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Sailor Troopers chapter one
by David Rasmussen©

Saint eyes flickered open to the sight of green.

Her senses slowly snapped to as she realized she was suspended in a green liquid,
her vision blurring as she tried to focus on her surroundings. She was floating in a
green liquid, tightly packed into a narrow cylinder with one window looking out into a
dimly lit room. Her mind was a jumble, but not so much that she couldn’t come to a
sense of panic being in such a tight space.

Her hands pounded the casing, but soon that too brought her to a halt as she realized
her hands were different. They were smaller, like that of a younger woman. Because of
this her punches were weaker, ineffective against the barrier all around her.

Then, as if all at once, realization set into her mindset.

“Noooooo…” she thought to herself, her fears growing by leaps and bounds, “This can’t
be happening! This can’t be happening!!”

Her eyesight slowly cleared, becoming accustomed to being underwater, enough so
that she could see her own face. Staring back at her, in the reflection cast by the
cylinder’s one window, was the face of a 17 year old asian girl… not her face at all, as
she surmised the truth… she was back in her own personal hell again.

A world she and her fellow Troopers fled years ago, a now dead world filled with only
pain and nightmares, and the walking dead that represents the only “life” left on it’s
raped and violated surface.

She pounded her fists hard against the cylinder, feeling herself losing consciousness
as sleep began to weight heavily on her. Teeth clenched she struggled to remain
awake, her arms flailing as she struggled against sleep. “NO!!” she cried out in her
mind, “Please don’t do this… to me!! Tara please get me out of here…”

Her eyes fell on a sight that made her heart freeze within her.

The scene before her was a beastily display of carnal perversion, too much for her even
to struggle to come to terms with. What she saw before her scared her.

They were Sailor Troopers, five who were one. Each a woman representing a planet by
name and grace. They wore their uniform costumes with pride, and did their duties
without fail, but now that seemed to have all be thrown away as three of them raped and
beaten and submissive Tara right before her eyes.

But that shouldn’t have been, Saint’s mind dimly reasoned, because Tara didn’t
become Lunaris (Moon) until a few years ago! Somebody else, a woman they no longer
rememebered, bore the mantle until they fled their homeworld… her fate : unknown. But
why is it, now, that she remembers the horrors of the world does she remember Tara
as Lunaris when she was not Lunaris when these horrors took place?

Tara (Trooper Lunaris) was a woman in her late 20’s, a beautiful woman with short
blazing red hair and a fiery temper. Tall and abit rugged, she was a strange
counterance to the shorter and more petite image that Saint (Trooper Mercury) was, a
younger 20 year old woman with shoulder length flowing blonde hair that gave her an
almost angelic appearance, hence her “name” of Saint (which is the only name she’s
known since the day Tara found her wandering aimlessly on the streets, a blank slate
of a mind without a clue to anything). Tara was her end all, be all, beloved… which
made watching the horrible scene before her just that much more painful to bear.
Natalie (Trooper Venus) held her head back, her eyes rolled back as she gripped Tara’
s head, crying out for her to suck harder. Natalie (a wirey athletic female with short
trimmed green hair) was not like the others, she was once a man. Once upon a time
Natalie was a man who commited the crime of rape, and was sentenced to gender
reassignment to cure “her” of her illness. Though she was now all women Natalie was
particularly addicted to popping “dickgirl” pills, if only to remind herself of the sexual
pleasure she once felt as a man (though no longer in the sexually violating way she
used to express it… until now).

Grace (Trooper Jupiter) could barely be seen beneath Tara, but her long black tightly
held together ponytail that ran down the length of her spine (her “whip” which she
charges with bio energy during her acrobatic physical attacks) couldn’t be missed.
She and Natalie were an item, so seeing them “share” Tara was abit unnerving.
Finally there was the tempermental Reiya, Trooper Mars, who gripped Tara’s rear tightly
as she slammed into her with her black strapon. She always had a black strapon, one
she once said she got from her first love and which took her own virginity. Presently she
has her own girlfriend, but Saint barely knew anything about the soft spoken woman
Reiya was in love with, except that she was skilled with her hands and good at doing
just about anything from cooking to fixing things.

They were all naked, all bruised and beaten, and yet the three aggressive ones didn’t
seem to notice their injuries as they violated Tara, a look of demonic lust filling the two
visible women’s faces as they lashed out sexually with wicked glee. She couldn't hear
their words, but it scared her nevertheless (what she could not hear).

That’s when two arms wrapped around her, and something behind her whispered in
her ear, "Why don't you love me anymore?" Flowing waves of bright pink hair floated into
her eyesight, and a hollow face with empty eye sockets stared at her from the glass,
black tears flowing down her face as she…
* * * * * *
Saint snapped herself awake in a cold panic, her sheets gripping her nude form as she
held herself tightly.

