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Her legs pumped up and down in a furious, sustained rhythm.  Her  breathing
was strong and fast; sweat flowed from every pore of her lightly tanned

Brent tried not to stare at the goddess working out on the Ellipse
machine,  but he stared anyway.  He stared just as he had stared every day for
the past 8 ½ months.  His body grew and hardened; his manhood threatened to
poke up over the waist band of his tight work out shorts.  He wanted to keep
looking, but he had to control his body.  Walking around in the gym
with a hard-on was an invitation to trouble if some beef-head thought you were
hot because of him.

He rolled over on to his stomach feeling the soft mat push against him.  
He imagined he was thrust up against her body, probing, looking for
openings in which to shove his blood engorged member.

Putting his head down, he started his slow and deep Pilates breathing.  
In through the nose, expand the upper back, keep the abs tight, and expel
the breath forcefully as if you were fogging up a mirror.  Little by little
he regained control of his body.  He felt himself going flaccid, but not
totally so.  He was still pumped up enough to make a nice bulge for the
girls in the gym without pissing off the guys.

Rolling over onto his back, he raised his arms over his body, palms
inward, and saw the curves of his muscles that ran up and down them in all the
right  places.  He was proud of his upper limbs.  They were evidence that the
work he put in every day was paying off.  He steadied his breathing and
flexed  his muscles from his head down to his toes.  It was time to get his
entire body engaged.  He breathed in deeply again.  While expelling the breath
he pulled himself up with a perfect Roll Up.  He stared in the mirror to
make sure his collar bones were straight across and that his shoulder blades
were trying to place themselves in his back pockets; a position which caused
him to sit up, spine straight with perfect posture.

He saw that she had turned her head and was looking at him as she
always had  done everyday for 8 ½ months.  When she realized that he was aware
her gaze, she turned away as usual.  This time, though, her looking seemed
to  inger a little as if more curious than normal.  Brent felt himself
getting hard again.  He squeezed his eyes shut, forcing himself to not look,
not to hope, not to feel—after all this time they had not spoken one word to
each other though it was obvious each admired the other one’s body.  She was
probably married or something.

Regaining control, he stood and walked slowly past her, smelling her
erotic musty smell that was a mix of perspiration and the body spray she used.  
As he went by, he could feel her eyes on him.  She was looking at his
tight ass again, he hoped.  As he got to he top of the stairs, he quickly glanced
up, catching her eyes peeking at him.  She looked surprised, then smiled
that little sexy smile of hers.  Brent couldn’t stand it any more.  He ran
down the steps and walked briskly into the men’s locker room.  Shutting
himself  in a stall he pulled down his pants and stroked furiously fantasizing
that  his hand was her sweet sensuous lips.  In a moment he was shooting a
bucket  of semen into the toilet, while trying not to gasp too loud and let
others guess what he was doing.

He cleaned up some spilled excess with toilet paper and flushed it.  
Going out of the stall he felt more relaxed but disappointed that again he
only imagined that he had sex with her.  If only he could get up the nerve
to  alk to her.


“You’re the writer, aren’t you?”

Brent whipped his head up to see her standing next to his car.  She
seemed  to have been waiting for him.

“Ummmm, yeah, I write some,” was all he could manage to get out in his
shock  and delight.

“You wrote that book, the one posted on the bulletin board, didn’t

He had forgotten that, weeks before, he had put up a flyer about his
latest  book.  It was selling okay, but not great.

“Yes, that’s my book.”

“I bought it.”

She laughed.

“From the look on your face, you don’t seem to think I am capable of
reading,” she said with a purr.

“No…not at all, it’s just that…”

“Just what?”

“I don’t know, I guess.  I am not real good with words when I have to
speak them” he knew he was blushing.

She laughed again, this time tenderly.  She put a hand to his face,
which made him start to get hard again—her skin was blissfully soft.

“That’s okay, Brent.  I know your words on paper are better.  Much
better. I loved the book.,’” she said, her voice growing husky.

He took her hand in his, feeling genuine affection for her combining
with his lust in way he had not felt for years.

“You have me at a disadvantage.  You know my name from my book, but I
don’t  know yours.”

“It’s Tina.  You can write it in my book when you autograph it for me.”

“Oh sure Tina.  I would be really happy to do that.  Where is it?”

“You will have to follow me”, she said as she walked away.

When he began to stroll after her, she stopped and turned, “No silly
boy.  In your car.  Follow me in your car.”

He fumbled for his keys.


She led him to an apartment complex about a mile from the gym.  She
parked and waited for him to do the same.  Taking him by the hand, she pulled
him along to her apartment.

Once inside, she dropped her gym bag and turned to him.  Her strong
arms went around his neck as she pressed her soft lips against Brent’s.  He
felt  himself get rock hard as he rubbed up against her tight abdomen.  Soon
they  were both panting while letting their hands have free reign over each
other’s body.

She pulled back.

“You have to sign my book, Brent.”

