Sailor Troopers 3 (10)
codes: FF, Sci fi , Rape

Sailor Troopers 3 (10)
by David Rasmussen©

Makomi sat at the arcade bike’s controls barely registering the oohs,
ahhs, and mix of surprise and frustrated grumbles from rival gamers
surrounding her. She was at full throttle, yet the speed barely made an
impact on her ability to control the virtual bike as she blazed past rival
after rival without even taking the time to note the passing. She was on
the fourth machine, her short blue hair attracting as much stares as her
ability to weave the bike effortlessly through opponents. She wore an
ensemble of blue and green pants, top, and long trailing coat with black
boots and gloves. Her focus was dead on the screen, and her body
relaxed even as her thoughts steeled and focused, she played as if she
was one with the bike.

“Makomi.” Tara cried, already regretting glancing over as her bike
cartwheeled over an obstacle and into a building bursting into flames.
Makomi’s reflexes were dead perfect, each turn done well with a base
minimum of movement which meant no loss time or crashes which might
have cost her more valuable time. "How was classes today?" she asked
mildly, making another perfect turn. Grace felt rather flustered by
Makomi’s ease, as she was practically dead focused on the game yet
Makomi could carry on a conversation while still making perfect moves.

Tara, on the other hand, was just plain frustrated that she was so lousy
at the game. Natalie groaned and hunkered down swerving a little bit
from left to right, "Who cares about the race, I'm just enjoying the
feeling right between my --"

If Grace had a free hand, she would have took a half embarrased swing
at Natalie. She really didn't need to hear that from her right then and
there about getting off on her mount since she was feeling the exact
same way about the machine as she played. That cost them dearly.

Grace swung her bike too far in one direction at the final few feet of the
race, clipping Natalie in the process who spun into Tara, causing all
three bikes to barrel over the finish line cartwheeling end over end until
they exploded in a fiery mess.

Tara collapses into her controls and sighed, "The crash felt real too."

"Ugh." Natalie groaned in irritation, "Just a few more minutes and --"

"Don't say it." Grace complained in response, feeling her cheek burn a
slight red just from her own perverse thoughts of possibly achieving
“release” on these mechanized vibrating “bikes”. Everyone else was
already marveling at Makomi's racing time, as she came in a full half a
minute before the rest (and in one piece no less). She smiled her usual
calm even smile, got off the bike and helped the three over to the tables
so they could catch their breaths.

"Your really good at that---" Tara sighed, to which she replied "It's
nothing, really. It just comes from having a "body" like mine."

“A body like…” Tara started, only to stop herself as she already knew
what Makomi was hinting at.

* * * * * *

What came before -- 5 years ago --

The world was changing yet again.

The ruined city was surrounded by Winterian Frigates and Destroyers.
Ground troops already controlled most of the city with only the main
tower remaining. The reign of darkness was over, but even as first dawn
over the once corrupted city came over it's shattered landscape, it was
not yet over.

"What would you do if every time you fell in love with someone you had
to say good-bye?"

As the last shuttle prepared to depart, the architect of this darkness
climbed into his escape craft, surveying what was once his. "Bitches."
he grumbled, "Where did they all come from?"

As the shuttle lifted free from what was once his fortress, something
quick moved towards the shuttle, leaping into the air to grab the open
hatchway as it closed.

"What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would
never be there?"

A hand grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back into the half open hatch,
her face half bloodied, half gone revealing the shiny metallic endo
skeleton beneath. She was a Cyberroid trooper, but more importantly

was his Cyberroid. Built to make his fun with his "girls" he held that
much more pleasant, until she grew a damnable "conscience" and
became his enemy. "NO YOU DON'T!!" she screamed, pulling at him,

As they struggled the building behind them fell away, two other shuttles
departing from lower levels exploding as fighters strafed them, knocking
them back into the shattered husk of the tower.

"What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there
would be 10 moments of sadness?"

She grabbed his clothes tight, and shoved backwards, pulling himself
and her into the dark void, both falling away towards the dark Earth
below. Seconds later three shots ripped through the hull of the shuttle
blowing it apart into a million fiery pieces.

"What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got
to tell them how you felt?"

