Sin's Of The Wife
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Sin's Of The Wife
by Erotica Writings

Koko sat in front of the dressing table mirror as she prepared herself for
a romantic dinner with her husband for New Years Eve. She was taken a
back with memories of the sins she had committed with Dave. Would
she live the rest of her life in fear of being punished for what she did for
love? She remembered back to the days that it all began for her . . .

Her tears burned her eyes as she read the email that Dave had sent to
her friend Carli stating he wanted nothing to do with Carli or Koko who
only tried to please him by arranging for him to meet with Carli. The only
thing was Carli, she wanted nothing to do with him because he was an
officer of the law. Koko did not know that Carli was wanted by the law
and that she was in love with Koko herself. Koko would have gave up
her life for him.

Two years had past before he sent her an instant message

After he had read a poem she had published, a very provocative poem
at that. Her hands began to shake when she saw the messenger was
from Dave. Koko began hitting her friend Jill’s arm who had been
standing next to Koko. Koko who was now speechless and could only
point at the screen.

"Holy shit Koko! Dave is instant messaging you!" she said excitedly as
Koko abused her poor arm.
Koko a forty six year old female who was blonde, with big brown eyes
squealed like a sixteen year old girl who just saw her favorite music
group. Yes Koko had become enchanted by him and could not shake
him no matter how she tried, she could not explain the attraction that
scared her enough to run the first time they met.

"No shit Sherlock what was your first clue?" Koko asked feeling like
butterflies had just invaded her stomach.

"What does he want Koko?" she asked not being able to stop being
wrapped up in Koko’s excitement.
"I don’t know, but he is Instant Messaging me on the exact day and time
when we met two years ago." She told her friend who was just as much
of a romantic as Koko was.
The two women stood reading his type written words on the computer

Hi, how are you? he typed

Good and you? Koko typed

Doing really good, I just thought I would say hello. He typed

So did you like the poem I emailed to you? Koko typed.

Yes I did, so what is it that you have been up to these days? He typed.

With shaky hands she typed. I write erotica now.

Hey I like that. He typed.

I thought you would. She typed.

Well I really have to run and get back to work, it was nice talking to you.
She typed.
I will be talking to you again. He typed.

Her heart was pounding as she sat quietly not looking at Jill, trying not to
jump to wild conclusions as her heart was wanting to do. Reality walked
in the door in the form of her husband.
"Hey baby" He said smiling and giving her a kiss on her lips.

"Hi baby, I missed you." she said trying to cover the guilt that was eating
at her heart now.
Charley was a good man and he did not deserve a wife who at night
dreamt of being with another man. Koko hugged her husband tightly for
she always felt so scared and guilty when she felt those burning desires
for Dave. A tear rolled down her cheek as Charley spun her around in
his arms. She laid her head softly on his massive chest and then softly
pushed him away as she sent him on his way to go shower.  

Koko looked in the mirror for an answer, but there weren’t any answers
for her. She changed into a long denim skirt, a light pink tank top with
brown sandals and a choker necklace with a matching bracelet made
out of white shells. The couple left their house arm in arm laughing and

Dinner was quiet with little love remarks to one another during dinner.
They always took a drive along East Las Olas before returning to their
quiet cottage they had on the beach by Oakland Park. Koko always
loved walking and sitting out on the sidewalks watching the people pass
by, sometimes she would sketch people that caught her eye.

That night when they returned home Koko changed into her long black
gown and joined Charley in their bed. Charley looked deep into her eyes
kissing her lips so softly, caressing her breast so tenderly and softly
sucked on her harden nipples causing a deep moan to slip through her
lips. Charley helped to slip her out of her gown and ran his tongue down
her flat belly to her neatly velvet trimmed pussy slipping his finger in
slowly and then out to lick her sticky sweet juices off of his finger and his
mouth and tongue wanted more of her white creamy juices and he heard
her sigh as he licked her juices slowly from her hot, wet pussy that
wanted more of his slow, hard stead fast licks and her hips raised up
towards his face, her hands twisting her nipples until she could not stand
it any longer wrapping her legs around his head burying his face into her
pussy as loud moans flowed from her throat and throughout the cottage.
His hand was steadily stroking his throbbing cock. She was still so high
from the orgasm that she moved her body between his thighs sucking
and licking his large cock until he released his hot thick cum deep down
her throat. Koko and Charley fell to sleep wrapped in each arms so
peaceful and satisfied.