She had thought that was behind her. Year after year had passed since that world, that
pain she left behind when her and the other Soldiers were rescued from their personal
hell, and yet it is a pain that she seemed never truly capable of leaving behind.
Only one of them, Sakura, didn't make it out of that hell alive.

She was repeatively raped, butchered, and dumped into a shallow grave to rot. Her soul
was ripped from her body as she died, cast to the four winds to dissipate in agony.
“Why am I dreaming about that now…” Saint meekly asked herself in a soft whisper,
“Why…” Carefully her eyes glanced over to where Tara slept, her nude form covered by
the quilts, her face calm in gentle slumber as she slept peacefully. She didn’t even
seem to notice Saint waking up, and that (to Saint) was a good thing. She didn’t want to
worry Tara, not now.

Carefully, quietly, Saint got out of bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door ever
so gently behind her, locking herself in. As she washed her face she felt different,
everything seemed abit bigger than she was used to… she looked up, shaking sleep
from the back of her mind, and stared into the asian girl’s face. Behind her Sakura
stood, her hollow tortured face staring at her through the glass, blood flowing down her
sunken cheeks. “Don’t leave me alone…” she whispered.

With a yelp Saint spun about, only to find nothing behind her. But that’s when realization
of another kind set into her, as she realized that she was still staring at the asian girl’s
reflection when she spun back to the mirror. She reached up, and a new surge of panic
overtook her. “I… I changed into her again??” she cried, nearly jumping through her
skin as she heard a sharp knock on the door. “Saint? You OK in there? What’s wrong?”
Saint dropped to the floor, gripping herself tight in a state of confusion, sweat dripping
from her forehead. “Oh no! Oh no no no no no…”

“Saint? Come on, this isn’t funny. Don’t lock yourself in there, what’s going…”
“Uhh…” Saint stammered, an excuse coming to mind quickly. “I have to go to the toilet! I
have a stomach ache!”

“Oh…” Tara remarked, “Alright then…” (silence) “I… uh… hope it all comes out well in
the end… I guess. Come to bed when you’re done making that deposit.”

“OK!” Saint called out, rolling over onto her side as tears flowed down her face stronge
now, “This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening,” she silently rasped over and
over again, holding herself tightly as she pulled herself into the fetal position, “Please,
go away. Go away go away go away go away…”

She needed help, badly. And right now only one person came to mind.
Thankfully she left her cellphone in the bathroom when she went to bed, so…
* * * * * *
Ami’s soft hands reached out, holding Michi’s face firmly as she stared longingly into
the older woman’s eyes. Michi, smiling warmly as she gazed back into Ami’s eyes in
turn, held her beloved’s gaze waiting for her to make the next move.

“Your so beautiful.” Ami whispered breathlessly, their gazes locked as they gazed into
the deep pools of each other’s eyes. Finally, Ami released her hold and slid forward,
her hands reaching down to grasp.

Michi’s pajama top as she eased it slowly over Michi’s body. As her sizable breasts
were exposed, Ami leaned forward and grasped them, suckling on one while she
slowly pinched and played with the other.

A soft gasp escapes from Michi’s lips as she holds her precious’ head to her chest
with one hand, while her other hand works on freeing Ami’s bosom from her own
pajama top.

Ami closes her eyes as she feels the top loosening, Michi’s probing fingers find her
breasts beneath the soft cloth. Ami suddenly rises and presses her body close to Michi’
s body, rubbing their breasts together as she kisses Michi again, filling her mouth with
her exploring tongue.

Their hands roam freely, tugging away at each other’s bottoms until they were
completely naked. Free of their last bit of clothes, both girls slide onto the ground,
swinging their legs about until they were in a trib stance, each of their pussies close to
the other’s in a scissors position.

Reaching out, they each grab the other’s arms so they could stare into the other’s face
as they made love.

As they watched, the two slowly but surely begins to grind her hips into the other,
sending waves of pleasure into her partner. Slowly the pleasure grows, like waves
lapping on a shore, but as they increase their tempo the waves grow and grow and they
begin to cry out and moan in response.

Michi, arms shaking and hands trembling, hold tightly onto Ami’s legs as they piston
their hips together harder and harder, tears flowing down her face as she is smothered
in their joint bliss. Ami, her own pleasure slashing through her in waves, smiles
between rasps and screams as she humps harder to reach her nirvana with Michi.
Thrashing and bucking wildly, both womens muscles lock up as they are overcome as
they scream in release, their bodies shuddering in the grips of the ignition of release
between them. Their love juices splash out all over their hips and legs, sending
strange new sensations as they rub against each other, feeling the sloshy wetness of
their juices exciting them as they did.

For long seconds both women whimpered, working off the last of the pleasure from
their joint coming, until they were spent and content, lying on the ground gasping for
breath. Briefly, satisfactorily, Michi pulled herself to face Ami, smiling as she kissed her
deeply in the soft afterglow of release.