"You bitch! We're going to die!!" he screamed, but if that was to shake
her up or distress her it did no such thing. She simply stared at the
ground far below and muttered to herself as it slowly rose towards them.

"I should be so lucky."

"What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else and
you could never have them?"

He lashed out, catching her attention. With a mighty swing she
backhanded him into the side of the tower, glass shattering as he hit the
fractured surface of the once smooth abomination, his body bouncing
off the glass over and over again cutting him open as it did. Yet,
bloodied as he was, he managed to push back towards her fists

"Some people live and some people die."

She caught his arms and they struggled, gripped in hate for the other,
as they fell silently downwards with only the tinkle of broken glass and
the whoosh of the wind accompanying them down.

"But I want to tell you I love you and you are a true friend..."

The ground sped up to them, and the last thing she thought before it hit
was this--

"That I will always be here for you when and if you need me..."

"I'm sorry--"she thought, eyes downwards as the darkness rushed right
at them.

"If I died tomorrow, you would be in my heart forever. Would I be in

Her last thought -- "Forgive me."

Silence and darkness.

That was supposed to have been her end.

Yet, five years later, she was still "alive".

Makomi brushed her thoughts clear and focused on the here and now.

* * * * * *

Pacifica Rim Hospital

“I’m alright, Mako-chan… I just want to go home.“ she whispered, her
smile not betraying for a minute the inner conflict that raged inside of
her. “Forced sex doesn’t mean I cheated on you, does it?“

Makomi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, her hand gently running
through Dawn’s hair as she looked up at her, smiling her serene smile
all the while. She was a Sex Droid, a “hand me down” she came into
possession of on a strange night where a rescue turned into an
unintended “adoption” which lead to love.

True, Nakomi was missing the gentle loving Dawn’s presence the longer
she had to stay in the hospital to recover from the Darkling attack, she
didn’t want her to come home for all the wrong reasons.

She wanted Dawn to heal, and when she was better she’d take her
home and smother her in all the love she could onto this most
understanding of women she cared for so.

So it was in this state of mind that Nakomi convinced Dawn to complete
her stay until she was 100% again.

The hospital was beautiful. The huge sprawling complex that was the
Pacifica Rim Hospital had three huge buildings, which were the medical
complexes and patient recovery center. In the center of the three

building complex was a giant park dubbed the Starlight Gardens, where
patients and visitors alike took time to recover both physically and
spiritually from what ailed them.

The patient recovery center was to one side of the huge park, and
that's where Dawn’s room was. As Nakomi sullenly crossed through the
park back towards the entrance, it’s beauty lost on her troubled mind, a
feeling of apprehension crossed her mind. “Something's wrong.” she
muttered to herself, eyes glancing about nervously, “Something's not

Suddenly a flash of metal caught her eye seconds before the impact,
sending her sprawling into the ground stunned. Something impacted
into her skull, though reinforced and cybernetic the blow still registered
and knocked her for a loop. A second blow into her side flips her onto
her back, the pain slamming into her as she struggled to get her senses
realigned from the sudden attack. The business end of a gun is shoved
into her face, her eyes locking onto it’s dark black Assassin Guilder
armored bearer as he glared down at her.

“Tell me one good reason why I don’t just blow your wetware all over the
ground.“ he snarled, face contorted in anger.

“I don’t know.” she rasped, her wetware struggling to adjust to the
damage, shutting her off from the sudden pain from the quick attack.
“You tell me.” she challenged.

“I couldn‘t even if I wanted to…” he snarled, gun not waivering one inch
as he held it tightly, his free hand tapping the insignia of a leaping
velociraptor on the chestplate of his armor. “The only thing keeping me
from killing you is the Code, because dammit if I had my way I’d have
killed you by now, you bitch.“

“…must be nice to be perpetually bitter…” she sighed, eyes focused on
him not wavering for one second, “Just… get it over with… and stop
boring me.“

He presses the gun into her face harder, eyes narrowed harshly as his
teeth grinds together in aggrivation. “You have no idea how hard it is
not to kill you.“

“Shut up!” she growled, muscles tensing under the watchful eye of her
“captor“, staring him down as he pressed the gun into her face. “I had
no control over what I did. If you all cared so much about stopping those
bastards why didn’t you do something about them BEFORE it became
as desperate as it was!“

