Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

By Lacey Ashley

I laid there with Seal’s song Your Secret playing in my head.  Jacob loved the song and played it
endlessly.  I glanced over at his sleeping form, my heart filled with a deep love and desire for him.  I was
surprised he was still there. He seldom spent the night when we were able to get together.  Normally
after making love he would quickly dress and rushed home to his family so none of them would be wiser
to his affair with me.

        I had been with a black man before, but Jacob was different.  He didn’t play head games and even
though he had a family and I was just his play thing on the side he wasn’t ashamed to take me out in
public.  What I had never done was get involved with a man who was in a relationship or married.   
Jacob may not be married to Leila but they been together for almost thirteen years and they had two
beautiful kids together.  I knew all this before getting involved with him and yet here I was his little secret.

        I reached over and gently traced the outline of the muscles in his bare back.  I love running my
finger tips gently over his body. There wasn’t much I didn’t love about him.  His kisses set my entire
body on fire with desire.  Even now as he slept, I felt the need for him sweeping across my body.  
Leaning over him, I lightly kissed his back.  I kissed his neck and laid my hand on his back and felt his
heart beat.  At that very moment I would have given anything to be able to fall asleep in his arms and
wake the next morning making sweet love together.  But I knew that was never going to happen, he
belonged to Leila and his children.

        He rolled over and smiled at me, “Good morning Baby.”  He pulled me down into his arms.  As his
fingers caressed my bare arm I felt a flood of deep desire for him.  It was like I was addicted to him and
he had became my drug of choice.

        “Good Morning. “  I said as I lightly brushed my lips against his.  “Would you like a cup of coffee
after you shower?”

        “No, I want you. “  He pulled me down against his chest.   Rolling the two of us, I was suddenly on
my back and he was on top of me.  His kiss trailed down my neck to my breast.  He capture my already
harden nipple between his teeth.  Teasing and toying with one nipple than the other.

        I ran my fingers down his back as he woke every desire in me.  Closing my eyes, I felt his kisses
trail down to my stomach and onward down to my pussy.  He gently spread my legs as he kissed the
inner part of my thigh.   I felt him working his way back up to my pussy.  He licked the swollen lips of my
pussy and smiled up at me.  His chocolate brown eyes locked with mine.  “You are my heartbeat
Samantha.  I do hope you know that.”

        All I could do was smile at him as he began to lick my pussy.  All my mind could do was silently
scream, lick my pussy please.  As if he had read my mind he pushed his tongue pass the lips of my
pussy.   As his tongue went inside and out, he kept hitting my clit.

        “Jacob,” I cried out as I felt my body explode with the first orgasm that morning.  Everything about
my body felt alive from his mere touch.

        He pulled himself up to where he laid on top of me, kissing me deeply.  I could taste my own pussy
juices on his lips and mustache. His cock worked its’ way into me.  He didn’t move at first just enjoying
being inside of me.  My clit was so sensitive I felt my body shuttered.

        He smiled as he felt my body shuttered.  Slowly he began to slide in and out of me.  If he kept
hitting my clit I would explode again. He was well aware of it as I was.  Still he kept up the slow
movement, enjoying how my pussy hugged his hard cock.

        The steady slow movement of his cock began to change.  Soon he was pumping in and out with a
deeper desire I had never felt from him before.  I felt his cock grow even harder as he continued to fuck
me.  I felt my nails biting into his back but not breaking any skin. I knew there could never be any marks
he would have to explain to Leila.

        He lifted my legs to get even deeper into me.  Now he was slamming into me.  I felt the warmth
spread over my entire body as I went into another orgasm.  Once my pussy muscles squeezed around
his cock he slammed into me one last time before he filled me with his cum. I felt my pussy squeezing all
of his cum out of his cock.

        He flopped down next to me.  Rolling on his side, he smiled at me, his fingers tracing around my
still hard nipple.  “I wish we could do this every morning.”  He said before kissing me.

        Me too, I thought but didn’t say.  We both knew it may be a wish we shared it would probably
never come true.  All we had were these stolen moments.  I smiled at him when he stopped kissing me.  
Soon he will be telling me he needed to get home.  Than once again I would be alone.

        “I’ll take that coffee now, going to shower first okay Baby.”  He kissed my forehead before getting
up from the bed.

