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Sin’s Of The Wife 4
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Koko stood by the window of her hospital room. She began to bite her
thumb’s nail. Her every fiber shook with fear. The murder kept playing
over and over in her mind. She finally gave into her grief calling out for
her mother.

"Mama! Oh mama I am so sorry I brought this onto you! How do I go
one more day knowing I killed you! Oh God, please take me, please!"
She begged as she fell to the white shiny floor.

Dave heard her cries as he came down the hall to her room. He ran
inside taking her into his arms. He held her so tightly in his arms,
kissing her forehead softly. Her body trembled vigorously in his arms.
Koko pushed her body away from Dave.

"Where were you Dave? Where the fuck have you been?! She
screamed out with tears filled anger.

Dave stood still with an expression of pure shock. "Surely you not
blaming me for Charlie’s rampage? Koko I love you!" Dave asked as
his heart began to crack.

"Where were you when I was tied up on my old bed and forced to
watch him make my mother get on her hands and knees to service
him!" She asked as she pounced on him with both of her fist beating

Dave secured her in his arms as she cried, screamed and whimpered.
He picked her up in his arms carrying her back to her bed. " I am sorry
I can’t be in every corner and I am sorry your hurting, I am hurting too, I
lost our baby because of this sicko." He said holding her in his arms

Koko closed her eyes, her tears still escaped touching her cheeks.
She fell asleep in his arms and he laid her back on her bed tucking her
in. Dave pulled up a chair where he slept all night. The next morning he
assigned a police woman to Koko and made his way over to Jill’s. He
walked up to the house ,but it held an eerie silence inside and outside.
No one answered the door, but his instinct told him it was not a good
thing. He walked back to his car to have her mother come open up the

He wait a few hours until she arrived. The house was totally empty.
Charley stood over the stove frying up some eggs and bacon in the
kitchen of the small cabin up in the mountains. No one knew where this
place was, they’d never be able to find them. He carried the tray into
the bedroom where Jill was bound to the bed naked. He had assaulted
her all through the night. Jill’s chubby face was streaked with black
lines from her make up smearing. Charlie sat next to her on the bed
and began to feed her. Jill obeyed his commands to eat out of fear of
another brutal attack upon her body. The food did seem to soothe her
mind and body some and just for a moment she placed her kidnaping
in the back of her mind. She was full and Charlie held the cup of coffee
to her lips. It tasted good to her. He gently began to kiss her lips as he
softly touched her nipple. He liked how it responded to his touch.

Jill could not fight the strange sensation between her thighs and gave
into the lust. He mounted her body and her heart beat wildly in her
chest. Her pussy was throbbing just as hard with anticipation
of his cock. She moaned like a wild animal in heat as he entered her
hard. Her hip heaved upwards with a hunger for his meat. He rammed
his cock into her over and over as he bit her nipples and she
screamed out in ecstasy as his cock shot his hot cum inside of her.
They laid still now, both of their eyes were shut as their breathing was
rasped. Charley rolled over and looked at her, he knew he could not
trust her, not yet . . . but he’ll have her mind so twisted she won’t know
what hit her. He had just drugged her food and she gave into him so
willingly. He untied her from the bed and they went to the shower
together. He loved feeling her body up against his and he now was
fucking her in the shower, biting her shoulder until he tasted her blood.
He cock slammed angrily inside of her. This was not what he wanted.
He dug his fingers in her ass cheeks as he removed his cock from her
pussy and swung her around. Her breast felt the coldness of the
bathroom wall and her ass was now feeling the burning sharp pain of
his cock. She screamed out in pain and this excited him. He fucked
her harder and harder until his cock exploited his cum deep in her ass.
He finished washing and washing her, she was so drugged she didn’t
know who he was. He tied her up to the bed once again. He needed to
go to town for more food and bullets. He began to head for the front
door when the door knob began to turn slowly stopping his retreat from
the cabin. He watched the door knob turn and the door opened slowly.
Charley had his gun out and cocked for the intruder.

Dave took Koko home to their new home to make new memories
together. In the back was a beautiful garden over looking a beautiful
pool with built in water falls, a white pool deck and lovely shrubbery
surrounding the pool area. Koko fell in love with their tropical looking
home with a winding staircase in the middle of the living room. Koko
imagined spending most evenings watching the sun go down on the
terrace in her perfect garden. Koko’s daydream was interrupted by the
door bell. Dave went to see who could know where they were. When
he opened the door his eyes fell immediately to the bomb shell red
head from next neighbor.

"Hi handsome I am Maggie and I hope we cause some heat together."
She told Dave looking him up and down.

Koko stood next to her man smiling. "I doubt, there will be any kind of
friction between you two. " Koko said digging her nails into Dave’s
arm. "Am I right darling?" She asked with a chest shire cat’s smile.
"Yes sweet heart." He said with a huge grin as his face reddened from
the pain in his arm.

"Well don’t leave him alone to long or a lonely sexy housewife will tuck
him into bed." She said coyly .

Koko eyes squinted with a feeling of jealousy that was growing so
intense. She noticed Dave having trouble with his eyes and pushed
him from out of the door way. "Dave could you fix two martini’s?" She
asked. " Please leave we are not entertaining anyone." She told her
closing the front double black doors. She leaned against the door
blowing her bangs out of her face. She joined Dave in the garden and
tried to unwind. After a few more martinis’ neither one was feeling any
pain. They decided to go skinny dipping in the pool. They played,
kissed and made love unaware of the fuming dark figure behind the
shrub’s watching them in the shadows . . .

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