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Sins Of The Wife 8
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Six weeks later . . .

Caroline wore her tight black dress and a black jacket. Her black boots
shined under the lights. She waited at the airport for Kirk so they could
embark on a made up business meeting. Good thing he doesn’t know she
thought to herself with a silent chuckle. She saw him hurrying to her for he
did not want to upset her. She smiled as she devoured him with her eyes.
They took their seats on the plane heading for Las Vegas. He was nervous
sitting next to her, his nervousness increased as she ran her hand up and
down his arm as she spoke with him. She made sure they both got drunk
on the flight.

They entered the casino and stopped to pick up their keys to their rooms.
The service desk only had one room. Kirk gulp as he thought of his
pregnant wife home alone.

"I am sorry only one room was reserved and we have no other rooms
available madam. " The desk clerk told her.

She turned towards Kirk "Looks like we’re bunking together." She told him

Once more he swallowed hard and tried to smile at her. He wondered if he
could keep it from his pregnant wife, she will not believe all the rooms are
gone. He thought to himself.

Caroline smiled wickedly as they walked to the elevator leading to their
room.She smiled as he nervously fumbled with the door because he could
not resist her if she attempted to have sex with her. He gulped even harder
thinking of her fine ass being fucked by him as he held onto her luscious
breast. Those perky pink nipples he wanted to suckle. He realized he was
getting a woody in his pants. He took a deep breath and ran his hand
through his brown hair. She silently laughed as he finally got the door open.

She slipped into a silk robe in the rest room and combed out her long
blonde hair out. She sprayed her perfume between her breast and on her
wrist, behind her knees. She decided she needed to get laid before she
went down to play the roulette wheel. She walked out of the bathroom and
his jaw dropped. He could not even comprehend how a gorgeous woman
like her could be interested in him. He was so far off, she was only
interested in his cock and tongue. She approached him and he gulped
harder. It was getting hard to breathe, his cock was hard and now he had
her in his arms, his tongue danced with hers. His hand found her breast and
before he knew it they were on the floor and he had no problem removing
his cock from his pants. He gave it to her rough and nasty. He bit those
nipples pointing up at him. He quickly turned her over on her stomach and
he rammed his cock into her ass. She screamed as the searing pain
ripped through her ass. He became so excited that his hot cum shot deep
into her ass. He panted hard as he leaned over and bit her plump ass. The
phone rang, they looked at each other wondering who would be calling.
Caroline answered the phone out of breathe.

"Hello" She said trying to pull away from him. She handed him the phone.
"Your wife." She said as she picked herself up off the floor.

"Hello?" He asked knowing if she ever found out about them their marriage
would be over.

She was on his arm the rest of the night while they gambled and drank. He
never seen her laugh before tonight. She is beautiful he thought to himself.
He felt an erection coming if he didn’t start thinking of something else. Later
that evening they went to a small lounge where couples were dancing. She
wanted to dance and so did he. He held her tightly to him, his leg was
between her thighs and he felt he maneuvering her pussy so she could cum.
The thought of her cuming here and now made the want of her stronger.

The left the lounge to finish in their room. They began undressing in the
elevator down to the room. Her dress was coming off as they entered the
room. He grabbed her up into his arms and proceeded to the bed. He
dropped her on the bed and then his body was on top of hers. The phone
rang and they both just looked at it. They were not answering the phone

Kirk’s house. . .

His wife was trying to maintain her contractions as she waited for the
ambulance, she made her sister promise to keep calling him on her cell
phone so he could watch the birth of their Child....

To be continued . . .

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To be continued . . .

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