Koko sat at the beach looking out at the crashing waves when she felt
two hands caressing her shoulders and she knew by his touch that Dave
was there. She stood up falling into his arms as they kissed so
passionately and he began disrobing her in front of the whole beach. He
roughly laid her on the bench and began giving her oral sex when
suddenly she was on top of him as he caressed and sucked her breast.
His cock filled every inch of her pulsating pussy and they exploded in a
magnitude of orgasms. Koko woke herself up calling out Dave’s name
from her sleep, she quickly looked over at Charley who had not awaken,

"Damn it." Koko cried out silently.

She turned over with her back to Charley as she laid in the darkness so
confused and yet still wanting to taste Dave’s kisses, to feel him making
love to her once more. How can I love the two of them? She thought to
her self as she drifted back into a deep sleep.

The next morning Charley woke Koko up to breakfast in bed with a
single red rose on the tray and chocolate chip pancakes. As she ate her
breakfast slowly while Charley showered Dave’s face was burning a
hole in her mind and heart. She made a vow to Charley and she will not
break those vows of marriage.

Charley was gone off to work and today he would only be able to give
her a quick kiss and then off to his other job where he worked until the
early morning hours. Koko contributed her longing that was becoming
almost unbearable to stand to her being so lonely with the only ones to
talk to were her dog Nelly and cat Jerry, well except for those rare days
when Jill dropped by and today was one of those days. They spent the
afternoon playing on the internet in chat rooms. Then it happened, the
instant message from Dave.

Hey baby. He wrote

Hi Dave. she wrote

What r u doing ?

Nothing much. She wrote

Hey have u ever slept with two men? He asked

Ten years ago in my wilder days. She wrote

I have wanted to sleep with two women, its been my fantasy.

Why don’t you fix me up with one of your friends? He wrote.

Her heart sank, but then she had not seen him in almost two years yet
this man had burnt her very soul and she could not get him out of her
system and she did not know why? What was so special about him?
She could not explain the strange connection to him and the safety and
trust she felt in him. She tried to tell herself he was just a normal man
with normal needs like everyone else , yet her heart told her he was her
shining star.

"Sure, I have a friend her name is Joan and she is wild. She wrote trying
to keep the jealousy from raging through her body.

Good the wilder the better. He wrote

Koko signed off and called her friend with Jill in shocked that she was
going to actually ask her. Jill could see Koko’s hands shaking . She
cleared her voice when Joan answered the phone.

"Joan I have a big favor to ask." She said into the receiver.

"What?" Joan asked her still feeling hung over.

"I have a friend who is very nice and I think you two would be cool for one
another." She said trying to sound convincing.

"Who is he?"She asked.

"Dave, I have known him for awhile, very nice." She said.

"Does he have money?" Joan asked as she stretched her long thin body
as she lay on the couch.

"I don’t know he’s a cop, and we know they aren’t paid what they are
worth." Koko told her forcing a smile

"Fuck you Koko, I am not going out with a fucking cop!" Joan said

"Don’t cuss at me Joan." She said.

"Look you’re the only one of us who has a fetish for cops. Not me."She

"He’s cute, I really need this favor please?" Koko asked.

"Will you sleep with me ?" Joan asked who had this crush on Koko for

"Stop it, you know that will never happen." She told her.

"Then I am not going out with him unless you go to bed with me." she
told Koko laughing into the receiver.

"I ‘ll come over." She told her regretting those words as she spoke them.
Joan walking behind Koko slipped her arms around her waist as she
kissed her neck softly causing Koko’s nipples to become hard and
swollen to her soft lips.

"Stop it!" Koko cried out trying to break away from her.
Joan was not stopping and grasped Koko’s well endowed breast with
her hands, pinching and twisting her hard nipples. Koko was giving in to
Joan as her long thin tongue ran up Koko’s neck. Koko’s breathing
became intense, she turned her body towards Joan as she pressed
herself against her.

Joan’s hands roamed over Koko’s body to her firm fat ass. Before Koko
knew what was happening they had disrobed and were in Joan’s bed.
Joan’s tongue worked juicy hot passions in Koko. Koko thrust her hips
into Joan’s face When she heard Dave’s voice.

"Oh my this is so hot." He told them as he climbed into bed with these
two women.

Koko smiled at Joan "To have me you have to have him." She said as
she felt Dave’s lips on her shoulder.

"Mmm that’s fine." Joan told her placing Koko on top of her strap on as
Dave entered Koko’s ass.

