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Sin’s Of The Wife 6
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Lisa sat up after he left, she smiled seeing the peppermint schnapps just
waiting for her. She staggered over to the counter and fell to her knees

"Oops I got drunk! I hope the boogie man doesn’t get me." She giggled
as she pulled herself up. Before she could gather her thoughts a mans
arm wrapped around her neck. She tried to get away. He was much
stronger then her though and he punched her in her face just before she
past out from the alcohol she had drank.

Lisa found her self in a dark room with a musty smell. She laid quiet as
she realized where she was . . . It was a cellar, but whose? She thought
to herself. She tried to sit up , but her head began to spin. Her head felt
four times bigger then it was. She tried to focus her vision, but it was too
blurry. She laid her head back down and sighed. She heard the cellar’s
door opening and someone entered, She tried to see her captor’s face
to no avail.

She focused her eyes on the person in the door way. They were small in
stature, They wore a black monks robe. Who is this person? It can’t be
Charley they are to small. She thought to herself. Is it a female? She
wondered to herself. What female would he have doing his dirty deeds?

The mysterious person stopped and looked at her for a few seconds.
She saw a body hit the cellar’s floor then her captor closed the door.
How can she escape from here? What if they were just waiting on the
other side for her to escape so they could kill her? Lisa could no longer
hold back her tears. She curled up in a corner and prayed.

Dave picked up the phone to call Lisa’s friend when he found that Lisa’s
bed had not been slept in last night. He hung up the phone when Koko
entered the kitchen.

"I smelt coffee and cinnamon rolls and had to come get some." She told
him as she wrapped her arms around his neck with a mischievous look
on her face.

"Not now Koko, Lisa didn’t come home last night." He said as he gently
removed her arms from around his neck.

"She might have slept over at a boyfriends house." She told him.
" She doesn’t have any boyfriends. " Dave told her with the sound of
alarm in his voice.

Dave grabbed his keys to go look for Lisa. His heart raced and
quickened with fear when he saw her car parked in the drive way. He
suddenly felt a burning pain in his back. He fell to the ground with a
butcher knife sticking out of his blood soaked back. His body was being
dragged to the cellar door where he was dropped inside on the cold
damp floor.

Lisa was bound and gagged in the empty cold damp cellar She began
to cry when she saw Dave’s body land on the cellar floor. She felt so
helpless seeing her brother laying lifeless on the floor.

"Dave, oh please don’t leave us now, Koko and I are going to die if you
do. Please Dave ... Oh please God don’t let him die! Lisa cried out
hoping her plea would be heard and bring her brother’s soul back to

Charley and Jill ran deep into the under ground tunnel until they felt they
were safe. They were so quiet as they waited for Charley’s father, he
would flash the flash light three times at the tunnel’s opening for them to
return to the cabin. Finally he gave the signal that it was safe to return.
Once back at the cabin the three sat at the kitchen table eating their
breakfast and laughing that they hid from the boy at the country store
delivering the groceries as he did every Monday.

Charley left the cabin to go take care of the unfinished business he had
in town with Koko. He was going to put an end to Koko and Dave.

Charley pulled up to a empty house in Koko’s and Dave’s neighborhood.
He walked slowly to their house and hid in some bushes. He would kill
them one by one if he had too. He would come out after dark and kill
them. His train of thought was interrupted by Dave running out of the
house, shortly there after a small figure was behind Dave stabbing him in
his back. Charley was angered by this stranger who stole Charley’s prey
from him. He was going to come out of hiding, but thought differently as
he watched this person of interest dragging Dave’s body.

Dave began to regain consciousness. He was weak from the lost of
blood. He heard the sound of a female whimpering and then saw his
sister. Dave began to crawl with every ounce of energy he could muster.
It seemed like hours before he reached her. The knife still protruding out
of his back. Dave finally made it to Lisa, the room began to spin and he
whispered "Koko" before he went into the darkness of his mind.

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To be continued . . .

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