Sins Of The Wife 2
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Sins Of The Wife 2
by Erotica Writings

Joan enjoyed her hot bubble bath as she sipped her wine. She closed her eyes
as she held the wine glass in her fragile hand. Her nails with their perfect French
manicure picture perfect look. Her other hand was between her thighs stroking
her clit. The hot water felt so good and her clit began to swell. Her thighs opened
wider as she put the wine class on the side of the tub. She was now twisting and
pinching her nipples, her fingers were exploring her throbbing pussy when she
began moaning as the climax claimed her body. Suddenly as she quivered from
the orgasm two hands covered in black leather gloves submerged her under the
water. Her arms thrashed about as she tried to fight for her life. She felt herself
being ripped apart by a sharp piercing pain. Now everything was still, no more
splashing from the tub whose water had turned a bloody red. Joan’s lifeless
eyes stared wide open at her killer.

Koko answered the phone to Joan’s frantic eighty-year-old mother. Koko was in
shock to hear about Joan’s murder. She hysterically woke Dave from a deep
sleep as he laid next to her in their bed.

"Joan, Oh my God ! Joan was murdered tonight!" She cried out to him as she
fell into his arms.

"Why? Why did he kill her?" She sobbed heavily when a sharp pain ripped
through her stomach. Her scream was a high pitch shrill and then Dave felt the
warmth seeping under him and he knew what had happened. When he found the
nerve to look, Koko was laying in a pool of blood. The shocking news killed their
child . . . Dave quickly called 911 on his cell phone and assured Joan’s mother
on the house phone he would make sure Joan’s murderer was caught. The
paramedics arrived and confirmed that Koko lost the baby. They wrapped the
two inch fetus in a white towel and removed it from the room

Koko rocked back and forth in the rocker after Dave helped to clean her up. She
was wrapped in the quilt her grandmother hand sewn for her. Black lines
streaked her face from her tears. She now mourned the death of her friend and
her little baby. A baby that she loved even though it was conceived during her
sinful affair. She loved it and cried into the quilt that Dave had wrapped around

"Why? Why Dave? Why did our baby have to die? Oh my God, it’s my fault! I . . .
I didn’t know how crazy Charlie was! " She cried as she touched her stomach
where her baby been growing in her womb.

Dave pulled her up from the chair and held her tightly as tears rolled down his
face. "It’s not your fault baby, if Charley killed Joan I will make sure he is caught."
He told her as he kissed her forehead softly. "For now though I am taking you to
your mom’s where you will be safe and can rest while I go see the crime scene."
He told her holding the woman that rocked his world and kept his heart beating.

Dave pulled up in front of Joan’s house, the house that got Koko back into his
life. The only thing he regretted was the tragic out come. He got out of his silver
car and walked up to the house. He noticed a large dark hump under Joan’s car,
he walked slowly to the car with his gun out of the holster. It was King, his throat
had been slit ear to ear and his teeth had been pulled out of his mouth. Why?

Why were Kings teeth removed Dave asked his self? The perp. must have been
bitten by King. He brought the dead dog to the crime scene .Investigators’
attention so Kings body would be examined for clues . . . Perhaps a finger print
on his collar.

Joan’s body was still in the tub, it had not been moved yet. Her eyes were wide
open with fear even in death. Whoever did this gutted her like an animal that was
brought to the slaughter house. He noticed something black dripping into the
water, he looked up at the ceiling and saw a message scribbled in some sort of
black ink.

*Sergeant, wife fucker, doesn’t have a fucking clue. *

Dave clenched his fist, he looked at his partner
"Issue an APB on Charley Haines and make sure everyone knows he is
dangerous and may have weapons on him. Shoot to kill if necessary." He told
him with murder in his eyes.

He walked out into the back yard and had a nagging feeling about Koko. He
removed his cell phone from his pocket and dialed Koko’s mothers number.

"We’re sorry the number you have dialed is experiencing technical difficulties."
The recording repeated into his ear.

Dave ran back into the house shouting to his partner to radio in for units to get
over to Koko’s mom’s house. Dave jumped into his car and turned on his red,
white and blue lights. He sped through traffic lights and ran up onto the side
walks to avoid the traffic. His heart pounded in his heart as he raced to save
Koko. He pulled up into the driveway, the house was pitch black without one light
on. He found the door slightly ajar and proceeded inside with his gun out of his
holster and in both hands in front of him with his arms straight out. He carefully
checked each room and when he entered the laundry room he slipped in a
puddle falling down onto the floor. He had a horrible feeling that the puddle was
not good. He found his lighter and his fears were confirmed it was blood
seeping out of the dryer. His heart and mind raced as he got up from the ground.
He slowly opened the dryer’s door and then he received a horrible surprise. He
stumbled backwards when a head came tumbling out and onto the floor and at
his feet.

The eyes of the head stared up at him confirming it was Koko’s mother, she had
been dismembered. He continued through the house after radioing in for back
up for the second time. He saw a door shut, he tried turning the knob, but it was
locked. He could hear someone whispering. Dave’s heart began to beat faster
when he realized she was still alive. He broke the door down and a black figure
dashed out the bedroom window. Koko lay tied to the bed naked and sobbing
as if she had gone insane. Dave quickly untied her and wrapped her up in a
blanket. He held her tightly knowing that the perp. may escape if backup did not
get there as in yesterday. Koko just kept screaming and crying over and over.

"Mama, mama" Her whole body was shaking, her mental state was critical.
Dave knew that the son-of-a-bitch made her watch the gruesome murder of her
beloved mother.

The paramedics and officers arrived at the most gruesome murder scene they
had ever witnessed in their line of work. The Paramedics’s loaded Koko into the
ambulance, suddenly a little ball of fur covered in blood came leaping into the
ambulance shaking as she had just watched the torture that her owner went
through. Dave picked the pup up and held her tightly until his partner came up to

"Hey would you keep an eye on her until I can pick her up?" Dave asked as he
handed the pup to Paul.

"Sure Dave, the kids will keep her occupied until you can come and get her." He
said holding the shaking, scared animal in his large muscled black arms.

They had Koko strapped down in the ambulance and the medic’s gave her
something to calm her down per the acting doctor in the ER. Dave worried that
her mind may never come out of the shock she suffered today caused by this

"It has to be Charley! Who else would want to hurt her in such away?" He asked
himself aloud.

Dave spent hours, days that turned into weeks searching and investigating the
death of Koko’s mother. Koko’s mind was locked into that day. Even shock
treatment couldn’t erase that gruesome day. Finally after tracking him through
his drivers license, and tags, the make of cars, an anonymous lead came in the
mail saying where Charley would be found. Dave could not believe what he was
reading, it had to be a trick! There isn’t anyway that this person is Charlie, it
says he has been incarcerated for six years! It couldn’t be! Could it?

Dave drove for six hours to see this person that the state police say is Charlie.
He pulled into the parking lot of the stark’s prison and walked towards the
building. His lean body was so taunt from his nerves being out of control over
Koko and the horrible thought of her never recovering. He walked up to the desk
sergeant and introduced himself. He was lead down a hall to a closed door the
sergeant opened it slowly.

Will Dave find Charley behind the door? If it is Charley then who is their killer?
Stay tuned...

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