Staying In
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Male Dom/Fem Sub

Staying In
by Charley N. Montrose

I arrived at the destination hotel about an hour and a half before the scheduled
rendezvous time.  As I parked I thought that this was great:, so I'd have enough time to
take a long shower and prepare my mind and body for him.  After I checked in and got to
the room, I took my time and gathered the necessary shower items, taking great care to
make sure to use the scent that I knew he would love.  I lathered up well and could feel
my erect nipples as the washcloth moved across them.  Dang, I thought.  Just the
anticipation of seeing him is making me puddle. When I soaped up my sex it was even
more obvious that I was in need of his special brand of attention. I rinsed away the first
layer of scent, and then applied lotion as a second layer.  I paid close attention to my feet
and toes.  He loved my feet and enjoyed sucking my toes, so I wanted to make sure that
the pedicure paid off and added another layer of soothing lotion.  I slipped on the high
heel boudoir shoes so that my feet stayed pristine.

Not long after getting out of the shower there was a knock on the door.  I was shocked at
first in an attempt to rethink every single plan that I had in motion.  I grabbed my robe
then I rushed to the door.  There stood a hotel attendant with a package. I am sure the
relief showed on my face.  I accepted the package and turned to get a tip for the young
woman, but the attendant's words stopped me.  

  "No, no ma'am.  The young man took care of the tip and told me to tell you that you
wouldn't have to tip me.  He told me to tell you that you were not permitted to tip me," she

She shot me a little quizzical glance at that statement.

"He a very nice man, nice man, good tipper, good tipper," she said and walked quickly
away from the door.   

I ran to the bed and placed the package on the bed to open it.  There was a note and a
beautiful black lace lingerie item resembling a short dress and a lace thong matching the
`'dress'.  I read the note.              

Knowing you my pet, you have allotted enough time to pamper yourself before my
arrival.  Do so.  Dress in this.  We will not go out tonight.  Tick-tock.  –The Difference

I continued to dress.  I applied another layer of perfume of the same fragrance to the
pulse points on my body – neck, wrists, the bend of each leg, ankles, the bottom of each
ass cheek, near my sex.  Then I slipped into the black lace thong that was in the box.  
Next I slid into the black lace lingerie that he'd purchased for me.  I went to the mirror to
admire his property.  I looked sexy to myself.  I thought such a pity some believe that Big
Beautiful Women can't be sexy; they just don't know what they are missing.

 I set about arranging the suite so that everything would be in order for his arrival.  I
moved the lounge chair so that it was in a prominent place in the room, a place where I
could serve him or provide him a clear view of the television and the bed.  I threw on my
robe and got ice and sat out the glasses that were also in the box.  I turned back the bed
and lowered the lights a little.  Then I sat by the door and waited, head and eyes lowered,
palms upwards, vigilant to hear his footsteps down the hall.  No one walked like him.  No
one.  His stride evoked his dominance.  I didn't have to wait long before I heard him
approaching.  I took a deep breath and concentrated so that my appearance wouldn't
betray my reverence for him.  In other words I did my best to wipe the smile off my face
and remain calm, so He wouldn't have to wipe it for me.
He entered the room.

"Hello my slave," he said and walked past me, leaving his luggage in front of me.
I stayed where I was. He went to the chair and sat down.

"Come here girl and greet your Master," he commanded.

Without a second of hesitation I began to crawl towards him.

I crawled towards him, head down looking at the floor in an attempt to navigate my way
through the room as I made my way towards him.

I froze when I heard him clear his throat.  He wasn’t clearing his throat because he had a
tickle either. It was one of those correct yourself, do something different, pay attention
types of clearing throat sounds.  I immediately corrected my posture so that my head was
up and my eyes were locked with his.  I crawled to him.  As I crawled I could feel my ass
sway from side to side.  My breasts also moved slightly as I made my way to him.  I felt
extremely sexy.  He always did things and said things that left me feeling sexy for days.  
That ability was only one of the things that I adored about him.  My anklet jingled a bit
with each advancing move that I made.  The tingly sound was a reminder of my position
as his slave.  He had placed the anklet on me as a training collar and Ii was most proud
of the bond we had.  

He looked back at me and sent me a devilishly wicked smile.  He was ideal.  My Master
was tall; his beard peppered with a tinge of gray.  He oozed sexiness and sex appeal. He
was quite a distinct gentleman DOM.  He was easy to learn to love and respect was freely
given because he was always respectful to me.  Yes, he showed the utmost respect for
his slave because he considered me his most precious possession.

I finally arrived at his feet and stopped.  Slowly my gaze trailed up his body and our eyes

Copyright© 2009 Charley N. Montrose

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