Sin’s Of The Wife 5
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Sin’s Of The Wife 5
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The cabin’s door slowly creaked opened, Charley’s hand held the gun
tightly as he pulled the trigger back and Jill coward behind Charley her
captor. Jill’s body shook furiously when she saw the bald head man
entering the cabin.

" Put the gun down Charley its just me . . . Old Jed. I smelt the bacon
from my tent and decided to come and get me some breakfast with ya
son." He told Charley as he didn’t even blink an eye at Jill tied up to the

" Eat all ya want dad, just don’t bother the bitch on the bed." He
instructed him as he continued out the door and to his truck. He would
be gone a hour and then he would fuck Jill like she had never been
fucked before. He noticed how she flirted with him when she visited
Koko., Little fat Jill with her raccoon eyes. He thought to himself with a

Jed stood in front of the bedroom door and smiled at Jill then went
about his business. He was out in the fields when he saw Charley come
racing back from town down the old dirt road. Jed shook his head
knowing he did something horrible again. Did he finally get Koko? he
wondered , but he was too smart to ask him. Jed concentrated on his
fields of corn. Instead.

Charley hid behind the shrubbery as he watched Koko ,Dave and his
sister sitting on the porch laughing. This enraged Charley and he
pointed his high powered riffle at Koko’s forehead head and then
calmly pulled the trigger. The impact was so strong it knocked Koko
and her white rocker over. Dave and Sarah was at Koko’s side , Koko
was hysterical from the blast and Dave ran to her and held her in his
arms , he rocked her back and forth as tears stung his eyes. He couldn’t
lose her, not again.

Charley was out of the neighborhood before Dave could even get to his
feet. Charley was laughing and drinking his beer as he drove home.

" Fuck with me you son of a bitches." Charley said chugging his beer as
it ran from the side ‘s of his mouth and down onto his shirt.

Charley pulled up in front of the cabin, he noticed Jed was still in the
field. He smiled as he exited the truck. His walk was more of a strut.

Charley entered the room as the thought of him shooting Koko made
his cock rock hard. He mounted Jill and began fucking her as he
thought of his wife being blasted into the wall. His hips were bucking
harder and harder. His body was heavy on top of Jill, he pounded her
pussy hard with his cock. She got so excited when he bit her tits and
shoulder’s. Her hips began to wiggle under his, her pussy kept having
back to back contractions until they both exploded their juices. She was
falling in love with him, she knew she always had a secret crush on him,
but now she wanted to be his woman. He stood in front of the bathroom
mirror smiling at himself as he thought of Koko hitting the ground . He
walked out to Jill and untied her.

"Feed me woman." He demanded as he pulled her up off the bed . "Get
some clothes on first." He told her as he sauntered into the kitchen for a
cold beer and one for Jed who would be coming into the house any
minute now.

Jill quickly dressed so she could get dinner on the table, she smiled as
she sat the plates on the table for now she was living Koko’s life. She
was as obsessed with Charley as he was in killing Koko. The men
came and sat down with her at the table. The men talked of their day
with their mouth’s stuffed with pork chops. Jill sat listening to them talk
and was getting caught up in her fantasy of being Charley’s wife. She
wondered what Koko would think about her now, she silently laughed as
a smile appeared on her lips. She was happy and did not even think
about the people who have died at Charley’s hands.

A car was spotted pulling into the drive way, Charley had Jed to go find
out as he and Jill hid into the basement. He opened up a part of the
floor that lead to another room. Jill sat down on the couch of the lavish
room. She was scared, scared for her own life as well as Charley’s.
Something cold hit her foot . . . she looked down quickly and began

Sara sat in the pool area on one of the lawn chair’s in her bright pink
bikini .The neighbor enjoyed the view she was giving him in her
lounging as she dropped her top. The sun felt good on her tanned flesh.
The neighbor had a raging hard on as he day dreamed of screwing
Sara roughly. Grabbing the back of her hair and bringing her face to his.
Looking deeply in her eyes before his lips were kissing her so
passionately. His hands on those firm round tits and before he knew it
his cock was in his hand as he finished screwing her in his mind. His
hand moving in long slow strokes down his thick throbbing cock. Sara
rubbed the oil into her skin as her neighbor stroked his cock harder and
harder until he unloaded his load onto the shrubs. He smiled because
one day he will make his fantasy come true when wifey wasn’t home.
Sara laid back unaware of her neighbor screwing her in his over-active

A week had gone by since Sara’s neighbor fucked her in his mind, now
here he was knocking on her door. He held a pack of beer in his hand
and she led him in sat her home. They drank the twelve pack and went
out for more. Sara was drunk and getting drunker.

"By the ways did yew say yours name wassh Jim or Tim, Jim?" She
slurred his way.

He looked at her and busted out into a drunken laughter rolling off the
couch and onto the floor. He got in between her thighs pushed the thong
away from her beautiful clit. His tongue touched it softly and her clit
reacted. He stuck his finger in her pink hole and she moaned as he
finger fucked her hole and sucked on her clit. His cock couldn’t take
anymore and now he was on top of her and his cock slid in her pussy
like a snake. She wanted it deeper and harder, she dug her long nails
into his ass and bit his shoulder. He began banging her as she wanted
until they both were moaning from pure pleasure, Lisa past out from all
the beer and he pulled himself together before staggering home. He
looked out her window as he seen some guy with a riffle in his hand ,
but paid it no mind. He got himself dressed and stagged home.

Dave looked closer at Koko and realized she wasn’t shot with a bullet,
but a red paint ball. Charley was showing them that he could kill them
when he wanted too......

To be continued...

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