Soccer Team Celebration
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Soccer Team Celebration

Suzy Whitlow©

Playing soccer requires teamwork and support.  The girls on my team
give me what I need.  When I’m on the field, making moves, carrying out
plays, assisting or scoring, I get that rush which comes with being able
to achieve.  It was evident at the season’s start how perfect timing
and consistent effort would put us over the top.  And it did.  Again and
again.  Our coach, Annie, had us out on the field before and after
school.  Study periods, lunch, weekends and holidays.  Hell, she even had
us practicing one night after the boy’s football team lost a home game
to Riverside.

Those boys cringe with jealousy when we troop through the halls.  Here
at Great Falls High, we’re heroes without fail.  Undefeated in our
league.  “Great Falls has great girls’ – that’s our motto.

There are sixteen girls on our team.  Plus our watergirl/mascot.   
She’s new here from Taipei.  Chin Lee.  I’ve been attracted to her from
Day One.  At half-time, she dons the traditional eagle costume for which
we are famous: Great Falls Screaming Eagles.  Without Chin Lee, our
team spirit would wan and achieving state championship would be the goal
of some other, sloppier team.  She keeps us revved-up.

Chin is different from the rest of us – tall and lank, with a far more
athletic build than the rest of us.  She should play center field,
everybody says so.  But she won’t.  Her studies might be affected, she
complains.  Like many Orientals, she’s big on the sciences and is preparing
to go into medicine.  She’s ripe for U.C.L.A. or some Ivy League
school.  We’re just glad she’s with us now.  Her beauty emanates from within.  
Another thing sets her apart: she doesn’t strip-down in the locker room
with the rest of us.  With us, our uniforms are our costumes, but her
eagle costume is put on over her red and white shorts and jersey.  When
Chin Lee comes into the changing room, it is to stow our playing gear.  
Until getting it on with her and Annie there’d only been one time I
witnessed her peel off those moist panties and hop in the shower with us.  
Every hungry eye in the room got stuck on her lovely bod.  Hairs
sprouting from her mound of Venus are sparse; her slit holds the
center of gravity when she shakes her high-boned hips.  

We’re all young and pure and proud of our pubic mounds.  I mean just a
short while before we were all hairless and straight waisted tomboys
wishing for nothing more than a knight in shining armor.  And now, here
we were naked as beauty itself, each of us drooling over Chin Lee.  And
she knew it, too.  So she dropped the soap and bent over spotlighting
thee most kissable ass.  After washing and rinsing the long black hair
of her head, I saw Chin’s sly almond eyes peeking to catch which one of
us couldn’t take their eyes off her.  It was me.  All of a moment told
how badly I wanted her to take control of my every need.

Quickly, my eyes darted away.  I finished soaping my buttocks,
splashed, turned the spicket and walked on past her wondering how the other
gals would feel about my strong desires.  As I stood patting down my
thighs with the fluffy towel, Chin Lee pranced in my direction, brushing
against me.  I took a deep breath, pretending not to notice the erect
nipples on her bouncing titties.  My tongue ran the ridge along my teeth.  
I bent to scoop my undies off the bench, imagining throwing myself onto
my back, lifting my hips and calling her over.


While I finished dressing, whispering to myself, ‘Calm, calm,’ the
juices filled my crotch like forty days and forty nights.  How long would
I have to wait?  If this was what I truly…

“Hon, undo my bra like a sweetie.”

It was Annie, her voice clear and easy and coaxing as if she were
asking for a winning score.  I tightened my belt buckle’s clasp, silently
shut my locker and went for the door.  As I crossed the threshold, Annie
could be heard giggling and responding to Chin’s kisses.  I wasted no
time getting home to my room, closing the door and rubbing my clit till
sun-up.  Then, I ate, dressed and met Annie on the practice field.

“You sure look full of vim,” she laughed.

“Enough vim to satisfy you.”

I played hard that morning and after practice she approached me as I
changed.  We chatted about how hard I was trying.  

“Relax,” Annie said as she placed a firm hand on my hip.
I pulled her to me, planting my starving lips upon hers.
Meet me after three O’clock practice.”

