Sweet Dancer
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,  Romantic

by Lacey Ashley

He watched as she spun her entire body around the silver pole, her head thrown back as her long
auburn hair cascaded down her back. Her pink nipples hard and erect just like his cock in his tight
jeans. Every night he would come into the smoke filled bar, sit in the back close to the exit watching
her as she enticed her audience with her flawless body, her soft creamy color skin, her big green
eyes, and her long thick auburn hair that fell down her back in beautiful silken curls. Her body was
like a fine piece of sculpture, erotica at it’s finest.

When she dances the entire bar held their breath and all eyes were on her. The music would fill the
bar and with the lights and the smoke it would give a illusion of a aura cascaded off of her. Her limbs
were fluid in movement as she commanded them to do, twist and turns on the silver pole. Her sexy g
string barely covering her honey sweet pussy, her ass perfect round orbs that he longed to grab
and squeeze as he fucked her. He often thought of lifting her and fucking her against a wall,
slamming into her, her nails biting into his back as he filled her with his cock.

The music came to an end and she bows for the guys, quickly bending down to pick up the cash
that laid on the floor at her feet. The men cheer and do cat calls as she bents over in front of them
for one more quick glance of her sweet ass before bouncing off stage. The next girl comes on and
begins her dance. His attention goes to the side of the stage.

The waitress handed her the note he had scribbled night after night, he knew what she would do,
she would wave and smile at him then shake her head no to the waitress turn and go to the bar
where she would get what she got every night a tall glass of ice and water. The bouncers and
bartender would keep the men at bay while she waits for her next set. It was common knowledge
that she was off limits to any customers and out of respect they gave her this. Though he knew
several men here would give their soul to have her just once.

Two more girls came on, they always did their dance together. It made the men clap and yell as they
went down on one another and teased them. But by the time they were done the crowd would calm
down because they knew she would be coming out and they did not want to miss anything she did.
Her music started, something haunting about it, like her, perfect and untouchable. The DJ
announced her, the crowd claps and as she glides out onto the stage, her green eyes meets his
and she smiles as she begins her dance. Like all the other times in the pass he knows she is
dancing for him and only him, that in her mind these other men were not there, just him.

He hands the single perfect orchid to the waitress and she smiles, night after night it was always the
same, the scribbled note and then the beautiful flower. She goes to the side of the stage and she
bends down and takes the flower, holding it to her nose she turns to where he had been sitting and
as normal he is gone.

The club closed, last call and the drunks stumbled out into the darkness to find someone to hold
and kiss and to have fumbling sex only to wake in the morning wishing they had gone straight home.
The bouncer would walk her out, he would be waiting there for her, leaning against his bike and he
would smile as she dance towards him, spinning in a circle and falling happily into his arms.

He hands her a helmet she puts it on and slides onto the back of the Harley holding tightly to him as
he speeds off into the night. Neither speak during the ride, he pulls in front of the two story brick
house, she hops off hands him the helmet, kisses his cheek and runs towards the front porch. At
the door she turns and waves and go into the living room where the babysitter smiles at her as she
is gathering her belongings,” He is waiting to give you a ride, I would put your sweater on, it is
getting chilly.”

The young girl smiles and slides into the sweater as she walks towards the door, “ She did not eat
much for dinner, but she drank her complete bottle an hour ago so you should be able to get some
rest, see you tomorrow,” at that she was gone.

She quietly tip toes into the bedroom, the nursery is done in white teddy bears and pink silk bows.
The crib is white canopy with a soft pink silk top. Tip toeing to the crib she looks down at the perfect
little angel sleeping soundlessly. Her soft curly auburn hair, her peachy cream skin, her small
sweetheart shaped mouth. Each and every time she would watch her sleep her heart would fill with
such love for the little angel. She could stay there for hours simply watching her but she knew she
needed to catch some sleep while she could. Bending down she lightly kisses her cheek and slips
out of the room crossing the hall to her bedroom.

He found her in the shower, quickly and quietly he removed his clothing and slide in behind her. He
wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her back against him, nibbling on her neck. She turns in
his arms and kisses him. His hands slides down to her firm sweet ass and lifts her, pressing her
against the wall. She wraps her long legs around his waist as he buries his cock into her waiting
pussy. Her nails biting into his back as he thrust deeply into her. He continues to slam into her till
she moans as her first orgasm washes over her entire body. He sets her down, and slowly sinks to
his knees in front of her, he puts one of her legs over his shoulder as the water pounds down on
them, smiling up at her he teases her moist swollen lips of her pussy, nibbling, biting and licking the
clit. He can taste her sweet honey juices from her first orgasm, she moans as his tongue licks every
drop. Thrusting her pelvic towards his mouth she moaned as he brought her body to another
tingling orgasm so quickly after the first. Sliding his thick finger into her ass, nice and slow, a inch at
a time as he continued licking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy. Her third orgasm took them
both by surprise, laughing he picked her up in his arms holding her against his chest as she turned
off the now cooling water. He carries her to the bed and lays her down, pulling her ass closer to the
edge of the bed as he once again slide his hard cock into her pussy. She moaned her clit was so
sensitive she knew she would cum easily if he continued hitting her clit like he was. Feeling the
muscles inside of her pussy tightening around his cock he slammed deep and hard into her , her
nails biting into his back, her ass raising up off the bed as he filled her with his hot load. Shaking
and weak from emptying completely into her he fell beside her onto the bed and pulled her close.
The room filled with their heavy breathing, no words being spoken, just holding tightly to one
another not ready to let the moment of being together end.

The soft cried broke their silence. She pops up, kisses his mouth quickly as she slips into his shirt. “I
will get her, you need to get some sleep, “ without another word she dances out of the room, closing
the door behind her.

He picks up his tossed about clothing and hers. The note fell from her pocket, he bends and picks it
up, the scribble note makes him smile, he walks to the dress and places the note next to the perfect
flower. The note read, Tonight I will love you as no man ever could, love Me.

© 2010 Lacey Ashley

This is Lacey's 5th story published on Bare Back Magazine. Previous stories include
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