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Sins Of The Wife 9
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*Finale episode *

Kirk pounded Caroline’s pussy with hard thrust from his cock. She
moaned from the pleasure he was giving her as his wife moaned from
the contraction’s wishing that Kirk would return to the room. Mandy
cried as each contraction felt like her stomach was being ripped apart.
"Kirk why aren’t you here? She cried out in pain as the doctor saw the
head of the baby.

Kirk’s cock swelled so big that when it shot his cum deep inside of
Caroline it actually caused him pain. Caroline pushed him off of her.

"Now go home to your fucking pregnant wife you swine!" She hissed
at him.

" What the fuck is your problem?" He asked feeling anger growing
through his body.

"I have had my fun with you and now its time for you to get back to the
office." She told him as she entered the bathroom.

He quickly dressed so he could get back home. His ticket for his visit
was only for one way. He paid for the ticket home when his cell phone
rang. It was his sister - in -law with news of the birth of his son. He
made up a lame excuse as to where he was and why he couldn’t
answer the phone. His flight was filled with shame and guilt.
Kirk stood at the nursery at his tiny son and the guilt grew inside of
him. How will he be able to face his wife. His beautiful wife that
believes in everything he stands for. He met her in the Philippine’s
where she lived with her mother and sister’s. Her long black hair
shined like crystals under the sun. She had a body that every man
desired to hold. They married shortly after they met and conceived
their son shortly afterwards. Now he has cheated on her and the guilt
was eating him alive.

He wanted to tell her, but he wouldn’t because she would leave him.
He walked slowly to her hospital room, he felt as if Caroline was all
over him. His wife glowed with pride as he entered her room.

"Kirk did you see our beautiful son?" Liz asked him.

Kirk broke down in tears "yes and I do not deserve either one of you."
He cried sitting on the side of her bed.

"What is troubling you so Kirk?" She asked holding him.

"I cheated on you with my boss." He cried as he felt the world crash
about him.

She was quiet, but she did not let go of him. She began to cry . He
held her tightly until she pushed away.

"Get out of here. Stay away from us!" She demanded as tears rolled
down her face.

Kirk tried to calm his wife down to no avail. "I’ll come back later." He
told her as he slowly backed out of the room.
Kirk headed directly to Caroline’s house with the intentions of
destroying her. He pulled into her driveway. He approached her front
door slowly. He pounded on her door, but Caroline was not the one
who answered . . . her husband answered.

"Please, I need to tell you all about your wife." Kirk told him.

"You can not tell me about my wife, she has ice for blood and she gets
thrill’s out of destroying people. She called your wife last night and
bragged about your fuck fest Kirk. Now leave before I lose my temper
and bury you! He growled.

Kirk went to the office and walked towards the office door of Caroline’
s door. He opened it slowly and stepped in. He could not believe his
eye’s Caroline sitting in her chair with a bullet in between her eye’s.

Liz held her tiny baby boy in her arms. She smiled down at him.
"Momma will not let any old nasty woman take your daddy from you."
She said smiling down at her son.

The End.

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