Sailor Troopers Episode 4
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Sailor Troopers Episode 4
by David Rasmussen©

The Tower (Level 97-Command Level)

The huge circular command center, almost empty except for one person, hums quietly as AI
systems monitor activity within and without of Tokyo city limits. Scanners and sensors whirl and
click near silently, the illuminated keypads and screens casting the room in an errie light.

As Jack works on one of the terminals a familiar voice catches his attention. “Working late I see.
Ever the busy beaver… speaking of “beavers“ shouldn‘t you be licking one instead of working
here like a single nerd?”

He turns with a critical frown forming on his face, his glance falling upon the visitor with a slight
smile on her face. “Ami would be quite annoyed to know you like to sneak around in the dead on
night for mysterious rendezvous with strange nerdy men, Michi.”

“What are you working on?” she asked, not so skillfully attempting to deflect his question with
another one of her onw, not minding his banter with her since she knew he wasn't at all serious
about it. With a slight stifled sigh, Jack turned back to his work and motioned towards the board,
“An interesting thing has come to my attention. Remember the Ministry of Racial Purity that used
to exist in your world? The tri tower complex runned by the perverted old rapists?“ (points at
screen) “Suddenly out of nowhere the complex has appeared in what used to be an open lot for
a convention center.“

“The Trinity Bay Project.“ Michi recited from faded memory, walking over to stand behind him as
she regarded the damning image before her, “It was called that because of the three “towers” of
Tech-Noir construction used for each tower (the term “Tech-Noir” being the term coined in
relation to the construction and laying of artificial tech ground "foundation" for buildings which
was cutting edge for it’s time.“

“The three corners,” (Jack points at each in a clockwise manner) “Clockwise, representing the
three “orders” of the human “machine”. “Mind” (top), “Body” (right) and “Soul” (left). Each "sector"
bears the sign of each. The sign of the eternal puzzle (mind), human DNA chain (body) and the
sign of infinity (soul) with the center of the complex…” (his finger taps the center “construct”
suspended by pathways and connectors from the three towers) “…being the suspended aerial
“nest” whose rooftop embodied the sign of the trinity (a spiral made up of three “waves”).”

As Michi watches, Jack brings a closer view of the central mass and the sign of the Trinity.

“It's a self sustaining micro-city within a city, complete with office buildings, residential and
shopping districts, a park and a school infrastructure. But then again that was the point of the
“creators” so they could nurture, harvest and grow their own “mistresses”… wasn’t it?“

“If you call rape toys “mistresses” then by all means you are so correct.“ Michi whispered, a bit of
bitterness seeping through her words. “Any reason why you’re bringing this up besides the

“We're going there tomorrow.”

“What?” Michi asked, watching the images as they narrowed and closed in on the ground floor
courtyard beneath the central “nest”. “This is where Assassin guilders of this particular guild are
given assignments, which means it’s operated by the main Guild reps and leadership
infrastructure of the guild for this planet. In that light we'll find Guild reps here who'll be more
than happy to explain why these Assassin Prime Droids are giving Miss Makomi so much grief .”

Michi stifles a yawn, and turns to leave. “Reiya's right, you really do talk too much.”

“Hmph.” Jack mutters, waving her off (knowing full well that she's just joking with him in turn),
“Go to bed before Ami blames us for keeping you up past your bedtime -- or for keeping her from
satisfying sex… whatever floats both your boats.”

“Wouldn't want that.” Michi shoots back in turn, allowing the lift doors to close behind her.

As Jack looks over the holoimage of the central nest once again he can't help but think that
there's more to this than meets the eye -- something more to this, but what?

Two arms wrap around him bringing a sigh from him. “Time for bed, dearest.”

“Am I keeping YOU from satisfying sex?”

“…” (she blinks as she leans into him, hugging him tight) “…let’s find out…”

* * * * * *

“One down.” Holocaust sighs, leaning back in his chair in the conference area, looking over the
others who came to the meeting. “We shouldn't be so hasty that it leads to premature
termination without yielding any results.” he remarks, turning his attention to Tantalus.

“If you‘re fishing for an apology go fish elsewhere.” he remarked blandly, not moving an inch as
he stared defiantly back at Holocaust through the visor of his guild armor helmet. Everyone else
had taken their armored helmets off, except for him, still brooding over being bailed out of police
custody at the hospital he was sent to be treated for his injuries.

“Don‘t be like this.” Holocaust whispers, fists clenching as he struggled for the words to say at
this moment to him, his thoughts locked for a few seconds before raising his voice (and hand)
“Maybe we need to rethink our plan in regards to Anarchist (aka “Makomi“). But it is vital that we
keep the Sailor Troopers occupied while we do our job, because once somebody figures out
what we’re reall gunning for here in this city and the gig, as they say, is up. To this end I'm giving
you all new assignments.”

“Us as in me.“ Tantalus counters.

Everyone leans forward to listen as Holocaust lays out his plan, his eyes only briefly falling upon
Tantalus before he continues “I want you to keep all opposing parties at bay, while the extraction
teams switch from retrieval to Darkling Terminations for quicker accumilation of the 101 tokens
needed for our goal. We'll let the cloners handle the rest and keep our enemies occupied with
more than enough “cannon fodder” to keep them off their game until we’re done with what must
be done. That means the only problem is, of course, the acquisition of the 101.”

