Star Sex
Story Codes: MF, FF, Consensual, Sci-Fi, Fantasy in Space, Ebonics

by Aeros

(The Premise behind *Star Sex *is simply Sci-Fi Erotica. The Story itself is the second to be written. Unlike “Count
Down to Doomsday," the 1st Story written, Star Sex was intended as an Artless Literary Styled Story. This story is
dealing with a Unique type of Character, one that Normally does not Exist within the Genre of adult comics. The
character in mention is called Star Huntress, a Futuristic Black Alien Sex Goddess branded an outlaw from an alien
empire. Despite her raunchy bi-sexual nature, she is molded as having a Heroic Spirit, her girlfriends Katy Comet,
Stella Star Ryder and Nikki Nova are Sensuous Vixens as well who Trod the Stars in search of action and adventure.
Star Huntress may well be the 1st of its kind if properly Ppblished, within her Universe  Anataya Tanton is a Rebel on
the Run from the Xelgarion Empire.  She holds a Destructive Secret they Covet. Star Huntress’s Mission is to prevent
the xelgarions from Acquiring the Awesome Cosmitron Satellite Cannon and using it to conquer Earth.)

Star Huntress! Across the Cosmos she Travels, aboard the Space Ship “Star Trekker" A time of Relaxation is upon
her. There are guests aboard; among them is the Legendary Stella Star Ryder and the Flirtatious Nikki Nova. The star
trekker was to Rendezvous with the Freighter Ship “Liberty’s Light”. The Renowned and Benevolent Captain
Benjamin “Buck” Baily is a close friend to star huntress, along with Stella Star Ryder they have braved the Unknown
on occasions Risking their lives to Rescue War Refugees and bring them to Territories of Political Amnesty. Several
hours before meeting liberty’s light star huntress stands silent upon the Observation deck until …

Nikki: “Are you okay?

Anataya: “Oh, hey Nikki … I’m just Chilling out”

Nikki: “Well, you look like you could use some Fun”

Anataya: “Hhhhh !

Nikki: “Hey, let’s go and see what Stella’s up to”

Anataya: “Okay, it’ll be some time before we Rendezvous with Captain Baily.

As Nikki and Anataya arrive in the lounge, they Encounter Stella Star Ryder Enjoying a glass of Hyponian Sugar Ale.

Stella: “Hey girls, what’s up?”

Nikki: “Oh, nothing yet. We’re going to make Annie here feel better.

Stella: “What’s up with you Anataya?”

Anataya: “Me, I’m just Anxious to see what’s next for me. “ It’s been a Raw-Ass week you’ know.”

Stella: “Yeah, it has … so let’s do something about it.”

Anataya: “What’d ya have in mind?”

Stella: “Some Naughty Girl time … are you down?”.                              

Anataya: “Hmmmm, if that’s what’s up … shit yeah I’m down !”

Stella: “Ahhh, now that’s the Spirit … lets park this crate and Fuck like Cozy on that Asteroid.”

Nikki: “Ha Ha Ha, your so bad Stella!”

Anataya: “Yeah, sure she is!

Nikki: “We’ve got time to kill, lets all have something Fruity to Drink huh!”

Stella: “Okay, what do we have in here?”

As the girls get their drink on, they add a little Belvion Beer to the Mix… now their really fired up. clothe start coming off
as 3 Seductive Ladies lay Naked on a large Sofa, Kissing and Caressing each other … Stella takes the lead.

Stella: “Ooooo, yeah!”

Nikki:” Work your Pussy!”

Anataya watches with Devilish Delight, she begins to stroke her pussy as Stella starts to go down on her.

Stella: “Hmmmm !”

Anataya: “Uhhhh, ssssss owww !”

Like a Silly School girl in Heat, Nikki Giggles … she joins in on the fun

Nikki: “Uhhhh, oh yeah … eat my pussy Annie!”

The Air is filled with a Lusty Vibe as it Permeates throughout the stat trekker. Moans and Sighs Invade the lounge as 3
hot Honies Frolic Sexually.

