Story Codes: FF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by Oxana Mels

She bent me over.

   Forcefully. But my body just went with it.

   She forcefully threw me over the metal beam of the railing.

   Slowly, she started massaging down my ass crack. My stomach tensed, not knowing how
comfortable I actually felt with this. I tried to come on as free and open when I wore my suggestive
little skirts. But when it came down to it…

   She started getting more into it. She started getting a little frisky. With her nails.

   I was turned on in a weird way. Not as much as I imagined myself being, or how hot I would think
this was looking back on it. But why was I even thinking of this?

   I bit my lower lip, right as she starting working her way in. She lifted the back of my stiff, black
mini skirt up. She was making her way up my ass to get to the top of my tights. She tried to pull
them down for a second, but instantly just scratched her nails through the top of my ass crack
down, cutting a big, open slit for her to get in.

   I bit my lip harder, held my breath, and started feeling the top beam of the metal railing digging
into the bottom of my ribs into my stomach. Everything was getting itself into my body.

   She fiercely tore each side off on my tights off my ass crack going down my slit. My skirt was
pulled up, I was all exposed, completely vulnerable, in the cold, dark, damp night, standing with
half my body bent over the railing.

   Wondering with a feeling, not with any concrete words in my head, of how I had ended up this
way, this strange confusion of my current exposure was taken over by her slow pace of running
the tips of her long nails up and down my ass crack, making her way down to my pussy, first
massaging around the lips, then going a little in by each side, then backing away.

   She spanked me so hard, and laughed. It felt so shocking, in the cold, damp, night, where she
was just giving me some form of warmth and caress, then some sort of sadistic exertion. She
spanked again, then squeezed my left ass cheek with her whole hand, and I felt kind of violated,
but was getting more turned on as I grew more in sync with her ways.

   She was back to how she was doing it before, up and down the ass crack. My mind started to
drift a little, but then she started playing around with the skin around my pussy, one side at a time.
Slowly, she slid one finger in, and massaged it around, and then pulled out, going up and down
my ass crack again. This time, it was slightly wet from my pussy juice at first, the wind blowing
against it.

   I was still in the same position over the railing this whole time, the beam still digging into me, but
I was so frozen I could not move. She started fingering me again, with two fingers, first slow, then
quickly, then aggressively, knocking her ring and pinky knuckles against my skin.

   She pulled her two fingers out, and began sliding them downward, first to the top parts of my
pussy lips, then over my clit hood. Then around my clit.

   This teasing really turned me on, rubbing all the juice everywhere. Then she finally got to my
clit. She took the fingerprint sides of her four long fingers, and rubbed them side to side, so
quickly. As I was getting really into it, she switched to slow circle motions, and I had to rearrange
my muscles to go along with this, but then she pulled off.

   I was so horny from her clit rubbing, trying to ride on that euphoric moment, I had no idea what
she was opening my ass cheeks and pussy lips to get her tongue up in there. She started at my
open pussy, licking around the brim and then making her tongue all hard and slipping it in. She
moved her hardened up into my perineum, but not too long, then up to my asshole, softening it
and licking all around the brim. She hardened her tongue, stuck it in and started trying to move it
around, and then instantly pulled out and spanked me with full force.

   She pulled my long hair from the back, and lifting me up off the beam.

   I naturally turned around and looked her in the eyes.

   This was the first time I really considered her as a person, before just being the hands, mouth
and tongue that were guiding my being. We locked in the eyes, her lower lip slightly open, my
black miniskirt all bunched up and my tights all torn up and my ass and pussy all exposed in the
cold of the night.

   She grabbed me by the back of the head.

   She drew me in, and kissed me.

   We hadn’t even kissed before, but now we were. At first it was slow, then open mouth, then she
bit my upper lip and I felt a moment of distrust before she slid her tongue slightly into my mouth.
We necked for time, and I felt up her tits under her stiff dress, trying to pinch her hard nipples
even if they were tucked away under her thick dress and bra.

   She threw my hands off her tits, bent down and got her whole mouth on the frontal part of my
pussy as I stood up. I stood strong, erect in my heels and torn-up outfit, as she worked away. I was
getting so turned on, it was all in the right place, so I took my right hand and grabbed it right into a
huge chunk of hair on the top of her head, slamming her face straight on into my pussy. I had to
assert myself, it was going just how I wanted it, and I did not care for any more of her curveballs.
Leaning on the balls of my feet, I lifted my heels a little up to lock my pussy right into the friction of
her rubbing tongue, and she then took her right thumb up around to edge the hood of my clit up
and got right there.

   And I screamed.

   It rushed, I exploded, I came right into her mouth, I felt it all over, it rushed and drained and I felt
my ears ringing as I let go of her hair and she lowered her head.

   In my tired, bare self all exposed to the night, she looked up at me, I down at her. She stood up,
we kissed with closed eyes, I tasted my body on her lips and tongue as she helped me pull my
skirt down.

© 2012 Oxana Mels

Oxana Mels lives elusively. A former gypsy, now stationed in NYC, she switches from the life of
journeying to the life of typing. Oxana's adventures have differed from motor-tripping the
perimeter of Taiwan to trekking through the desert of Israel to getting bitten by horses in Vienna.
Currently, she reflects, contemplates and writes.

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