Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

by Cashmere Bates

We had fought. It had been two weeks. Two weeks of defying myself not to call
him. Two weeks of lying alone in my bed moistening the seats of my panties.
Two weeks without any pole sliding in and out of my hungry holes.
Walking around my empty apartment with my nipples balled up like marbles, my
asshole pouting and my other two holes dripping wet. Every now and then while
watching a late movie or frying eggs, I'd let out a little moan or catch myself
drooling down the front of my shirt. It was for him. I could still smell him around
my lips.

By the end of the 14th day, I couldn't deny him. I had to call and beg for his
forgiveness. I'd considered threatening to slice my wrist if the begging didn't
work. I'd seen it twice in movies. It had proven to be an effective temporary
tactic. I hoped it wouldn't come to that but I had to have him and it seemed the
longer I held out the stronger the urge became.

It began with a text message. I decided to cut straight to the point. "Hey, do you
still like me?"

He answered back, "I like you. I don't like the games you play."

This was my in. I text-ed him back "coming over. I'll be there at 10." He said

I had imagined it. Now, it was time to put it into play; a black halter top, a black
mini-skirt, black heels, my hair up in a teasing ponytail.

When I got to his apartment he buzzed me in. To the third floor, I raced up the
stairs, feeling the cool air on my naked bottom. I knocked on the door. It was
slightly opened. I went inside. He was sitting on the bed. I went to him, dropped
to my knees. "I'm sorry." I said.

He kissed me. His mouth was so wet and sweet. He ripped the band from my
ponytail and gripped my hair hard by the roots as he forced his tongue around
my mouth. I took his bone stiff dick out of his shorts and licked it up and down
then sucked on it while licking it at the same time then sucked it some more,
imagining I could siphon some juice from it. I could feel his hot flesh beating
against my tongue as I tried to swallow him, the whole thing, I knew it could never
fit down my throat but I had to try.

"Help me" I told him. I sucked him, moaning for his cum in my stomach, I can
never get enough of him in me at one time. "Do it baby, please!" I begged. He
palmed my head and forced it down, pushing his thick dick deep into my
esophagus. I wanted to swallow all of him. I tried to force him deeper down my
throat but I became dizzy. He pulled his dick out and I gasped for air. "Are you
alright?" He asked. "Yes. I'm good."

He picked me up and sat me on his lap. He pulled my skirt up and rubbed his
thumb around my swollen, wet clitoris, then put the thumb in my mouth and
kissed me hard.

He grabbed his dick and shoved it deep inside my pussy. I gasped and
trembled all over. Instantly, my body began to sweat. I started to cry inside and
curse God. He felt so good inside me I would have sold my soul if he'd wanted.
He let out some long grunts as he held me close and tight and forced his huge
dick in and out of my body. I was in another world as he moved me. In a trance
while he controlled me. He pulled down the front of my top and licked on my
jutting nipples, bringing me back to life. I ground my hips on him until I found a
spot where his dick fit perfectly. I rocked on that spot for a while, loving the way
the head met with my walls and the shaft massaged a warm groove in me like a
path to contentment. I had a thought in my head that I could live this way forever
OR I could die in that moment and not regret a thing that had happened prior.

He picked me up and laid me in the bed. The seconds were too long before he
was inside me again, this time, just, stuffing me with sparks of magic , like shots
from God. Repeated punches of pleasure until I could feel it swelling on one
side, like the sting from a honey bee. I began to tingle just a tiny bit on my left
side and it grew like a sneeze in slow motion and in less than ten seconds, fewer
than five shots, it took over me, it had consumed me so that I could not control it
if I'd wanted to. But I didn't want to. I submitted to the magic. I vowed every
conscious part of my being to it; my toenails, my knee caps, my armpits, the hair
on my head, and everything in between.

I gave everything, even my mind, for in fifteen seconds of my life, I exist only in
a bubble of satisfaction, where no one's searching for the meaning of life
because nothing matters or makes any sense, like swallowing the moment of
your own birth.

It was a feeling not like happiness but like bliss. A pontificated panacea and I
can't help but shout out to the congregation.

We gave it all away to whatever force had claimed it.

We had experienced it together and afterwards there was a glow of wonderment
that surrounded us.

I felt we owed something to God. Sadly, nothing seemed appropriate so we just
smiled, knowing that the sun too would continually rise and set; a kind of
bittersweet forbearance.

Copyright© 2008 Cashmere Bates

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