“We tried, dammit, we tried!“ he shot back, gun pushing again into her
head as he spoke, “But by the time we were ready to oppose them it
was already too late, which wouldn’t have happened if people like YOU
didn’t succumb so easily to their baneful influe--“

Movement was swift, Nakomi lashes out with one leg, kciking her
attacker backwards as she rolls to get her legs back under her once

For the briefest second the urge to fire overwhelmed him, but instead
he rolled with the attack and got his own legging under him as Makomi
got up, aiming low grounded shots as Makomi moved to avoid his shots.

“Damn hospital!“ Tantalus grumbled, falling backwards trying to recover
the advantage as she moved towards attack as he tried to defend
himself the best he could. “I should have finished you quickly! Dammit!“

Watching her move, he tried to pace her step for step, guns firing away.
However everytime he fired he handicapped himself, as he continously
drew downwards into the ground keeping the chance of collateral
damage to nil. “This isn’t working!“ he screamed in anger, “Why won‘t
you just drop dead alr--”

Makomi grabs ahold of him, her arm pulling back and eyes burning with
rage, before she lashes out snapping her assailant’s head back with the
first shot. She then spins about, rolling into a roundhouse kick that
floors him hard, his ribs nearly giving out as he was hammered hard into
the ground.

Incapacitated, he can barely groan as he lies there shuddering in pain.

But Makomi couldn‘t stop herself, all her anger and rage was boiling
over like crazy and nothing could stop her. She grabbed him, her fist
raised to strike him again only for someone to grab her, pulling her off
from him in order to restraint her from attacking him further.

It takes her five minutes to calm down, and suppress her anger enough
to be able to move on.

* * * * * *

The day rolled by slowly, almost painfully. Once Makomi was worked up
by her attacker she couldn’t stop going over what he said to her. “I
never forgot what I did.“ she whispered to herself, head lowered as she
waited for the bus to stop outside of the hospital, teeth clenched as she
brooded over her situation. As she got out she took a half swing with
her leg at the bus stop sign as she passed.

Not all dreams are happy dreams. Sometimes people can dream the
most disturbing things and yet still consider them dream, hence under
the jurisdiction of the Realm of Dreams. Dawn was a sex toy, a
Dreamling born of a taste for bondage and pain, her “life” revolving
around her own rape and torture until she was freed, and set into the
hands of a woman who felt herself to be no better than the men who
mistreated Dawn in the first place.

As Makomi sat next to Dawn at her bedside, quietly watching her, she
couldn’t help but feel guilty about dragging Dawn into her life. “I want to
make you feel better.” she whispered detached, feeling as if she should
never have gone near her if it meant she’d have to suffer like this for
falling in love with Makomi. It was hard, however, for Makomi to resist
feeling the urges of her heart towards the beautiful young woman
before her, she was so beautiful in the moonlight that she couldn’t help
but shiver in her presence.

Makomi shuts her eyes as she draws close, wanting only to push away
from her but stops when she feels her lips being kissed, a hand gently
hold the back of her head and motion her forward toward the bed and
into it. Makomi, crying abit, could only open her eyes to come face to
face with a wide awake Dawn smiling serenely at her. “I know.“ she
whispers. She gently moves forward again, kissing her once more
feeling her lips pressed against Makomi’s tight. As they kiss Makomi
feels her heart stirring stronger and stronger, unable to resist Dawn’s
advances as her hands gently caresses her form --- goddess, Dawn
was reaching out to her once again, and she couldn‘t resist answering
in kind!