“Is Anarchist one of the damned we can consider.” Tantalus throws out, knowing no answer
was forthcoming. Sure enough as the meeting breaks up, Holocaust turns to watch the sun rise,

Tokyo slowly begin to appear in the distance as the cloaked Fortress ship arrives at it's

But at this moment he wasn’t watching because of the view, but moreso to avoid Tantalus’s
damnable eyes.

* * * * * *

It was almost as if she was trying to drown herself.

Saint was propped against the shower wall, her face in the path of the shower’s fairly warm
stream of water, her eyes closed and mouth partially open as she fingered herself beneath the
water’s warming rush. Occasionally her head turned, just enough to spit out the excess water
from her mouth, but she was too far gone to do much else. She braced herself against the wall,
hand stroking her womanhood fiercer and fiercer until she nearly screamed, alternating
between rubbing and focused fingering in all the right places.

Her teeth clenched tight as she came, her head leaning back abit as her hand jaggedly finished
herself roughly until at long last she couldn’t drain anymore out of herself, barely capable of
getting out of the shower without stumbling in a daze. Her mind was fogged by her moment,
breath rasping as she vaguely grabbed her towel and began drying herself on the way to the
huge bed.

Collapsing onto the bed, Saint keeled over sideways onto the soft sheets, her breath still ragged
abit as she pulled herself onto the bed dazed and out of breath. A smile touches Saint’s lips as
she feels familiar fingers brushing across her breasts, a welcoming presence sitting down next
to her on the bed holding her nude form firmly in her gaze.

Tara, also naked, smirks as she lets her fingers play across Saint’s body slowly admiring every
inch of her body as her breath slowly began to pick up, her hand shivering in anticipation of what
was to come.

Saint looked up at Tara, her strength slowly returning but the knot in her stomach not relenting
one bit.

“Sorry I had to take that call in the middle of our shower.” Tara whispered softly, “But I see
servicing you through two orgasms didn’t satisfy you enough, did it.” her head lowers down to
Saint’s sweet spot, her breath catching abit as she sniffs a few times mockingly, “I can smell
your arousal.”

Allowing herself to calm a little, her breath now slowly increasing again as her own excitement
began to grow, Saint gently touched the top of Tara’s head. “Sorry.”

Tara giggled, leaning down until her face was right next to Saint’s sex, her breath lightly tickling it
as she held herself back just for a few seconds more before tasting her, whispering “Don’t be.”
as she did.

Saint’s eyes flickered close, her breath hissed briefly as she pressed herself into the soft bed,
her body reacting once again to Tara’s ministrations. “Let me… lick… you…” she whispered,
feeling Tara move herself until she was positioned just right to offer herself to her lover. As Saint
took Tara in turn, her tongue carefully licking her beloved’s sex in turn as she pleasured her,
Saint’s eyes stared upwards towards the ceiling through the skylight towards the “view” of the
grand scale of the vast landscape of the Central Hub overhead “Terra“ firma. She shuddered,
feeling Tara increase her efforts on her. In turn she gripped Tara’s rear, pressed it down onto
her mouth, and returned Tara’s efforts in turn with stronger licks and suckles.

* * * * * *

Briefly her thoughts drifted back to earlier, in the apartment of Michi and Ami.

The mirror in the bedroom was tall, all the better to confront Saint with her “true” self.

Saint, her eyes darkened, was not moved by this display of herself as she sat (as Tomoyo)
staring into “her” own likeness before her.

The soft flicker of green and red lights flickered behind her head, Doctor Talbot moving her
scanner along Saint’s head as she scanned her brain. “You have to understand I am not exactly
suited for this sort of “medicine”.” she admitted, continuing to scan as Saint sat silently
watching. “I guess if I could dissect your body and chart your DNA extensively I might be able to
understand you from the bottom of your genetics to the top of your “shifting” between “you” and
this “you” but…”

“Sadist.” Saint muttered, “Just tell me how to stop these changes.”

“I don’t even know WHY you can do these changes, or anything else about you short of what
my…” (clicks off sensor) “…I’ll be damned.”

“Lucky you.” Michi responded from one side of the room, “What is it?”

“Her body seems to be “feeding”.” (holds up hand before the inevitable question comes out) “As
Tomoyo she has access to her old “powers” (and the ability to tap into forces we barely
understand to charge said powers), these special abilities (by the way) she can’t tap into as
Saint (through force of will it seems as she seems to “shun“ her other self powers and all as
Saint). When she first became Saint she kept her power expenditure to a minimum so the
“energy” she stored sustained her in her new “life” but, eventually, as she learned new abilities
and began to tap again into her old “energy” she began to tap out her “lifeblood”.”

“Say what.” Saint muttered, eyes narrowing, “You mean to say…”

“The more you tapped your energy the more your body “hungered” for more of it. You were born
“special” like the other Troopers, and being drained of your power starved it until… in theory
though I think it’s a sound one… it forced this change to “feed” itself.”

