Sexual Harassment
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Written by Miark Paige

I sat in my car and blew out a sigh as I tried to get my mind right to
head inside for work.  It was my Friday then I was going to be off for
the next three days.  I couldn't wait.  These last four days may have
went by very quickly but they tired me out.  It had been a stressful
week for me.  I was a tech support analyst for a telecommunications
firm and I worked the night shift.

Usually on night shift, things are easy.  You do your work with no one
from management bothering you about other mudane details.  People
leave you alone and that's how I liked it.  But this past week, I'd
been involved in three major, high-visibility tickets that management
had been on our asses about.  The issues got resolved and I got plenty
of attaboys but all I wanted was to be home once my shift ended.

It wasn't like I had anything to do when I was home.  I didn't have
much of a social life.  I guess I'm a bit of a nerd.  I like comic
books, video games, and playing on the computer.  Because I worked
weekends and nights, I didn't get out much.  You can't get into too
much trouble being off in the middle of the week.

It suited me fine.  I had my fun.  I might be a bit of a geek but I'm
a nice guy and sometimes that's all it takes with the ladies.  I read
a lot and sometimes I like to go to the bars and read.  I know it
sounds funny but books can be great conversation starters.  I've met
more than a few lovlies with a good book in my hands.

I've tried parlaying my love for books into writing.  I've found it to
be a very nice outlet for me.  I love urban erotica and I try to write
hot short stories.  I think I have a pretty erotic mind.  They say sex
is 80% mental and 20% physical.  I agree with that somewhat.  I hope
one day to put all of my short stories together into a book.

I walked into the center and down the rows of cubicles to my desk and
sat my backpack down.  There were six others who were just coming on
shift also and talking with the current shift members.  I sat down and
fired up my computer.  I grinned to myself.  While I sat in my car
before coming in, an idea for a very hot story came to me.  When
things slowed down tonight, I was going to work on it.

I know it sounds weird and it might eventually get me into trouble,
but I seem to do my best work here at my desk.  Don't ask me why.
Maybe it's the downtime.  I mean, it's not like I'm watching porn or
anything like that so I honestly don't see how I can get in trouble.
However, I don't want any prying eyes to see what I'm writing so I'm

I heard a giggle and I looked up over my monitors.  I saw this chick
talking to one of her colleagues.  She worked in another section in
the call center but this was all pretty much one big room.  I allowed
my eyes to wash over her as she smiled at her colleague.  Shawty was
short and thick with fantastic curves.  She was dressed in typical
garb for the weekend, jeans and sneakers with a company polo shirt.
But that body couldn't be denied.  Her face had a rich smooth cafe au
lait complexion with big brown eyes and she wore her hair in a
ponytail.  Her name was Lydia from what I had seen on her cubicle
nameplate.  From what I've seen of her, I didn't believe she wasn't
married (no ring) but six months ago she had a baby.

She turned and saw me gawking at her and her smile disappeared.  This
turned into a hostile glare and I averted my eyes.  I got the distinct
feeling that she didn't have any love for me.  Fortunately we didn't
have much interaction since she worked in a different section than I

I pulled up our ticketing system and pulled up my list of assigned
tickets.  It would be a light load tonight.  I blew out a sigh of
relief.  I pulled up each of my tickets and did a cursory read-through
to figure out which ones would be easiest to work first.  After
getting my gameplan for tonight together, I opened a text document and
started thinking of a title for my story.  I'd write until the calls
started coming in to work on my tickets.

A couple of hours went past and I was on a roll with my story.  I
laughed to myself at how hot it was.  There were a few websites I
frequented that I like reading stories from and I couldn't wait to
post my own on there.  By 4am, I was pretty much done with the story.
I had worked a few tickets in between writing and my workload had been
cut down significantly.  I could relax a bit now.  I looked over my
monitor again and saw Lydia.  She gave me an odd look and then went
back to her work.  I wondered why she disliked me so much.  I shook my
head and got up to go to the bathroom.  After that, I went to the
break area to get myself a soda.

I think I was gone from my desk maybe ten minutes.  When I came back,
there was a folded up sheet of paper on my keyboard.  I frowned and
picked it up.  I opened it and read the short note:

You know you should really be careful about what you leave up on your
monitor for people to see.  Text me, (240) 575-2214.  Lydia

I had a confused look on my face after reading it then looked at my
monitor.  Alarm bells went off in my head as I realized I had left my
story up for anyone to see.  I didn't even think about locking my
computer or minimizing the file when I left my desk.  I swallowed hard
as I sat down.  I half-peaked over my monitor at Lydia's desk and saw
her staring at me harshly with those big beautiful brown eyes.  I
shrunk back and looked down.  I just knew she was going to bust me.
Then I sat there and thought about it.  What have I done wrong?  She
had nothing on me.  I knew she wouldn't have tried to email my story
to herself because that would've gotten herself in trouble.

