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Spring Sexcapades
by Tiffany©

It's April, but for some reason tonight is quite chilly. The wind is blowing...the street signs
are shaking. Pedestrians are walking in a huddled position trying to avoid the wind. It's
unavoidable...every time you pass a building you get whipped by the wind.

I am walking down 2nd Avenue feeling none of the cold. When I get to 71st Street, I turn
right...I observe all the people and wonder why are they walking like that. I am wearing a
slinky dress with nothing underneath. As I jacket is unbuttoned and moving with
the wind. My nipples are erect from the chill. As I move my dress is caressing my body all
around. At certain points it brushes against my thighs and even between my
legs...gently touching my pussy. I'm not feeling any coldness only thoughts are
about the next several hours with my lover. I'm aroused and moist between my legs
because of it.

I reach my destination...hit the button and the door opens. I walk towards the I
enter, I check myself. Making sure I look sexy and alluring. My lover awaits me upstairs.
Mmmm...I can't wait to see him. I am thinking of nothing else. His touch is all I want.

The door to the elevator slides open...I hear sexy music playing....when I reach the 8th floor,
I walk into the apartment, but no one is in sight. I smell a sweet scent something very is the scent of chocolates. I see them calling to me from the coffee table.
Ahhh...I love chocolates...and it's my favorite type...LiLac's dark chocolate. He is always so
thoughtful...always know what I like.

I make myself comfortable...I take off my jacket and sit on the sofa. As I sit... I cross my
legs...lean back and relax...enjoying my treat. I am wondering where is my lover. As I wait....I
am daydreaming about how my lover will pleasure me tonight...I'm so caught up in my
thoughts, I didn't notice him sneaking up behind me and blindfolding me. I go along with

Hmmm...What erotic playfulness will we be attempting tonight?

He tells me to sit still. He spreads my legs and I feel him caressing my thighs with his
tongue and hands...feel him going up towards my pussy...he licks me once ver y
roughly...then he spreads my legs wider. He licks me softly...gently teasing me...asking
me...if I want more...I beg him to eat me...I want him to devour me. He tells me, NO...tells
me that I don't deserved to be pleasured. I tell him that I need him to eat me so bad...that I
crave his tongue. Instead he pulls me down to sofa in a horizontal position. I can't see so I
just follow. I don't know where he is...I wait for him to please me some more...but instead I
feel him standing over me...something is near my lips...Mmmm...I feel something
smooth...hard. He takes his hard cock and strokes my lips. I want to lick him. I want to suck
on him. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth. He instructs me to open my mouth...tells me
to suck on him the way he loves it. I obey...because I want him even more so. I take him in
my mouth. He controls the movement and deepness of his cock in my mouth. I want to hold
his cock in my hand and bring him in deeper, but he won't let me. He tells me to be patient
and wait for pleasure.

I am dying inside...I can't wait any longer. I want him to fuck me...want him to devour my
pussy and I want it NOW. I beg for more...beg for his cock. He reaches down and touches
my pussy...he feels how wet I am and asks me to tell him how much I want him. And
without waiting for an answer he plays with my pussy...fingering my clit...Mmmm...He feels
so good...I am getting sooo wet. He slides his fingers into my juicy pussy hard...roughly...I
cry out in ecstasy...I'm imagining his cock in me. The anticipation is driving me crazy. His
cock is all the while still in my mouth. He turns around and licks me. We take the 69
position. The feeling is incredible. Then he continues to eat me and devour me with a
vengeance. I continue to suck on him and play with his cock...alternating between licking
and sucking...licking his shaft...kissing his head. The combination of sensations are

I want him to fuck me....I want the feeling of his hard cock in my pussy. I tell him...his cock is
all I want...please...please fuck me...I can't bear the wait. He obliges...he picks me up and
positions me on the arm of the sofa...with my ass sticking up in the air...I have one foot on
the floor and the other on the sofa...I want him in me and I'm not waiting...I back my ass
towards him...I feel his cock....I grab hold of him and shove him in my pussy. Ahhhh...the
feel of his hardness sliding into my wet pussy is beyond heaven. I hold tight and want him
to fuck me hard...deep...give me what I want...what I have been waiting for.

He rams his cock into me...going faster...and faster...then teases me by almost pulling
out...but then goes right back in...even deeper. He reaches over and unties my blindfold.
Tells me to watch him fuck him put his cock deep inside my pussy. It's what I's like watching an interactive erotic movie in HD. It's very arousing...bringing it to a
higher level of ecstasy. Many people close their eyes during intercourse...Not me...I want to
feel it all...see it all...all of this combined puts me in a high...a better feeling that any drug I
have ever tried. The visual...the feel and most importantly the intensity of two highly sexually
charged people are enough to take you over the edge. I am in another dimension and I
don't want to come back.   

He puts me in all different positions and twists me in wild ways. His cock is in me in every
possible  direction. Hours go by and I still don't want him to stop. I desire more. He is
pumping in me harder...faster...more intensely...I wait for him to explode with power. I hold
my breath and wait.  He finally cums...his orgasm is so power in strength that I shake from
the feeling. I have been anticipating this moment all night. I am totally satisfied. Totally
exhausted from the our passionate encounter.

I lay still for a moment. He takes me in his arms and tells me how much he loves fucking
me...loves the feel of my body next to him. He picks me up and carries me the bedroom...he
cuddles me...rests next me...then whispers in my ear..."Rest for a bit...I'm not done with

Mmmm...I can only imagine....

© 2006 Tiffany

Tiffany is a freelance writer in fiction and erotica. She travels half the year to exotic
destinations all over the world. Her inspirations come from her lover, her travels and a very
sexy mind.
Spring Sexcapades