She Looks Just Like Her
Story Codes: MF, Exhibitionist

She Looks Just Like Her
by A.C.

I met Nikki and Nicole when we were in High School and every since
we were friends, but as time went on Nikki and I got closer and did
the boyfriend and girlfriend thing, we even went to prom together. We
even look back at our prom picture we took, Nikki, Nicole and me
chessing from ear to ear. Even though Nicole had a date to the prom
she was right up under Nikki and I as always.

We attended the same college together, the three of us, and our
freshman year we even had one class together (LOL). By our Junior
year Nikki and Nicole had got their own apartment and I had my own
too, it was fun being able to come over to their place and spend
time. Between the time we spent together, it always seemed like it
was just us three, Nicole did have a couple of boyfriends, but it
seem like they never stayed around long, so it would be right back to
the "three amigos". Nikki and Nicole were so comfortable around me
that it was nothing for Nicole to walk around the apartment in her
panties and bra or if the three of us were watching a movie, some how
both ladies would be laying all over me, but it was totally
innocent... Well, except with Nikki, I mean she was my girlfriend,
sometimes I would feel her up in front of Nicole or when we would
watch movies I would have my hand on Nikki's booty as she laid her
head on my lap.

The summer of our Junior year Nicole and I worked, but Nikki got an
internship in Chicago, 4 hrs drive from home and normally she would
come home on the weekends. I worked the afternoon shift from 3 to 11,
so I took two morning class that summer. My normal thing that I had
gotten into was on Friday nights instead of going to my apartment I
would got to Nikki and Nicole's place, Nikki would have made it in
from Chicago, I'd shower and we would enjoy each others company for
the weekend until she went back Sunday evening.

One Sunday evening when Nikki had left to go back to Chicago, Nicole
asked to go shopping with her to pick up a few items for the
apartment, so I went. Her and I had fun together, as we always did,
we laugh and talked as we walk thru Walmart, laughing at each other,
laugh at other people, just being plain silly. When we walk towards
the women's section, Nicole stopped at the Lingerie dept. and picked
up some thongs and said "This is what you wanna see Nikki in" we
laughed as she was pick up diffrent pieces. "Naw, you the one that
likes cheap draws", Nicole laugh and threw a bra at me. After we left
Walmart we didn't have anything to do, so we stopped for drinks.

I took Nicole to one of my hangout spots where I had took Nikki
plenty of times to meet some of my work buddies. As we walked in I
saw Brandon, my co-worker, "Hey man, Hello Ms. Nikki", Nicole and I
laughed as I shook brandon's hand " Man this is not Nikki, this is
her sister Nicole", I told Brandon as we did the brotha hug, bumping
shoulders. "Oh, Nikki got a twin?" and before he could say anything
else I said "DUH!", we all laughed. "Oh, this is the kind of place
you take my sister to when I am not with you two", Nicole looked
around the place as if she was the Inspector General or the board of
health. We shoot pool, had a few wings and drinks, laughed and
talked. Wow, the advantage of dating a twin was almost like not
missing my girl except for the sex part.

After we left the bar, I took Nicole home, she told me she had a
good time and I went home, but I keep thinking about Nicole all
night... DAMN!

Well, when Friday came as usual I did my Friday night thing, I got to
Nikki and Nicole's apartment and when I open the door ( I had a key)
I saw candle's burning and some Jazz was playing on the CD player. I
was excited that my baby was home from Chicago, I called her
name "Nikki... Nikki, how was your trip home?" I walked back to her
bedroom and saw her laying acrossed the bed,the only light was two
candles in the room that outlined her sexy figure. "Girl, you left
the candles burning and you are back here sleep", but she didn't
move, I walked over to the bed and kissed her cheek. "Hi" she said in
a sleepy voice, she was under the sheet naked and smelling good. "Let
me take my shower and I will join you" I told her as I walk towards
the bathroom.

When I dried of my body I quickly ran into the room to get in the
bed with my baby, I had missed her all week long and want to feel her
body next to me. As I got under the in the bed and under the sheet, I
reached out to feel her soft sexy naked body, I begin to place kisses
on the back of her neck, as she was facing away from me, I kissed the
back of her shoulder. She rolled over face down and I placed wet
kisses down the middle of her back as I pulled the sheet off of us.
When I got to the lower part of her back, I kissed the top of her
booty cheeks, then I started down the left side, more kisses on her
thighs, more kisses on the back of her left knee, and even more
kisses on her left calf. When I got the the heel of her left foot, I
bent her leg up and let my tongue glide across the sole of her foot
and began sucking her toes. She jump as if this was the first time I
had done this or maybe she just missed me giving her the "Royal"

As I moved over to the right side I started with her right foot in
the air sucking on her toes, making a wet tongue trail across her
sole to her heel and kisses up to her calf, kisses on the back of her
knee and even more wet kisses on the back of her right thigh. By this
time she was moaning with pleasure and when I spreaded her legs as
she still laid face down, I parted her cheeks and and tongued her
brown hole. " OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD", as she screamed out her voice
filled the room and she buried her face into the pillow. I was on a
misson and I continued on, so I tongue fucked her pussy and ass, she
was so very wet and her thighs quivered as she thursted back on my
face and lips.