Not sure what to do, he tried to pull her back to him.  She resisted.

“No, you have to sign my book first.”

She took his arm and guided him into her bedroom where she sat him down
in a  chair in front of a small desk with a PC on it.  She bent over and
pulled a  copy of his book and a pen out of the side drawer.

“Now sign it,” she said firmly as she handed both items to him.

“I don’t know what to say, Tina.  This is all so sudden, I mean I’m
happy,  real happy, but I’m not sure what to put down here.”

“Write something sexy, “she said as she slid out of her skin tight work
out  pants, leaving her only in skimpy thong underwear and her tight fitting
top. She sat on the edge of the bed facing him.  Her hands fondled her inner
thighs, working their way slowly up to her crotch.  She smiled as she
saw the look of shock on his face.

“Make it sexy, Brent.  Make it sexy for me; that's the way I like it.”

He turned to the desk and wrote quickly; signing his name in the flashy
way he had been practicing all his life.  When he turned back, she had her
hand out.

She opened the book and giggled sensuously.  He must have gotten the
words right.

“Tina, I can’t think of any other woman who I would rather make sweat…”

She held the book to her tits and breathed heavily, rubbing it on one,
then the other.  Brent couldn’t stand it anymore; he stood up and whipped
off his workout pants.  His cock stood straight up and pulsed with each heart

“Come here,” Tina ordered, as she lay back on the bed on her side while
still clutching his book to her breasts.

When he got close to her, she took his dick and guided it slowly into
her mouth.  Brent was in ecstasy.  She lie perfectly still and let him move
it  in and out while her tongue worked expertly up and down the shaft with
each stroke.  Just as he was about to burst, she held out a hand to stop

Sitting up on the bed, she pulled her top off.  Then she allowed him to
take off her skimpy underwear.

“Lay on the bed, on your back.”, she ordered.

When he was in place, Tina straddled him and began rubbing her pussy up
and  down the length of his dick as if she were teasing him.  He squeezed
her dark brown nipples, which were erect and firm as she reached over and
picked  up his book.  She held it to her breasts with one hand while guiding
him  inside her with the other.  Slowly, she began to piston up and down the
length of his shaft.  Then, as if a switch had been thrown, she started
pumping furiously in the same frantic way he had watched her on the
work out machine.  Her pussy was so hot now that he thought she would burn his
dick  off.  He was ready to explode again when suddenly, she was off of him.  
Before he could protest, she spun around on the bed and smothered his
dick  in her pussy again.  This time he could see her tight round ass open
and  close tauntingly as she worked herself into a fever pitch.

She was perspring and moaning loudly now; he could see that she was
still  holding her book up to her incredible tits.  As bizarre as this seemed
to  him, he said nothing.

Instead he watched as sweat formed in a small puddle between her
shoulder blades.  A drop, spurred on by gravity and Tina’s writhing, squirming
body  slowly broke away from the amassing wetness and began to trickle down
her back.  He watched it as it slid slowly down her spine, one vertebra at
a  time, to her lower back.  Watching it kept his mind off the incredible
things that Tina was doing to him.  He wanted to last a good long time
for  her.  He wanted her to want him again and again.

Soon the drop was down to the sumptuous roundness of her ass where it
hung  quivering just above the crack.  Tina was panting now, saying the word
“fuck” over and over again.  She was so hot.  But Brent kept his mind
on the lucky little drop of sweat that just went into her anal groove, working
its  way slowly down her beautiful crevice until it was just above her tight
opening.  As Tina slammed her body up and down on Brent, he reached
over to capture the tiny drop.  As he did so, his finger brushed her sphincter

If possible, Tina began to pump harder.  So he brushed against it once
more,  capturing her sweat on his finger tips.  She was going wild now as he
used  his hands to slowly open and close ass cheeks.  Just as he was about to
let  his finger begin probing her tight opening, Tina shuddered and drenched
his balls in a torrent of cum.  This was more than Brent could stand, he
unloaded into Tina, sending every drop of his milky white juice into
the depths of her hot pussy.


Tina’s head was on his shoulder.  After their hot session, they had
just  laid silently holding each other for a while, letting their strength
come gradually back to them.

Finally Tina spoke, “I’ve never fucked an intelligent man like you
before.  All the men I have been having are the dumb jocks at the gym; all body
and no brains.  I thought you were one of them for the longest time.  I was
so hot for you when I found out that you can write, and write so well.  
Now I  am glad I had you over.  You lasted so long, I thought you would never

“I just put up that poster on a whim, Tina.  I figured no one over
there would ever really buy my book.”

With the mention of his book, she reached for it.  It was ruined,
drenched  in sweat.  Tina began to weep quietly.

Brent took the book from her hand a laid it aside, kissing her softly
as he did so.

“Don’t cry Tina, it is just paper and ink.  You are much more important
to  me than that could ever be.  Besides, I have a lot more books where
that came from and we can use up every one of them.”


© 2006 I.M. Skyclad

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