Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Romantic, Supernatural

by Lacey Ashley

She stood quietly at the end of the bed where he laid peacefully sleeping.  A dusky
light from the full moon danced across the wall, placing her is a soft warm glow.  Her
long auburn hair gently tousled down her back, she wore a long flowing silk dress that
hugged her amazing shape , her full breast, flat tummy and round soft hips.  She
seemed more shimmery then real.  She softly whispered for him to wake up.  She could
see he was in a deep sleep and would not be easy to wake.

She was able to remove his light blanket exposing his chest and arms, still he did not
stir even a inch.  Lightly she touched his cheek, he needed a shave but it excited her
to touch him.   She touched his lips with her finger tip and wondered how he would
kiss, how his kiss would taste.  From the moment she had seen him she had wanted to
kiss him.  Tracing his firm jaw line with the tip of her finger  she dare to imagine what it
would like to be held in his arms and to feel  his body against hers.

Darrin felt a light touch on his chest, his nipples were hard, he tried to remember if he
had been dreaming again, the same dream he seem to continue having like he knew
Lily from another life.  Rolling over onto his back, his eyes adjusted to the darkness in
the room.   "Oh shit," he jumped up pulling the blanket with him when he realized she
was back.  "You really need to stop doing that Lily."  He pulled the blanket to cover his
lower body.                     

"Did you find her? " she whispered as she walked effortlessly to the window and the
moonlight danced on her lovely pale face.  "Time is running out, you need to find her."

"Lily you need to give me more to go on, you are related to her is not enough to find
her, I need a name, a idea where she might live."  Darrin slipped out of the bed, sliding
his jeans on while her back was too him.

Turning she smiled sadly at him, "You are the investigator, do what you do best."

" I look for ghost not family members that are living, " he pulled a black tee shirt on
feel  like she was watching his every move.

"I am a ghost, and I need you to find her before time runs out."  Lily slide closer to him,
her hand reaching up to touch his cheek, she smiled thinking how handsome he was.  
In her days she would have seduced him and made him her private lover, he would
have been wonderful she thought to herself thinking about him making love to her day
after day.

Darrin felt her desire and passion wash over him, it took a great deal to not return the
same desire and passion.  Lily was beautiful, when she touched him in her soft feather
light touches, he felt himself growing hard.  He need to keep reminding himself that she
was a ghost and sex with a ghost just did not work.

Darrin went  from his bedroom to his office stopping in the kitchen to make some
coffee, with Lily around it was going to be a long day.  What he had not told her was he
was doing a search on her family

tree with hopes of finding this granddaughter's granddaughter.   Pouring himself a cup
of coffee when it was done he went into his office.

Lily was already there once again staring aimlessly out a window like she was waiting
on someone to arrive.  "I need her to be found, I need her to know the truth before I
can cross over, you have to be the one to find her, that is why I found you and came to
you."  Slowly she turned and faced the handsome ghost hunter.

Darrin sat at his desk , his eyes caught the lovely face on his monitor, "Lily, I think I
have found her," he nodded to the monitor where a lovely young woman smiled back
at him.  She had long copper red hair that tumbled over her shoulders and down her
back, she had amazing blue grey eyes, her skin was flawless almost like a porcelain
doll.  She could easily pass as Lily's twin.  "She lives here in town, how could I not have
seen this before."

Darrin pulled up more information about the young woman, she was thirty four, she
was divorced.  Her name was Laci and she lived roughly twenty minutes from him.   He
picked up the phone and dialed the number listed as her home number.  The phone
rang three times before a answering machine picked up.

Darrin was half way done with his message when she picked up at the other end, "I am
here don't hang up," then he heard a loud crash and he smiled as a stream of colorful
words tumbled out of her.  "Oh shit sorry, this is Laci are you there?"

"Yes, my name is Darrin and I have a very strange story to tell you, but I would rather
do this in person, would you consider coming by my office and meeting me?"

'I normally do not go around meeting people I do not know, can you not give me an
idea what this is about?"

Her voice was soft and sexy and without even realizing it Darrin felt himself wanting to
hear her talk even more.  "Lily asked me to contact you," he was even more shocked
he had said the words.

' Lily as in Lily Jonas?" her voice went even lower.  "How is that possible?"

"Like I said it is a long story, will you come by?"

"Where is your office, of course I will come by, you said Lily asked you to contact me,
does that mean you have talked to her?"  Darrin could hear the shock in her lovely

"Laci she is here now,  I am what these days are called a ghost hunter only difference
here is Lily found me to find you."  He tried to explain the best he could without
freaking the poor girl completely out.

They hung up the phone with the agreement that Laci would be there by one in the
afternoon.   Darrin could not take his eyes off her picture.  It was remarkable how much
she looked like Lily, the only difference was Lily's hair seemed darker and Laci's was a
beautiful copper color.  She had full pouting lips meant for kissing, and he wondered
for the first time in a long time what it would be like to kiss her.

One could not come fast enough, Darrin took a shower, and was redressing when he
realized Lily was not around.  Going from room to room he called out to her, but she
did not appear.   Great Laci was due any minute and Lily suddenly does a
disappearing act.

As if she was reading his mind she whispered softly, 'You know what you have to do
when the time comes, I believe in you," and she was gone again.  Darrin had no clue
what she meant by that cryptic message.