“Feed itself?” Ami repeated. “So this isn’t a recent thing for her?”

Adri shakes her head. “No, but it seems to me that she only recently noticed it since it started to
happen while she was awake. No doubt she slept through her former changes before…” (turns
to Saint as she gathers her stuff to leave) “…I didn’t want to tell you this before, because I didn’t
want to make you angry but… Tara knows. She’s always been a light sleeper so… she’s known
for sometime now.”

* * * * * *

Adri’s voice rings through Saint’s mind as she sheds a tear, pulling her head back enough to cry
out “Why didn’t you tell me?!? I…” (cries out in a soft shriek) “…ahhh…. Ahhh… goddess… do
you hate…”

Tara rolls onto her back, her legs coming up to force Saint’s head back down. “Goddess don’t
stop! Ple--” (silence) “…I can’t hate you…”

As Saint returns to her ministrations she feels Tara’s arms hold her tight, her cheek pressed
against her spent and drained womanhood, “I don’t know what’s going on… just that you…are
different.” (smiles) “…I like different. Anyway it didn’t hurt anyone and I felt when you were--”
(ngghhh) “…goddess you’re good…” (rasping breath) “When you were ready you’d tell… tell--

Saint nearly chokes as splash after splash of cum hit’s the back of her throat, shocking her abit
as she drinks in as much of it as Tara cums. “I’m sorry.” she cries, choking abit as she moves
her head to one side to recover her breath. Tara rolls over to come face to face with Saint, a little
glass in her hand. She pulls Saint up into a sitting position, taking a long sip of cognac before
kissing Saint (pushing a mouthful of cognac into Saint as they share the sip together). “One of
these days you’ll tell me more about yourself and… yourself eh?” (pokes Saint’s nose) “Don’t
brush me off, darling, you know I couldn’t find any wrong in you no matter how hard you try.” (sips
again and trades off another sip through a wet kiss) “Warm yet?”

“Burning up.” Saint mutters in turn, taking the glass and returning the favor by “feeding” Tara a
sip of cognac in the same way that she just did a few seconds ago, the buzz warming them up

Tara rolls over and picks out her bottle of pills, rattling it a few times as she held it up to Saint.
“Want to get a little flesh and blood or maybe the good old fashioned rubber stuff?”

Saint sighs as she regards her options, “I’ll leave it to you to pick it out.”

“You’ll regret that.” Tara chided, a wicked smile replacing her serene _expression.

* * * * * *

“That’s some pill!!” Tara yelled, her hands gripping the sheets tight, face down on all fours as
she was taken from behind by a nearly out of control Saint. “Some… “Saint”…“ Tara muttered
before screaming once again, eyes beginning to water. Tara fed Saint the pill, and waited. At first
it was kinda slow going but once Saint was revved up she flipped Tara onto her stomach and
was taking her rapidly, sweat drenching her body as she worked feverishly towards that
unbearable orgasm that seemed to taunt her.

She was pressed down into the bed, at first docile but she slowly began to struggle as she
realized it got Saint hotter and hotter, and more energized as she wiggled and “protested”
beneath her, the fusion of mystical “womanhood” never breaking as Saint, teary eyed, fucked
Tara harder and harder.

For a brief moment a slight fear reached Tara’s mind, she briefly worried that Saint would not be
able to achieve orgasm… but that was about the shortest “fear” she ever felt as she felt Saint
pull her up, her body leaning back as her hips worked harder and harder, Saint’s mouth ajar as
she began to work harder, shoving upwards to meet Tara thrust for thrust. “Goddess I’m…
sooooo close!!“

Saint shoves her forward again, retaking her dominant position, Tara‘s breath coming short as
she hit’s the bed hard (her breath battered out) “Oh god-- dess!” she cires out, “Please cum alr--
GOD-- Ahhhh!!” (Tara stiffens as she feels her moment lingering for the longest time at an
unbearable peak) “GODDESS CUM AL--!!“

Her body goes numb as she explodes, suddenly and quickly it strikes beyond anything she had
ever felt before robbing her of all her senses. Saint, seemingly frustrated, shrieks incoherently
as her moment finally does hit, her body smothering Tara’s as she tries to bury herself into her
lover’s flesh, her organ ejaculating hard and long for half a minute in length until she cannot
cum anymore. Saint cries out one final time before she goes limp, holding Tara‘s own limp body
in her weak grasp.

Her stiff “womanhood” slides loose of Tara, a light stream of ejaculation smearing from it as it
limply comes free. Tara and Saint’s womanly passions mixing together as they laid nearly
unconscious on top of each other, their sweat and passions drying slowly on their spent forms.

A long time seems to pass between the two, before both women can finally pull her wits

Tara sighs, managing to wiggle herself about to come face to face with Saint, the two only
strong enough just to hug and hold each other as they laid in bed wasted and spent. “You OK?
Goddess that was…“

“Something” Saint rasped. “I thought I was going to die.“

“Yeah… let’s do it again…” Tara whispers, “Fuck I could definitely do it again.”

To Be Continued.

© 2006 David Rasmussen

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