Strap Hanger
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Strap Hanger
by Rhonda Laurel

Here we go again, Allison thought.  The morning subway was never dull.  Well, it was until she
caught the eye of Suit and Tie.  She’d been standing on the platform one day, wondering if
they would do a study in the years to come about people developing mysterious respiratory
ailments due to stale subway air inhalation.  The smell, with its corpse stiffening like effect, was
always kicked up a few notches with the occasional train passenger who did not bathe for
spiritual, political or home displacement reasons.

The day she laid eyes on Suit and Tie, she knew he was trouble.  He looked like the cordial
corporate drone from top to bottom:  six feet two, handsome face and warm eyes, automatically
making him an alpha male in his office whether he wanted to be or not.  He stood there wearing
an expensive navy blue suit with a reddish burgundy tie on with black leather laptop case,
casually draped over his shoulder, pretending to read the newspaper, giving her the once over
in his peripheral view. That day she’d had on her black power suit, the suit she wore when she
had a client coming into the office.  She knew the skirt was very much on the edge of being an
unacceptable length at the office but she doubted she’d get called on it since her boss always
ogled her ass when she wore it.

Although the most casual once over in history, Suit and Tie took his time and appreciated the
suit, the sheer jet black stockings she wore under them and the black heels that she borrowed
from her best friend the previous night.  She laughed to herself thinking if he knew she was
more comfortable in sweat pants and a t-shirt, her real persona, he wouldn’t have given her a

Ah, but what he thought he saw before him was right there, waiting to get on the same train.  It
started to get crowded as usual and Allison managed to find a seat in the nick of time.  She
closed her eyes for a moment, to reflect on the night that felt like it never ended and how she
would make it through the day she dreaded.  The movement of the train always reminded her
of a slow locomotive pulling out of a small town depot.  Allison finally opened her eyes to find
herself eye level with a man who’d obviously been thinking naughty thoughts.  He had an
erection that may have well have been able to reach over to the emergency switch and pull it,
all without the help of the hands of its owner.  She suppressed a laugh, thinking it was too early
in the morning for any kind of sexual tension.  Didn’t he get any before he left for work?

But he did have a nice leather briefcase tucked between his legs as she glanced down,
sideways, any where to avoid being poked in the eye.  As the train jerked a little he seemed like
he intentionally leaned forward.  There were times when living in the city had a grimy feel to it
and then there were times when it provided good material to discuss with your friends at work.  
This was definitely a water cooler moment.

The announcer said the next stop, which was hers, so she got ready to go.  The train was still
crowded and the man was hanging onto the strap with one hand, reading the paper with
another.  She got up carefully, trying not to touch him and leave this awkward moment exactly
where it needed to stay.  But her standing up did not get a response so she finally had to say

“Excuse me.”  She said firmly and as loud as she could.  People always complained that she
didn’t speak up.

The paper slowly fell down to reveal Suit and Tie from the platform.  His breathing was even
yet, a little labored for something as so simple as a train ride.  His eyes shined like marbles,
she knew because he stared right at her for a second before bothering to answer.  He smelled
like, like, a man should smell when he’s picking up a woman for their first date.  He smelled sexy
and masculine and delicious.  The kind of scent that gets caught in your nose and you’re
forced to look back at the good smelling aberration that passed you by, even thought you don’t
want to give him the satisfaction in knowing for a brief moment he made love to your nose and
had an invisible hand up your skirt.

“Sorry.”  He said and flashed a big, gorgeous smile.  So he got a thrill, did he?
Allison had never seen him before and was confident she’d never see him again.  She gave
him that let’s play chicken look for a moment and he didn’t waver.  The smile got broader and
somehow he’d gotten closer without even moving.  She scooted past him and hopped off the

Six weeks later.

