Sailor Troopers 2
story codes: FF, Sci fi , Rape

Sailor Troopers 2 (10)
by David Rasmussen©

The world was on it’s way to it’s grave, but those who brought this
death were not ready to give up the ghost just yet. So many young
women to violate, so much energy in their bodies and will to do it.

At least that’s what he reasoned as he watched him, sitting silently
as he paced the man who was the center of his attention.

In the dimly lit room he paced about this man, watching him as he
did. With every step his armored boots clanked and clicked against
the metal flooring, making an odd click-clack-click-clack noise as he
paced about the room. Holocaust (his codename) regarded the
sitting male as he spoke to him.

“The world stands at it’s grave, with only the last piles of dirt needed
to seal it’s fate in the deep dark.”

He smiles as he continues to pace, his eyes never leaving his still
silent companion. “Bringing us Assassin Guilders’ into this situation,
offering us just about anything imaginable just to pull you out of your
dead world’s grave so you and your remaining associates can find
fresh “game” to fuck and rape and stick into hyperfreeze cylinders
between layjobs? I could never tell what it was about all that that got
you off.”

A stern frown crossed Holocaust’s face as he neared his associate,
eyes locked on him.

“I know you would emphasis if you could all the joys of whipping
tender female flesh, beating them into submission, slicing and
raping young tender women…” he said, walking forward briskly until
he was next to the man, his left hand plucking the man’s head from
limp shoulders. “If you weren’t already dead.”

A faint smile now replaced the frown, his hands holding the head up
as he regarded the shocked _expression on his face, his last
moments screaming about how “sick” he was. “But that’s what you
get for being a quote “sick” unquote retarded bastard association
who thought more with their penises than their heads.”

“I wonder how it must have hurt you so to realize that we only went
along with your “lovely” schemes if only to gather all of you
together… much easier to kill off that way. But, then again, you did
believe that nothing is more valuable than a den full of young women
stripped naked and willing to please… fool.”

Holocaust spins on his heels, chucking the head backwards into it’s
former body which knocks the whole ensemble into the flooring with
a loud thump. “Strictly speaking “old friend” I’m not that kind of
person. Even if Code 8 forbade the sickopathic plans you had for
young women (which it does) I wouldn’t have gone with any of your
plans. But just between you , me and the dead “space“ between us?
I think it was the one million credit’s a crotch reward by the
Winterian/Free World Dimensional Pan Alliance (FrWrDPAc
Alliance) that purged your world of the last of the living filth it held
which made all the difference to me. After all…” (stops to give the
dead body a sharp brief wave) “Fun is fun after all, but money makes
the galaxy spin and rotate about.”

Tap. With a push of a button the floor slowly yawns open, and drops
the body into the darkness. “Well I have work to do,” he announces,
the doors closing behind the dead body, “Advance units have been
on the ground for a week now, and I think it’s time we began to kick
things up abit. That needs to be babysat and watched closely, but
you be a good boy now and feed the sharks, will you? Now there’s a
good lad.”

* * * * * *

Saint, the name given to her by Tara a long time ago. But her
birthname is Tomoyo, and she was the adopted daughter of Michi &

The story was complex enough, but it all had it’s roots in the world
before this one over five years ago, which ended when they made
the transition here.

Tomoyo (a 9 year old runaway) was adopted by Michi/Ami (then
fledgling Troopers) when they were in their late 20’s. As they raised
her as their own child she began to feel love towards her best friend,
Sakura, and a relationship was born… until their world died, and
Sakura perished with it.

Five years ago they were all brought to this world. But Tomoyo, the
one from their world, broke free of the entourage passing between
worlds and threw herself into ElseSpace in a vain attempt at suicide.

She couldn’t live without Sakura, and thus she had to die if only to
join her in the thereafter.

Unable to live without Sakura by her side she only wished for death
-- but what she found was life, and something more. She ended up
lost on the streets homeless and alone. She couldn’t die, couldn’t
starve to death, couldn’t perish in that manner… but she could die of
loneliness, until that day.

She was about to be raped by a couple of Darklings when Tara
came upon them, and intervened.

Lost, frightened, and starved for love she clung onto Tara like a
drowning person, which was essentially a truth since spiritually she
was drowning in a sense. Tara took her home, and slowly their love
grew and grew until it became what it is today.

However, sometimes, when Saint (Tomoyo) needed someone to
comfort her as only family could she came back to the two women
she called mother and father after a chance encounter in a mall
reunited them.

And, right now, the only person she could think of who could help her
in this situation was mama and papa. Which brings us to where we
are now.

Michi was not finished yet, even as Ami sighed at her persistence.
“Anyway you make it sound like I'm blonde blonde the way you talk
like that. Is there a point to this?”

Ami - “When she's ready she'll embrace her true self. When that
happens she'll find her lover to be far more understanding and
accepting than she gives her credit for.”