I turned her over on her back and continued to orally attack her
very wet cunt and ass, she placed her feet on my shoulders and
grabbed the back of my head as she fucked my face. My baby's juices
were so sweet as she came all over my mouth and face, the more she
screamed the more I sucked and licked her aroused clit, then I would
stop just as I felt she was about to cum and explored her asshole. My
erection was so strong, I was ready to fill her wet pussy with every
inch of me, as I moved into position the head of my dick rest against
her pussy lips, then I drove deep into her wet hole. She wrapped her
legs around my back and her nails dug into my skin and when we found
our groove, I was so deep inside her I felt like I was hitting pussy
I never hit before. I don't know if we had missed each other so much
or what, but this felt like it was the first time, I had done all
these sexual things to her before and somehow it was like a new
begining. As our moans started to match in timing, I know I would
explode soon and before I could say anything, she had push me back,
my dick came out as she move around to replace her mouth where her
pussy had been, This took me over the top and I gave her all my man
love. As my manhood released it's load she took it all down. we both
collapsed into each others arms.

When I hear the heavy bass thumping I rolled over and reached out,
but I didn't feel a body next to me. As the bass beat got stronger I
realize that it was coming from outside and I opened my eyes to see I
was in bed alone. I grabbed my robe that I had in Nikki's room and
walk to the bathroom down the hallway, after using the bathroom I
looked in the Living room to see if anyone was around. I look in the
Kitchen... Nobody there. I went to the other end of the hall where
Nicole's room was her door was closed so I knocked... No Answer. It
was offical, no one was there but me. When I went back in Nikki's
room, I look around and notice a note on the nightstand, I pick it up
and looked at the smiley faces on the front, then I opened it
up... "Hey Sweetie, we went to our parent's house, call me later.

I smiled, folded the note and put it in my robe pocket and went to
the bathroom to shower. After my shower, I got dressed and headed to
my apartment. After getting the mail and walking in my spot, I walked
over and grabbed the phone to call my voice mail. I look at my caller
I.D. to see who called and I saw my baby's cell number. She had
called at 6:30 pm, so I called into the voice mail to see if she had
left a message. She did, and I hear her voice say "Hi sweetie, sorry
I won't be home this weekend...", I drop the phone "WHAT THE FUCK!" I
am sure if I was looking in a mirror I would see my face turn white.
WE HAD MAD PASSIONATE SEX! was ringing in my mind, so many thought
were running thru my mind and then I scream " OH FUCK NICOLE, WHAT

I picked up the phone and called Nikki and Nicole's parent's house,
the phone rang three times then I heard Mrs. Clark's
voice, "Hello", "Hi, Mrs. Clark", she reconized my voice and she
say "Nikki is not here, she didn't come home this weekend.", "Yes
ma'am, I know... I was looking for Nicole.", "Oh she's not her
either.", "Ok, thanks, How's Mr. Clark... Tell him I said hello." I
hung up feel funny having talk to the twins mother, I almost felt
like she knew... I had done the deed with both her daugthers. Whoa,
as my mind reflected back on the events of last night, I found myself
getting caught as I relived the passion that I shared with... NICOLE!

Oh damn, I gotta find her quick, fast and in a hurry. As I changed
clothes I being to sweat my mind kept going back to last night and
how much I wanted to make love to Nikki, how much I missed Nikki...
and how much I was afraid I would lose Nikki... and how last night's
passionate act of sex was so hot, so wonderful so, so... Damn, I had
fucked Nicole. Ok, I had fantasy that Nikki and Nicole gave me a twin
threesome, but it was just that a FANTASY. My mind scrambled, would
Nicole tell Nikki? Would she used this against me? Would I tell on
myself?... Damn, Nicole is so damn freaky... Shit I gotta find her so
we can talk about this thing.

I found her cell number and I called, but she didn't answer. I left
my apartment to ride around to clear my mine, I ended up in the park
by the riverfront. I parked my car to walk on the banks of the river
to cast my worries in the water. My cell phone rung, when I look at
it I saw Nikki's phone number and I had to collect myself... as I
press the green button I spoke, " Hey baby, What happen to you coming
home... I miss you so much", "Sweetie left you a voice mail did you
get it?", Yeah, but when I heard you say you wasn't coming home, I
stopped listening" and then I kind of giggled. "Well, I told Nicole
too..." that was not a name I wanted to hear as I was talking to
Nikki, because hearing Nicole's name was still send my mind back
too..." and she said when you come over Friday night..." WHOA! did
she know what happen... "she would tell you. I didn't call your cell
phone cause I knew you were at work." After having we talk for about
10 minutes she had to go to a training meeting and we hung up.

About 5:30 pm I went back to Nikki and Nicole's apartment and I saw
Nicole's car, I ran up the steps to the apartment and open the
door, "NICOLE" I shouted sternly. She came out of the hallway with
tears rolling down her face, " I am so Sorry... please forgive me."
As I looked for the words to say, " What are we gonna do, please tell
me you will never, never, never, ever, tell Nikki", "Oh no, I could
never hurt my sister like that", so I asked "What are we gonna do?"

I had to do everything in my power to hold back from choking Nicole,
but at the same time I wanted to get nasty again, I wanted to taste
her sweet juices again. As I worked on controlling my lustful
intentions, Nicole talked and made a pact that we would never tell
Nikki and that we were still friends. Yes, I had sex with Nicole, but
as I looked in her face all I could think was Nikki, she looked just
like Nikki, was built like Nikki, talked like Nikki... She was
Nikki's identical twin... and we had a secret to take to the grave.

© 2015 A.C.

A.C. is a current resident of Detroit, MI, and former U.S. Army.  A.C.  enjoys
comedy, all styles of music, traveling, all new and interesting things and writing as
well as reading erotic lit.  He enjoys being in the company of women.  A. C. is  a
modarator and co-creator of yahoo group Whole 'Nother Level.