As they kiss with increasing passion Dawn’s hands slide down pulling at
her lover’s pants, pushing it and her panties downwards until she could
use a foot to finish the job. She then slowly tugs off the rest of her
clothes leaving Makomi only in her socks as she bares her lover naked.‘

“Give me a sec…“ Makomi mutters, curling up in order to finish
undressing, blushing ear to ear as she hurried, “Somebody’s going to
throw a fit if they walk in here and see us doing it.“

“Thankfully you always lock my door before sitting down.“ Dawn
answered, “And if they want an eyeful they can get into our bed and
service us for the free peep.“

Makomi blushes a stronger red, “That’s sure… bold of you.“

Dawn let’s her kisses do her talking for her. Makomi sighs as Dawn pulls
away from her kiss, feeling so excited by her ministrations before she
even began to touch her sex that she thought she’d die just from the joy
spreading through her heart right then and there. Slowly Dawn pulls her
sheets aside to show me her naked body, shaking with it's own
giddiness as I stared at her lustfully, her sweet spot moist from her
anticipation of what was to come. I felt it to, growing wet myself just
thinking about the perverted thing we'd do. Goddess I could just scream
thinking about riding her, Makomi thought to herself.

She leaned forward and took ahold of one of Dawn’s breasts, suckling
on the nipple as it grew stiff and hard between her lips, it's hardness
(and the welcoming cries from Dawn’s lips) tantalizing her as she
suckled, stroked and nibbled on it again and again. While she worked
on one nipple her hand worked to harden the other, bringing a fresh
batch of approving moans from Dawn’s sweet lips. As she groaned, her
hands held Makomi close, her voice a thin whisper. "That's it -- Mako-
chan -- don't stop precious -- more, please more don’t stop --" Slowly
she pushed Dawn onto her back, thrusting my wet center of pleasure
onto her sweet spot, bringing a gasp from each of us as our pleasures
touched and rubbed together. Slowly, though, slowly as she didn’t want
to crest just yet, she wanted more.

She gently pulled Makomi forward, rotating me around until I was face to
face with her sweetness, and her face was close to my slit. For long
seconds we savored the view, gently prodding and touching each
others' pleasures, until at last we couldn't take it anymore and dove in.
Together, in unison, our tongue struck each other's clits and we both
shook from the pleasure that shot through us. Dawn -- precious Dawn --
her first licking stroke practically devours Makomi in one lick. She nearly
screams but manage to keep her wits about her, focused on Dawn‘s sex
as she works to send waves of pleasure through Dawn as she does
likewise. She tries to emulate her, devouring her sex in long lasting
licks, rewarded for her efforts with her cries and moans which increase
with each second. As her efforts grow more perverse she feels herself
being shocked into her mouth, she was taking me whole and it felt
insanely beautiful to be taken that way.

Shoving two fingers into her slit, Dawn in turn shoves her tongue into
her lover devouring her whole.

To further her contribution Dawn shoves her middle finger into Makomi,
all the while working her tongue over her erect clitoris over and over
again, bringing her world crashing down into a shock filled world of bliss
and pleasure. Everything felt like it was going to explode, and they both
were riding on top of it ready to explode with it. Hard.

Makomi wasted no time repositioning herself between Dawn’s legs,
shoving her sex hard against Dawn’s, bringing an intense scream from
her. “Mako-chan!” (her voice is suddenly muffled as Makomi kisses her).

Makomi’s hands were all over, groping Dawn’s breasts, hands on her
legs, arms, butt, hands on her and in her, hands everywhere, Makomi‘s
hands were everywhere. Both of their breaths were raging hard, their
moments now nearly upon them. “Oh goddess fuck don‘t stop! Fuck!
Fuck!“ Dawn breathlessly shrieked, no longer caring who heard her
wanting to practically scream her desires at the top of her lungs. “Oh
yes! YES!! Fuck!! YESS!! Ohhh---” (Makomi stiffens as she nears her
moment, head lolling backwards as her) “Dawn cum on already! I…
please I‘m… cumm…”

They embrace and kiss, if only to silence the scream that came next as
their world exploded.

Their bodies trembled, their senses whipped away, and with a long soul
wracking groan that was muffled by each woman’s pussy they both
came hard. Their juices were hungrily swallowed by the other, splashing
about it and running all over their faces as they tried to consume every
drop of each lover’s essence. After long seconds they collapsed into
each other, their faces plastered against each one’s pussy as their
breaths was ragged and wasted. ‘Goddess she was perfect. My
goddess!’ Makomi thought to herself dimly, knowing that it was only a
short amount of time before they recovered their strength and was back
to it again. But, for now, she embraced the pool of pure rapturous
release and let it ripple through her endlessly.

To Be Continued

© 2006 David Rasmussen

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