Sweet Dreams
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Sweet Dreams
by Lacey Ashley

I felt his hands gently stroking my skin, his breath warm on my neck as he took in my sweet scent. Every
fiber of my being was aware of where he touched ever so lightly. It was like his touched was followed by
a flow of electric current that set me on fire. He gently, like a soft spring breeze traced my erect nibble,
taking it between his thumb and index finger, gently tugging on it, making it even harder than I thought
was possible. It was like he was reading my mind, he knew my every thought, he leaned over and took
the harden pink nipple into his mouth, licking, sucking making it his own, I felt the moan slowly escape
me as he suck one and teased the other. I felt the moistness between my legs wanting him to touch
more but not wanting him to stop sucking my nipple. I had long for his mouth so long on my skin, my lips,
my nipples even between my legs licking my sweet nectar.

I felt him watching me as he continued to play so masterfully with my nipple, I opened my eyes and
looked directly into the two most sexy startling blue eyes that God had created. His lips gently brushed
mine and he smiled. A smile that stole not just into your heart but into your soul.

Walt lightly kissed me again, this time deeper. With the same hunger I felt for his kisses. I pressed my
hands against his firm hard chest, lightly covered with hair, taking time to play with his nipples. He smiled
again as I lowered my head and captured one of his nipples into my mouth. A sound of pleasure
escaped him as he squeezed my nipple. I teased him with a light bite, he moaned again and pulled me
back up and covered my mouth with his. His tongue darting in and out my mouth, our tongues locking
around one another as the kiss deepen. I ran my hands down the span of his back, lightly raking my
nails against his flesh, a wicked naughty smile darted across his lips as I ran my nails up and down his
back leaving tell tale signs. He captured my hands and pulled them against his chest as his mouth took

I allowed my hand to trail down his sexy flat stomach, his cock was rock hard. I love the little curve in it,
to the left ever so slightly. I had so many time just sat and looked at it, the sight of it made my mouth
water. I longed to feel it inside of my mouth, take it in slowly , always taking it in while it was soft and feel
it grow rock hard within my warm mouth. My tongue dancing across the head, teasing it, waiting
impatiently for the pre cum that I longed to taste. Teasing him, sucking strictly on the head, feeling the
rim of it sliding pass my lips and teeth. I knew he loved the feel because he would moan and gently
tangle his hands into my long thick hair.

As if reading my mind again, he shifted on the bed where my head was closer to his tantalizing cock that
beckoned me, taunting me to capture it in my mouth , taking long slow stroke. From the tip to the base,
working the magic he loved. His hands tangle in my thick rich auburn hair again, gently grabbing
handfuls of my hair. I feel his breathing , I can hear his heart beating faster as I continue to suck him in
and out, like he was the best lollipop in the candy store. I knew at that moment I could easily suck him
forever and never be bored by pleasing him. I gently cupped his balls into my hand and gently squeezed
them as I sucked him totally into the back of my throat and holding his cock there. His Oh Jesus was
sweet music to my ears. I knew he did not want me to stop till I had the just rewards, he would not
disappoint me, he would fill my mouth with his salty cum and I would hold it in my mouth cherishing it like
a tasty scope of ice cream. But I was not ready for my reward, I wanted to learn every curve of his cock,
every sensitive part of his cock. I wanted to know I could control his cumming, I wanted to take my time,
enjoying every moment of him being thrust into my mouth. Back to the tip and my reward of pre cum
greeted me, I licked at it hungrily, running my tongue down the shaft of his cock to his balls, taking them
gently into my mouth and holding them there, again another moan of pleasure burst from him and his
heart beat even faster. His grip on my hair tighten as my tongue trailed the shaft back to his head of his
cock, more pre cum was waiting for me. I sucked the tip a tad bit harder, his breath sucked in as I
suddenly without warning took his entire cock into my mouth to the very base. He moaned Oh Jesus
woman. Smiling I did it again this time even faster, I felt his balls tighten, I felt one slip up inside of him
and knew one more stroke of my hot mouth he would give me all he had to give. I teased the head , then
one last time I took him totally to the base and felt the warm rush of his hot salty cum fill my mouth. I
continued sucking till he begged me to stop, laughing he pulled me up and kissed me, not caring I still
had a touch of his cum on my lips.