Anataya: “Sssssss ahhhh, ooo yeah … Suck my Ass y’all!”

Anataya’s Titties are Sucked by the girls as they take turns Jerking her Soft Wet Cunt off.

Stella: “Ummmmhhh !”

Nikki: “Mmmm, mmm !.”

Anataya: “Whoooh, oh yeah … Suck my Ttts !.”

The girls take turns Sucking and Licking each others titties, they lick and jerk each others Cocks.

Stella: Ahhhh !”

Nikki: “You like that shit ?”

Stella:” Ssssss ahhhh !.”

Anataya watches as Nikki lustfully jerks Stella’s cunt while she sucks on her left tit. Stella stretches downward and
licks upon Anataya’s Bubble-Butt with Voracious intent.

Anataya: “Oh Shit, that feels Fucking good girl !”

Stella: “Mmmm, oh yeah !”

Sweat builds up as the girls continue licking, kissing, caressing and Squeezing each others titties, ass and pussies.
The Climax increases as all 3 young things are about to cum.

Stella: “Ooo, hhhh uhhhh … my Pussy’s on fire !”

Nikki: “Ssss owwwhh, I-I’m Cumming ya’ll !”

Stella and Nikki begin to Cum like twin Typhoons.

Stella: “Oh shit, hhhhh hhhhh … uhhhh

After the Cum- Spree Stella and Nikki grabs 2 Dildos and start Jamming Anataya up the ass and pussy.

Stella: “Oooo, feels good huh ?”… maybe you like it harder up your hot ass!”

Nikki: “He he he he, ahhh … Hump that Pussy Annie !”

The Pounding Escalates as Anataya’s body increases in Temperature … her pussy Burns like Fire and she cums as
if a Hurricane blew through town.

Anataya: “God damn, ooooo that feels so fucking good !”. “hhhhh, sssss owwwwh !”
“uhhhh, I-I-I-im gonna cum !”. “Uhhhh, sssssss ahhh aaahhh ahhhhhhh !”

The Sexual Energies are Totally Spent, the girls lay hot and Sweaty on the sofa .

Stella: “ Hhhh hhhh, hey … that was Great Fucking ?”

Nikki: “Oooo, yeahhh !.”                     

As the star trekker rendezvous’ with liberty’s light, the girls go aboard and Conversate with Captain Baily. After that
Nikki and guest Katy Comet Chat up a storm.

Katy: “Hey girl, how’ve you been?”

Nikki: “I’m doing okay, so … what’s up with you ?”

Katy: “Oh, nothing much … just trying to do something new.”

Nikki: “Oh, so … you still doing your thing ?”

Katy: “If you mean what I think, sure. “

Nikki: “Well, maybe we could do it together.”

Nikki Carelessly Strokes Katy’s short stylish hair and Gazes into her Eyes. Katy feels her body Vibing with Nikki’s
Smooth Seduction.

Katy: “Oooo, you make it sound so hot.”

Nikki: “I can make it Hot !”

Katy and Nikki Chase each other around in circles as they throw their Clothe at one another. The air is filled with a
Joyful yet Erotic Vibe, Stella and Anataya watch from outside the empty storage room.

Stella: “Hey Anataya, check this out.”

Anataya: “What’s going on Stella?”

Stella: “Them two in there is at it !.”

Anataya: “Ooooo, They’s about to get Jiggy … should we join them ?”

Stella: “Nah, let’em has some Fun together … they definitely seem to need it .“

Katy Slowly Caresses Nikki’s face as she Tenderly Kisses her Lips, and then she Licks her Neck ever so Slowly
while she Squeezes her Delicate Ass and then Sucks her Ample Titties.

Nikki: “Oooo girl, your so hot !”

Katy: “Mmmm, mmmmhhh !”

The 2 Hotties exchange Favors and Lustfully lick each others Pussies in the 69 position.

Katy: “Mmmmhhh’.                                                                                                         

After the girls bid farewell to Captain Baily and Katy, they board the star trekker and depart. Later on, the star trekker
arrives on the Planet Tamaxia … star huntress rendezvous’ at the Island of Tandu. She soon visits the Tartysha Erotic
Spiritual Retreat.  