Dave’s hand squeezed and twisted Koko’s tits, he bit her shoulder
causing her to push her throbbing pussy down hard on the double
headed strap on. Joan’s moaning drove Dave and Koko past passion
and lust. They were driven into an explosive orgasm that filled Koko’s
ass as she soaked the dildo inside of her.  Joan’s pussy gushed all of
her sweet juices all over the dildo and bed. Dave had Koko sit on his
face as he licked her beautiful pussy clean stirring an arousal in both of
them. Joan went down on Dave sucking his now growing cock as she
fingered her pussy. Dave’s tongue found Koko’s opening and dove into
those juices as her hip’s began to squirm against his face. She wanted
more then his tongue and she knew from past experience she was
about to get his hard cock that was cleaned off nicely by Joan’s tongue
and hand cloth that was waiting on the night stand.

He entered Koko slowly as he moaned softly in her ear. Koko wrapped
her arms around his neck as his body and arms began rocking hers as if
they were rocking horses. He began twisting his cock around in her
juices. Joan watched his firm ass muscle contract with each thrust into
Koko. Koko could hear his whispers into her ear. Saying those words,
she had longed to hear from him when they were together.

"I love you baby." He whispered into her ear then kissing her soft lips.

"Oh Dave, I love you, I have always loved you." She told him as he took
them into pure ecstasy.

The drive home was pleasing to Koko who could not stop smiling. He
loves me! She kept repeating over in her mind, then she remembers
what she had just done and the vows she had broken to Charley. Oh no,
how did I forget about Charley? She thought to herself. Oh thank God he
won’t be home, he’ll still be at work so I can shower. Her heart pounded
in her chest when she saw Charley’s car there. Shit! She thought to

Koko trying to act as if  she did not just sleep with her friend and lover.
She walked in and saw Charley’s ashen face. The worry on his face told
her he was beside himself.
"Where have you been Koko?" He asked feeling relieved, yet angry.

"I was at Joan’s for awhile." She told him trying to look normal yet
exposing her guilt.

"Why didn’t you answer the fucking phone then? I have been calling your
cell phone!" He yelled at the top of his voice.

Koko ran up to him to try and calm him down when he hit her with the
back of his hand sending her to the floor. She looked up at him when
she felt fear of this gentle giant for the first time in her life. Blood slowly
drizzled down her face as she tried to focus her eyes on him.

"I saw you! I went out looking for you thinking you were hurt or even
dead! I saw the three of you screwing like dogs! You fucking whore!" He
screamed at her when his large foot kicked Koko square in her stomach.

"Oh God!" She cried out as her body fell backwards on the floor.

Koko was paralyzed with fear and could not move fast enough to stop
his  size thirteen foot from making contact with her head. Koko fell into a
deep blackness of an unconscious blanket. When she awoke she was
laying in the hospital as doctors tried to save her life. She could not see
out of one eye, her head throbbed from Charley’s repeated stomping of
her head until he thought she was dead and left the house. The
neighbors had called the police when they heard Koko’s pitiful screams
and Charley’s screams of a man driven past total insanity.

Koko was awakened the next morning with Dave standing over her bed
holding her hand weeping like a child. He felt the guilt of her brutal

"I am so sorry Koko, I should never have talked you into sleeping with
us." He told her as he kissed her hand softly.

Koko shook her head as tears ran down her face burning the wounds
that the doctors spent hours on in surgery trying to reconstruct. They
hoped her vision would return to her right eye that had been Completely
severed from the optic nerve.  She tried to speak only to be discouraged
by the wire holding her jaw shut.

Dave stayed by her bed side fearing that Charley would return to
complete the murder he had started. Joan and Jill took turns with Dave
sitting with Koko while an on duty officer stood watch by her door. Dave
slept there at night on a chair that folded out to a bed.

Three month’s later. . .

Koko was expecting her first child that she would have to raise alone.
She did not know which man was the father, Dave Who cherished the
ground she walked on or was it Charley, her husband, who escaped the
law for attempted murder. The morning sickness was almost coming to
an end now, she wondered how did her child survive that vicious attack,
the surgery, and wondered if her baby would be normal. Koko felt the
child kicking inside of her. She placed her hand softly on her swollen
stomach smiling. Dave had just pulled in the drive way with their dinner,
no matter how much she fought him they were going to be a family.

"Let's eat baby and baby." He said with a big grin on his handsome face.

"What am I to do with you?" She asked him as they proceeded inside
the house.

"Marry me baby and baby." He told her as they approached the kitchen
to eat.

"Keep up one day I may tell you yes." She told him getting plates from
the cabinets.

"I am counting on that." He told her placing chicken, cole slaw, beans
and mashed potatoes on her plate. They both laughed and ate their

Joan alone in her home and oblivious to the dark shadow outside of her
window watching her with deadly intentions.

To be continued...

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