He pushed me over onto my back and tossed his leg over one of mine, he gently brushed my wildly
tangle hair from my eyes, looking into my soul with his damn sexy eyes. His finger traced the outline of
my lips replacing his finger with his own mouth. His tongue once again battling with mine. My turn baby,
he smiled and slide his hard body down mine, kissing my breast, licking each nipple, biting them
playfully. His kisses continue on their way down, tickling my belly button as he continued further down. I
felt his hands gently pulling my legs apart and he worked his body between my legs, his breath warm on
my moist pussy lips. His tongue tracing my pussy lips in tiny circles.

This time I was the one moaning in pleasure. “Oh God Walt” I moaned. He gently spreading my lips
apart his thumb danced across my clit, I felt my body shake with each time he stroke it. I felt a rush of
wetness as his tongue went up inside of me. It was my turn to say Oh sweet Jesus, feeling his hands
grasping my full round ass cheeks. Pushing his tongue further into me. I felt myself withering under him.
I pulled my knees up to give him more access to my pussy as well as my ass. He licked the opening to
my ass, taking a finger and gently rubbing the opening , gently sliding his finger in and out of the tight
spot. While his finger gently fucked my ass, his thumb was rubbing my clit. I opened my eyes and saw he
was watching me and smiling. We both knew what he was thinking, he knew I had never had anal sex
before and he always said he wanted to be the very first to tap it. Maybe tonight I would give him what I
held dearly. I had many dreams of him taking my sweet virgin ass, different ways. Slow and easy, gentle
like him taking into consideration that it was my first time and it would hurt. Other time I pictured him
flipping me over, shoving his cock into my pussy coating it with my wetness then without warning slam
deep into my tight ass. Even now as he finger fucked me I felt my orgasm building, the warmth in my legs
riding upward to the core of my stomach.

“Oh God Walt,” I cried out as he shoved his tongue into my now convulsing pussy, the inner muscles
throbbing around his hard tongue.

Before my heartbeat can resume to normal, he pulled me to the foot of the bed, he standing smiling at
me, his cock fully harden again, sliding my ass to the edge of the bed, he pulls one leg up over his
shoulder. Holding it there, his hand tightened on the calf of my leg as he took his free hand guiding his
cock into my wet waiting pussy. As he entered me, I felt like he was finally home. He was now part of me,
his rhythm was slow and easy, hitting every single sensitive spot inside of me. I clutched the bedding in
my hands as he continue hitting every wonderful spot, with his free hand he now used his thumb to rub
my clit in the same rhythm as his cock going in and out of me. Barely recovered from my first orgasm, I
felt the warmth rushing over me again, I tightened my grip on the bedding as my body went into one
orgasm after another. My pussy muscles went into spasm around his still very hard cock. The slightly
curve to the left managing to hit one sensitive spot after another.

“ Oh Sweet Jesus Baby,” I cried out as yet another took hold of me and I rode it out with his cock fucking
me even harder.

Suddenly he flips me over, his finger once again entering into my willing ass. His cock covered in my
juices making it slick, slowly he worked the head of his cock into my tight ass. I tighten as the pain filled
me, he gently rubs the cheek of my ass,” Don’t worry baby I will not hurt you other than that little bit, I
want you to love me doing this to you.”

As he kept talking and soothing me, he was working his cock in my tight ass further and further.
Reaching around his thumb once again found my clit as he rubbed it, already completely sensitive, I
relaxed even more as the warmth filled my entire body. I felt his rhythm pick up pace as my pussy juices
rushed to his thumb. Deeper into me he thrust and with each thrust he teased my clit. The pain was
totally gone, and the next set of orgasm were already building within me as he owned my ass. His grip
on my hips tighten and I knew he was as near to cumming as I was. The mere thought of him filling my
ass with his cum set me over the edge and my body went totally nuts as did his. We both cried out at the
very same moment as we went into matching orgasms.

He gently gathered me into his arms, my hand resting on his chest, playing with his nipples. He laughs
and covers my hand with his “Easy baby you keep this up and you might kill me.” He kissed the top of
my head and whispered something against my wild tangled hair. I was about to ask him what he had
whispered and the phone rang.

I opened my eyes and reached for the ringing phone. “Hi Baby miss me?” His voice came over the line
and I realized I had once again dreamt of making love to the sweet voice on the other end of the phone.
This man I had yet to meet.

“More then you know,” I said back to him.

“Did you have the same dream?” he teased knowing full well what the answer was.

“Yes Walt the very same dream as before.”

“Don’t worry Baby I will be there soon and it won’t be a dream anymore.”

© 2011 by Lacey Ashley

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