That’s when the phone began to ring.

The first thing Michi thought when she heard the phone ring was whether or not she
could get away with killing the telemarketer on the other end if she claimed it was self
defense. Then she thought it was probably Natalie with yet another awkwardly probing
question about her sexual relationship with Grace. It seemed that even though they've
been an item for a few years Natalie still called her, being that they was the only "real"
lesbians Natalie knew personally that she trusted enough to ask revealing questions to
(especially since Grace was too soft spoken and shy in ways of sexuality to admit that
she needed the help as much as Natalie did when it came to their sexual side).
At this point Michi clenches her teeth and shivers abit, not even daring to think what
strange sexual question was waiting for her when she picked up the phone. The last
time the phone rang it was Ami who answered, and after a few affirmative answers and
a few nods of the head, she simply replied “Tell Grace the taste will eventually go away
and she didn't damage her taste buds for eternity by giving you a blowjob and then a
pussy --” (Michi's pissy _expression gave Ami more than sufficent a clue to cut it short)
“-- bye.” (smiles at Michi) “Wanna know what she did?” at which point Michi rolled over
and covered her head in response. “Guess not.”

Of the few who were in deep lesbian relationships it seems that Natalie and Grace
were the least prepared for it. Natalie could be understood since she was once a male
before her gender change, ditto for Grace who came from a very conservative
background, but still at least they could have tried to put more effort into learning things
for themselves without constantly reaching for the cellphone whenever trouble arose.
Suddenly an awkward thought crossed Michi’s mind. It’s been five years, five long years
since the nightmares of their old world. Of all the Troopers, only Michi, Ami and
Rebecca (Trooper Pluto) remember the horrors of the world before the Realm of
Dreams, and each year that they lived there the horror became less and less until it
faded into a footnote in their past and nothing more. Eventually they moved on with their
lives, and for these two the chance eventually came to fulfill a dream of theirs that they
only had once they found peace in the Realm of Dreams.

Michi & Ami had a Winterian style wedding two years ago, finally becoming one in an
official sense.

They even kept a photo album of the event, with pictures of everyone who attended. It
was, to say the least, a sexually intense event worthy of it’s own story… one of these

As Michi picked up the phone, ready to tell Natalie, Tara (heaven forbid it‘d be her) or
whoever off, she heard a wheezing soft cry and a voice whisper in her ear "…mama…"

Michi froze for a second, her hand finally moving to nudge Ami awake as she spoke in a
hushed whisper, “Tomo? What's wrong?”

“Don‘t call me that… Saint… I‘m… papa… I need help… please…”

“I changed to Tomoyo!” Saint/Tomoyo cried softly into the cellphone, “I can't change
back to myself no matter how hard I try! I can't be like this -- Tara will know… help me.
Please help me.”
Michi tried to reason with her, “But you are Tomo--”

“No! No! I'm Saint!” she silently hissed, “I‘m Saint! Please --” (her voice chokes silently,
her will struggling to keep her from yelling out loud) “You promised me you wouldn't do
this. Don't do this... just help me please! I don't know what to do... help me! Help --”

Suddenly Ami reaches over and takes the phone from Michi, overhearing the
conversation from her spot on the bed, and begins to sing in a soft melodious tone into
the cell. Slowly, but surely, Saint calms down on the opposite end, still rolled up in a
fetal position but less frightened. It takes a few minutes but as she calms she slowly
regains enough control to become "Saint" again.

Before the phone disconnects Ami makes Saint promise to visit in the morning. As she
hangs up she's greeted by Michi's frowning visage. “You’re encouraging her too much,
Ami!“ she scolded, “She can't hide from herself forever, yet your encouraging her.”

“She doesn't need speeches, she needs to find it in herself to accept who she is, even
if she believes that accepting her true self will destroy her relationship with Tara.”

Michi huffs her breath at the thought, “Tara isn't deserving of our precious’ love if she
can't accept her for who she is, she knows how I feel about that and she still doesn’t
accept that.” and with that Michi rolls over in bed in a huff, much to Ami's dismay.
“Obviously your not going to listen to a word I have to say on the subject,” Ami relented,
“So I won't bother trying to defend myself.”

“It's wrong.” Michi countered, eyes narrowing as she spoke, “Why can't she let go?
Accept what she is and live as Tomoyo and not this petite blonde dress-up doll she
insists on being.“

A mischievous smile crosses Trooper Neptune’s lips as Michi finishes her sentence,
“Hypocritical aren’t we? After all who is the tall drink of blonde love in my life that I fell in
love with, and who is now pouting on her side of the bed like an upset child.”

“I’m not an upset child!” Michi snaps back halfheartedly, feeling Ami‘s persistence
wearing her down.

To Be Continued

© 2006 David Rasmussen

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