later you wake up and stretch.  With a smile on your face you
turn to her and open your eyes.  She is not there.  You look around and
realize you are not in her her tent.  You are back in your own
cot and tent.  You hear the sounds of men outside preparing for the
day.   You are very confused.  How did you get here.   You shake your
head and think it must have been a dream.  You get out of the cot and
go to the basin to pour water and wash your face.  As your do that you
feel the touch of metal against your face.   You look at your hand and
see the golden topaz ring.   You look at yourself in the mirror in
wonderment and see a small mark on the side of your neck.  You touch
it.  You look at the ring again.  This was not a dream...or was it...

2006 copyright Catherine Anne Hayes
Remote Spot