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Sforzando Succubus
No Place Like Home
by Sforzando Succubus

We weren't expecting to get such a show in our own back yard.  We had been away on
holiday in the south of France.  Our days were spent lounging on nude beaches, people
watching, loving our selves and each other.  We had late dinners with friends he previously
met in Paris, and late brunches on the terrace of our bedroom.  

It was difficult for him not to handle any business on the trip.  He has so many contacts in
Europe now that he wants to be sure to continue a close and personal relationship with them.  
He's made friends around the world.    

The time difference had affected our sleep patterns, although he adjusted much better than I
did since he tends to travel more.  I was blissfully tired after having so many lovely
experiences on my first trip to France.  We avoided the tourist areas and concentrated mostly
on the slow paced pleasures.  

Our flight back home had the typical stresses of being packed on a plane with a bunch of
tense travelers.  I really don't care for flying in the first place and so I really relied on his
gracious and patient energy to help calm me for the final leg home.  All I wanted to do was to
take a hot shower and climb into bed for a good 12 hours or so.  He was ready for some rest
as well, once he checked the mail and quickly perused all his different e-mail boxes.  

I had just stepped out of the shower and was still dripping with beads of water when I heard
something through the open window facing the backyard.  There was a squeaking sound and
some mumbling, followed by a few giggles.  I called for him to please come here.    

He walked through the bedroom door and stopped for a moment admiring me dripping wet,
tan all over from our nude beach vacation.  I motioned for him to quietly step over and look
out the window.  He turned off the light as he walked towards the window.  He spread the
curtains and gazed out towards the backyard.  A smile appeared on his face and he looked
back over at me and tipped his head as if to say come over here and get a look at this.  I
grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me as I walked over to stand next to him in front of
the window.  

Down below, on the grass, our neighbors were writhing together on our double air mattress,
covered with a blanket.  They must have decided to lay out and watch the stars at night like
we often do.  They were so beautiful together.  I instantly felt myself get turned on.  The
contrast of the air cooling the water on my skin and the heat that was starting to spread over
my body made me catch my breath.  

He looked over at me and raised one eyebrow.  I reached over and cupped his cheek in one
hand while removing my towel with the other.  I moved and stood behind him and watched
over his shoulder at the scene below.  Arms and legs were moving slowly.  Sounds of their
pleasure floated up to us.  The blanket they had covering them fell to the side and their
gloriously naked bodies shined bright in the night.    

I reached around and unsnapped and then unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the
ground.  He was already firm and upright.  I rubbed myself against the back of him.  Holding
his waist on each side I pulled him back a bit, towards me.  

I delighted at the movement of his hand to grasp himself.  He knew exactly what he wanted
and how he wants it, right at that moment.  I loosened my grip on his waist and just pressed
into him as he began to jerk himself into a frenzy.  

I am so hot, watching him loving himself while watching them.  Just feeling him shake and rock
as he pleases himself makes me tingle in my belly.  I pinch my nipples with both hands as I
look out the window.  I feel the moisture increase between his back and my front.  I widen my
stance a bit and reach down and rub myself.  I am wet and warm and I feel good.  I mostly just
want to be there with him in the moment as he explores this opportunity of seductive
voyeurism.  We both like to watch.  It is good.  

The activity below is increasing.  The panting gets loud enough to hear, as if we were right
there with them.  I see that he is soon moved to release so I offer my towel and drape it over
the windowsill for him.  As the yard scene bursts forth into loud moaning he finishes himself
into Heaven.   

We both lay back on the bed and I pull some covers over us.  I smile at the thought of this
moment.  Vacation was nice, but there's no place like home.

©2005 by Sforzando Succubus
All rights reserved.

Sforzando Succubus creates erotic stories for pleasure.  Reader feedback is welcome via
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