Chin Lee was waiting.  Together we climbed into Annie’s car.  Without
a word, our head coach drove us to her house where we ate.  Then she
served curious little mai-tais.  And natural as birth, we began hugging
and kissing, pulling at each other’s clothes and clumsily stepping into
the bedroom.  Once on my back, I engaged in the luscious love-making
for which we three were created.  When Chin Lee fixed her lips to my
budding clit, I did a mini Mount Vesuvius.  Annie held onto the bedstand
squatting above me, rubbing her neatly clipped love machine above my face
until I pulled her hips down  slurping and spittling as she cried my
name.  I bucked up allowing Chin to lap my tush for all its worth.  Then
we sixty-nined and formed a chain, licking and kissing and cuddling.  
Sweet honey dripping from heaven making it a natural to achieve nirvana.

And that’s how it went, all season.  After every practice, one or two
more team players would arrive at Annie’s for supper and mai-tais,
topped off with sessions of sex to please the hedonist rising up in all of
us.  The season progressed without a loss and after capping the title
on our league, we arrived at the District, then the State championships
– which were best.  Because by that time, each game was followed by an
out an out orgy in which I’d corner Chin Lee and fuck her to kingdom
come.  She convinced me to shave and I, in turn, patted the other grrrlz
with baby powder before running a razor atop their glowing pussy lips.  
Some of the softest, sweetest, most lovingly pulsating kitties to grace
the finals erupted as we got better and better.

The night we beat the reining queens from downstate, our little party
took place in Annie’s deluxe suite.  When my panties came down, grrrlz
gathered round peeling each other like bananas.  They pulled me to the
floor and began kissing and licking – fighting with each other over my
most prized possession.  Chin Lee was first.  Annie finally gave me her
last lap in the morn.  In between those two, everyone on the team
licked me.  Two hussie bitches held my knees apart.  Two of them licked and
sucked on my toes, two clasped to my tingling nipples.  Girls licked
and sucked my belly, armpits and limbs.  They took turns pressing their
wet pussies against my trembling fingers.  I made every girl on me cum.  
We even had a few lovelies from the other team drop by for a taste.  
Halfway through the night, a squatting crotch presented my lips and
tongue with a most pleasurable taste.  It was the goalie from downstate, and
wow, did she ever taste like a pro.

Pussy juice of every girl to wrangle or assist in the big game ran
across my cheeks, down my chin, around my neck – where they pressed in to
give me a ring of hickies.  Love bites, they’re called. I wore enough
of them to be held in awe.  The girls licking at my ears whispered
things like “Fuck us.  Fuck us now.  Fuck us all.  Enjoy!  Lick, baby,

And I did.  I achieved nirvana, enjoying it all the way.  Our game’s
top scorers seemed to play a game of leap-frog on my face, squatting,
hardly giving me time to circle my tongue about their clits.  Clits – oh,
how I thank God for clits.  Little nubbins of pleasure, which I learned
to target fiercely as each honey-pie, met my mouth with tremoring
nerve-endings.  One after another.  Thanks be to nirvana!  Although I could
hardly breathe for their springy tushies pushing down on my nose, I
made these horney bitches scream with joy.  Joy for the day they were made

I made them cum the same way the goalies and fielders and benchwarmers
caused my orgasm to go off.  Again and again and again.  Oh-ahh-uwe.  
Yes!  Fuck me.  Run your tongues over my sweet need.  Just make me cum
then roll over plunging hungry lappers up my tight tush.  And when it’s
over, love me again.  Cuz when I lift up onto my knees its even better;
a tongue in my tush, a face slapped against this young muff tight as a
gas mask.  And a sweet Chin Lee to kissy-kissy with.
My life was saved that season.  Oh -- before then, I wasn’t quite
aware of it but I was dying of not-being-fucked.  Of waiting for the
perfect lover.  When the perfect lover turns out to be every winner who ever
tries their damnest to win the one thing so far removed: The human
heart.  Whoa!  I was presented with enough of them to worship through to
eternity.  And let’s not forget the water-girl/mascot kissy-kissy
sparsely hairied twat lover who’s almond eyes peeked to capture my desire.  
Yes, Chin Lee made me glad to be alive and willing and able to achieve

Now, what more can a poor girl ask!

© 2006 Suzy Whitlow

Suzy Whitlow was born in Arlington, VA.  She played soccer in non-professional leagues