        I watched him make his way across the room to the bathroom.  His body was incredible.  I could
never get enough of his body, his touch and his kisses.  I was addicted to him, he was my drug choice.  
Dressed or naked I couldn’t get enough of him.  Even now I felt my body needing more of him.

        I made my way to the kitchen to start the coffee maker.  I stood there, wondering how long this
affair would last.  Fear ripped at me wondering what he would do if we ever got caught.  I knew even
though I couldn’t admit it,  I knew he would pick her over me.  She was the mother of his kids.  His two
beautiful children was the most important thing in the world to him.   He had them late in life and now
they were his life.

        Making my way back to the bedroom, I could hear him singing his favorite song.  Smiling to myself,
thinking Seal had nothing to worry about.  I made my way to the bathroom.  I was still naked, so I slide
quietly into the shower behind him.  I wrapped my arms around his waist leaning into his body.

        He turned in my arms, bent down and kissed me.  Without a word being spoken I lowered down to
my knees and took hiss semi hard cock into my mouth.  His cock harden instantly as I began to suck on
him.  My hand massaging his balls at the same time.

        I heard him moan as his hands went to each side of my head, his fingers working into my hair.  I
continued sucking his cock, my mouth sliding up and down the shaft.  At times just toying with the head
and at other times taking him completely to the back of my throat. Each time I did that, his cock would
start to throb and one of his balls slide up inside him.  Smiling to myself as I was thinking if this water
would stay hot just a while longer I could play all day with him.  But the water was getting luke warm and I
knew he was so ready to explode.  I sucked him totally in again as he exploded in my mouth.

        He gently pulled me up.  His mouth covered mine in a deep kiss.  “I wish I had time for more Baby.”
        “I know, you have to get home to your family,”  I slide out of the shower, grabbed a towel for my
hair and another for my body. Suddenly I felt like a million thoughts crash together in my mind.  All not
pleasant about how I felt about being the woman on the side.  I knew at that moment things were not
going to change, I was never going to be anything but his Mistress.  As long as he wasn’t caught this
could continue.  Yet if he got caught I would be left in the cold without a second though.  Sometimes
being the little secret sucked.

        He had slipped up behind me, wrapping his arms around me.  I had no idea how long I had been
standing there, I had managed to get lost into my thoughts.  I had these thoughts before but had always
been able to shake them off.  I turned in his arms and laid my head on his chest.  He was completely
dressed and I could tell it was time for him to go, but I just wasn't ready for him to go.  Every part of me
was screaming for him to stay and never leave me.

        He kissed the top of my head, kissed my lips and then he walked out to the living room with his
coffee cup in hand.  He called out goodbye to me as I got dressed.  As I rushed to the living room I
heard the light knock on my front door.  Laughing I went to the door thinking he had forgotten

        "What did you forget silly," I said as I opened the door.

        There she stood, I said a small prayer to myself that she was here for any reason in the world as
long as it was not because of Jacob.  I wasn't kidding myself, I was very aware of why she was there.  
Every uneasy thought I had been fighting with suddenly was very real.

        "I could say we need to talk, you know woman to woman but I figure out when I saw him actually
coming out of your home fuck that, this bitch thinks she can take my man."  Leila stood there looking
down at me, her arms crossed in front of her chest.  "So I will say this slowly for you, he is my man, I
have his kids, he will never leave me, do you understand Samantha."

        All I could do was nod my head, I didn't know where my voice had gone.  Maybe the shock of her
standing there on my door step rocked me more than what I ever thought it would be like.  Besides what
could I possibly say when she was right, he was her man, he was the father of her children and I knew
deep in my heart he would never leave her.

        "Good you understand, now here is what you will do, you will end it, tell him whatever you want but
you will end it and do so today.  Is that clear enough for you Samantha?"

        Again all I could do was nod my head at her, I felt like one of those damn bouncy head dog toy
that people put in their car on the dash.  I watched as she turned and walked away.  She didn't look
back once.  She knew one hundred per cent she had won this battle.

        Closing the door, I leaned against it.  The tears came as I realized I had to admit that it was over.  
Jacob would pick her and his kids over me.  Did I actually think he would end his relationship with her to
be with me?  Okay part of me had thought that, had wanted it.  I just never asked him to chose between
me and her.  I never asked because I knew he would never pick me, after all I was only his secret.  Leila
was the mother of his children.  So  as the last tear spilt down my cheek I knew in my mind and broken
heart it was over.

Copyright© 2013 Lacey Ashley (read more stories from Lacey below)

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