The doorbell rang and Darrin had no time to figure it out.  Excitement filled him, he felt
like a teen age boy meeting his prom date for the first time and his date was the most
popular girl in the school.    He opened the front door and smiled down at her.  Her
eyes locked with his as she smiled this amazing smile that lit her eyes up even more.  
Her hair was like a halo around her beautiful face.  She wore a cute little crop top and
black jeans that hugged her sexy body like a second skin.

"You do not look like a ghost hunter, " she said with a giggle as she entered the house
and followed him to his office.

"What do I look like ?" he turned and smiled at her as she almost ran into him.  She
was so close he could smell the fragrance of her hair, like orchids and wild flowers.  
They stood there for several seconds like time had stood still, looking at one another,
neither speaking.   Darrin felt the attraction between them, and for a fleeting second
he did not know if he was actually attracted to her or the fact she looked so much like
Lily.  Over the last three months he had lives, worked and dreamt about Lily and now
he had her look alike standing inches from him and all he could think about was kissing
her.  Touching her, feel her warm body beneath his as he made love to her.

Shaking his head to clear the thoughts he turned and went down the hall to his office,
he felt her watching him.  She looked confused and unsure if she should continue to
follow him.  "I promise I will not bite, " he said with a strained laugh.  She laughed and
continued to follow him.

Little did he know that she had thought seriously about kissing him back there and for
a split second thought he wanted the same.  But he did not act on it and neither did
she, which confused her even more.  Never had she felt such a deep attraction for a
man she just met.  She could not get her brain to explain it to her and her body which
was screaming at her to jump his bones right there on his maple desk.  The mere
thought made her suddenly giggle and smile.  He turned and looked at her and his
smile made her breath catch in her chest.

Shyly she moved towards him, she did not know what was causing her to even move,
but she was and he stood there patiently waiting for her.  Laci slide up next to his
body, her hands flat on his chest as she stood on tip toes and kissed him.  His arms
wrapped around her and pulled her closer, as their kiss deepened.  It was like she was
meant to be in his arms, he felt his cock growing hard in his jeans as her hands slide
under his tee shirt and up his chest.   She found his nipples, teasing them one at a
time then together, they were firm and hard as she gently pinched them between her
two finger tips.

Neither knew what desire drove them to this point, they only knew that the desire was
stronger than the two of them .  Laci lifted  his tee shirt over his head, once again her
hands went to his chest, running her fingers threw the hair, enjoying the texture and
the feel of him.

Darrin moaned softly as she stopped and removed her own top, her breast tumbled
free and her pink nipples were erect and teasing him.  She slide her jeans off, standing
before him in a peach color thong.

Without thinking Darrin pushed his books and papers onto the floor and lifted Laci
onto the desk top, she wrapped her legs around his waist, as his mouth captured one
of her nipples and teased it with his tongue.  Licking and sucking the pink bud into his
mouth.  As he continued licking and sucking her nipples one at a time, she reached
down and slide his jeans off as well as his tight fitting boxer that hugged his sweet firm
ass.  His cock rubbed against her leg as he gently pushed her back onto the desk top,
trailing kissing down her flat tummy to the little vee of her thong,.   He slowly removed
the thong, and replaced it with his tongue.  Kissing, licking and sucking on her now
very moist pussy.  

Laci moaned as his tongue slide inside of her, instantly her hands went to his thick
dark hair as she guided him to lick and suck  deeper.   "Oh God, " she cried out as his
tongue slide back and forth on her clit.  Laci dug her nails into his back as she lifted
her ass off the desk and she felt the first wave of her orgasm filling his mouth with her

Darrin stood, pulling her to the edge of the desk .  She sat up and wrapped her legs
around his waist as his rock hard cock slide deep into her very hot wet pussy.   She
moaned as he slammed deeper into her and covered her mouth with his, Laci could
taste her own juices on his lips and it excited her more.   His cock teased her pussy,
sliding out slowly them slamming back in, hitting her sensitive clit with each thrust.   
Darrin felt close to exploding but wanted to wait for her to cum with him.  She felt this
desire without words being spoken and she kissed him even deeper as the thrust of
his cock brought her to another orgasm, the climax of them both exploding.

They both tumbled down onto the floor, Darrin leaned back against the desk and
pulled Laci into his arms.  Holding her, enjoying her being there and unsure what
brought that on.  Not that he was complaining, just he never had ever done anything
like that in his life.  

"Wow what was that? " she asked leaning against his chest , she could hear his heart
beat beating as fast as her own.  'Darrin I have never done that in my life, I have no
idea what even brought it on."

"Lily, " he said softly as he kissed the top of Laci's head.

"No Laci," she said pulling away from him, hurt he had called her by her dead relative's

'No not you, Lily's  there by the window," he nodded towards the window where Lily
stood smiling.

Laci looked but she saw nothing.  "Darrin is she here?"

"She can't see me, but you brought us full circle, it is time for me to go, you have found
your soul mate and she has found hers."  Lily knelt down in front of Laci, she touched
her check.  She smiled at Darrin,

"Do not make the same mistake this time Paul, love her and never leave her or you will
break her heart as you did mine.  Remember I will always love you."

Suddenly Darrin realized, he was so drawn to Lily because she had been his in
another life, she knew his name he been called back then.  Time was running out
because Laci and him had not met, Lily needed to bring them full circle and did.

"Laci she brought us together to be together," Darrin whispered.  "Do you believe in
past life?  It seems Lily brought us together because we belong together."

"I did not till today, I felt when you opened the door I knew you and I felt safe and

"I say we should not tempt fate,  we missed out on love before let's not mess it up this
time, "  His mouth went down on hers.

© 2010 Lacey Ashley

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