The Sound of Nearing Thunder
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The Sound of Nearing Thunder
Ralph Greco, Jr©

Easing-in was all he had in mind; I was Jimmy's cousin after all! I knew he
respected me, as I did him. I expected nothing less then the truth from my
older cousin, regardless of the situation, and was pleased that he would
confide in me. But there truly is a lot to be said for a man's deepest desire
and I guess since Jimmy had ten years on me, he had plenty of time to
'deepen' those desires....and deepen he had!

I knew Jimmy liked me more then most of our cousins. At family picnics we
sat close and jabbered away and he visited me at work at least once a
week. He was like the older brother I didn't have and I the sister he didn't. To
be truthful, I noticed his muscular body and deep blue eyes but I really saw
Jimmy as more my cousin then as a guy. I loved him for his quick wit as
much as I did that I could speak to him about any subject and often did. That
he held a fantasy about me, came as surprise to say the least; not as much
that I was the object of his lustful thoughts, but what his fantasy was about!
I'm a tall brunette, with big brown-grey eyes, a crooked smile in a pale face
and the longest legs of any member of my family. Jimmy often commented
on my figure, passing remarks that convinced me that he did find me
attractive, but still, what he admitted that day over lunch totally blew me away!
It was a hot Spring day that saw me meet Jimmy at his condo for a one
o'clock 'date'. My older cousin and I usually attempted a bi-monthy lunch, his
teaching schedule and my retail one often meshed with at least one day off
during the week for both of us. This day it was Jimmy's turn to buy lunch, so I
just met him at his place and he ushered me into his sunlit kitchen, passed
me a Snapple and a tuna-fish sandwich and we quickly began eating,
sipping and talking.

"Love those shorts," he said after a good five minutes munching and sipping.

Although the very last thing on my mind was teasing my cousin, I did like the
compliments he gave me and knew that if I wore my little jeans shorts he
would notice. It was warm enough and I knew I had the legs for it, but with the
added knowledge that Jimmy always stared hard and long at my legs and
never made any pretense that he didn't, I guess I went out of my way to show
off a bit for him.

Hell, I thought, what was a little harmless flirting between cousins?

"Well, you always say you like my legs," I said, around a mouthful of tuna.

"You know, if I wasn't your cousin..." Jimmy spat then gulped some ice-tea.

This was about as far our sexual innuendo ever got. Being admired is one
thing, even flirting is harmless, but my cousin and I never dared tread into
territory either of us knew could be uncomfortable.

"But you are," I sang, reaching across the table for my own ice tea.

"Mmmm," my cousin replied. "If only you knew. If only you knew."

"Do I want to?" I said. I was intrigued, to tell the truth, and we were only
talking after all...

"Yeah, I'm not too sure I should be saying shit like this to you," Jimmy

Well, what the hell could Jimmy say, really? I loved him, he loved me and I
knew he would never put me in harms' way. What could be so bad really: that
he had fantasies about sleeping with me; that he wanted to maybe do more
then just stare at my legs? He knew that nothing would ever happen between
us. This was all harmless flirting.

"Go ahead, tell me. Nobody but us will ever know, " I said, managing another

"Well, you know how much I like your legs," he started.

My cousin smiled down at me as I lifted one knee off the other, shifted,
switched legs and then re-crossed them for emphasis.

"It's just that..." he continued, clearing his throat to my obvious tease.
"...there's some other stuff I think about too."

I kept right on eating, pulling little bites from the rye bread and fixing him with
my even, big brown-eyed stare. I wasn't going to help him. If Jimmy wanted
to tell me then he'd have to just spit it out...and I liked teasing him a bit

"It's kinda kinky," he admitted.

"Well?" I said, swallowing another gulp as another ten seconds of silence
descended. "Come on, this you got to tell me!"
'Tell me' Jimmy sure did!

Do things ever follow the way we plan? Can they really? Checking the tight
confines of my cousin's bedroom; focusing my eye across the low bed, to his
shaded window over the desk I sat at, cemented the reality of what was
happening then in my mind.