Michi - “We'll see, Ami, we'll see.”

As the lights shut off Michi grumbles beneath her breath, “The phone
better not ring again or so help me…” The phone rings. “-- argh --”
(answers phone) “WHAT?!?” (silence) “It's way too early in the
morning to even think of such an absurd thing, Natalie! I don’t know
what flows through your veins that makes you not want to sleep at
normal hours (if such a thing can exist here) but GO TO BED!!”
(silence) “Then let nature take it's course, and stop whining about it!
Either way shut up and leave me alone!” (slams phone down and
rolls over in bed grumbling to herself)

“Who was it? Or do I need to ask…” Ami asks, to which Michi growls
“Go to bed.”

Ami - “Natalie is having a hard time getting Grace to go along with it,
isn't she. And after you went through all the trouble to buy the right
one that fit Grace like a buttered glove and --”

Michi - “I stop caring about other people’s problems at this “hour” --
go to bed.”

Ami - “You were the one who recommended that to them, but you
know how Natalie is so overtly energetic when she's horny and --”

Michi rolls over and gives Ami a dirty look - “I don't care! Now…”
(their lips lock for several seconds as Ami holds her close, pulling
away as she smirks at her) “Made you roll over.”

Michi sighs, and relents to her losing position, “Please go to bed.”

Ami lies down, pulling herself into Michi’s grip as they cuddle into a
restful sleep, her eyes closing tight, “You started it.”

The frustrated yelp from Michi convinces her not to push her luck any

* * * * * *

Grace woke up to find herself sitting in the middle of a destroyed
section of Tokyo, with a familiar face staring right at her. “Hello,
Lazarus.” she remarked in her trademark eventoned voice.

Lazarus, looking abit hurt by Grace’s reaction, reached out to tap
Grace on one shoulder with the tip of his finger. “Lazarus. Is that all
you have to say?”

“What else is there to say.” she responded in eventone, showing no
reaction to the gruesomeness about her.

“I suppose it is to be expected, seeing how you’ve lived through all
this before and all…” Jack relented, “But still, I did went out of my
way to bring you out here to see the end of the Tokyo of dreams as
we know it, and all you can say is “Hello, Lazarus.”… are you alright?”

Grace smiles abit, “Please tell me why we’re here. I never knew
dreams could die.”

With abit of a sigh Jack nods, knowing Grace was not going to
respond to anything else other than what she wanted to hear, the
reason that they were here. “Believe you me, dreams can die…“ he
responded with a stifled sigh, pacing about in a circle as he spoke.
“Tokyos come and Tokyos go, born and reborn over and over again
as previous ones die. Die through the “Death” of those within the city
and their dreams, or dies here. The same difference remains. The
city dies, and those who cannot be reborn die with it (forever I might
add).“ (huffs breath once, watching it come up as a puff of smoke
before speaking again). “It seems the path of you and your fellow
ladies are all about to intercept with the destines of some very
troublesome beings.” (shrugs) “Who I can’t say, never can it seems
when things end up this disgustingly dead… last time this happened
was at the end of WWII -- or the 2137 Great Tokyo Tsunami if you’re
from the future.”

“All I do know,” Jack turns back to Grace, wrapping up his speech,
“everything is coming up threes.”

Grace - “Threes? How so?”

“Why not? Three confidants that I work with, three suspects in these
matters I speak of, three outbreaks of Darkling rape sprees in the
last few months, it all seems to come up three lately. Heck, there’s
even word of a third Pirates of the Caribbean movie… though I am
pretty certain Disney is not behind these happenings.”

Jack’s eyes narrowed as he walked up to stand right in front of

“Three powers that be which bring unbearable darkness. Three
powers that be which bring unstoppable light. Three who are the
answer to all questions, three who are the question that must be
answered, three who are the salvation of Tokyo and three… you get
the point.”

“I see.”

Jack shakes his head slowly, “Not yet… but you will.”

And with that Grace’s eyes snap open, her even breathing barely
shuddering as she rouses to awareness. Barely a trickle of sweat on
her, but she felt her heart fluttering faster than normal for her at rest.
Only a few drops on her forehead, but she felt herself rising to the
situation in her mind and heart as she began to shiver from the
revelation. “That wasn’t a dream.” she whispered, her eyes focusing
in the darkened room.

She cleared her mind, and used her photographic memory to dig
into her own memory of the “vision” to see if she missed anything, if
something was there that she didn’t note while talking to Lazarus, or
to be more precise while she was being talked at by Lazarus. She
was quiet, but (she mused) it was unnecessary since Natalie could
sleep through just about anything that wasn’t involving food or fun
(that woke her up).

In fact, Grace silently mused while pouring over her own memories,
she could probably set the house on fire and still not wake Natalie.
Still, just in case, she decided to leave the bedroom and
contemplate her thoughts in the living room, where (while lying
quietly on the huge couch) she felt his presence.