I pulled out my cell phone and sent her a text.  "I got your note
Lydia.  What can I do for you?" I said.  Her reply was immediate.

"Yes I see.  You need to be more careful about what you have on your
computer." she replied.

"And what is it that I need to be careful about Lydia?  A text file?
That I transmitted to no one?" I sent back.

A couple of minutes went by as I waited for her reply.  I looked over
my monitor at her desk again but I couldn't see her.

"Well, it's not a good look.  What if one of the supervisors came by
and saw what you were writing?  I really should report you to
Security." she replied.

I glared at her and responded.  "What do you want?"

"Hmm.  Good question.  Like your story." she replied back.

"Oh you like my story huh?  Did you read it all?"

"Yes I did.  And no, I didn't like your story.  I loved it."

I stared slack-jawed at my phone.  I was taken back with that reply.


"Yes, really.  That was some of the hottest stuff I've ever read.  You
have a pretty nasty mind don't you?"

"Yes, I guess you can say that."

I heard footsteps coming towards my cubicle.  I looked up and saw
Lydia's smiling face.  "C'mon Eric, let's go for a walk." she said,
walking past my desk.

I got up and looked around with a solemn look on my face then followed
her.  Once we were in the hallway, we went to a secluded area and she
turned to me.  She showed me a pic on her cell phone.  It was a pic of
my story on my monitor.

"I could email this to Security and tell them what you've been doing
on company property." she said.  Her statement had the desired effect.
I started sweating bullets.

How long have you been writing?" she asked.

"Not too long.  Probably about six months." I replied nervously.

"Do you have a blog or something?"

"Yes.  I'll text you the address when I get back to my desk."

"Cool.  Thanks."

"No problem."

We both silently walked back to our perspective cubicles and I texted
her my blog's address.  She thanked me and I didn't hear from her
again for the rest of the night.  I was really nervous when my shift
was over.  I didn't know what this chick wanted but I knew she could
get me in a ton of trouble.

As I lay in my bed that morning, I wished like crazy for sleep to come
but I was thorougly stressed out by what happened at work.  Then
suddenly, my cell phone rang.  I gulped when I saw Lydia's number show
up on the caller ID.  I reluctantly answered it.

"Can't sleep?" she said by way of greeting.

"No, I can't.  You have me in quite the pickle." I replied.

"I'm sorry.  But I can't help myself.  Your stories are the bomb.  You
should work harder on that book." she said.

"Thanks for your support.  I might need to write one after you get me
fired." I said in exasperation.

She giggled and said, "Relax Eric.  I'm not going to do that.  But I
do like your work and I want to continue reading your stories."

"Did you check out my blog?" I asked.

"I sure did.  That's why I called.  You've gotten me so wound up I
can't go to sleep." she said.

I didn't know what to say to that.  "You don't have a boyfriend or
something?  A beautiful woman like you I'm sure has someone to take
care of her needs." I suggested.

"No, I dont have a boyfriend and no my child's father is not in the
picture." she said, anticipating my next question.

An awkward silence followed.  After a minute, she said "Well, I'm
going to play with my pussy until I cum then I'm going to sleep.  I
just wanted to tell you, good job.  Keep it up.  Sweet dreams".  She
then hung up.

My dick got rock hard at the thought of Lydia's juicy pussy spouting
cum from her playing with it.  I decided I needed to rub one off
myself.  I reached over to my nightstand drawer and pulled out a tube
of lubricant.  I squeezed a dollop into my hand then slathered it
along the shaft of my throbbingly hard aching dick.  I closed my eyes
and an image of Lydia lying naked beside me emerged.  We were both
self-pleasuring, too afraid to touch each other.  Lydia slid her
swollen clit between her two middle fingers with an up and down
motion.  Her nipples were stiff and elongated.  Her moans were soft
and passionate.  She watched me move my hand up and down my member.
My fat mushroom head throbbed in anticipation of spitting out a
torrent of cum.

"Let's cum together." she breathed as she watched and knew I was ready
to let go.

I squeezed my eyes tighter and jacked faster as I felt the cum begin
to erupt from my loins.

"Arrrrrrggggghhhh!!!" I screamed as gobs of baby batter jetted forth
all over my hand.  My dick pulsed with every burst.  It soon softened
in my hand as my fantasy ended.  I opened my eyes and looked at the
mess I made.  I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.  Once I
did, I went back to bed.  I let out a long sigh then closed my eyes
and fell fast asleep.

A few hours later, I was awakened by the sound of my cell phone
ringing.  I looked at it and saw it was Lydia.  Reluctantly, I
answered the call.

"Hi Lydia." I said, yawning.

"Hi there sleepyhead.  When do you plan to get out of bed?" Lydia asked.

