Samantha's Perfect Present
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Mature

Samantha's Perfect Present
by Jana Cleveland

Samantha looked forward to celebrating Christmas this year. Despite her joyous spirit, she
was also lonely. Randall, her husband of 25 years, had just passed away last year from
cancer and Katya, their 24-year old daughter, was away in New York at college. Her large,
cozy house was decorated with Christmas lights and everything. Christmas with the two of
them were always joyous and fun because they were all together. When it came to
Christmas, she loved the holiday parties, the shopping,  the gifts, and all. But she really
missed being with a man.

She had dated for a while, but things didn't work out. She took her mind off things by doing
various holiday activities, she even volunteered by feeding dinner to the homeless. Not only
did she miss being with a man, she also missed having sex. She also had not had any sex
for a while. The only time she ever pleasures herself is when she reads erotic novels in bed
with a vibrator in her hand. She would take play with herself using a vibrator or sometimes
with her fingers.

But it was Christmas Eve and she finished all her shopping. She wrapped up all the
presents and finished all the cooking for Christmas dinner. She couldn't wait to see
everyone including her daughter at the dinner party. That night, she went to bed alone but
with anticipation for the next day.

Christmas morning arrived. She awakened to the sight and sound of fresh snow falling
outside her house. Once she got out of her bed, she went into the living room and found a
large box wrapped in green and red wrapping paper sitting next to the Christmas tree.
Samantha excitedly unwrapped her present and a half-naked guy jumped out the box and
happily yelled "Surprise! Merry Christmas!"

Taped to his broad, smooth chest was a card with "Mom" written on the front. Samantha
opened the envelope and read the card:

"Hi Mom! I just thought I send you a live gift to keep you warm this Christmas. His name is
Josh, he's 22, and he's a really good guy. Can't wait to see you! Merry Christmas! Love,
Katya. P.S. Enclosed are a few accessories to enjoy him even more."

After reading the card, Samantha took Josh out of the box and looked inside it. In the box
were massage oils, various lubricants, condoms, female arousal gels, edible lotions, oils,

She then took a good look at her live gift Josh. He was tall with short black hair, dazzling
blue-green eyes, chielsed chest and abs, a smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial, a firm
ass, and he had a big red bow wrapped around waist.

"Wow, you're my Christmas gift! I bet you are good as my daughter said you are."
Samantha said with a smile on her face.

Josh smiled at her as he pulled her close to his ripped body. He then kissed her lips. He
tasted the rich hot cocoa with a hint of peppermint schnapps in her mouth.

He then said to her, "I'm gonna make your Christmas extra special," as he scooped her up
in his strong arms and carried her to her bedroom.

Once they arrived, Josh kissed Samantha's lips again. As they kissed, his hands traveled
up and down her body. He slowly unbuttoned her blue satin pajama top, getting a look at
her hot body. Even though Samantha's breasts were enhanced, the rest of her body was all
her. She had the kind of body that should be in a lingerie catalog. Not bad for a 48-year-old
widowed mother of one. She had a west coast MILF body though she lives in the east coast.

Josh looked at her and said, "You look very sexy for a mom/widow."

Samantha smiled at him and replied, "Why thank you. You don't look bad yourself."

Josh smiled back as he kissed her again while slowly sliding the pajama top off her body. He
then reached around to unhook her black satin underwire bra, freeing her endowed
breasts. His hands gently fondled them as his lips sucked and kissed them. Samantha let
out a moan, responding at the sensation. Josh's hands ran up and down her fit yet curvy
body as he licked her nipples with his tongue. His hands then slid to the waistband of her
matching pajama bottoms.

Once he slid them off of her body, his lips moved down to her taut stomach and he kissed
and licked her there. He looked forward to move his mouth lower to her pearl between her

"Wait here." He said with a smile as left the room.

A few seconds later, Josh came back with the box he came out of with the lubricants,
condoms, and other things. The very first bottle of lubricant he got was the one with that's
enhanced with aphrodisiacs. He also got out a box of pleasure for her condoms from there
too. With his fingers, he gently pulled off her black satin thong panties as she laid down on
the bed. He took her hand as he led her to the unmade bed and she got on top of him. He
first inhaled her female aroma before he positioned her pussy on to his lips and lightly
licking her with his tongue. He licked her clit as his hands caressed all over her soft, slightly
pale skin. Her moans and groans were loud yet soft like the cold wind outside. Her fingers
gently played with his short, black hair while her juices leaked into his mouth. She moaned
again and again as she grinded her hips against his mouth. She then laid herself down on
his body and untied the red ribbon around his waist.

Once she unzipped his pants, she freed his young, big cock and slowly suckled him. Both
were mutually pleasured in a 69 position. After that, Josh positioned himself on the bed,
sitting behind her. He then slipped on the first pleasure for her condom on to his now
hardened cock. After that, he poured some of the lubricant and spread it on to her pussy
lips. Josh slowly entered the hard mushroom tip of his cock into her pussy. Samantha let a
loud gasp as he entered her. Josh then wrapped his arms around her waist, holding on to
her body. He kissed her lips, neck, and shoulders while going in and out of her. His hands
caressed every inch of her hourglass frame. He softly ran his hands through her shoulder
length, tousle waved, dark auburn hair. It was like the slightest touch gets her all excited
and aroused.

As her body bounced up and down Josh's cock, Samantha's hands held on tight to the
sheets. Josh couldn't help but watch the redhead MILF goddess climaxing with him, enjoying
her pleasure.

"Oh, you feel so good all over, Samantha. I love hearing you come," Josh said in arousal.

In an instant, they climaxed and it ended with a stimultaneous orgasm for the two. Samantha
gently collasped on top of Josh as their bodies rested on her bed.

"Josh, baby, you're the best gift a woman like can ever have," Samantha said smiling at

"I'm glad to be yours." He replied happily.

Since it was still early in the morning and the guests don't arrive till later, Samantha got
plenty of time to enjoy her present and the accessories that came with him. She looked
forward to thanking her daughter for the present and maybe give her one in return for next


© 2010 Jana Cleveland

Jana is 25, and live in Fort Valley, GA. She works part-time at a movie theatre and hopes to
be a screenwriter/novelist one day. Jana has an erotic story blog along with two fan fiction  
blogs and a Youtube  page. She's on Twitter, Facebook  
Jana Cleveland), and on Myspace

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