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Romancing the Goddess
by D. Renee Coles©

He stood at the door of his apartment with the key in his hand. She was
inside, waiting for him. He could feel her presence through the door
and although he wanted to walk in and be with her he couldn’t quite make
himself unlock the door.

Everyone at work had already asked him why he looked so tired after
such a long weekend and he had half mumbled something to them about
working on his place but he didn’t think any of them believed him. John had
finally cornered him after work.

“What is the matter with you, man?” asked John, a serious look of
concern on his face.

“It’s her,” he said running his hand through his hair.

“Come on! Get over her already!”

“Not her, the other one,” he said.

“The stripper?”

“Yeah, the stripper,” he answered. And over a beer he proceeded to
tell him what had happened the night before last.

He was missing his girl. Technically she wasn’t his girl anymore but
he was missing her and so he decided to make himself feel better. He
wanted to look at some real live women, watch them dance and imagine they
did things that his ex would never do. Or imagine that their breasts
and their pussies were hers and that she was dancing before him and that
he would be able to climb inside of her later.

It wasn’t his normal place, it was some new establishment that John
had found a week ago and swore was the sexiest thing he ever saw. And he
was right. As soon as he walked in, he knew there was something
different about it.

The women there just glowed. When they smiled it was like his whole
world lit up. They sat right in front of the stage. There was one seat
right in front of the pole as if someone was saving the spot for him. And
who knows, perhaps they were. He didn’t think it was strange when all
the girls knew his name.

“Would you like a drink, Shawn?” one of them purred into his ear. She
had blue hair and wore clear plastic dress. She smiled at him as he
looked her over. She had the most gorgeous breast he had ever seen and the
drapes matched the carpet. She laughed and sat a shot glass full of a
strange golden colored liquid before him.

“I didn’t ask for anything,” he said absently still staring at her
strange blue pubic hairs half wondering if her exposed sex would be the
same pink as her nipples.

“Oh trust me, you’ll need it.”

“What is it?” he asked

“Oh, something a little like falling in love, a little like eating
fire. You’ll like it, trust me.”

“Aren’t they both the same thing?” he said picking up the glass and
looking at it wanting her to like him more than anything.

She laughed, “Drink it, the show’s about to start,” and she trotted
off, her ass switching back and forth daring him to follow.

He picked up the shot glass full of golden colored liquid and because
he had no thought to do otherwise, swallowed it in one gulp. It was
sweet as it slid past his tongue and down his throat but as soon as it hit
his stomach he felt it change and from his gut to his lips there was an
intense burning sensation so strong that he thought he would scream.
And then as soon as it began it was over.

There was a strange hush over the room. The lights had changed to cast
a red tinge on everything. The music started, a strange song that
sounded a little like a fight but mostly like a hunt and then she came out.

She moved slowly down the stage to the pole. Her body was lithe and
muscular. She was built for speed but for power as well. Her black hair
was short and a ringlet of gold rested on her head. He could see the
muscles in her legs work under her skin as she walked, smooth but it
seemed that they were just waiting for a burst of motion. Her bare feet
stepped one in front of the other. Her stomach was flat and he wanted to
run his tongue over it and feel the muscle underneath. A white cloth was
tied over her breast and another was tied around her waist. It seemed
to him that he could see a tail flicking back and forth behind her. As
she neared the pole, she reached for it and swung slowly around it. She
had full lips that were parted slightly to show white teeth. Her eyes
which he swore were a dusty yellow were searching the crowed for
something. They settled with an animal intensity on him and then she began to

It was a violent sort of dance but he felt himself get hard as he
watched her move on the pole. The cloth that covered her breast was undone
and they appeared before him, smaller than he expected but he wanted to
touch them. She was naked suddenly and the light shone of her bare skin
brown skin. She walked towards him on all fours, her tail swishing
slowly behind her. She stopped in front of him and sat up spreading her
legs wide before him. Her bare sex glistened wetly in the red light. She
slid off the stage and into his lap, grinding herself onto him, pressing
his cock sending waves of pleasure through his body. He kept his hands
at his sides but he wanted to grab her and press himself into her warm
wet opening.