“Why don’t you just come out with it and tell me what I’m missing.”
she said quietly, “No matter how I go over my own memories of our
talk I can’t see anything of note to the situation you talked about.”

“If I could? I would, believe me.” he admitted, the soft lighting barely
illuminating his visage as he approached her quietly, “But I can’t
because what information I have is purely hearsay, which could just
as much get you killed if it’s wrong as it might save you if it’s right on
the money. Conjecture, thought and wishful pondering, all that.
Nothing of use until more can be gathered to verify or condemn it.”

“Then where does that leave us?” Grace asked, feeling a slight
twinge of annoyance at the vagueness of the answers, “You tell me.”
he countered. With that he vanished, leaving Grace behind to silently
“chew” on the info, and clench her fist silently in slight annoyance.

She might as well go back to sleep, she relented, she would learn
nothing from endless reflection… for now.

“Ready for bed yet, Grace?” Natalie called out from the bed as she
entered the bedroom, bringing a slight smirk to Grace’s features as
she entered. Natalie was always a light sleeper it seemed, probably
came from spending time in prison she mused, though the prisons
weren’t supposed to be all that bad.

“Sorry if I woke you, “she mumbled, “I’m going to bed now.”

“Alright, get your dainty rear in here and lie down.” Natalie
whispered, pulling the sheets open and motioning for Grace to join
her, “I personally love the way the street lights shine through the
bedroom windows at this hour, it‘s beautiful when it’s this soft kind of
bright in here.”

Grace slides into the bed, but doesn’t move to embrace Natalie.
Instead she tugs her robes away as she crawls into bed, naked, and
lies opposite of Natalie with legs spread and a welcoming smile on
her face.

“Maybe you better tire me out so I don’t feel like wandering

“Gracie…” Natalie whispers headily, the thought of what Grace was
offering making her suddenly oh so very giddy all at once. “Goddess
you are way too good to me, you know that don‘t you.”

“Your very special to me, Natalie, very very special.”

Natalie says no more, swinging her legs about to position herself to
place her wanting sex upon Grace’s in a trib position. Grace
shudders as both woman’s g-spots touches and rubs together
fiercely, sending sparks of sensual energy through each of them.
“Hold me --”

“Natalie --” Grace rasps lustfully, grabbing Natalie’s hands so they
could pull each other up just enough to look into each other’s eyes
during the heat of sex. It was a little awkward at first, but their
gyrations soon found a good pace and they were moaning with each
bounce and each stroke, eyes locked as they pressed tighter and
tighter, their sweat laced breasts snuggled close together sparking
even more sensation as taunt hard nipples dug into firm breast flesh
bringing and extra rasp and cry with each thrust.

Their grips shook, arms shuddering as their hips slowly but surely
began to stroke and mesh together faster and faster and faster.
Natalie, holding tightly, sheds a tear as she works her hips towards
their heavenly moment, feeling the tremendous waves of pleasure
growing and growing with each stroke and bounce. “Gracie!
Goddess, Gracie!! Gracie I‘m going to…”

“Don’t stop, Nat!“ Grace screamed, “Please don’t stop! Don’t… don’
t… come yet!“ she cried, eyes desperate as she leaned back
shaking, I’m near cumming! Please, goddess! Don‘t cum until I‘m re--
!” (eyes widen as her mouth falls open in a jarring _expression)

A strong cry breaks her concentration, whipping her head back and
forth as she works harder, bouncing her hips faster causing their
intimate spots to grind together harder, their pearls stroking together
again and again igniting fiercer sparks of pleasure as they worked
hard towards their peak.

“Not yet… not yet… please… not yet!!“ Grace cried, tears flowing
down her face as her final barriers began to fly away in the heat of
the moment, her last resistance melting beneath her. Grace
suddenly leans back as far as she can, breath staggered as her
moment finally reaches it’s raging crescendo. “NAT I’M CUMMING
NOW!!” she screamed, “COME ON BABY!! COM--- AHH!!”


Natalie’s head drops back as she’s also overwhelmed, both women
orgasming at once together, in pure unison as their moment washes
away all senses in a blissful drowning of pure pleasure. As their
moments ignite, both women’s hips fiercely pound together hard,
their love juices splashing over each

other as they come hard. The last of their energy fading, their grips
fail and both fall backwards onto the soft bed rasping, their hips
continuing to jerk spasmodically draining the last sparks of pleasure

as they slowly came back down from their orgasm high.

Briefly Grace’s eyes fluttered, as she felt Natalie shift on her side of
the bed, drawing a smile from Grace as she closed her eyes and
imagined the pure blissful _expression on her face. She didn’t have
to ponder long, as Natalie pulled Grace into her arms, laying her
down to rest in her arms as they finally fell back to sleep.

To Be Continued

© 2006 David Rasmussen

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