Jimmy stood behind me, two steps away, out of my line of sight and as he
had warned he would be, completely naked. It had taken us all of ten minutes
to finish eating, throw away our garbage and walk that short flight of stairs
and into his bedroom. After Jimmy had literally puked his fantasy at me-with
me munching, sipping, staring those tight two minutes-I then simply
swallowed hard once, leaned forward in my chair, inhaled and placed a soft
hand to his forearm.

I hadn't been all that shocked. What my cousin admitted to me could have
been worse, for sure. In a strange way, Jimmy's fantasy involved me even
less then I thought it would; it involved him plenty, and it was for this reason
that I sat there with my back to him then. I wasn't sure I was ready for the full
thing just yet-seeing him naked and excited-but I found myself breathing a bit
deeper in anticipation of what was going to happen and what I would be
hearing in the next few minutes.

I had never given a spanking, and there were maybe two times I could recall
in my past when someone had even attempted to swat me in a sexual way
(and it was nothing I sought, to be sure). My lovers are few. I tend to last long
in any relationship I am being sexual in, so the sheer amount of different men
who could have ever placed an open palm to my naked ass, or my hand to
theirs, is simply too small a number. But I was delighted, intrigued and just a
little bit excited by the fact that I would soon be hearing the sound of flesh
meeting flesh; the sound of a spanking, and that my cousin Jimmy very well
wanted to spank himself with me in the room!

Jimmy said it had been a fantasy of his for quite a while, to be across my
lap, ass high and naked across my magnificent tight gams as I swat him. But
he understood how I wouldn't want to spank him just yet-or if ever, he really
didn't want to push-so for now just spanking himself with me in the room,
would be enough. He admitted that he had spanked himself plenty of times.
As far as my older cousin saw it, smacking his naked ass from time to time
with a thick paddle or hairbrush kept him sane; Jimmy knew he needed a
spanking too often and would have gone for too long without a swat had he
not taken matters into his own hands. This time though, he would just have
someone to hear as he punished himself...a thought that did bring a blush to
my pale face, I'm sure. And I just loved hearing Jimmy say the word

"Punished" and "Spanking" and was surprised that I did.

Maybe Jimmy knew me better then I did myself?

So I held my breath, Jimmy moved behind me (I heard him, didn't see) and
before I knew it: SMACK! Jimmy's hand connected with his ass.

"Um," I said. "That was good."

It was a very tight sound, as I assumed it would be given Jimmy's tiny butt
and the quick hit.

"Again?" my cousin asked.

I could hear the excitement in his usually even low voice. I knew if I turned
then I'd see all there was to see of my cousin Jimmy...maybe next time, I
thought as I felt the blush rise through me again.

"Sure," I agreed and I heard: SMACK SMACK SMACK!

"Wow, that is a wild sound," I said. That time Jimmy had hit harder, not to
mention three instead of one.

"Does it hurt?"

"Yeah, a bit. Stings more then anything else."

"And you've been hit with more then just a hand right?" I asked, knowing he
had.  In his confession to me in the kitchen Jimmy had regaled me of his
past. Not all of it I was sure, but enough to illustrate that he was damn
serious about all this and that although he had plenty of experience my
cousin was still delighted by the prospect of getting me involved.

"Yeah, all types of stuff: hairbrush, paddle, ruler," he listed.

Somehow the thought of Jimmy being hit with a hairbrush really excited me,
as if this would be my instrument of choice if I...

"Maybe some time I can hear them," I cooed. 'Or, I can smack you with
them,' I thought, but did not dare say!

"Well?" I added, getting us back to the matter at hand (so to speak). "Any

I knew this was what Jimmy wanted more then anything else, to have me
coax him. Sitting there with my back to him, my shoulders high and tight, my
firm little chest rising and falling in my tight shirt, my taut legs crossed on high
knee, smacks resounding of the cream colored walls, I realized that I damn
well was enjoying the fact that I was 'making' Jimmy spank himself, or at the
very least prodding him to continue.

And as Jimmy swat again...and again...and again, all as I softly suggested
he do, I realized that this was indeed nearly as exquisite as if I was spanking
him myself...nearly.

© 2006 Ralph Greco, Jr

Ralph is a 44 year old NJ resident. Ralph has published world-wide in small
press, major maket, on-line; on coffee can lables and buttons; Ralph is an
Ascap licensed songwriter and actually began his writing career penning
800# pre-recorded phone sex scripts

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