Anataya: “Wow, what a day”. “I wonder what’s going on in here today?”

As Anataya enters the retreat, she views the scene and witnesses the sultry young ladies swing and sway about …
she is soon approached by her good friend Aron Talbot.

Aron: “Hey Anataya, long time no see”.

Anataya: “Aron, you Sly Devil, where the Hell’ve you been lately?”

Aron: “Busy, I’ve been on Amalgria, in Titanu that is.”

Anataya: “I’ve missed you so much, what’ya say we hook up?”

Aron: “Well, okay, we can do that … I’ve got a room for the day.”

Anataya: “Sweet, now thing’sll be Groovy Cool.”

Aron: “Alright, let’s have a drink or 2, then we can catch up”.

After a Delicate glass of Pomegranate Brandy, Aron and Anataya retire to his room for the day. The Sun reaches it’s
Zenith as the daily Activities within the retreat continue.

Aron; “This is cool!.”

Anataya: “Oh yeah, com’ere lover-boy … we got a lot’a caching up to do.”

Aron is at ease, he has missed Anataya very much, suddenly a knock is at the door …

Aron; “Come in.”

Attendant: “May I be of any Service to you Sir and Madam?”

Aron; “But of course, whets your name Sweetness?”

The Attendant Smiles and slightly Laughs … she responds.

Attendant; “My name is Krixia.”

Anataya: “I like it, you don’t mind if she joins us … do you handsome?”

Aron; “No, why not?”              

Krixia slowly removes her Golden Garment as she dances about like a gentle spring breeze.

Aron; “Damn, she’s Hot!”

Anataya: “She’s really Cute, I can see you wanna drill her.”

Aron: “Oooo, you mind reader, i love the way you think.”

After Krixia finishes Dancing, she slowly approaches the couple … she stands before Aron and Glances into his Eyes.

Krixia; “Of what Pleasure do you seek?”

Aron; The kind that makes men Dream of Sunrise in your Arms.”

Anataya: “That’s so Poetic, you never tell me that.”

Aron; “Jealous, aint’cha?”

Aron begins to stroke Krixia’s long light brown hair, Anataya quickly Undresses and   caresses her cunt hairs i finger
at a time.

Anataya: “Girl, your Cunt hairs are so soft, why don’t you lay down and spread those thighs wide open and play with
that pussy.”

Krixia: “As you wish.”

Krixia Slowly strokes her cunt lips and slides her fingers deep inside; Aron gives her a helping hand while taking
turns with Anataya.

Krixia: “U-U- Uhhhh.”

Krixia Sensuously kisses Anataya’s Lips with Fire; her finger tips Gently caress her Erect Pointy Nipples while Aron
helps out.

Anataya: “Sssss, oooo , that feels nice.”

As kisses are traded, Aron gets out of his clothe, he aims his Thick Long Cock at the girls.

Aron; “Okay, it’s Candy time … who wants the Cane?”

Krixia and Anataya bend to their knees, Krixia sticks out her Tongue and licks the Shaft back and fourth.

As Krixia licks on Anataya sucks Aron’s Nuts, the girls take turns Stroking their tongues across his balls. Krixia
begins to Suck on his Dick ever so slowly, then Anataya starts sucking his cock like a Marathon Race as he pounds
her mouth over and over.

Anataya: “Mmmm, mmmhhhh gglluuuuh.”

Aron: “Whiooh, god daaaamn Anataya, suck it honey-star.”

While Anataya sucks Aron off, he Lay’s down and Eats Krixia like a bowl if Sweet Cake Batter.

Aron: “Mmmm, mmmm.”

Krixia: “U-u-Uhhhhh, oowwwh.”

Positions are switched as Aron eats Anataya; Krixia slides up under him as he sticks his cock into her Cunt and rams
her like a Wrecking Ball.

Krixia: “Uhhhh, ahhhh, owwwwwh.”