"Why?  I don't have anywhere to be.  I'm tired."

"Must be nice.  I have to work tonight."

"Sucks for you huh?  When are you off again?"

"Thursday and Friday."

"It's nice to have a weekend off.  Any big plans?"

"Nope.  Just home with the baby."

"I see.  That's too bad.  You should get a sitter and go out.  Have some fun."

"I'll take that under advisement."

I was quiet for a minute.  I didn't know why she called me.  Maybe she
wanted to phone bone.  That wasn't my speed though and I wasn't

"Why don't you have a boyfriend?  I'm sure you have guys up in your
face all of the time."  I asked.

"I'm tired of being lied to.  Tired of being played.  I love my baby
but she was a mistake.  Her father said all the right things but when
I told him she was coming, he disappeared on me." she said.  I was
quiet as I marinated on all of this.  "So yes, I have trust issues
when it comes to men.  I keep my heart at bay."  she continued.

"I understand that." I said, nodding my head.

"Let me ask you something." she said.  "These stories.  Are they based
on some kind of reality?  Or fantasy?"

I stared thoughtfully into space before I answered her question.
"I've done a few things.  But mostly it's all fiction.  I guess that
means it's mostly my fantasies."  I said.

"So you love to eat pussy." she guessed.  "I noticed in your stories
how vividly you describe that act.  But have you ever eaten any

"Yes I have.  And yes, you're right.  I do love doing that." I told her.

"Hmmm." she said with a wicked grin on her face.

"I can picture the wheels spinning in your head right now." I laughed.

"That's good.  Because you can guess what I'm thinking." Lydia said huskily.

"Enlighten me." I said.

Lydia just smiled.  "Stay tuned." she said and ended the call.

I looked at my phone then lay back down in the bed.  I really didn't
want to get up.  I didn't have anywhere to be and I had nothing
planned for tonight.  I closed my eyes again....

I awoke with a start at the sound of my cell phone ringing again.  I
stared at it stupidly and attempted to shake the sleep from my head.
I clumsily picked it up and answered the call.  Once again, it was

"Wake up sleepyhead." she greeted.

I glanced at my phone and noted the time.  It was after 12am.

"Why are you calling me this late?" I asked without trying to hide how
annoyed I was.

"Because I need something from you." she said.

"Such as?" I asked.

"You don't live too far from here do you?  Come up here and find out."
she suggested.

"To work?" I asked incredulously then shook my head vehemently.  "Nah.
I don't think so.  When I'm off I don't go near that place."

"Oh for me you can make an exception, I'm sure.  I still have this pic
on my phone you know." she said.

I closed my eyes and shook my head.  She knew she had me.  I sighed
then asked, "When?"

"I'm going to take a break in about an hour.  So be up here at around
1am.  Call me when you're parked." she said then ended the call.

I looked at my phone then lay back down in the bed, wondering what the
fuck I had gotten myself into.  I got up, found some jeans and a
t-shirt to put on and got dressed.  By the time I was dressed, it was
130am.  I grabbed my keys and headed to the job.  When I got there and
parked, I sent Lydia a text saying that I was there.  She replied
telling me to come inside and go to the breakroom nearest my cubicle.
I wearily grabbed my badge and started walking towards the building.

It was a cool fall morning, cool enough for me to wear a jacket.  I
had left my place in such a hurry that I completely forgot.  As I
walked towards the building entrance, I hoped I wouldn't run into
anyone.  Not that anyone else really gave a shit why I was there.
Most people here working nights stayed to themselves and outside of
the shifts, no one really knew each other's schedule.  Maybe this is
what Lydia was counting on.

I made my way to the breakroom Lydia indicated and I sat down in one
of the chairs.  I then texted her that I was there.  She replied
saying she'd be there in a few.  I sat there nervously wringing my
hands.  After a few minutes, she came into the breakroom.  I gasped.
She was wearing a jean jacket with a white blouse and a tight jean
skirt.  Her thick delicious legs jutted out beautifully from the skirt
and she wore some black high heel sandals.

"Come with me." she directed and I got up and followed her.  My eyes
were glued to her ass as she walked in front of me.  My mouth watered
at the sight and all of my stressing disappeared.

We went down the hallway a bit and stopped at a door.  The sign nearby
said it was the training room.  I gave Lydia a quizzical look and she
produced a key then opened the door.  "I'm in charge of training for
my group." she explained.  "I set up all of the classes so the
instructors have to sign this key out from me."  She entered the room
and I followed.  Once inside, she locked the door.

"So." I said, turning to her.  "Wassup?"

Lydia took off her jacket then walked slowly and seductively to the
desk at the front of the room.  She turned towards me then hiked up
her skirt around her hips.  My eyes got big as shit as I realized she
wasn't wearing panties.  Lydia sat on top of the desk and put one foot
up on it, her thick thighs spread wide.  She had a fat, juicy, shaved
pussy that she now squeezed between her thumb and forefinger.  It made
her juicy lips and clit stick out.

