Sin’s Of the wife 3
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Sin’s Of The Wife 3
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The air was brisk that November morning when Lisa had boarded the
greyhound bus in Ft. Lauderdale to embark on her next four years of
college. She would be in the FBI before her twenty-third birthday. Lisa
disembarked seven hours later tired and cold as she wished she had flown
here with her friends. Straightening out her black tight low rider jeans, she
pulled her long black trench coat jacket tightly around her. She proceeded
quickly down the street to meet her friends on main street. The heels of
Lisa’s thigh high boots tapped along the side walk of Main Street in the
quiet little college town that was now her home. Lisa was beginning her
freshmen’s year at the University of Florida. She had heard of the murders
that claimed the lives of five college students. She looked around as it was
twilight now and she never was quite fond of the dark. She heard foot steps
coming up behind her and she quickened her pace. She tightened her grip
on her black bag with two rocks in it for protection. Every time she sped up
so did the foot steps. Her mind and heart were racing uncontrollably as she
imagined herself being attacked. These murders had always captivated
her attention as a child and scared her as she read about how gruesome
the murders had been. Now here I am going to college here in the town
where that monster walked, so I can be an FBI agent to nail perps like
Rollings, Bundy and the cruellest of all . . . Manson.

She stopped at the corner before crossing the street to make sure it was
safe when a strong hand grabbed her shoulder. She swung around quickly
using her purse and hit her brother Dave in the head. He fell to the ground
and she stood with her eyes wide and her mouth flew open as she was
shocked by her actions. She began to help him off the ground.

"Why are you here Dave?" She asked as he looked embarrassed that his
little sister took him down with her purse.

"I had to go to Stark to check on a prisoner there." He told her getting to his
"What did he do?" She asked trying not to laugh.

"Lets go get dinner and I’ll tell you all about it." He said as they strolled
down the side walk and still no signs of her friends anywhere.

They entered a restaurant famous for its pizza’s. They ordered their food
and sat sipping on soda while eating pizza.

Dave looked at his sister puzzled and began telling her about his visit to the
prison. He looked down at his plate, his fist clenched.

"I went to prove that the man behind the prison walls was not Charley.
Instead I learned it was." He said shaking his head.

"How? He was with Koko up too just a few months ago." She told him
surprised by the news.
" When I turned the door handle and opened the door slowly I thought it
would be a stranger. It was Charley and he had been locked away for six
years. He then enlightened me that the man who is killing and mutilating
people is his twin brother Chuck. He said if he gets the chance he will kill
Koko and myself for our affair." He told her seeing this information had
disturbed her.
"You’re all I got now Dave, so please don’t let him kill you." She pleaded
with tears forming in her eyes.

"I am going to make sure he pays for killings Koko’s mother, Koko’s and
our unborn child." He told her as his voice cracked for in his heart he knew
the baby was his. Tears rolled down his cheek and Lisa took her brother’s

"Just think Dave, now your child is an angel watching over you." She told
him as a tear drop fell from her eye and onto his hand.

"I want you to be careful here Lisa, he could go after those who are closest
to me as he did to Koko." He told her as Lisa dialed her cell phone.

"Why isn’t Lacy answering her cell phone? Dave could you give me a ride
back to my apartment?" She asked him feeling strangely intense.

"Sure let’s go." He told her and they left the restaurant.

They arrived at the apartment building and Dave saw Lisa to her door.
When she opened the door, she began screaming seeing her friends were
mutilated and piled up in the living room. Dave held her tightly and asked
the neighbor who ran out from next door to call the police.

Ruby was leaning against the back door when he arrived. He was looking
so handsome, yet so rugged. She smiled at him as he approached her
running his hand through his black hair. Her stomach began with the
butterflies as soon as he returned her smile. She felt embarrassed as she
realized the white cotton night gown was thin and see through. She
stepped back into the kitchen. He came inside and shut the door behind
him. He looked over her plus size body and found her very attractive. He
smiled as he looked around the kitchen.
"Is Chuck home?" He asked her sitting down at the kitchen table.