After being eaten, Krixia throws Anataya’s legs behind her shoulders and licks and sucks her hot Juicy Pussy.

Ktixia: “Mmmmhh.”

Anataya; “U-U-U-Uhhhhh ohhhw, ssssss a-a-ahhhh:.

Aron switches up and lays back flat on the bed as Anataya rides his cock like a mad steed.

Aron; “D-D-Daaamn, woo weehhhh.”

Anataya: “ Ooowwwwhhh, oooohh.”

Ecstasy builds as Anataya humps her pussy on Arons’ dick like the world is coming to an end.

Anataya: ‘Ssssss, u-uhhhhh.”

Soon Aron turns over and Wham-Bams Anataya’s cunts like a Mad Monkey.

Anataya: “O-O-oh yeah, D-Do it b-baby.”

Krixia slides up and starts sucking Anataya’s 44 Double D right Titty.

Anataya: “Ahhh, uhhhh  In a Freaky Rage, Aron turns Anataya over and starts Pumping her up the ass like a Cosmic
Jack Hammer out of Control.

Aron: “Hhhhh, wooooh.”

Krixia stands on her knees as Anataya sucks her left Titty while still on her knees.

As it is, Aron Fucks Anataya in her Ass so Viciously, he Blows his Creamy Load all over her.

Aron; “Woo hooooh, aw yeahhhhh.”

As Aron lay’s back, Krixia sucks on Anataya’s titties and jerks her pussy off.

Krixia: “Ooooo, I think you’re about ripe and ready.”

Krixia’s mouth switches from the left to the right titty as she builds up her speed while still jerking Anataya’s cunt.

Anataya: “Uhhhh ,ooooohhh.”

The freak session ends with a big bang, so Intensely does Krixia jerk Anataya’s Hot Moist Pussy that she cums like a
Tornado all on the bed.

Anataya: “O-O-Oh sh-sh-shit, oooooh, damn”. “God Daaamn I-I-I’m g-gonna c-c-cum”.
“ssssss, owwwwhhhh u-u-uhhhhh a-a-a-aahhh ahhhhhh”.

Aron; “Whoa, god daaaamn Annie, you are the Stuff.”

Krixia: “I trust that this Session was Satisfactory.”

Anataya; O-O-Ooh yeah, this shit was the blast.”

Aron: “Well I hate to fuck and run … but I’ve gotta be on my way.”

Anataya: “Ooooo, okay … see’ya around Dick-Master.”

Aboard the star trekker …

Stella: “You had a great time I trust./”

Nikki: Hey, you been doing it right ?”

Anataya; “Oh yeah, but I’ve been done too, ha ha ha ha.”                                         

As time goes on, the star trekker Encounters the Spaceship “Sunrise”, on board is the Enthusiastic and Jolly Sister
Sunshine along with her Merry Band of Aficionados.  Communications are established as Anataya and the girls come
aboard for a friendly visit.

Sister Sunshine: “Welcome my friends, it’s good to see you all again.

Anataya: “Mmmm , I love that Aroma !”

Stella: “It’s so sweet, I’m taken by it !”

Nikki: "Hey, when do we eat?, I’m Starved."

Sister Sunshine: Ha Ha Ha , now friend Nikki. “Come, let’s all go and Enjoy an Exquisite Dish.

(After the Appetite, Sister Sunshine takes the girls into the Pleasure Chamber.)

Sister Sunshine: “I wanted you all to see the new Decorations.

Stella: Wow, this is out of sight!”

Nikki: “Whooh, I like it !”

Anataya: “This is Groovy, what a place to fuck in!”

Sister Sunshine: “Exactly, perhaps you’d like to entertain us Anataya, we’d love to see you in action.

Stella: “Yeah, come on girl!”

Nikki: “On Talistos you we’re hot, give it to us huh.

Anataya: “Alright alright, but I need some Volunteers, I’ll need 2 of your hot attendants
Sister Sunshine.

Sister Sunshine: “Very well, they’ll be at your Disposal at once.