She saw Suit and Tie pretty much every day after that.  Sometimes she would change places
on the platform or go to a different car after she’d seen him get on, all in the hopes of avoiding
him.  The same thing occurred after that first day and after the fifth time, coincidence was as
likely as a hurricane being an afternoon shower.  She wanted to give him a piece of her mind,
to wipe that grin off his face but what if confronted him and he wasn’t really paying attention to
her?  He had a silent following on the platform.  Most of the women had seen him and even
tried to get into that infamous peripheral view of his.  A few openly talked to him and flirted but it
was Allison’s prude like reactions that held his interest.

Commuting to work had some how become a mental quest, trying to outsmart a man who’d
technically never touched her or harassed her in any way.  What was she going to do?  Grab a
cop and accuse the man of having dirty thoughts?  She would sooner be arrested than he
would.  So, she gussied up all her nerve and waited for him to get on the train one morning and
low and behold, he’d found a seat.  Allison made her way in front of him, grabbed the strap
above her head, and planted her feet firmly in front of him.  Suit and Tie looked up, at first
glance surprised to see her, continued to read the paper.  The ride continued as normal and
as they rode smoothly through the tunnels she was beginning to feel like a real ass.  This build
up was apparently all in her head.  Suit and Tie was a normal man who was on his way to work,
probably thinking about how he boned his girlfriend the previous night.  I gotta get out more,
she laughed to herself.  Of all the stupid…and then it happened.  The train slowed down
unexpectedly and Suit and Tie’s paper fell out of his hand, onto the floor and between her
legs.  She thought about being cordial, after mentally calling him a pervert for six weeks and
pick up the paper.  But he didn’t give her time.  Suit and Tie leaned forth, with one swift hand
and bent down and retrieved his paper.  When he came back up he was so close to her crotch
she couldn’t breathe.  She swore she could feel his hot breath on her vagina.  It happened so
quickly, she thought she’d imagined the whole thing.  Racked with confusion about what had
just happened, she didn’t have time to process it all.  Her stop was called and she was getting
off the train.  Just to confirm whether or not it really happened she broke her cardinal rule
about looking back and glanced at him as the doors closed.  She could have sworn Suit and
Tie had winked at her.

Three Weeks later.

It was another Friday night and Allison was on her way home.  She begged off a dinner
invitation from some of the ladies at work, preferring to go home and do her nightly chant of
‘Please Lord, send me a man who isn’t crazy, broke or confused’.  It had been a week, partly
because it had taken her some time to adjust to her new schedule.  She took an earlier train to
avoid Suit and Tie after that incident she couldn’t quite cement into her brain.  There was
something about him, the game they’d been playing that made her realize how lonely she’d
been.  And that playing kinky games with random men on the subway was a reality check.  
Sure, he was good looking, smelled good and was just the kind of man she was looking for but
the question was, was he looking for her or every other woman who was on that platform?

The train, not surprisingly, was crowded and she was deduced to standing near the doors this
time, holding onto a side ways strap.  She closed her eyes as she listened to the dinging of the
doors, the conversations of people who were excited about the weekend.  Then she smelled
that familiar scent again.  She opened her eyes to find Suit and Tie standing in front of her,
very close to her.

“I was beginning to think I conjured you up in my head.”  He said in a deep, low voice.

Allison’s breathing got heavier.  If she said anything in response to what he said she would be
acknowledging everything that had transpired the last few months.

“Excuse me?”  Was all she could manage.  That’s right pretend it never happened, she told

“You changed your schedule.”  He chided.

“How would you know what I changed?”

“Because seeing you every day for the past two months was the best part of my day.  And
then you disappeared.  Did I scare you?”  Suit and Tie licked his lips.

“Was that your intention?”

“Hardly.  And no, I’m not a stalker.”  He said, reading her mind.

“How do I know that?”  She huffed.

“I have a note from my mother.  It says she raised a good, kind, generous, respectful man.”

“Well as long as your mother wrote it.”  She said sarcastically.