"No, he was called in early this morning." She told him feeling butterflies in
her stomach. "Want some coffee?"

"Yeah that sounds great." He told her as he noticed her large nipples
protruding under the cotton night gown.

He watched as she stood with her back to him pouring the coffee and fixing
a plate of pastries for them to have with their coffee. He noticed the
roundness of her plump ass. He liked what he saw. He always picked the
chunky women to date and he had an urge for her. He stood and walked up
behind her. He placed his hands oh her soft shoulders moving her long hair
away. He bent over and softly kissed her neck. She pulled away quickly
and turned towards him.

"What, what are you doing Steve?" She asked him as he placed both of his
hands on each side of her on the counter top.

"You’re just as attracted to me as I am to you Ruby." He told her moving his
body into her’s.

"Chuck’s your best friend . . . " She protested before he leaned in and
kissed her.

His tongue was dancing around hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck
as they kissed. Yes! Yes she wanted him, she wanted his passion. She
pressed her body hard against his and she felt the hardness in his pants.
His hand slid down her back then around to the front where he slipped it
under her night gown and into her moist vagina lips. She moaned softly as
his fingers probed inside of her. Her hips began to rotate with his fingers.

He removed his hand and never stopped kissing her as he picked her up in
his strong arms. They entered the bedroom she shared with Chuck two
weeks out of every month when he was home from his travels that his job
took him.

Steve dropped her on the bed and quickly released his cock from his
pants. He was on top of her quickly and his cock slid deep into her swollen
wet pussy. He pumped her pussy hard, deeper, harder with every thrust.
Every time he would thrust his cock he grunted like a pig. She moaned
while digging her nails across his back and ass. She felt her pussy tighten
around his throbbing cock just before they exploded into an orgasm and his
teeth sank into her breast. They laid quietly in each others arm as Chuck
stood over them with his rifle pointed at them. Before either one of them
could move, he had shot them both in the head. Chuck walked into the
bathroom and cleaned up the blood that sprayed back on him as well as
the walls and bed. He walked back into the bedroom to grab some clean
clothes and found Ruby was not in the bed. He grabbed a pair of blue jeans
as he struggled to put them on. He was stumbling down the hallway when
he saw Ruby being helped by the neighbors.

"Fucking bitch!" He snarled between clenched teeth.

Chuck raced through the house as he grabbed his keys, wallet, boots and
shirt. He ran out to his truck and sped off heading for the interstate.

He turned off the exit when he reached the large city of Ft. Lauderdale. He
pulled into the parking lot of Broward General Medical Center. He parked
his truck and proceeded to get out of it walking towards the hospital
combing his hair. The nurse watched as he walked towards her station.

"May I help you?" She asked him with a smile.

"Yeah, you can help me." He told her as he cased the hall’s of the hospital.
Suddenly he had the nurse by the neck so quickly and covered her face
with a handkerchief. She body slumped over the desk and the Chuck
began to call for assistance that the nurse was sick. As everyone fussed
over the unconscious nurse Chuck made his way down to Koko’s room. He
walked into the room closing the door behind him, He approached her bed
side pulling back her sheet. Smiling down at her he removed his raging

The thought of taking her while she stared at the ceiling excited him.
Suddenly Koko grabbed his cock and while still holding it she jumped from
the other side of the bed nearly ripping his cock from its socket.

"What the fuck took you so long Charley?" She asked him as her eyes
were glaring at him. The senseless killing of her mother, Joan and her little
baby created a strong rage. She lounged on top of him lying on the bed in
agony and began punching him, biting his ear half way off spitting it out on
the floor. The door flew open with doctors and nurses rushing into the room
and Chuck fighting his way out of the room escaping to his truck.

Dave’s cellular phone began ringing as he and Lisa were heading back to
Ft. Lauderdale. The voice on the other end shocked his whole soul.

"Dave, it’s Koko." She whimpered into her phone. He was stunned and
could not speak for the lump in his throat prevented his words.

Chuck pulled up to Jill’s house, she would help him or die that night.

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To be continued . . .

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