The music stopped and she climbed off of him and back onto the stage.
She picked up her clothes while another girl gathered up her money for
her. The lights changed back as they walked back stage together.

“Wow,” Shawn stuttered out. There was a wet spot on his pants but he
wasn’t sure if it was from her or him. The waitress came back with
another shot glass and sat it before him.

“Someone ordered this for you, would you like a private dance?” she
asked smiling.

He picked up the glass and drank it down. Both sensations were more
intense this time but somehow that made it better. “I’m sorry; I don’t
have the money for that on me.”

“Don’t worry,” she said holding out her hand for him, “Someone ordered
that for you, too.”

He took her hand and stood up. She led him to the back and pushed a
door open. They walked in and the door shut silently behind them. The
light was normal here and her hair he could see wasn’t blue at all. It was
a slivery white. The lights just made it look blue. She walked past a
few doors and then led him inside of a room. There was a single couch in
the room and he took a seat on it. She shut the door behind them and
went to a counter that held a bottle and glasses. She poured him a glass
of the strange golden liquid.

“What is this stuff?” he asked taking it from her.

“I told you already, its-“

He stopped her, “Like falling in love,” he said.

She nodded and walked over to the light switch.

“What was that dancer’s name?” he asked.

“Leona,” she said unzipping her plastic dress and letting it drop to
the floor. Her skin was alabaster white.

“What’s your name?” he asked putting his glass down. Her silver hair
was longer than he thought, it fell to her waist.

She turned her face to him and said, “Diana,” and then clicked off the

She glowed softly in the darkness but somehow Shawn didn’t find this
odd. She turned to face him completely and walked towards him. Her hips
were wide and he wanted to lie between her legs. She didn’t dance.

She knelt before him and he took her breast in his hand. He let his
thumb play over her pink nipple. She rubbed her palm over his cock
through his pants. He felt himself getting harder and she stopped and pulled
herself onto his lap. She moved her hips slowly over him and let her
head fall slightly to the side exposing her soft neck. He kissed it
gently and then moved to her soft lips. She let herself be kissed and then
he put one of her pink nipples in his mouth and sucked. She moaned
softly and worked her hands under his shirt to touch his skin. Her own skin
was cool and he half assumed it was because he was so hot. He let go of
the breast in his mouth and she pulled his shirt over his head and let
it drop to the floor. She kissed down his chest and worked her way to
his pants buckle. On her knees between his legs she undid his pants
releasing his swollen member. She ran her tongue over his impressive cock
and then took it in her mouth. She moved slowly and he placed his hand
on her head pushing it down to take more of him into her mouth. She
moved until he was fully inside of her mouth. She sucked him and stroked
his balls until he pulled her off. He picked her up and placed her on the
couch. She spread her legs and he kicked off his shoes and pants. “Show
me,” he said his voice gruff and demanding.

She spread the lips of her pussy with two fingers exposing her to him.
It was as pink as her nipples and glistening in her soft glow. He
crawled between her legs and thrust inside of her. She gasped as entered
her. He pushed himself into her tightness and she grasped his back and
breathed hard underneath him. As she began to open wider for him he moved
quicker, pushing himself further inside. He looked at her and saw that
her eyes were closed tightly. He wanted to say something to her but he
couldn’t get the words out. He pushed himself deep inside of her and
moaned loudly as he came.

Spent he let himself slide out of her and rested his head on her
shoulder. She reached between her legs and her fingers came back red in her
strange glow.

“You’re bleeding,” he said already half asleep. “I’m sorry, I didn’t

“Shhh,” she said wiping the blood off and stroking his head softly.

“It’s alright.” She began laying soft kisses on his head.

He fell into a deep restful sleep.

© 2006 D. Renee Coles

Renee is working on her first novel which she hope to finished by the end of the year. She  
find it hard to classify the type of fiction that she writes.
Romancing the Goddess