“I should hope so.  She’s a wonderful woman but she’s also a superior court judge.”  He smiled.
“Does she know about your subway habits?”
His eyes narrowed a bit.  “And they are?”

“Eyeballing women on subway platforms and what not.”

He laughed.  “What is this what not?  Do tell.”

The train stopped suddenly which made Suit and Tie move two inches closer.  He reached out
and put his hand on Allison’s waist.

Allison spoke slowly.  “What you’re doing right now.  That’s what not.”

Was is because he was so handsome and smelled good that she didn’t scream?  For all she
knew he was a skilled pick pocket.  Lucky for her she only had ten bucks and her debit card on
her.  Suit and Tie began to move slowly under her black, quilted jacket, slow caressing
movements, so subtle that the people sitting next to them could barely tell his hand was moving
at all.  Allison guiltily enjoyed the caress of his large hand rubbing her side, then sliding back to
her ass, then dipping lower, catching the hem of her corduroy skirt.  All she knew was right now
she was at a loss for words.

His eyes became hypnotic, saying things to her that had built up over the past nine weeks.  
That smell, that damn smell flooded her senses and he came closer.  And then she felt it.  Suit
and Tie’s hand had reached under the skirt and was caressing her though the layer of
pantyhose and satin panties she was wearing.  She gripped the side ways strap like her life
depended on it.  His fingers pressed on, not to be deterred by nylon or satin.  Those strong,
big hands she saw holding up the paper every morning were now infiltrating her under things.  
He stroked and stroked and gently pushed his finger up into her.  The feeling was so sensual
that she felt like she didn’t have anything on at all.  He rubbed her clitoris with his thumb and
the feel of the material of the panties was driving her mad.  Not like letting a handsome
stranger grope you on the train wasn’t a sure sign of insanity itself.

Suit and Tie licked his lips for what seemed like an insurmountable amount of time before he
spoke to her in a quiet, even tone.  “My name is Tyler by the way.  And yours?”

“Allison.”  She murmured.  Allison tried her best to pay attention but it was too hard as his
thumb slid back and forth over her clit.

“Allison.  Pretty name for a pretty woman.”  He laughed.  “So Allison has been haunting me in
my dreams at night.  Giving me boners like sixteen year old kid every morning.  Allison has
been brushing me off for two whole months.”

She was almost there.  Allison could feel the tension rising in her like a tidal wave.  She did not
know this man but he knew her.  He was playing her body like an expensive violin and he didn’t
even know her.  Her panties were drenched, making her calculate to herself the last time a man
had touched her.  Just when she thought he’d take her to the Promised Land in the crowded
train on this random Friday night, he stopped.  Suit and Tie removed his hand from her skirt
and straightened it.  He then pulled his hand, that hand, to his lips and licked one of his
fingers.  “You taste like peaches.”  He smiled wickedly.

This was too much.  She wanted to hit him because he hadn’t finished.  She wanted to hit him
because technically he’d gone to second base.  She wanted to hit him because, damn, his
fingers were long.  She wanted to hit him because she’d now have to move out of the state to
avoid seeing him altogether.

They stood there for a moment in silence.  “So, no plans tonight?”  Tyler said.

She blinked at him for a few seconds, trying to find her voice.  “No.”

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

Copyright© 2015 Rhonda Laurel

Rhonda Laurel lives in New Jersey and is pursuing her dream of being an author.  She began
her writing career in 1995 with her first written, first published short story ‘Playing For Keeps’ in
the quarterly review A Place to Enter.  She has been published in The Writer’s Post Journal,
the essay ‘My Familiar’ in October 2004 and the poem ‘Roots’ in August 2004, the essay ‘Work
Drone’ on 400, and poems to be published in the August 2007 issue of The
Concelabratory Shoehorn Review.  In addition to poetry, she also writes short stories, essays
and novels.  She is currently working on a novel with a compelling heroine that she hopes to
bring to life in serialized novels in the future.   
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