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Sins Of The Wife 7
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Koko sat at the kitchen table crying her heart out. Her mother’s death still
fresh in her mind. How could he have been so kind through out their
marriage when Charley was actually so diabolical. He killed her mother and
her baby. She sat quietly as her tears fell upon the table top. A feeling of
doom over shadowed her. She looked around for Dave, but he had not
came back in. She quickly dashed towards the door leading outside. She
looked from side to side and Dave was no where in sight. She turned to the
cellar and headed in that direction to see if he was inside of it. Her heart
sank when she saw Dave laying on the ground with a knife in his back. She
quickly ran down the stairs, her heart pounding wildly in her chest. She saw
his sister was still alive and a sigh of relief left her lips. She quickly got Lisa
out of the ropes that held her captive.

"Quick Lisa go get help!" She demanded trying to hold back her tears.

She knelt beside Dave taking his pulse, He was still alive. She pulled the
knife from his back and he yelled from the pain. She strip from her clothes
and stripped him down. She found a blanket and laid it over them. She was
trying to keep his body warm in order to fight against shock taking over his
body. The minutes seemed like hours to her as she laid there with the man
she loved.

"Please, please don’t leave me Dave, I am scared." She told him as she
held him tightly against her warm body.

Lisa and the paramedics came down the stairs and attended to Dave as
Koko slipped into her clothes and hid Dave’s gun on her. Lisa had Koko to
ride with her to the hospital. Both women paced the floor while Dave was
being operated on. Koko turned around and saw Charley and Jill coming
towards them smiling. Charley aimed his rifle at the nursing staff forcing
them to walk to the waiting room. Koko just stood there, she never moved a
muscle and he never expected her next move when she smiled and as
soon as she had a clear shot she blew his brains away. Jill dropped to the
floor grabbing his rifle.

"You bitch!" She screamed out as she cocked the rifle .

Koko shot Jill before she could shoot her. It was over, Charley was dead.
Lisa and Koko held each other crying with relief flooding their emotions. Jill
died on the operating table.

Koko walked into Dave’s room smiling and with a man’s ring with one large

"Will you marry me now?" She asked him smiling.

Dave grabbed her pulling her down to him. " Yes." He told her.

Chapter 2

Caroline Sat at her desk with her nylon clad legs and feet. Her black tight
dress hiked up on her thighs. She brushed her blonde hair over and over.
She needed to stop at the pub on her way home and get laid. She would
need it to tolerate her husband and kids. She dreaded going home to her
family . . . She believed that they were boring.

For fifty years old she kept her body toned and fit. Her ass made men drool
as she past them. She entered the dimly lit pub and sat at the bar.

"Two double shots of whiskey and 1 soda please." She asked the

She drank both shots and then chased them with a soda. She noticed the
blonde haired man at the end of the bar and sent him a shot. It wasn’t long
that he was sitting next to her allowing their tongues to dance. Caroline
suggested they go outside for some fresh air. They climbed in her back
seat, she straddled his lap and ordered him to "take it out." He did as he
was told. It was not long after that he was having his cock rode hard by this
hell cat. She dug her nails into his chest. His shirt did not survive her nails.
Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, he could swear she was speaking
tongues as they climaxed. She got off of him and kicked him out of her car.
She rolled her window down and yelled. "I won’t be calling you!" She
cackled as she drove off into the night.

She walked into her house, dinner was kept warm until she arrived. She
went to her bedroom laughing that they waited again for her before they
ate. Morons she whispered as she slid into the hot bubble bath and sipped
the glass of wine that waited for her. The candles had been lit and she
closed her eyes as she soaked in the hot bubble bath. Her mind wandered
to her next seduction . . . Kirk mmmm yes she thought to her self.

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To be continued . . .

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