Selena's Pursuit
Story Codes:  MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

Selena's Pursuit
by Germaine Spicer

I caught a flash of green through the smudged window pane. It spun away as if launched by a slingshot, but not
before I identified the source. That same emerald hue dazzled me senseless minutes earlier, and I was not a
man to be caught up in color appreciation.

    No, my admiration had a much more visceral origin. Green was the color of the dress worn by my colleague,
Selena - the source of my nocturnal fantasies and a hell of a distraction during the day. To say that she simply
wore that dress failed to capture the way she strained the material to its limits, her generous physique barely
contained within its translucent bindings.

   Crossing the hall in two large strides, I pressed my nose to the glass. Did she run up the stairs, or down? I
knew she had a considerable stretch of time between her mid-morning lecture and her afternoon lab.

    Cautiously, I opened the heavy door and stepped upwards, towards the staff lounge. I'd just walk by,
casually, and act surprised if I saw her. My hand ran up the chipped railing, steadying me as I made my ascent.

   I slowed as I heard a loud click, a swish…and then silence. Was she nearby? I didn't want to catch up to her if
she'd paused on the stairwell. Jesus, I couldn't be that obvious.

   I stood absolutely still and listened. Nothing. Peering around the corner, I tried to see as much as possible
without moving my body. Deciding it was safe to proceed, I tiptoed up each stair. I ascended noiselessly, setting
each foot down before silently picking up the next. I held my breath and was acutely aware of the echo within the
concrete walls.

   Wait -  this is no good. If I do run into her, how will I explain the fact that I'm creeping around like a serial
killer? I instantly switched from stealth mode to a galloping, all out climb. I rounded the corner and before I could
pull back, I collided directly into a green obstruction - a very pliable, supple green obstruction.

   "Oh shit Selena, are you OK?" I couldn't believe this. Stupid! I scooped her up off the floor when she had
fallen backwards. Her cheeks and chest were flushed bright red and she wouldn't look me in the face. I started
to panic, cursing myself for destroying any minuscule opportunity I had with this woman. We stared at each
other mutely, gasping in the dusty air.

   I realized that too much time was going by and I was still holding Selena, supporting the curve of her back and
her left arm. "Are you OK?" I repeated myself softly. She started up at me, way up - damn, she was a tiny thing -
and nodded. Selena made no move to back up, and I sure as hell couldn't force my hands to let go.

   She blushed even redder, and stammered, "I, ah - I thought I heard something so I stopped..." Selena looked
down, no longer meeting my eyes.

   A smile slowly lit up my face as it hit me. That little devil was tracking me down, at the same time I was on her
tail like a damned tomcat. I lifted her chin, forcing eye contact. Using the hand that was still on her back to pull
her closer, I gave her a very concrete reason to believe that I shared her interest.

   That made her look up. Selena's lips parted slightly as she tried to form words. What came out was more of a
cross between a sigh and a whimper, which I cut off anyway with my mouth. Instead of pushing me away, she
opened her mouth further and drew in my tongue, squirming to get closer. Holy shit, I thought. Is this really going
to happen right here in the stairwell?

   I decided it was damn well going to happen, and lifted her under her ass to my eye level. Selena couldn't
have weighed 100 pounds but my hands still shook. I pressed her up against the wall to free my hands and lifted
that emerald dress up past her hips, grazing my thumbs on the underside of her breasts. She broke away from
my mouth and began biting my neck and tugging at the top of my slacks.

   Eager to please, I frantically tugged them down past my hips and wrapped her hand around my full width. My
breathing was ragged, and the muscles in my thighs were locked tight. In one motion, I pulled the dress over her
head and bent to push her bra out of my way with my mouth. Capturing a nipple gently between my teeth, I
moved my hips upwards, pleading.

   I didn't have to beg for long. Selena shifted her weight and drew her translucent panties to the side.
Profoundly grateful, I settled her onto me, fighting past the urge to impale her with one swift assault.

   I shouldn't have worried. Bucking and twisting, Selena was taking matters into her own hands, and it was all I
could do to hang on. She squeezed until I gasped and drew air in and out of my nose in an effort to delay the

   In the back of my mind was the constant worry that our rutting would be interrupted by a curious professor, or
worse. I needed to speed this up a bit, so I licked my thumb and squeezed it between our straining bodies. By
drawing circles around her hard clit and escalating to jackhammer-like speed, Selena finally rewarded me with
the convulsions that signaled my turn was coming. I spread my legs for balance and grabbed her hips, pulling
her upwards and back down like a piston. Her breasts hit my lips with each bounce. She began to quake again
as I surged into her, driven to fill her completely with my final spasms.

   After a bit I opened my eyes. Selena was licking her lips and looking down, seeing me still partway inside of
her. "Oh, no Selena, you greedy girl," I breathed in her ear. "We'll be caught here if we stay much longer. But I
hear your office hours are at four this afternoon..."

©2012 Germaine Spicer

Germaine Spicer is a contemporary erotic romance writer who fled to the beaches of Florida after one too many
Midwest winters.

When not writing, she can usually be found astride her Saddlebred horse Pharaoh. She is also known to indulge
in a little stress relief during boxing classes, and enjoys the tropical Florida scenery while competing in

Germaine's affinity for romance surfaced in Junior High, when at the bequest of friends she composed love
stories staring their latest crushes! Since that time she began pursuing writing first as a hobby and then as a
much-enjoyed profession.

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