My eyes were locked on that kittykat as I slowly made my way towards
her.  When I got close to her, I pulled up a chair and sat down so
that my face was at direct level with her crotch.  She softly grabbed
the back of my head and coaxed it on home to her lovepie.  I closed my
eyes and indulged myself with her scent.  I rubbed my nose along the
side of her vulva and nuzzled the flesh thereof.  She smelled so good
and I couldn't wait to taste her.

I sucked her thighmeat and relished the taste of her sweat.  I turned
my attention back to her quivering pussy and dove right in.  My tongue
dove deep inside her soaking wet vagina and lapped up all of her
juices trickling forth.  I suckled the sweet flesh of her labia,
slurping them in and out of my mouth.  Lydia's hand grabbed at the
back of my head as she threw back her head in pleasure.  She knew she
had to be silent and she struggled to keep her composure.  Her first
orgasm had built up and was ready to blast off like a rocket ship.

"Dayum boi." she breathed.  "You got me ready to cum already."

Her hands shook on my head and her thighs trembled.  I softly sucked
on the hood of her clit and that set her off.

"Oooh." she moaned as quietly as she could as her cum came in quick
bursts from her pussy.  I caught all of them in my face and I wallowed
my face deeper into her flesh.  She now grabbed the back of my head
with both hands and I wielded my tongue like a sword and penetrated
her hole deeply.  She fucked herself on my face and gushed more juice
on me.  When she finally released my head, my face was covered in her

"Wow." she said softly, staring at me with a look of unadultered lust.
I stood up and she noticed the huge bulge in my jeans.

"Dayum." she said and got up off the desk.  She squatted down in front
of me and began to undo my jeans.  She opened the fly and pushed down
my boxer briefs to release my beast.  She took my thick, curved seven
inch mushroom headed dick in her hands.  Her mouth opened in wonder as
she stroked it.  I was dizzy as hell from the sensation, like all of
the blood from my head had gone straight to my dick.

"My, my, my.  Baby, your dick is perfect for me.  Nice and thick, and
just long enough for me." she whispered.  She looked up at me.  "This
is going to make my pussy feel very good isn't it?"

I nodded meekly and smiled.  Lydia closed her eyes and opened her
mouth.  She wrapped her full luscious lips around my dickhead and I
almost lost it.  Her warm wet mouth felt so good.  She didn't try to
suck it too deep; she concentrated on the head.  She slurped it like a
fat Tootsie Roll pop that she wanted to see how many licks it took to
get to the center of.

She stuffed more of my dick into her mouth, cramming half of it down.
That was all she wanted in there.  Her tongue flicked all around the
shaft and drool seeped from her mouth as she sucked.  It felt
wonderful.  Then she stopped and stood up.  She somehow produced a
condom from her blouse and ripped it open.  She gently applied the
prophylactic onto my dick and turned around.  She put a knee up on the
dick and smacked her generous ass.

I didn't need any more guidance.  I rubbed my dickhead up and down her
slit, letting her juices coat it and I slid into her lotus flower
bomb.  Her sugarwalls sucked my dick in to the hilt and massaged it
lovingly.  She threw back her head with a silent pleasureable scream
and I grabbed hold of her shoulder.  I started fucking with a rhythm
and she threw her pussy back at me.  Our bodies came together with a
loving crush.

"Ooooooh fucccckkkk!!!" she whispered harshly.  "I can't stop

I grabbed her hips and began to pound her backside mercilessly.  A
huge nut was building up and my balls were ready to release it.  Lydia
simply laid her head on the desk and submitted to my will.  Her soft
ass jiggled with each thrust and my heavy balls slapped at her clit.
Her juices splashed abundantly.

"Fuck baby, I'm gonna cuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!" I threw back my head now,
my mouth open wide with my own silent scream.  My nut emptied with
force into the condom as her pussy milked every drop I had.

I collasped onto her back and we both stayed like that for a few
minutes, breathing hard.  I finally pulled back and sat down in the
chair.  She turned around and wearily sat down in my lap.  We looked
at each other and giggled.  Lydia kissed my forehead then got up.  She
regained her composure and straightened herself up.  I got myself
together as well.

She went to the door and opened, peeking outside.  There was no one in
the hallway.  She motioned for me to come on and we both exited the
room.  She locked the door and she left me to head back to her desk.
I went down the stairs out to my car.

When I got inside, I received a text from her.  It said that I had
"earned my freedom" from her and that she wouldn't report me to
Security.  I laughed and texted her back my thanks.  She then replied
and asked if I could be her maintenance man.  A big shit-eating grin
came across my face as I drove off.  I was gonna love that job.


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