The Music is a Venutian Opera, the ladies all undress and sit as Anataya prepares to Entertain Troops.

Stella: “This should be good!”

Nikki: “Come on Annie, bring on the Show!”

2 Adonis-like Muscular Men come from behind the Turquoise curtain, Anataya licks her lips in Approval.

Anataya: “Mmmmhhh, Delectable!”

Anataya begins to Dance, Slow and Sexy.

Anataya: “Okay girls, Spread your Thighs, I wanna see ya’ll rub your Pussies .

In response, the girls all Obey

Anataya: “ Ah, here we go ya’ll !”

When the Dance heats up, Anataya strips down and rubs her ass on the 2 men. They caress and kiss her body all
over, she lay’s on her back as they take turns Massaging her body.

Anataya: “Mmmm, feels so nice, hhhhh.”

After the Sensuous Massage, Anataya drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide, she takes the men’s cocks
and kisses, lick and sucks them one at a time.

Attendant1: “Ummmh !”

Attendant 2: “Uhhh !”

Anataya: “Mmmm, gglluuuhh, mmmmhhhh gggluuuhhh.”

Faster and Faster, Anataya sucks, the ladies continue Jerking their Cunts off.

Sister Sunshine: “Hhhhh, oh yes!”

Stella: “Oooo, hhh hhhhh.

Nikki: “Uhhhh, sssss owwwhhh.“

So Intense is the Cock Sucking that Anataya Vomits a Splatter of Saliva.

Anataya: “Blu-Blu-Bluhhhhhhh.”

In the audience, the girls all start caressing each others cunts.

Sister Sunshine: “Oooo, uhhhhh.”

Nikki: “Oh yeah, uhhhhh.”

Attendant 1 goes down on Anataya as attendant 2 squeezes her big titties, then the scene changes as Anataya beats
their long dongs across her tits. She then slowly caresses her nipples with the heads.

Anataya: “Oh yeah, this is cool !”

Anataya and attendant 1 Initiate the 69 position as he licks her cunt while she sucks his cock.

Attendant 1: “Mmmmm mmmm.”

Anataya: “ Mmmhh, glu-glu- gluhhhh.”

As the erotic heat blows up, in the audience the girls start having an Orgasmic Squirt Fest, they all cum over and over

Sister Sunshine: “Sssss, hhh hhhh.”

Stella: “ U-U- Uhhh.”

Nikki: “A-A- Ahhh, owwwh.”

As the girls keep it up, Anataya moves from the 69 to the wheel barrel with attendant 1.

Anataya: “Oh shit, fuck me baby, oooo oowwwhhh.”

Attendant 2 enters the scene as he turns Anataya upside down on her hands up against the wall and Rammer Jams
her cunt like a Meteor Storm.

Anataya: “D-D-Daaaamn, uhhh o-o-owwwhhh.”

After the wall, Anataya leaps on top of attendant 1 and rides him Froggy style, her tits Smack him back and fourth in
the face.

Anataya: “Ssss, oowwhhh.”

Attrndant 2 gets on top of Anataya and jams her in the ass; she revels in the act of Double Penetration.

Anataya: “Uhhhh, oooo, ah ahhhh.”

The attendants pull their cocks out Anataya’s cunt and ass, then blast her with sticky cum.

Anataya: “Daaaamn, blow that shit ya’ll, whoooh.”

After the Hunky attendants Blow their Fuses, Anataya rolls over on her back and starts whacking her cunt off, the girls
surround her and she is bathe in a shower of
Orgasmic Juices.

Anataya: “Ahhhh, ooo yeah !”

Cum Soaked hands caress and squeeze her tits, hot tongues lick her body up and down.
Sister Sunshine spreads her thighs and goes down on Anataya with her fingers sliding in and out of her cock,

Anataya: “Ooooh,sssss ahhhh.”

Stella and Nikki squeeze and suck Anataya’s titties, then sister sunshine mounts up on her knees and rubs her tits
and nipples against Anataya’s.

Sister Sunshine: “ha ha, hhhh.”

Anataya: “Oh shit, Rub my titties girl !”

The Climax breaks through as Sister Sunshine straps on a 10 inch Turquoise colored Marble Dildo and Bam Jams
Anataya’s hot Juicy Pussy Incessantly.

Anataya: “uh uh uh, sssss oowwwhh, o-o-oh yeah.”

Drenched in Sweat and the girls Cum Spray, Anataya Blows her Sizzling Orgasmic Juice all over Sister Sunshine’s
Pubic Hair again and again.

Anataya; “Oh my god, I-I-I-I’m c-c-c-cumming”. “ooooo, ssss uh uh uh uh, a-a-a-ah ahhhhhhh.”

As the Cosmic Orgy is ended, the girls return to the star trekker

Stella: “Damn, what a fuck fest, I’m drained.”

Nikki: “Yeah, me too … come on, let’s get some rest.

Anataya: “Yeah, we’ll do some fun things later on”. “Right now, we all need to revitalize our Pussy Power for another
sizzling romp and roll

Nikki: “Ha Ha Ha, you know it girlfriend!.”

Stella: “See you gals later !”

Anataya: “Wet Dreams ya’ll !”

After taking care of some business, the star trekker voyages to the Planet Tamaxia,
star huntress has parted company with her girlfriends for now. Within the Famed Island City of Tantar she is greeted
by a good friend, Lady Tianda.

Tianda: “Talzah Anataya, it’s good to see you again!.”

Anataya: “Hello Tianda, your looking Fabulous!”

Tianda: “Thank you, as always your looking quite Delicious, you’ve arrived just in time my friend!”

Anataya: “Oooo, I like the sound of that, whets up?”

Tianda: “Well, come into my Pleasure-Parlor, you’ll love whets in store for you!”

Bristling with Curiosity, Anataya enters Lady Tianda’s famed pleasure-parlor only to
find …

Anataya: “Whoooh, shit, Tianda … your good to me!”

Before Anataya’s eyes are 2 Cosmic Adonis’s.

Tianda: “I knew you’d agree, their hear for your Excitement.”

Anataya: “Hey boys, do ya’ think you can get down with a Fly Girl like me?”

There is no answer; obviously they are mute, but ready to physically reply as they do so.

Anataya: “well, I guess that answers my question!.”

Lady Tianda takes a seat, she Strokes her long Sand-Colored Hair and suckles upon a
Pomegranate. Anataya and her play mates undress and the show is about to begin.

Anataya: “Oh sit, this is gonna be the Blast!”

Anataya slowly caresses the mute men’s nuts as she bends to her knees and begins to suck their cocks 1 at a time.

Anataya: “Mmmhhh glu-glu- gluhhhh !”

The cock sucking is Intense as Anataya strokes the purple mute’s cock as she continues sucking the blue one off.

Anataya: “Mmmh, gluhhh !”

Anataya picks up Momentum as she incessantly sucks the Mute men’s cocks with Voracity, Stroking, Kissing and
Licking their cocks Anataya beats them across her Tantalizing Tits. The men take turns Tit-Fucking her.

Anataya: ‘Oh yeah, fuck my titties!”

After the tit-fucking, Anataya switches positions, she throws herself on her hands and knees as the purple man
slides his dick into her moist warm mouth and the blue man sticks his dick up her40 inch ass.

Anataya: “Mmmhh, glu gluhhhh.”

Ever so intensely do the men Pump their cocks in Anataya as she Wiggles and Shakes her ass all about. The purple
man builds up momentum until he blasts off all over Anataya’s face.

Anataya: “Star Smackers!”

After she wipes her face off Anataya gets up and hits the blue man froggy-style, she humps his cock so Rigorously
her titties smack his face 1 at a time.

Anataya: “Sssssss, owwwhh, uhhhh. ”

As the Fuck-Festival of 2 continues Anataya’s body heats up and she is covered in sweat, lady Tianda enters the
scene, she comes from behind Anataya and squeezes her titanic tits s and shakes them up and down.

Anataya: “Ooooo, ahhhh, uhhhh ssssss. ”

The Blue man pulls his cock out of Anataya’s cunt as she and lady Tianda assume the 69 position, the blue man
then slides his cock into Lady Tianda’s pussy and rams her.

Tianda: “U-U-Uhhhh, o-o owwhhh.”

Anataya: “Mmmmhhhhh.”

Afterwards, Lady Tianda sits in the blue mans cock and rides it, Anataya quickly sucks on  her titties.

Anataya: “Mmmhhhh.”

Tianda: “Sssss owwhhhh, uh uh uhhhh.”

Lady Tianda Leaps on the floor and starts stroking the blue mans cock as she licks, kisses and sucks his balls.
Anataya spreads Lady Tianda’s thighs and starts caressing her cunt with her right nipple.

Tianda: “Ssslurrhh!"

Anataya: “Ooo, you hot thing, your pussy is so wet.”

Lady Tianda Voraciously sucks the blue mans cock.

Tianda: “Mmmmhhh, glu gluhhhh.”

After the cock sucking, lady Tianda rolls Anataya over on her stomach and squeezes, licks and sucks on her ass.

Anataya: “Ha Ha Ha Ha, ooooo yeah Tianda, suck my ass honey.”

Anataya stands up as Lady Tianda Devours her hot pussy, sliding her tongue up and around she sucks and tickles
Anataya’s clit with her fingers and tongue.

Tianda: “Oh, you love it don’t you?”

Anataya: “Oh oh oh, ssssss ahhhh.”

Anataya  lays back on the bed as lady Tianda sucks her left titty while the blue man fucks her in the ass.

Anataya: “Whoosh, go girl, suck that titty!”

Suddenly like a Volcano, the blue man Erupts all over lady Tianda’s ass. Afterwards,
Lady Tianda and Anataya jerk each others pussies. Extremely intensifying is the build up that the girls Cum like a
Cosmic Thunder Storm.

Tianda: ‘Uhh uhh uhhhhhh.”

Anataya: “Uhhhh, sssss owwwhhh ahh ahhh ahhhhhh.”

Tianda: “Huhhh, thank you friend Anataya, this session was Memorable.”

Anataya: “Oooo yeah, let’s do it again sometime.”.

Back on board the star trekker, in her Chambers, Anataya lay’s Butt-Ass Naked on her bed; she squeezes her right
titty and softly, slowly caresses her pussy.

Anataya: “Ahhh, this has been quite a week; I’ll keep this in my memoires for a long time.” This was definably one
Incredible Session of Star Sex.                                      

© 2010  Aeros

Aeros sees life as an experience that tests the strengths and limits of everyday  individuals . His humble beginnings
took place November 26, 1965 in Jamaica, New York.  As a child, he was somewhat timid and  developed an
attraction to comic books.

At the tender Age of 8, he first started reading  comic books; his first was an issue of Spiderman then he later caught
on to  Fantastic Four issue 143. Apparently, the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy thrilled him so much that he couldn't get
enough. As he grew older, he grew a better  understanding about things that attracted him.  Science Fiction and
Mythology seemed quite easier to comprehend.

It's been 17 years that he's been  on and off his principal body of work The Atlantic Universe; now that he's actually  
written his first Story (
The Girls of Arlington Grove)   Just 3 years ago, he came up with the Supernatural Premise
"Cycle Sluts from Hell" along with the Atlantic universe he's also brought fourth it's  Subdivision The Cosmic
Odyssey Project and the Sci-Fi Erotic Character called  Star Huntress in a story Entitled "
Count Down to Doomsday."

Aeros'  hope is to bring Racial Equality to an Industry that produces other wise. He's the kind of person who
admires creativity; the source of his Inspiration is the world around him, 20% of his concepts are a Basic Derivative
from the Human Experience. Since he's one who respects tradition, yet he often find myself operating outside it's
respective perimeters. Aeros is a fictional creator, the nature of his work is Influenced by Ancient Mythology, Fantasy
and Science Fiction.

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